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Creatures are animals, humans, and their mutated counterparts, encountered in Appalachia and surrounding areas. Some animals in Appalachia can be tamed through the use of Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer. For more information on taming a pet for your C.A.M.P., see creature taming.

Diseased creatures will apply a disease upon melee attacking, or being melee attacked by a player. Like Scorched, it may be applied to any variant of a creature. They will be marked with a Disease on their nameplate.

As a general rule, creatures of yao guai or angler size and larger will not enter buildings or interior cells. If a player character enters an area inaccessible to a creature, they will retreat to the edge of the area. If they return, the creature will retreat again if their target is still inaccessible. Creatures with ranged attacks will occasionally return and use those attacks if they have an opportunity.

This does not include scorchbeasts, who will pursue ranged attacks against a player character in an inaccessible area, due to the penetrating power of their dust and sonic blasts. Scorchbeasts can lose sight of a player character who is in sneak mode, after which they will return to their regular patrol.

Weak spots

All creatures and robots are made up of various body parts, each with their own unique variables, such as the base chance to hit in VATS or limb durability. Crippling most body parts will inflict serious debuffs on a target, such as a reduced mobility or even initiating a self-destruct sequence. Hitting any body part modifies the incoming damage with what we refer to as a body part multiplier. Similar to a sneak attack, the damage dealt to a target is multiplied by this number. For most body parts, this value is 1.0, which means the damage is not modified (100%; or standard damage). Below is a list of each baddie with weak and tough spots, along with their corresponding body part multipliers.

Note: NPCs that are omitted from this table do not have any weak or tough spots (100% against all limbs).

Body part multipliers
Enemy Weak spot Damage taken Tough spot Damage taken
Alien Head × 2.00    
Angler Head × 1.25    
Assaultron     Head × 0.33
Beaver Head × 1.25    
Bloatfly Head × 2.00    
Bloodbug Head × 2.00    
Brahmin Head (any) × 1.50    
Cargobot Booster (any)
Flight Control System
× 2.00
× 1.25
Deathclaw Belly × 2.00 Tail × 0.50
Dog Head × 2.00    
Eyebot Back Panel × 3.00 Laser × 0.25
Feral ghoul Head × 2.00    
Firefly Head × 1.50    
Flatwoods monster Head × 1.25    
Fog crawler Head × 1.25    
Fox Head × 1.25    
Grafton Monster Blowholes × 2.00    
Gulper Head × 1.50    
Hermit crab Head × 1.50 Arm (any) × 0.50
Honey beast Head × 2.00    
Human Head × 2.00    
Mega sloth Head × 1.25    
Mirelurk Head × 2.00 Arm (any)
× 0.50
× 0.25
Mirelurk hunter Head × 1.50 Arm (any) × 0.33
Mirelurk king Head × 2.00    
Mirelurk queen     Arm (any)
× 0.50
× 0.25
Mole miner Head × 2.00    
Mole rat Head × 2.00    
Mothman Head × 1.25    
Mr. Gutsy
Ms. Nanny
Combat Inhibitor
Eye (any)
× 2.00
× 2.00
× 1.25
Mutant hound Head × 1.25    
Opossum Head × 1.25    
Owlet Head × 1.25    
Power armor Head × 2.00    
Protectron     Head × 0.33
Radscorpion Face × 2.00 Claw (any) × 0.50
Radstag Left head
Right head
× 1.25
× 2.00
Robobrain     Head × 0.80
Squirrel Head × 1.25    
Scorchbeast Head × 1.50    
Scorched Head × 2.00    
Sentry bot Fusion Cores × 20.0 Head × 0.80
Sheepsquatch     Body × 0.33
Super mutant
Shielded super mutant Cut content
Head × 2.00    
Super mutant behemoth Head × 2.00    
Snallygaster Head × 1.50    
Stingwing Head × 2.00    
Tick Head × 1.50    
Turret (bubble)     Body × 0.50
Vulture Cut content Head × 1.50    
Wild mongrel Head × 2.00    
Wendigo Head × 1.25    
Wendigo colossus Head (any) × 2.00    
Wolf Head × 2.00    
Yao guai Head × 1.25    


