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Condition can refer to two things — either the condition of the character or the condition of their equipment.

Character condition[edit | edit source]

The most common character conditions found in Fallout 76 are withdrawal from chems, damage from the environment and damage from combat. Fallout 76 is currently the only game besides Fallout 4 in the Fallout series to include diseases.

Addiction[edit | edit source]

Main article: Addiction
Be careful taking too many chems. Not only do you risk addiction, but many chems increase hunger and thirst.

Diseases[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fallout 76 diseases
Diseases spread by being attacked by creatures, eating raw food, swimming in or drinking dirty water, or spending too much time in a hazardous environment.
Natural water sources are irradiated and carry disease. Drink directly from rivers and streams at your peril. When in doubt, boil it out!
Raw meat and plant ingredients may satisfy hunger, but cooking them will increase their effectiveness and removes the risk of disease.
Wearing a Gas Mask or Hazmat Suit will eliminate the risk of Disease from sources like smoke inhalation and being submerged in water.
You can craft remedies for diseases at a Cooking Station or Chemistry Station. Without a remedy, a disease will run its course and go away after enough time has passed.

Fallout 76 features diseases the player character can contract. Each disease has negative effects, such as periodically increasing hunger. Diseases may be acquired from:

  • Taking damage from a Diseased (Disease) creature.
  • Eating or drinking uncooked food or water.
  • Swimming in water.
  • Exposure to toxic air without a filtration mask.

The chance to acquire a disease scales inversely with your Endurance and Hunger/Thirst meters. Certain perks, like Natural Resistance or Iron Stomach can reduce or completely negate the chances of you contracting a disease.

Mutations[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fallout 76 mutations

Fallout 76 also features mutations that have a chance of occurring on exposure to radiation from consumables, creature attacks, and irradiated zones. Mutations have a chance of being cured with RadAway. To protect desired mutations from RadAway, player characters can equip the second rank of the perk Starched Genes.

Radiation[edit | edit source]

Main article: Radiation

Receiving Rads damage will lower your max HP. 10 rads = 1% HP. When you reach 1000 rads, your HP will be reduced to 0 and you will die. When you respawn, you rads will be set to 75% (25% HP remaining).

Radiation may be acquired by:

  • Consuming uncooked food
  • Getting too close to radioactive areas
  • Taking damage from feral ghouls, scorchbeasts or glowing creatures
  • Taking damage from Gamma gun, Radium rifle, pumpkin grenade or nuka grenades.

Survival needs[edit | edit source]

To survive in post-war Appalachia, it's important to make sure you're always stocked with food and water. Keep your thirst and hunger meters filled for extra bonuses.

Player characters need food and water to properly function. Adequately satisfying them grants temporary positive effects. As of Steel Dawn, Hunger and Thirst no longer give negative effects for being neglected.

Food[edit | edit source]

Range Name Effect(s) Form ID
81% - 100% Fully Fed Max HP +35, STR +1, Disease resistance +35%
61% - 80% Well Fed Max HP +25, Disease resistance +25%
26% - 60% Fed Max HP +15, Disease resistance +15%
21% - 25% Partially Fed Max HP +15
0% - 20% Starving None

Water[edit | edit source]

Range Name Effect(s) Form ID
81% - 100% Fully Hydrated AP Regen +35%, END +1, Disease resistance +35%
61% - 80% Well Hydrated AP Regen +25%, Disease resistance +25%
26% - 60% Hydrated AP Regen +15%, Disease resistance +15%
21% - 40% Partially Hydrated AP Regen +15%
0% - 20% Dehydrated None

Limb damage and crippling[edit | edit source]

Main article: Crippled limbs

Carry capacity[edit | edit source]

Main article: Encumbered
  • Surpassing 100% carry capacity will prevent sprinting and fast travel, while also draining AP as you run.
  • Surpassing 300% carry capacity [verification needed] will prevent running, while also draining AP as you run.
  • Surpassing 500% carry capacity [verification needed] will prevent dropping, selling or trading objects. You will need to destroy items to bring your weight down.

Stagger[edit | edit source]

Main article: Stagger

Wanted[edit | edit source]

Main article: PvP

Performing an offensive act, such as opening a locked door or container in a C.A.M.P. or workshop owned by another player, will result in a wanted status. Each offense places a 10-cap bounty on the player character which will be raised with subsequent offensive acts and places a "Wanted" icon on the map to highlight the wanted player. While wanted, other players will not be visible on the map, and this includes C.A.M.P.s with an active vending machine. There is no way to remove a wanted status other than being killed by another player.

Sleep[edit | edit source]

Sleeping is not necessary for survival in Fallout 76. However, sleeping for 30 seconds will give the player character a condition that grants a 5% bonus XP. The different effects vary in their duration.

