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In Fallout 76, a currency is any item that is exchanged in quantity for a good or service. What qualifies as an exchange ranges from depositing miscellaneous items into a terminal interface to making account-wide microtransactions in the Atomic Shop.


A currency is any item that is listed in the Currency section of the STATS tab in the Pip-Boy. While caps may be traded with vendors or other players, every other currency is bound to the character or player account. None of these items may be dropped at any time, for any reason. With the exception of Atoms, all currencies have a maximum quantity.

Score s1 camp utility ammoconverter l AmmoPoints 100,000
Bottle cap Caps 40,000
Gold bullion Gold bullion 10,000
FO76 Legendary scrip Legendary scrip 6,000
Stamps Stamps 10,000
FO76 icon overseerticket Overseer ticket 30,000
Perk coin Perk coin 5,000
FO76 Possum badge Possum badge 100
FO76 Tadpole badge Tadpole badge 100
Score s1 camp utility ammoconverter l
Main article: AmmoPoints

AmmoPoints are used to exchange ammunition using an Ammo Converter. Depositing bulk quantities of unwanted ammunition will add points to the account, which may then be spent to obtain a more desired ammunition type.

Score currency atoms l
Main article: Atom

Atoms are used to purchase special items from the Atomic Shop, such as cosmetic skins, apparel or even C.A.M.P. items. Atoms may be obtained by completing challenges, progressing through the Scoreboard or with real money.

Score currency caps l
Main article: Cap (Fallout 76)

Caps are the primary currency for trading in Fallout 76, accepted by all standard vendors and players. Caps may be obtained through many methods, including, but not limited to, caps stashes, quest rewards and drinking a Nuka-Cola.

Gold bullion
Score currency bullion l
Main article: Gold bullion

Gold bullion is a special currency used to buy exotic items and crafting plans. Although it may be obtained early through the Scoreboard, gold bullion is primarily introduced upon completing Secrets Revealed, the final act of the Wastelanders questline. After which, it may be purchased with caps from Smiley or dispensed from a gold press machine in exchange for Treasury Notes.

Legendary scrips
Score currency scrip l
Main article: Legendary scrip

Legendary scrip is accepted by Purveyor Murmrgh, who barters with Legendary items and components for Legendary crafting. Scrips may be obtained as quest rewards or by depositing unwanted Legendary items in Legendary exchange machines.

Overseer tickets
FO76 icon overseerticket
Main article: Overseer ticket

In Nuclear Winter, overseer tickets were used to purchase individual perks within the perk select screen. They were acquired upon receiving a duplicate perk from a newly opened perk pack.

Perk Coins
Score currency perkcoin l
Main article: Perk coin

Perk coins are used to swap between or to improve Legendary perks. They are acquired by scrapping unwanted perk cards.

Pioneer Scout Badges
Score currency tadpolebadge l

Pioneer Scout badges are used to mark the progression of the various skills essential for survival.[citation needed]

Miscellaneous currency[]

A miscellaneous currency is any item viewable in the Inventory tabs of the Pip-Boy which is also used as or is technically a currency. While many of these items have other uses or may even be traded, Treasury Notes are bound to the character and cannot be traded.

Claim tokens
FO76 Token
Main article: Claim token

Claim tokens are used to redeem prizes from the claim token exchange terminal located outside abandoned mine shaft Elaine and abandoned mine site Kittery. They are acquired by completing Lode Baring.

Halloween candy
Fallout4 Gum drops
Main article: Halloween candy

Halloween candy is used to purchase prizes from the SMART choice machine in Watoga High School, acquired during Event: Monster Mash.

Legendary cores
FO76SR Core 1star
Main article: Legendary core

Legendary cores are used to add Legendary effects onto non-Legendary weapons, armor, and power armor at the appropriate crafting workbench. While not usable as a currency, they are considered to be one by the game files.

Mr. Fuzzy tokens
FO76 Token
Main article: Mr. Fuzzy token

Mr. Fuzzy tokens are used to redeem prizes from the Camden Park Company Store terminal. They are acquired by completing Lucky Mucker, Dross Toss and The Chow Line.

Pleasant Valley claim tickets
Fo76 pleasant valley claim ticket

Pleasant Valley claim tickets are exchanged for rewards by a bellhop in the basement of the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. They have a 2% chance to drop from feral ghouls and Scorched after completing Key to the Past.

Treasury Notes
Treasury note
Main article: Treasury Note

Treasury Notes can be exchanged at a gold press machine for 10 gold bullion each. Outside of special community events, up to 40 notes may be exchanged every 20 hours, with the clock resetting after the first exchange of the new 20-hour period. Treasury Notes are obtained as a reward for completing public events or from daily quests offered by the Settlers and Raiders factions.


Currency rewards from Scoreboard progression cannot be claimed in Public and Custom Worlds.


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