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For the condition that lists mutations, see mutations.
Each Disease has unique penalties. Use Disease Cures, Antibiotics, or wait until the Disease expires on its own.— In-game notification

Diseases are a type of condition in Fallout 76.

Causes and effectsEdit

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When the player character consumes unclean food and liquid, there is a chance of acquiring a disease. Being attacked by diseased creatures and sleeping on floor mattresses can also cause disease. Eating uncooked meat and drinking dirty water has the highest risks for disease.

Diseases cause a variety of effects including increased damage and needs, such as hunger.

As of Fallout 76 patch, the player character must be level 15 or higher to acquire a disease.


Diseases can be avoided by cooking food, eating pre-War packaged food, and drinking boiled or purified water. Sleeping on raised mattresses and avoiding physical contact with diseased creatures will also avoid disease.

Maintaining a character's food and water needs each increases resistance of disease by 25%, even more (35%) with the perk Rejuvenated. Taking antibiotics also temporarily increases disease resistance, but using RadAway will temporarily reduce disease resistance by 50%. The perks Iron Stomach and Thirst Quencher greatly reduce the chance of disease from consumed food and liquid, respectively, while the perk Vaccinated protects against diseased creatures.


Diseases are time-limited and will expire. They can be cured prior to their expiration with disease cures or antibiotics. Alternatively, drinking from a sulfur water fountain (one is located at a white gazebo near the Whitespring golf club) will cure a disease.

Intentional diseasesEdit

Intentionally catching diseases is useful with the Plague Walker mutation or attempting to complete the challenge for acquiring all diseases. Note that similar to mutations, diseases have a 30 minute cooldown for catching another disease, or 45 minutes for the same disease. Leaving the server resets this cooldown so that another disease can be immediately obtained upon joining a different server.

List of diseasesEdit

A player character can get infected by these diseases:

Disease Effect(s) Duration Base ID Cause
The Blight -1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats 30 min 004c6b3e Inflicted by a diseased Scorchbeast, Grafton monster, mega sloth, or mirelurk queen
Blood worms Take 25% more damage 15 min 003df043 Inflicted by a diseased radroach
Bone worms Take 50% more limb damage 15 min 00008881 Inflicted by a diseased mole rat or radrat, or stepping on traps such as a punji board
Buzz brain INT -2 60 min 004c6b34 Inflicted by a diseased ant
Dysentery Periodic water loss 15 min 00284956
Eat raw carrots, spoiled meat, swim in toxic water
Fever claw -25% Damage with Ranged Weapons 15 min 004c6b48 Inflicted by a diseased mirelurk hunter
Flap limb STR -2 60 min 004c6b1f Inflicted by a diseased mirelurk
Glowing pustules Bleed radiation from wounds when hit 15 min 004b0095
Inflicted by a diseased glowing one or radstag.
Heat flashes END -2 45 min 004c6b2a Inflicted by a diseased honey beast
Jelly fingers +50% Ranged VATS AP Cost 15 min 003c75c4 Inflicted by a diseased stingwing
Lock joint Melee AP cost +50% 15 min 003c75be Inflicted by a diseased wolf
Needle spine -10 Carry Capacity 15 min 003c75b8 Inflicted by a diseased angler.
Parasites Periodic food loss 15 min 00112e6d Inflicted by a diseased tick or bloodbug, swimming in water, eating raw mutfruit, drinking cream.
Rad worms Take 50% more radiation damage. 15 min 003df041 Inflicted by a diseased feral ghoul or a diseased mutant hound.
Rattle hands -25% damage with ranged weapons 45 min 004c6b4f Inflicted by a diseased mirelurk king
Shell shock Action Point drain from wounds 45 min 004b009c Inflicted by a diseased mongrel or deathclaw
Sludge lung Max AP -50, AP regen -50 60 min 0018ef92 Inflicted by a diseased wendigo, or exposure to toxic air without wearing a gas mask, assault gas mask, or spacesuit helmet
Snot ear PER -2 15 min 004c6b25 Inflicted by a diseased snallygaster or gulper
Swamp gas CHR -2 15 min 004c6b2f Inflicted by a diseased bloatfly
Swamp itch AGI -2 15 min 003cd03b Sleep in a sleeping bag/mattress on the ground.
Weeping sores Bleed from wounds 45 min 003df045
Inflicted by diseased radscorpions or yao guai
The Woopsies LCK -2 15 min 004c6b39 Inflicted by a diseased mirelurk spawn
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