Blood Eagles
Blood Eagle Blood Eagle wretch Blood Eagle bruiser
Blood Eagle cutthroat Blood Eagle slayer Blood Eagle predator
Blood Eagle executioner Blood Eagle tormentor Blood Eagle flayer
Blood Eagle thief Vital Equipment Blood Eagle captain Riding Shotgun Blood Eagle destroyer Daily Ops
Blood Eagle demolitionist Cut content Riding Shotgun Blood Eagle renegade Cut content Daily Ops Blood Eagle eviscerator Cut content Daily Ops
Blood Eagle specialist Cut content Daily Ops Blood Eagle spotter
Brotherhood of Steel
Brotherhood hopeful Brotherhood initiate Brotherhood scribe
Mothman cultists
Cultist Cultist prospect Cultist seeker
Cultist disciple Cultist elder Cultist ascender
Cultist awoken Cultist chosen Cultist wrathwing
Raider Raider scum Raider psycho
Raider scavver Raider waster Raider survivalist
Raider veteran Raider fiend Raider reaver
Settler Settler colonist Settler apprentice
Settler craftsman Settler journeyman Settler machinist
Settler engineer Settler mastersmith Settler hinterlander
Settler guard
Cannibal Communist commander Communist soldier
Communist militant Communist commissar Daily Ops Scavenger



Angler Albino angler Venomous angler
Glowing angler Ravenous angler Bloodthirsty angler
Deadly angler Scorched angler[1]
Brahmin Blue Ridge brahmin Pack brahmin
House cat Black cat Tabby cat
Dog Attack dog Blood Eagles attack dog
Scorched attack dog[1]
Frog Scorched frog[1]
Gulper newt Gulper Gulper devourer
Glowing gulper Scorched gulper[1]
Mega sloths
Sluggish mega sloth Mega sloth Lumbering mega sloth
Hulking mega sloth Glowing mega sloth Scorched mega sloth[1]
Baby mega sloth Dead Lazy mega sloth Nuclear Winter
Mole rats
Mole rat Rabid mole rat Mole rat brood mother
Glowing mole rat Mutated mole rat Raging mole rat
Putrid mole rat Frenzied mole rat Mole rat tunneler
Poisonous mole rat Deadly mole rat Scorched mole rat[1]
Scorched glowing mole rat[1] Mole rat landminerBreach and Clear
Wild mongrel Vicious mongrel Feral mongrel
Albino mongrel Rabid mongrel Glowing mongrel
Alpha wild mongrel Alpha vicious mongrel Alpha feral mongrel
Alpha albino mongrel Alpha rabid mongrel Glowing alpha mongrel
Scorched mongrel[1] Scorched alpha mongrel[1] Blood Eagle mongrel Riding Shotgun
Mutant hounds
Mutant hound Glowing mutant hound Fierce mutant hound
Savage mutant hound Vicious mutant hound Venomous mutant hound
Deadly mutant hound Scorched mutant hound[1]
Radrat pup Mangy radrat pup Infected radrat pup
Plagued radrat pup Radrat Mangy radrat
Infected radrat Plagued radrat Glowing plagued radrat
Scorched radrat[1] Scorched glowing radrat[1]
Radstag yearling Radstag doe Radstag
Erratic radstag doe Albino radstag Erratic radstag
Rabid radstag Devolved radstag doe Devolved radstag
Glowing radstag Observant radstag Sickly radstag Project Paradise
Radtoad Parasitic radtoad Albino radtoad
Glowing radtoad Hideous radtoad Fetid radtoad
Vile radtoad Poisonous radtoad Deadly radtoad
Scorched radtoad[1] Prime radtoad Primal Cuts
Scorchbeast[1] Alpha scorchbeast[1] Glassed cavern Scorchbeast queen[1] Scorched Earth
Extra crispy scorchbeast[1] Nuclear Winter
Sheepsquatch Toxic sheepsquatch Noxious sheepsquatch
Necrotic sheepsquatch Alpha sheepsquatch Project Paradise Prime sheepsquatch Primal Cuts
Vicious wolf Feral wolf Grey wolf
Rabid wolf Glowing wolf Black wolf
Savage wolf Frenzied wolf Deadly wolf
Scorched wolf[1] Wolf Primal Cuts Prime wolf Primal Cuts
Wolf pack leader Leader of the Pack The Beast of Beckley Quest Pup of the Beast Quest
Yao guai
Stunted yao guai Yao guai Yao guai ghoul
Shaggy yao guai Irradiated yao guai Albino yao guai
Rabid yao guai Dusky yao guai Glowing yao guai
Savage yao guai Frenzied yao guai Deadly yao guai
Scorched yao guai[1] Prime yao guai Primal Cuts Son of Fluffy Quest

