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Fallout 76 cut content refers to content in Fallout 76 and its updates that is marked as cut in the game files, and inaccessible within the game itself. Due to the nature of Fallout 76 and its planned updates, some content exists in the files that is currently unused, with plans for utilization, if any, unknown.

Therefore, cut content only refers to anything explicitly marked as cut. In addition, this content should not be confused with the legacy content from previous games or the leftover Fallout 4 content that remains in the game's resources.



Armor and clothing


  • Covert sweater vest
  • Cutthroat outfit medium Atomic Shop
  • Denim Canadian tuxedo medium Atom
  • (Dirty) American daredevil suit medium Atom
  • (Dirty) camouflage pant suit medium Atom
  • (Dirty) doctor's scrubs medium Atom
  • (Dirty) postman uniform medium Atom
  • (Dirty) fishing outfit medium Atom
  • (Dirty) flapper dress medium Atom
  • (Dirty) jack o'lantern pant suit medium Atom
  • (Dirty) pink pant suit medium Atom
  • (Dirty) poodle skirt medium Atom
  • (Dirty) tulip pant suit medium Atom
  • (Dirty) tropical pant suit medium Atom
  • (Dirty) two-piece pajamas medium Atom
  • (Dirty) Vault-Tec pajamas medium Atom
  • (Dirty) Vault-Tec pant suit medium Atom
  • Field surgeon outfit
  • Leather greaser jacket medium Atom
  • Presidential "power" suit
  • Prison uniform medium Atom
  • Union outfit (duplicate)
  • Wrestler outfit medium Atom


  • Clean monocle medium Atom
  • Cutthroat helmet medium Atom
  • (Dirty) cloche hat medium Atom
  • (Dirty) daredevil helmet medium Atom
  • (Dirty) fez medium Atom
  • (Dirty) felt antler headband medium Atom
  • (Dirty) fly-fishing hat medium Atom
  • (Dirty) hip glasses medium Atom
  • (Dirty) leather cap medium Atom
  • (Dirty) doctor's mask medium Atom
  • (Dirty) doctor's scrubs hat medium Atom
  • (Dirty) modern bonnet medium Atom
  • (Dirty) pillbox hat medium Atom
  • (Dirty) plaid hunting cap medium Atom
  • (Dirty) plaid hunting cap ears hot medium Atom
  • (Dirty) poodle skirt glasses medium Atom
  • (Dirty) postman hat medium Atom
  • (Dirty) space jumpsuit helmet medium Atom
  • (Dirty) Vault-Tec security helmet medium Atom
  • Fasnacht Tyrolean hat
  • Flapper headband medium Atom
  • Flapper tiara medium Atom
  • Floor walker teeth medium Atom
  • Floppy sun hat medium Atom
  • Grafton High School hat (02) medium Atom
  • Hunter's hood
  • Intel officer dress hat medium Atom
  • Intel officer hat medium Atom
  • K.D. Inkwell headgear medium Atom
  • Military officer dress hat medium Atom
  • Worn American trucker hat medium Atom
  • Worn Garrahan trucker hat medium Atom
  • Worn Mothman trucker hat medium Atom
  • Worn Tricentennial trucker hat medium Atom
  • Worn Vault 76 trucker hat medium Atom
  • Worn VTU trucker hat medium Atom
  • Worn WVa trucker hat medium Atom

Power armor:


  • Overalls underarmor medium Atom
  • Raider diver underarmor
  • Vault 111 jumpsuit medium Atom


  • (Vault-Tec) backpack

Armor and apparel mods





Plans and recipes


Holotapes and notes



SPECIAL training
Perk Description FormID
Strength training Life in the Vault is a lot like prison, lots of weight lifting. Your Strength is increased. 000950FD
Perception training Playing Vault-Tech games endlessly has paid off. Your Perception is increased. 000950FB
Endurance training The Wasteland is no match for you! Your Endurance is increased. 000950FA
Charisma training Some people are born charming - others have to work at it. Your Charisma is increased. 000950F7
Intelligence training Being able to read above a 5th grade level has its perks. Your Intelligence is increased. 000950F5
Agility training Some say cat's are extinct... but you definitely move like one. Your Agility is increased. 000950F3
Luck training Cats have 9 lives. You must be part cat. Your Luck is increased. 000950F2
Legendary perks
Perk ranks


Daily quests


Random encounters

  • Albino Monster Fight
  • Bee Keeper Fiasco!
  • BoS Mother and Son
  • Police Chase
  • Assault - Settler Attacking Critters


  • Free For All
  • Quickplay: Assault (workshop)
  • Quickplay: Defend (workshop_
  • Team Death Match
  • The Black Box

Leftover content