This page lists all (named) characters in Fallout 76.
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Characters shown here are grouped by their initial location.

DeadCharacter starts game dead.
SpawnedCharacter only appears under certain conditions or as part of a quest.
EssentialCharacter is essential.
DoctorCharacter provides doctor services, i.e. healing, cleansing radiation and curing addictions.
MerchantCharacter can be traded with.
CompanionCharacter is a companion.

Player character

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Player determined 00000007 00000014 Vault 76

Other player characters

23 or more other player characters may be on the same server as the player character. Their characters' names will be shown as their usernames regardless of platform or their characters' names.[1] Player characters can fight and trade with any other character and can form up to four member teams with them.

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Account username Yes Yes Yes ???????? ???????? Vault 76

Base game

Brotherhood of Steel characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy No Yes 002894BE 0026B33E Glassed cavern
Mentioned Knight Esposito No Yes ???????? ????????
Mentioned Knight Gary Weber No Yes ???????? ????????
Mentioned Scribe Grant McNamara No Yes ???????? ????????
Mentioned Scribe Hailey Takano No 0027BD12 ????????
Mentioned Squire Hannah de Silva No Yes ???????? ???????? Huntersville
Mentioned Knight Johnny Moreno No Yes ???????? ???????? Glassed cavern
Mentioned High Elder Roger Maxson No ???????? ????????
Mentioned Paladin Swafford No Yes ???????? ???????? Huntersville
Mentioned Senior Knight Ted Wilson No Yes ???????? ????????
Mentioned Knight "Tex" Rogers No Yes ???????? ????????
Vendor bot Phoenix LC170 Watoga Vendor BoS.txt Yes 003C17F6 003C180B Watoga Shopping Plaza

Enclave characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Mentioned Sergeant Donnelley No Yes ???????? ????????
Mentioned General Ellen Santiago No Yes 0039E69A ????????
Agent Jefferson Grey No Yes 003621C6 003621D6 Abandoned waste dump
MODUS ENB MODUSStandard.txt Yes Yes 0005252B ???????? The Whitespring bunker
Mentioned Captain N. Jackson No Yes ???????? ????????
Mentioned Major Ragnarsdottir NPCM EN02 MajorRagnarsdottir.txt Yes 004E21E1 ????????
Mentioned President Thomas Eckhart No Yes 0039E699 ????????
Mentioned General T. Harper No Yes ???????? ????????

Free States characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Mentioned Abigayle Singh No ???????? ????????
Cedric No Yes 004FD285 004FD287 Arktos Pharma
Caleb Carson No Yes ???????? ???????? Carson family bunker
Courtney Kelly No Yes 003E4D0A 0001BE18 North of Valley Galleria
Duncan McKann No Yes 003EB39A 00332A0E Dyer Chemical
Ella Ames No Yes 004F42F3 004F42F4 Southhampton Estate
Hardball SFL02 Track Hardball.txt 001324E6 00132527 North of Valley Galleria
Jacob Lerner No Yes 00439977 0037084C Valley Galleria
Jacqueline Murphy No Yes 003E4D0B 00018FE4 North of Valley Galleria
Jesus Sunday No Yes 003CDE99 003CDE9A Sunday Brothers' cabin
Mentioned Juan Diego Sunday No ???????? ????????
Kendyll Sims No Yes 003EB39B 00332A0D Dyer Chemical
Kora No Yes 003337EA Random encounter
Lucy Harwick No Yes 003EB39C 00011BF0 Dyer Chemical
Nari Samir No Yes 003EB394 001849EF Southern Belle Motel
Mentioned Raleigh Clay No 002E5B71 ????????
Randy Calloway No Yes 003EB393 001894E4 South of Haven Church
Rover No Yes 00019282 ???????? Relay tower EM-B1-27, Relay tower LW-B1-22
Senator Sam Blackwell No Yes 001999BF ???????? Sam Blackwell's bunker
Sara Samir No Yes 003EB39D 00332A0B Dyer Chemical
Vendor bot Wallace LC062 HarpersFerry Vendor FreeStates.txt Yes 003C17F3 003C1805 Harpers Ferry
Vivie Steinbeck No Yes 004FE050 004FE051 Watoga Emergency Services

