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It is possible to craft a variety of in-game items like consumables, armor, and weapons using workbenches located throughout Appalachia. Like in Fallout: New Vegas, it is possible to craft ammunition in Fallout 76 Modding is carried out by applying pre-defined components to armor and weapons, like adding lead to armor parts for enhanced radiation resistance or equipping several types of barrels on firearms. When scrapping, the player character will "discover" new mods to put on the gun they have been scrapping.

The basis for all crafting and modding is the gathering of raw components listed below. Scrapping is commonly required to harvest these materials and can only be done in "Workshop Mode." Some items will outline in yellow, while other items will outline in green when in Workshop mode. This seems to only indicate whether the item is able to be moved and has no other purpose. Green items can be moved, yet yellow items are fixed in place.

Crafting, building, and repairing as of Update 21 utilize the player character's scrap and junk in the following order of priority:

The following items are excluded from auto-scrapping and therefore must be manually scrapped:

Crafting tables[]

Crafting stations include:

Crafting components[]

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Image Component Name Value Bottle cap Weight Weight Rarity Random chance Form ID
Fo4 steel Vault steel Vault steel NoTrade 0.05 Ultra rare 0054E4FA (component)
0041023D (junk)
FO76 Stable flux Stable cobalt flux Stable cobalt flux 100 1.0 Ultra rare 002B9179
FO76 Stable flux Stable fluorescent flux Stable fluorescent flux 100 1.0 Ultra rare 002B917B
FO76 Stable flux Stable violet flux Stable violet flux 100 1.0 Ultra rare 002B917D
FO76 Stable flux Stable crimson flux Stable crimson flux 100 1.0 Ultra rare 002B917F
FO76 Stable flux Stable yellowcake flux Stable yellowcake flux 100 1.0 Ultra rare 002B9181
Acid Acid Waste acid 0 0.05 Rare 001BF72D
Adhesive (Fallout 4) Adhesive Excess adhesive¹ 0 0.05 Uncommon 001BF72E
FO76 lead scrap Aluminum Aluminum scrap 0 0.1 Uncommon 0006907A
FO76 Waste antiseptic Antiseptic Waste antiseptic 6 0.1 Rare 001BF72F
Asbestos Asbestos Raw asbestos 6 0.1 Uncommon 000AEC5C
FO76 Ballistic fiber scrap Ballistic fiber Ballistic fiber scrap 12 0.1 Very rare 000AEC5B
FO76 Dross Black titanium Black titanium scrap 6 0.1 Ultra rare 00017DEB
FO76 Bone Bone Bone shards 0 0.05 Common 000AEC5D
Ceramic scrap Ceramic Ceramic scrap 0 0.05 Very Common 000AEC5E
FO4 Circuitry Circuitry Circuits 6 0.1 Rare 0006907B
FO76 cloth Cloth Raw cloth 0 0.05 Very Common 000AEC5F
FO76 Coal Coal Coal 12 0.1 Very Common 0031C09A
FO4 concrete Concrete Concrete scrap 0 0.05 Common 00106D99
FO76 Copper scrap Copper Copper scrap 0 0.1 Uncommon 0006907C
Cork scrap Cork Cork scrap 0 0.03 Uncommon 000AEC60
Crystal (Fallout 4) Crystal Crystal shards 10 0.1 Rare 0006907D
Raw fertilizer Fertilizer Raw fertilizer² 0 0.1 Uncommon 001BF730
Fiber optics Fiber optics Fiber optics bundle 10 0.05 Rare 00069087
FO4 fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass spool 8 0.05 Uncommon 000AEC61
Fo4 gears Gears Loose gears 0 0.1 Uncommon 0006907E
FO4 glass Glass Glass shards 0 0.05 Very Common 00069085
Gold scrap Gold Gold scrap 9 0.05 Rare 000AEC62
Gunpowder Gunpowder Unrefined gunpowder 3 0.05 Common 000130A1
FO76 lead scrap Lead Lead scrap 0 0.1 Uncommon 000AEC63
FO76 leather Leather Raw leather 0 0.05 Common 000AEC64
FO4 nuclear material Nuclear material Nuclear waste 10 0.1 Rare 00069086
FO76 oil Oil Waste oil 0 0.1 Common 001BF732
Plastic Plastic Molded plastic 0 0.05 Common 0006907F
FO4 rubber Rubber Raw rubber 0 0.05 Common 00106D98
Fo4 screws Screw Loose screws 7 0.03 Uncommon 00069081
FO76 lead scrap Silver Silver scrap 7 0.05 Uncommon 000AEC66
Fo4 spring Spring Loose springs 0 0.1 Uncommon 00069082
FO76 Steel scrap Steel Steel scrap 0 0.05 Very Common 000731A4
Ultracitescrap Ultracite Ultracite scrap 25 0.1 Very rare 00017DEA
Wood scraps Wood Wood scraps 0 0.05 Very Common 000731A3

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