This page lists all derived statistics in Fallout 76.
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Derived statistic Description Derived from Initial value
Action Points Primarily used for VATS; now also used for sprinting, holding your breath while sniping, gun bashing, and power attacks. Agility 60 + (AGL × 10)
Carry Weight The amount of weight you can carry before becoming overencumbered. Strength, Solar Powered (by raising STR) 155 + (STR × 5)
Damage Resistance A number used to determine how much ballistic damage you can negate. Equipment, Bullet Shield, Bodyguards, Moving Target, Junk Shield, Ironclad
Disease resistance A number used to determine the chance of disease from diseased sources. Endurance, Iron Stomach, Thirst Quencher, Vaccinated
Energy Resistance A number used to determine how much energy damage you can negate. Equipment, Refractor, Bodyguards, Moving Target, Ironclad, Grounded
Hit Points How much damage you can sustain before death; reduced by radiation poisoning. Endurance, Lifegiver, Solar Powered (by raising END) 250 + (END × 5)
Melee Damage Bonus damage you do in close combat; unlike previous Fallout games, this also includes unarmed. Strength, Equipment, Gladiator, Slugger, Bobblehead: Unarmed
Poison Resistance A number used to determine how much poison damage you can negate. Equipment
Radiation Resistance A number used to determine how much radiation damage and rads you can negate. Equipment, Rad Resistant, Lead Belly
Experience Modifier A bonus to all experience earned. Inspirational, Bobblehead: Leader
Damage Avoidance A chance to avoid damage altogether Dodgy, Serendipity
Running Speed Factors affecting running speed Power Armor (-20%), Equipment, Speed Demon, Dead Man Sprinting, Gun Runner, Squad Maneuver
Sprinting Speed Factors affecting sprinting speed Speed Demon, Equipment, Dead Man Sprinting

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