Raider characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Bosley No Yes ???????? ???????? Pioneer Scout lookout
Mentioned Brody Torrance ???????? ????????
David Thorpe Yes 0017F096 0044D49E Big Fred's BBQ Shack
Edie Stevens No Yes ???????? ???????? Wendigo cave
Freddie Lang Yes 0017F096 0044D49E Blackwater Mine
Henrick No Yes ???????? ???????? Grafton Steel
Jim No Yes ???????? ???????? Raider outhouse and moat
Kerry No Yes ???????? ???????? Lewisburg
Margie McClintock No Yes 004EA5B8 004EA5BB Palace of the Winding Path
Milo No Yes ???????? ???????? Twin Lakes
Morris Stevens Yes 0017F096 0044D49E Wendigo cave
Rosalynn Jeffries No Yes 003CD2D0 003CD2D2 Charleston Capitol Courthouse
Rose RDR Contact Rose.txt 0019C051 0019C053 Top of the World
Vendor bot Raider POI Vendor Raiders.txt Yes 00430336
Sutton Station
Sunnytop Station
Pleasant Valley Station
R&G Station
Vendor bot Resin LC150 TopOfTheWorld Vendor Raiders.txt Yes 003C17F5 003C1809 Pleasant Valley Ski Resort
Walter Griswold No Yes 004E35E6 004E35EC Huntersville

Responders characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Sgt. Allemane No Yes 0050F878 0050D905 Big Bend Tunnel West
Amy Kerry No Yes 004F8806 0033F7D0 Cow Spots Creamery
Andrew Rhodes No Yes 003CDB49 003CDB4A Belching Betty
Bernie MTR06 LvlProtectronFireman Bernie.txt 0007B8A7 003AAB6E Belching Betty
Mentioned Doctor Claire Hudson ???????? ????????
Colonel RSVP00 Corpse Colonel.txt Yes 003D1579 003D157A Flatwoods
Sgt. Cominsky No Yes 0050F880 0050F889 Big Bend Tunnel
Major Darion Jones No Yes 002E669D 002E66A5 Seneca Rocks Visitor Center
Dassa Ben-Ami No Yes 003D1556 003D1557 Flatwoods
Reverend Delbert Winters No Yes 0050F909 003AD722 Flatwoods
Hank Madigan No Yes 004E25A1 00510456 Top of the World
Sgt. Holstein No Yes 0050F881 0050F887 Big Bend Tunnel East
Mentioned Jeff Nakamura ???????? ????????
Kesha McDermott No Yes 003E98D4 003E98E7 Flatwoods
Maria Chavez No Yes 0050BDE5 0050BDE6 Morgantown Airport terminal
Maxine Ballard No Yes 003CDB47 003CDB48 Belching Betty
Mentioned Melody Larkin ???????? ????????
Miguel Caldera No Yes 0043BAF6 0043BAF7 Morgantown Airport
Mr. Fluffy RSVP03 Actor Protectron Volunteerbot.txt 004F67DF 003A1FF1 Morgantown Airport
Responder Rocky No Yes ???????? ???????? Morgantown Airport
Rita Wilcox No Yes 0051C957 0051C64C Belching Betty
Mentioned Sanjay Kumar ???????? ????????
Scott Shepherd No Yes 003D1554 003D1555 Flatwoods
Sofie Yates No Yes 003D1558 003D1559 Flatwoods
Steelheart RS02 Beat Steelheart.txt 002ACF4E 002ACF4F Morgantown
Sylvester Tate No Yes 0051D35A 0051C64A Belching Betty
Timothy Wolfe No Yes 0051D371 0051D372 Belching Betty
Vendor bot Bob ResponderBotBob.txt Yes 0030BAB0 0030B167 Flatwoods
Vendor bot Chad LC019 CamdenPark Vendor Responders.txt Yes 003C17F1 003C17FD Camden Park
Vendor bot Greg LC051 Grafton Vendor Responders.txt Yes 003C17F2 003C1801 Grafton
Vendor bot Mack LC023 Charleston Vendor Responders.txt Yes 003C17E7 003C1803 Charleston Fire Department
Vendor bot Responder POI Vendor Responders.txt
RE TravelTS01 ResponderProtectronVendor.txt
Yes 00430363
Grafton Station
Morgantown Station
Charleston Station
Welch Station
Lewisburg Station
Random encounter