  • Sleeping in a sleeping bag will grant the player character the effects of Rested.
  • Sleeping in a bed will grant the player character the effects of Well Rested.
  • Sleeping in a bed in one's C.A.M.P. with an ally present will instead grant the Kindred Spirit condition.
  • If the ally was successfully romanced, this will instead grant the Lover's Embrace condition.

Of these conditions, only Well Rested counts for the daily challenge "Level up while well tuned or well rested".

Name Effect(s) Time Form ID
Rested XP +5% 60min
Well Rested XP +5% 120min
Kindred Spirit XP +5% 180min
Lover's Embrace XP +5% 180min

Instruments[edit | edit source]

Playing any musical instrument in Fallout 76 for 30 seconds will grant the player character the effects of Well Tuned.

Name Effect(s) Time Form ID
Well Tuned AP Regen +5% 60min

Buffs and debuffs[edit | edit source]

Queen of the Hunt
Upon successful completion of the Queen of the Hunt daily quest, the player will receive a 4-hour long damage increase towards whichever cryptid they identified.

Consumable condition[edit | edit source]

Spoilage[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fallout 76 spoilage

With Fallout 76's inherent survival mechanics, food and some drinks eventually spoil while in a player character's inventory. This does not apply to pre-War packaged food and other non-perishables, like honey and sugar, but happens to meat, fruit, vegetables, and bio fluid. The spoiled food will be replaced in the inventory with a general spoiled type they are associated with.

Spoiled food does not continue to rot and can be eaten (with considerable disease risk), but alternatively can be crafted into fertilizer.

Perks can affect the condition of food and how fast it spoils, such as Good with Salt. A refrigerator can also be bought from the Atomic Shop for Icon Fo76 Atom.png 500-700 which has the effect of reducing spoilage time by %50.

Fermenting alcohol[edit | edit source]

Inversely, brewed alcohols need to be aged or fermented to get their full effect. Using a Fermenter, the alcohol can be aged faster, but alcohol also ages at a slower rate while in inventory.

Equipment condition[edit | edit source]

Equipment condition returns in Fallout 76 from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas; however, unlike in previous games, armor and weapons can be repaired using junk and crafting components at an armor workbench or weapons workbench. Alternatively, equipment can also be repaired without a workbench by using a repair kit or improved repair kit.

Equipment degradation[edit | edit source]

FO76 ui broken weapon.png

As equipment condition degrades, weapons will continue to do the same damage and armor will provide the same protection. When the equipment's durability runs out completely, though, it will be broken and cannot be equipped again until it has been repaired.

Weapon condition[edit | edit source]

Weapon condition degrades when your attack successfully hits an enemy or object which can be damaged, causing an estimated 0.25 - 1% loss in the used weapon's durability per hit.

  • Attacks which hit the environment or objects with no health/durability or which do not hit anything at all, will not count toward condition degradation.
  • Ranged weapon durability loss can occur when melee bashing with your gun, but otherwise it is per projectile/pellet. (Note that shotguns, pipe guns and certain other weapons may lose condition faster or have a lower maximum condition)
  • Weapons are unequipped and moved to your inventory once they break, forcing you to use your fists or equip a new weapon.

Armor condition[edit | edit source]

Armor condition degrades when you receive health damage from attacks or environmental dangers such as explosions. The amount of durability lost on worn equipment depends on how much damage is received and takes into account damage reduction from equipment, effects, consumables and perks.

  • Armor remains equipped when it breaks, but no longer provides damage resistances. This allows for mods and legendary effects to continue functioning until the armor is unequipped, but the armor will need to be repaired in order to provide damage reduction or to make it equippable again if you take the armor off.
  • Unlike regular armor pieces, when a piece of your power armor breaks it will be unequipped from the power armor chassis and moved to your inventory. This has an influence on set bonuses like the carry weight bonus from Excavator power armor, which is only in effect when a complete set is worn, as well as the inherent damage reduction (7% per worn piece) and radiation reduction (15% per worn piece) of power armor. It also has a negative influence on carry weight, since power armor pieces on a power armor chassis have no weight.
  • Power Armor is a perfect example of how much damage reduction can make your armor last longer as it will likely lose way less durability than many pieces of regular armor with lower damage reduction.[verification needed]
  • Hazmat suits, which provide no damage resistance, suffer no condition degradation whereas the otherwise similar Chinese stealth armor provides damage and energy resistance and degrades when hit.

Value[edit | edit source]

The condition of equipment is also tied to its trade value in caps. As equipment loses durability, its value goes down until the cap value reaches zero when the item is broken. Items with better than 100% condition do not gain any additional caps value.

The Legendary scrip value is not influenced by item condition.

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