Bugs and insects

Small forager ant Small soldier ant Small glowing ant
Forager ant Soldier ant Glowing ant
Overgrown forager ant Overgrown soldier ant Overgrown glowing ant
Venomous forager ant Venomous soldier ant Venomous glowing ant
Deadly soldier ant Deadly glowing ant Scorched small forager ant[1]
Scorched small soldier ant[1] Scorched forager ant[1] Scorched soldier ant[1]
Scorched overgrown forager ant[1] Scorched overgrown soldier ant[1] Scorched ant[1] Cut content
Bee swarms
Bloatfly Black bloatfly Festering bloatfly
Glowing bloatfly Loathsome bloatfly Vile bloatfly
Venomous bloatfly Deadly bloatfly Scorched bloatfly[1]
Bloodbug hatchling Bloodbug Red widow bloodbug
Infected bloodbug Glowing bloodbug Vampiric bloodbug
Venomous bloodbug Virulent bloodbug Deadly bloodbug
Scorched bloodbug[1]
Cave crickets
Cave cricket Cave cricket hunter Cave cricket piercer
Cave cricket shredder Cave cricket slasher Deadly cave cricket
Glowing cave cricket Scorched cave cricket[1] Irradiated cave cricket Radiation Rumble
Prime cave cricket Primal Cuts Cave cricket black Cut content
Fog crawlers
Fog crawler Skulking fog crawler Noxious fog crawler
Enraged fog crawler Glowing fog crawler Scorched fog crawler[1]
Alpha fog crawler Project Paradise Prime fog crawler Primal Cuts
Honey beasts
Honey beast Putrified honey beast Raging honey beast
Glowing honey beast Rabid honey beast Frenzied honey beast
Poisonous honey beast Giant honey beast Deadly honey beast
Scorched honey beast[1] Prime honey beast Primal Cuts
Mothman Stalking Mothman Vengeful Mothman
Glowing Mothman Scorched Mothman[1] Wise Mothman The Path to Enlightenment
Radroach Glowing radroach Scorched radroach[1]
Radscorpion Radscorpion hunter Glowing radscorpion
Albino radscorpion Radscorpion stalker Radscorpion predator
Deathskull radscorpion Giant radscorpion Radscorpion destroyer
Radscorpion emperor Deadly radscorpion Scorched radscorpion[1]
Prime radscorpion Primal Cuts
Stingwing Stingwing darter Stingwing skimmer
Stingwing chaser Glowing stingwing Stingwing racer
Stingwing stalker Relentless stingwing Deadly stingwing
Scorched stingwing[1]
Vile tick Foul tick Wretched tick
Glowing tick Scorched tick[1]