Vault 76

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Vault Dweller (player character) No No Yes Yes 000000F9 ???????? Appalachia
Vault 76 overseer Yes Yes 001827F9 ???????? Overseer's home
Alderton 76CharGenMrHandy Goodbye.txt Yes 004F97ED 004F586B Vault 76
Cavendish 76CharGenMrHandy Medicine.txt Yes 004F79EA 004F5868 Vault 76
Crowley 76CharGenMrHandy Camp.txt Yes 004F79F0 003706D1 Vault 76
Crutchley Crutchley.txt Yes 003472ED 003472EE Vault 76
Higgenbottom 76CharGenMrHandy Power.txt Yes 004F79EB 004F5869 Vault 76
Merriman 76CharGenMrHandy Team.txt Yes 004F79EF 003706D0 Vault 76
Pennington Pennington.txt Yes 003ADE30 003ADE33 Vault 76 exterior
Poole 76CharGenMrHandy PerkBoard.txt Yes 004F79EC 004F586A Vault 76
Worthy 76CharGenMrHandy Water.txt Yes 004F79EE 003706CF Vault 76

The Whitespring Resort

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Alexis LC060 WhitespringVendor Newsstand Alexis.txt Yes 0037D9C1 0037D9D9 The Whitespring Resort
Aloe LC060 WhitespringVendor Spa AloeVera.txt 0037D972 0037D9D7 The Whitespring Resort
Antoine LC060 WhitespringVendor GourmetRecipes Antoine.txt Yes 0037D9C9 0037D9DC The Whitespring Resort
Bubbles LC060 WhitespringVendor SodaFountain Bubbles.txt Yes 0037D9BB 0037D9CE The Whitespring Resort
Cap'n LC060 WhitespringVendor ChildrensStore.txt Yes 0037D9BB 0037D9CE The Whitespring Resort
Carolyn LC060 WhitespringVendor Barbershop C.txt 003A2939 0039BE9E The Whitespring Resort
Cheryl LC060 WhitespringVendor Barbershop C.txt 003A293A 0039BE9D The Whitespring Resort
Clarice LC060 WhitespringVendor Barbershop C.txt 003A293B 0039BE9C The Whitespring Resort
Cunningham LC060 WhitespringVendor ArmorHuntingSupplies Cunningham.txt Yes 0037D9BF 0037D9DA The Whitespring Resort
Cynthia LC060 WhitespringVendor Barbershop C.txt 003A2938 0039BE9F The Whitespring Resort
Doc Stanley LC060 WhitespringVendor Pharmacy DocStanley.txt Yes 0037D9C0 0037D9CF The Whitespring Resort
Flauresca LC060 WhitespringVendor CasualClothing Flauresca.txt Yes 0037D9BE 0037D9D0 The Whitespring Resort
Flintlock LC060 WhitespringVendor WeaponsAntiqueArms Flintlock.txt Yes 0037D9D3 0037D9D4 The Whitespring Resort
Friedrich LC060 WhitespringVendor SurvivalTraining Friedrich.txt Yes 0037D9CB 0037D9DE The Whitespring Resort
Helena LC060 WhitespringVendor JewelryAndAccessories Helena.txt Yes 0037D971 0037D9D5 The Whitespring Resort
Lotus No Yes 003C7A14 003CDB45 The Whitespring Resort
Margaret LC060 WhitespringVendor Barbershop Margaret.txt 003A2937 0039BE9D The Whitespring Resort
Marie LC060 WhitespringVendor GourmetFood Marie.txt Yes 0037D9C8 0037D9DB The Whitespring Resort
Pendleton LC060 WhitespringVendor ArtGallery Pendleton.txt 0037D9C7 0037D9DF The Whitespring Resort
Robert LC060 WhitespringVendor DiningRoom Robert.txt 0039BD0D 0037D96F The Whitespring Resort
Stratford LC060 WhitespringNPC Manager Stratford.txt 003A2940 003A294D The Whitespring Resort
Tannin LC060 WhitespringVendor LobbyBar Tannin.txt Yes 0037D9AD 0037D9CD The Whitespring Resort
Tweed LC060 WhitespringVendor FormalClothing Tweed.txt Yes 0037D9BC 0037D9D1 The Whitespring Resort
Vera LC060 WhitespringVendor Spa AloeVera.txt 0037D9C4 0037D9D6 The Whitespring Resort
The Whitespring Station vendor POI095 WhitespringStation Vendor Neutral.txt Yes 00430332 00430333 The Whitespring Station

