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Each Disease has unique penalties. Use Disease Cures, Antibiotics, or wait until the Disease expires on its own.— In-game notification

Diseases are a type of condition in Fallout 76.

Causes and effects[edit | edit source]

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When the player character consumes unclean food and liquid, there is a chance of acquiring a disease. Being attacked by diseased creatures and sleeping on floor mattresses can also cause disease. Eating uncooked meat and drinking dirty water has the highest risks for disease.

Diseases cause a variety of effects including increased damage and needs, such as hunger. As of patch, the player character must be level 15 or higher to acquire a disease.

Prevention[edit | edit source]

Diseases can be avoided by cooking food, eating pre-War packaged food and drinking boiled or purified water. Sleeping on raised mattresses and avoiding physical contact with diseased creatures will also avoid disease.

They may also be avoided by maintaining a character's food and water needs, as each increases the resistance of disease by 25%, or by 35% with the perk Rejuvenated. Taking antibiotics or consuming certain food and drink also temporarily increases disease resistance, but using RadAway will temporarily reduce disease resistance by 50%. The perks Iron Stomach and Thirst Quencher greatly reduce the chance of disease from consumed food and liquid, respectively, while the perk Vaccinated protects against diseased creatures.

Treatment[edit | edit source]

Diseases are time-limited and will expire. They can be cured prior to their expiration with disease cures or antibiotics. Alternatively, drinking from a sulfur water fountain, such as the one located at a white gazebo near the Whitespring golf club, will cure a disease. If the player character has the Plague Walker mutation, the disease will no longer expire over time.

Intentional diseases[edit | edit source]

Intentionally catching diseases is useful with the Plague Walker mutation or attempting to complete the challenge for acquiring all diseases. Similar to mutations, diseases have a 30-minute cooldown for catching another disease or 45 minutes for the same disease. Leaving the server resets this cooldown so that another disease can immediately be obtained upon joining a different server.

The challenge for acquiring all diseases is bugged and does not register Sludge Lung, whether it is acquired by breathing in the toxic air in the Ash Heap or acquired from a diseased Wendigo.

List of diseases[edit | edit source]

A player character can be infected with these diseases:

Disease Effect(s) Duration Base ID Cause
The Blight -1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats 30 min 004c6b3e Inflicted by a diseased Scorchbeast, Grafton monster, mega sloth or mirelurk queen.
Blood worms Take 25% more damage 15 min 003df043 Inflicted by a diseased radroach.
Bone worms Take 50% more limb damage 15 min 00008881 Inflicted by a diseased mole rat or radrat, or stepping on traps such as a punji board.
Buzz brain INT -2 60 min 004c6b34 Inflicted by a diseased ant.
Dysentery Periodic water loss 15 min 00284956
Eat raw carrots, spoiled meat, swim in toxic water.
Fever claw -25% Damage with Ranged Weapons 15 min 004c6b48 Inflicted by a diseased mirelurk hunter.
Flap limb STR -2 60 min 004c6b1f Inflicted by a diseased mirelurk.
Glowing pustules Bleed radiation from wounds when hit 15 min 004b0095
Inflicted by a diseased glowing one or radstag.
Heat flashes END -2 45 min 004c6b2a Inflicted by a diseased honey beast.
Jelly fingers +50% Ranged VATS AP Cost 15 min 003c75c4 Inflicted by a diseased stingwing.
Lock joint Melee AP cost +50% 15 min 003c75be Inflicted by a diseased wolf.
Needle spine -10 Carry Capacity 15 min 003c75b8 Inflicted by a diseased angler.
Parasites Periodic food loss 15 min 00112e6d Inflicted by a diseased tick or bloodbug, swimming in water, eating raw mutfruit, drinking cream.
Rad worms Take 50% more radiation damage. 15 min 003df041 Inflicted by any feral ghoul or a diseased mutant hound.
Rattle hands -25% damage with ranged weapons 45 min 004c6b4f Inflicted by a diseased mirelurk king.
Shell shock Action Point drain from wounds 45 min 004b009c Inflicted by a diseased mongrel or deathclaw.
Sludge lung Max AP -50, AP regen -50 60 min 0018ef92 Inflicted by a diseased wendigo, or exposure to toxic air without wearing a gas mask, assault gas mask or spacesuit helmet.
Snot ear PER -2 15 min 004c6b25 Inflicted by a diseased snallygaster or gulper.
Swamp gas CHR -2 15 min 004c6b2f Inflicted by a diseased bloatfly.
Swamp itch AGI -2 15 min 003cd03b Sleep in a sleeping bag/mattress on the ground.
Weeping sores Bleed from wounds 45 min 003df045
Inflicted by diseased radscorpions or yao guai.
The Woopsies LCK -2 15 min 004c6b39 Inflicted by a diseased mirelurk spawn.
Scorched Plague Cut content Cut content Take 5% more damage from Scorched enemies ? min 004c6b39 Cut content Player is immune to acquiring it if they have completed An Ounce of Prevention.
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