Softshell mirelurk Mirelurk Mirelurk razorclaw
Mirelurk killclaw Bloodrage mirelurk Stoutshell mirelurk
Glowing mirelurk Venomous mirelurk Hardshell mirelurk
Mirelurk vorpalclaw Steelshell mirelurk Deadly mirelurk
Scorched mirelurk crab[1] Strangler mirelurk Heart of the Swamp Prime mirelurk Cut content
Mirelurk hunters
Mirelurk hunter Albino mirelurk hunter Glowing mirelurk hunter
Grim mirelurk hunter Relentless mirelurk hunter Bloodthirsty mirelurk hunter
Deadly mirelurk hunter Scorched mirelurk hunter[1] Prime mirelurk hunter Cut content
Mirelurk kings
Mirelurk king Mirelurk deep king Glowing mirelurk king
Savage mirelurk king Mirelurk high king Deadly mirelurk king
Scorched mirelurk king[1]
Mirelurk queens
Mirelurk queen Glowing mirelurk queen Scorched mirelurk queen[1]
Strangler mirelurk queen Heart of the Swamp Prime mirelurk queen Primal Cuts
Mirelurk spawns
Mirelurk spawn Mirelurk hatchling Glowing mirelurk spawn
Scorched mirelurk spawn[1]

Feral ghouls

Feral ghouls
Weak feral ghoul Feral ghoul Feral ghoul roamer
Feral ghoul stalker Feral ghoul reaver Withered feral ghoul
Gangrenous feral ghoul Rotting feral ghoul Charred feral ghoul
Decaying feral ghoul Blighted feral ghoul Putrid feral ghoul
Deadly feral ghoul Strangler feral ghoul Heart of the Swamp Weak feral ghoul officer
Feral ghoul officer Scorched feral ghoul Cut content Fog ghoul Cut content
Glowing ones
Glowing one Rotting glowing one Putrid glowing one
Bloated glowing one Reeking glowing one Corroded glowing one
Deadly glowing one Irradiated feral ghoul Radiation Rumble Freddie Lang Quest
J47 Quest Harvey Tinley Quest Agent Kensington Quest
Billy • Cole • Lucas • Red Fallout 76 removed content

Mole miners

Mole miners
Mole miner Mole miner scraper Mole miner digger
Mole miner rockbreaker Mole miner foreman Mole miner supervisor
Glowing mole miner Mole miner sapper Mole miner dredger
Mole miner skullcrusher Deadly mole miner Scorched mole miner[1]
Treasure hunter Fallout 76 seasonal content Purveyor Murmrgh Fallout 76 merchants


Scorched Scorched wanderer Scorched believer
Scorched zealot Scorched warrior Scorched berserker
Scorched leader Scorched controller Scorched champion
Scorched conqueror Scorched maniac Scorched fanatic
Scorched annhilator Scorched executioner Scorched officer
Scorched suicider Strange Bedfellows Scorched foreman Quest Scorched corpse Dead
Scorched (Enclave) officer Quest Scorched scientist Quest Aldridge Quest
Crane Quest David Thorpe Quest Evan Quest

Super mutants

Super mutants
Super mutant Super mutant skirmisher Super mutant fighter
Super mutant brute Super mutant enforcer Super mutant butcher
Super mutant master Super mutant overlord Super mutant primus
Super mutant warlord Super mutant pillager Super mutant demolisher
Super mutant gladiator Super mutant champion Super mutant suicider
Injured super mutant Super mutant firestarter Daily Ops Super mutant demolisher Cut content Daily Ops
Super mutant shredder Cut content Daily Ops Super mutant sharpshooter Cut content Daily Ops Scorched super mutant Cut content
Super mutant ghoul Cut content Shielded super mutant Cut content Glowing super mutant Cut content
Gail Fun and Games Grahm Fallout 76 merchants Mad Dog Malone Manhunt
Super mutant behemoths
Behemoth Epic behemoth Ancient behemoth
Glowing behemoth Scorched behemoth Prime behemoth Primal Cuts


Note: The following are not affected by any legendary prefixes.