Miscellaneous characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Auto-Miner D3-B 003298EF 0038C1F9 Abandoned mine shaft Elaine
Auto-Miner DU-K3 003298F1 0038F0FE Abandoned mine site Kittery
Auto-Miner H4N-K 003298F0 0038C1FB Abandoned mine shaft Elaine
Auto-Miner J-0ULE 003298F2 0038F100 Abandoned mine site Kittery
Auto-Miner J03-L 003298EE 0038C1FA Abandoned mine shaft Elaine
Auto-Miner L4R-E 003298F3 0038F0FF Abandoned mine site Kittery
Barbara Elizabeth No Yes 00222788 0022278C Watoga Municipal Center
Beckham SFZ08 Fear Beckham.txt 00275BC6 00527C7C Near Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies
Billingsley MTNM04 Contact Billingsley.txt 0006BE57 0006BE59 Bolton Greens
Blackwater Auto-Foreman MTNS06 QuestGiver.txt 000364F5 00036516 Blackwater Mine
Blake Saunders No Yes ???????? ???????? Between The Freak Show and Monorail elevator
Boomer SFZ14 Bomb Boomer.txt 0015C694 002B5BB6 Southern Belle Motel
The Boss MTR04 Boss.txt 00320E70 00320E73 Camden Park
Census taker CBZ09 Robot.txt 001E94A1 ???????? Cranberry Bog
Chief CBZ03 Chief.txt 00008A19 00365102 Watoga Emergency Services
Civil War reenactor No Yes 0052E479
Random encounter
Chally the moo-moo No Yes 001949E0 0044D49F Travels with Grahm
Chloe 0018E0BE 0018E0D0 Berkeley Springs
Cryptos MoM CryptosVoiceF VOICEONLY.txt ???????? ???????? Riverside Manor
Dave No Yes ???????? ???????? The Freak Show
Escaped inmate No Yes 00527557 Random encounter
Evan Yes 0017F096 0044D49E Mount Blair
Ford No Yes 002C60E0 Random encounter
Gerald No Yes ???????? ???????? East Mountain lookout
Giles Sweetwater FFZ13 Sweetwater.txt 001115EC 00111801 The Giant Teapot
Grafton mayor TWGraftonMayorVoice.txt 0004DB33 0030A74C Grafton
Grahm GQ SuperMutantMerchant Grahm.txt Yes Yes 0017F096 0044D49E Traveling merchant
Greaser corpse No Yes 0052E47C Random encounter
Harrison Malone Yes Yes 0017F096 0044D49E Grafton Dam
Hemlock Holes cook TW010 MrHandyCook.txt 0023C838 0023C83C Hemlock Holes
Huntmaster TW004Huntmaster.txt 00451771 ???????? Black Bear Lodge
J47 Yes 0017F096 0044D49E Charleston Capitol Building
Jack O' Lantern LC129 Jack.txt 00318F9B 00318F9D Pumpkin House
John Aaronholt No Yes 003C854E 003C854F Aaronholt homestead
Preacher Levenson RE TravelCT02 LvlEyeBot.txt 003B8148 Random encounter
Libby O'Brien MTR11 OBrien.txt 003CAC80 003CACAA The Burning Mine
