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In the AVR Medical Center, one can find a Jangles the Moon Monkey doll lying on a stretcher with a toy alien attached to its face on the first floor, reminiscent of a facehugger from the Alien franchise.

Albert EinsteinEdit

Inside the doghouse of the Isolated cabin is a mathematical formula written in chalk: $ R_{\mu \nu} – \tfrac{1}{2} R g_{\mu \nu} + \Lambda g_{\mu \nu} = \frac{8 \pi G} {c^4} T_{\mu \nu} $. This is an Einstein field equation, first published by Albert Einstein in 1915.

Breaking BadEdit

Just north of Sugar Grove, there are several partially buried blue barrels with money on top of them and a skeleton nearby in a lab coat. This references the scene from Breaking Bad in which Walter White buries barrels full of money in the desert.

Distant DrumsEdit

The memetic "Wilhelm Scream" is briefly heard in a promotional video for Fallout 76.


A set of wooden blocks in the apartment building with the Nuka-Cola billboard on the east side of Morgantown spells out "BFG," a reference to the weapon first appearing in the Doom franchise, published by Bethesda Softworks since 2010.

The Elder Scrolls V SkyrimEdit

The raid decals used by the raiders are strikingly similar to the Shadow marks used by the Thieves Guild in Skyrim, down to sharing the "loot" and "empty" marks.

Fallout: New VegasEdit

One of the raider tribes that previously existed in Appalachia was the Gourmands. This appears to be a reference to the White Glove Society and their restaurant The Gourmand, that previously appeared in New Vegas, given the preference of both groups for eating human flesh.


Harley Wheeler, a prisoner at Eastern Regional Penitentiary, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for five counts of grand theft auto. Considering their name and crime, Harley is most likely a reference to Harley-Davidson, Inc., a motorcycle manufacturing company.

Jim CroceEdit

Leroy Brown, a guard at Eastern Regional Penitentiary, shares a name with a character in the song "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce.

Monster FactoryEdit

Near the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant, there is a house the references that internet show Monster Factory by Polygon. There are several characters from their Fallout 4 series at the house.[1]

Rebel WilsonEdit

Pre-War prisoner "Rebel" Wilson shares a name with Rebel Wilson, an Australian actress and writer best known for her portrayal of the character Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect film series.

Star Trek: The Next GenerationEdit

Tanagra Town and the "Darmok + Jalad" graffiti in the bus stop are references to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Darmok."

The Legend of ZeldaEdit

Vendor bot Raiders reference a famous line in The Legend of Zelda, saying "it's dangerous to go alone."

The ShiningEdit

Torrance House contains multiple references to The Shining, including the "redrum" scene, the fire axe and the hedge maze. The name itself is also a reference to the main characters of the film.

Throw Momma from the TrainEdit

The note Untitled is a reference to the opening scene of Throw Momma from the Train, in which character Larry Donner suffers from writer's block and can only come up with "The night was" on his typewriter.

Toy StoryEdit

In the Whitespring Resort, there is a large toy shop in which block letters with the words "Syd" may be seen. This is a reference to the character from Toy Story.