Aliens Invaders from Beyond (event)
Alien invader Invaders from Beyond (event) Cryogenic alien Invaders from Beyond (event) Toxic alien Invaders from Beyond (event)
Alpha deathclaw Diseased deathclaw Savage deathclaw
Albino deathclaw Glowing deathclaw Deathclaw matriarch
Chameleon deathclaw Mythic deathclaw Scorched deathclaw
Scorched alpha deathclaw Irradiated deathclaw Radiation Rumble Prime deathclaw Primal Cuts
Flatwoods Monsters
Flatwoods Monster Fabled Flatwoods Monster Mythical Flatwoods Monster
Floater gnasher Floater flamer Floater freezer
Fierce floater Savage floater Ravenous floater
Vile floater Hideous floater Vicious floater
Bloodthirsty floater Menacing floater Abominable floaterr
Deadly floater Irradiated floater Radiation Rumble
Grafton Monsters
Enraged Grafton Monster Enraged Grafton Monster Diseased Grafton Monster
Parasitic Grafton Monster Strangler Grafton Monster Heart of the Swamp Alpha Grafton Monster Project Paradise
Prime Grafton Monster Primal Cuts Scorched Grafton Monster Nuclear Winter
Hermit crabs
Hermit crab hatchling Giant hermit crab Alpha hermit crab
Savage hermit crab Albino hermit crab Glowing hermit crab
Scorched hermit crab Prime hermit crab Primal Cuts
Glowing snallygaster Nascent snallygaster Bloody snallygaster
Scorched snallygaster Irradiated snallygaster Radiation Rumble Prime snallygaster Primal Cuts
Trog fledgling
Ravenous wendigo Glowing wendigo Scorched wendigo
Wendigo spawn Progenitor wendigo Quest Scott Conroy That Sinking Feeling
The Nightstalker One Violent Night Camp counselor Nia Campfire Tales
Wendigo colossi
Wendigo colossus Irradiated wendigo colossus Cut content Earle Williams A Colossal Problem


Robots are affected by the Troubleshooter's Legendary effect. They will initiate a self-destruct sequence if all of their weapons are destroyed. All legendary robots will explode after being destroyed, regardless if they already self-destructed.

Alien drone Invaders from Beyond (event)
Alien elite drone Invaders from Beyond (event) Alien detonator drone Invaders from Beyond (event)
Automated turret
Machinegun turret Missile turret Blood Eagle turret
Automated surface to air missile Gun emplacement
Assaultron strikebreaker Whitespring Assaultron Whitespring desk clerk
Arktos Pharma Assaultron Imposter Sheepsquatch
Comrade eyebot Responder eyebot Eyebot guard
Arktos Pharma eyebot Eyebomb
Liberator Mark 0 Liberator Mark I Liberator Mark II
Liberator Mark III
Miss Nanny
Whitespring concierge Whitespring Ms Nanny Whitespring Ms Maid
Ms Waitress
Mister Gutsy
Lieutenant Gutsy Major Gutsy Colonel Gutsy
Whitespring Mr Gutsy Mr. Gutsy strikebreaker Free States Gutsy
Arktos Pharma Gutsy
Mister Handy
Communist trooper Mr. Farmhand Mr Waiter
Whitespring greeter Whitespring Mr Gardener Whitespring Mr Handy
Whitespring Mr Janitor Confederate soldier Cut content Union soldier Cut content
Protectron watcher Responder Protectron Communist sympathizer
Confederate soldier Fallout 76 removed content Union soldier Fallout 76 removed content General's Steak House Protectron
Penitentiary guard Police Protectron Red Rocket Protectron
Protectron Watoga government worker Protectron butler Protectron chef
Whitespring bellman Whitespring butler Whitespring chef
Whitespring construction Protectron Whitespring docent Whitespring doorman
Whitespring fire service Protectron Whitespring medical Protectron Whitespring Protectron
Whitespring security chief Whitespring security Protectron Protectron Watoga government worker
Protectron strikebreaker Arktos Pharma Protectron
Robobrain sentry Robobrain tactician Robobrain war mind
Robobrain devastator
Sentry bot
Hornwright security bot Whitespring sentry bot Sentry bot strikebreaker
Sentry bot siegebreaker Annihilator sentry bot Annihilator sentry bot Mk.II
Arktos Pharma sentry bot

Other actors

The following don't exist as NPCs, but as either objects or visual effects.

Non-playable creatures
Visual effect only Flies Visual effect only Fish Static object only Whale
Static object only The Interloper Static object only The Visitor Static object only Vulture
Strangler heart


Fallout 76 enemies