Lowell Aaronholt No Yes 003C854C 003C854D Aaronholt homestead
MAIA ???????? ???????? Watoga Municipal Center
Mia RE SceneSM02 NannyMia.txt 0052EE01 Random encounter
Master Sergeant Gutsy EN05 MrGutsy MasterSergeant.txt 00182093 001820C6 Camp McClintock
Miss Annie TW007 NannyAnnie.txt 002C4612 002C4613 Wavy Willard's Water Park
The Motherlode 002C3EB4 (voice) ???????? Hornwright Industrial Headquarters
Natasha Hunt No Yes 004E6116 003472FE Lewisburg
Olivia Rivers No Yes 00358006 0035800A Seneca Rocks
Otis Pike No Yes 004FE480 00228384 Grafton Dam
Pharmabot-JD7E FF08 Pharmabot.txt 0029DBBD 00356785 Silva homestead
Prickett's Fort curator TW009Curator.txt 00268082 00268083 Prickett's Fort
Quartermaster Gutsy EN05 MrGutsy Quartermaster.txt 003401E7 003424DB Camp McClintock
Rachel RE SceneKMK07 Rachel.txt 003BE964 Random encounter
Sandy No Yes ???????? ???????? East Mountain lookout
Scott Turner No Yes 0022278B ???????? Abandoned Bog Town
Shannon Rivers No Yes 00358005 00358009 Seneca Rocks
Shawn Aaronholt No Yes 003C8551 003C8553 Aaronholt homestead
Shooting range attendant TWZ03 ShootingRangeMrHandy.txt 00088ACC 0010BAA1 Clarksburg Shooting Club
Supervisor Chattingham Yes ???????? ???????? Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
Supervisor Danforth Yes ???????? ???????? Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
Supervisor Wellington Yes ???????? ???????? Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
Tumblin' Joe No Yes 004FB2E8 004FB2FB New River Gorge ropes course
Vincent May-Lilly CB05 Vincent.txt 0008F5B2 0008F5B5 Watoga High School
Vlad RE SceneSM02 HandyVlad.txt 0052EE02 Random encounter
Waiter Alfred MTNM04 Robot Alfred.txt Yes 0043A944 ???????? Bolton Greens
Waiter Bernard MTNM04 Robot Bernard.txt Yes 0043A945 ???????? Bolton Greens
Waiter Clifford MTNM04 Robot Clifford.txt Yes 0043A946 ???????? Bolton Greens
Waiter Desmond MTNM04 Robot Desmond.txt Yes 0043A947 ???????? Bolton Greens
Waiter Elwood MTNM04 Robot Elwood.txt Yes 0043A948 ???????? Bolton Greens
Warden TW002 PrisonWarden.txt 003B91C1 ???????? Eastern Regional Penitentiary
Willie No Yes 004E102F Random encounter
Willie Mae No Yes 003D1552 003D1553 Flatwoods
Zach MTR04 Zach.txt 004FD286 004FD288 Camden Park
Zack No Yes 004FD286 004FD288 Freddy Fear's House of Scares
Zeke MTR04 Zeke.txt 00320E8C 00320E91 Camden Park
Zoe MTR04 Zoe.txt 00320E8E 00320E8F Camden Park

Wild Appalachia


Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Cheerful Beekeeper E01F Fasnacht Beekeeper.txt Yes 00498891 ???????? Helvetia
Convivial Historian E01F Fasnacht Historian.txt Yes 00498893 ???????? Helvetia
Gleeful Butcher E01F Fasnacht Butcher.txt Yes 00498894 ???????? Helvetia
Happy Candlemaker E01F Fasnacht CandleMaker.txt Yes 00498892 ???????? Helvetia
Jolly Baker E01F Fasnacht Baker.txt Yes 00498888 ???????? Helvetia
Joyous Musician E01F Fasnacht Musician.txt Yes 00498895 ???????? Helvetia
Jubilant Decorator E01F Fasnacht Decorator.txt Yes 00498896 ???????? Helvetia
Master of Ceremonies E01F Fasnacht MasterCeremonies.txt Yes 00498883 00498886 Helvetia
Merry Woodsman E01F Fasnacht Woodsman.txt Yes 00498897 ???????? Helvetia

The Whitespring Resort

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Brotherhood vendor Yes Yes 004124AD 00412217 The Whitespring Resort
Free States vendor Yes Yes 004124A9 00412211 The Whitespring Resort
Raiders vendor Yes Yes 004124AF 0041220F The Whitespring Resort
Responders vendor Yes Yes 004124B0 0041220D The Whitespring Resort
Shopping mall vendor Yes Yes 004124AE 00412215 The Whitespring Resort

Miscellaneous locations

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Anne Litzinger No Yes 0047838D ???????? Appalachia
Ansel Abrahms No Yes 0047838E ???????? Appalachia
ARIC-4 Yes ???????? ???????? Arktos Pharma
Biv P01A Nukashine Robobrain.txt Yes 0047BBFF 0047BC03 The Nukashine
Camp Counselor Nia 0017F096 0044D49E Camp Adams
Harvey Tinley 0017F096 0044D49E Clarksburg
Insult Bot RE SceneSM04 Protectron InsultBot.txt 004845A9 ???????? Appalachia
Mr. Bandit RE SceneTS07 HandyBandit.txt 00481F11 ???????? Appalachia
Mr. Squeeze RE ObjectDWD01 EncMrHandy.txt Yes Yes 00481F11 ???????? Appalachia
Purveyor Murmrgh No Yes Yes 003F878E 00422154 Berkeley Springs Station
Quercus SFS09 Habitat Quercus.txt Yes 005109E2 00454D47 Arktos Pharma
Scott Conroy 0017F096 0044D49E Sunken church
Son of Fluffy 0017F096 0044D49E Near Site Alpha
Scout Leader Jaggy P01C Tadpole LeaderJaggy.txt Yes 0047F15E 0047F15F Pioneer Scout camp
Scout Leader Pompy D01C Tidy LeaderPompy.txt Yes 0047F165 0047F169 Kiddie Corner Cabins
Scout Leader Treadly D01C Stings LeaderTreadly.txt Yes 0047F168 0047F16A Dolly Sods Wilderness
Scout Leader Penny E01C Tales Penny.txt Yes 0046A5BA 0046A5B8 Camp Adams
The Beast of Beckley 0017F096 0044D49E Near Beckley
Pup of the Beast 0017F096 0044D49E Near Beckley

Nuclear Winter

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Billy No Yes No No No No No 0017F096 0044D49E Vault 94
Cole No Yes No No No No No 0017F096 0044D49E Vault 94
Lucas No Yes No No No No No 0017F096 0044D49E Vault 94
Red No Yes No No No No No 0017F096 0044D49E Vault 94
Reuben Gill Yes No No No No No 00424562 00424563 West of Gilman lumber mill
ZAX No No Yes No No No ???????? ???????? Vault 51


Anchor farm characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Daniel 0053C301 0053E613 Anchor farm
Hannah 0053C303 ???????? Anchor farm
Murray 0054ADEA ???????? Anchor farm
Ursala 005895F8 ???????? Anchor farm
Xavier 005895FA ???????? Anchor farm

Blood Eagles characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
The Blood Yes 005A1C07 ???????? Bloody Frank's
The Eye Yes 005A1C09 ???????? Crimson Prospect
Frankie Beckett Yes 00587A26 ???????? Watoga Underground
Frank the Butcher Yes 0057CFE4 ???????? Bloody Frank's
Jessi the Hook Yes 0057CFE3 0055426D Bloody Frank's
Line Chef Larry Yes 0057CFE5 ???????? Bloody Frank's
Star Yes 005A1C08 ???????? Seneca Gang camp

Blue Ridge Caravan Company characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Aries 0057502C 00575032 Big Bend Tunnel East
Carver Timmerman Yes 0057502B 00575031 Big Bend Tunnel East
Eugenie Yes 0056EFC8 0056EFCA Big Bend Tunnel East
Joanna Mayfield ???????? ????????
Kieran Kennedy ???????? ???????? Big Bend Tunnel East
Libby Wen ???????? ???????? Big Bend Tunnel East
Rudy Fernandez Yes 0057502D 00575034 Big Bend Tunnel East
Vinny Costa ???????? ???????? Big Bend Tunnel East

Free Radical characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Batter ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Davey ???????? ???????? Player C.A.M.P.
Jacky ???????? ???????? WV Lumber Co.
Roper 0040F684 00411F7A WV Lumber Co.

Raider characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Ae-Ri No Yes 003FBC06 0040B2AE The Crater
Aldridge Yes 0041B858 00575ACB SW of Philippi Battlefield Cemetery
Axel No No 0053C249 005A24D8 The Crater
Barb 0053C248 0053C232 Crater Core
Blackeye No No 00595299 0055BDED Ohio River Adventures
Bruiser 00595298 0055BDEC Ohio River Adventures
Deathklaus 0042F59D ???????? Watoga Civic Center
Bones No No 0055B286 0055BE72 Ohio River Adventures
Caleb Fisher No No 0040D481 ???????? Crater Core
Creed No No 0053C24A 0053C264 The Crater
Former raider Yes 00553EC9 ???????? Variable
Gail No No 0041CB3C 00548D23 Crater Core
Glenn 0042F588 0042F595 Watoga Civic Center
Gnash 00598BB1 ???????? Charleston
Hal Gleeson 0042F54F 0042F599 Watoga Civic Center
Hijack Yes 0040E02B 0040E02D Hornwright Industrial Headquarters
Johnny Weston No No 0042F54B ???????? Crater Core
Kiyomi 00554441 ???????? The Crater
Kogan 0040D4BC 0040D4ED Crater watchstation
Lev No No 0053C25A 005916A5 Crater Core
Lucky Lou Yes 0040D47F 00559342 Carleton Mine
Maximum Maddie 0042F597 ???????? Watoga Civic Center
Meg Groberg 003FE468 003FE469 Crater Core
Molly Yes 003FBC03 ???????? The Crater
Mortimer Yes 0058736B 0058736C Crater Core
Munch No No 003FBC04 0040B2AD The Crater
Nuclear Don 0042F59B ???????? Watoga Civic Center
Ra-Ra No 0041CB3B 0041CB63 Crater Core
Raf Yes 003FBC05 0040B2AC The Crater
Raider punk Yes 0058E6FC 005A2539 Crater Core, Random encounters
Registration guard 0042F589 0042F594 Watoga Civic Center
Rocksy No No 0054DCFC 0054F9B5 The Crater
Ronny Yes 005A0615 005A0617 Player C.A.M.P.
Sargento 0042F556 0042F59A Watoga Civic Center
Surge 0053C269 005916A6 Crater Core
Weasel Yes 0054EF61 00552745 Carleton Mine
Wren 003FBC01 ???????? The Crater

Settler characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Aubrie Willem Yes 003FCB0C 003FCB0E Secluded cave
Davie Taylor No No ???????? ???????? Foundation
Derrick Taylor No No ???????? ???????? Foundation
Elsie Taylor No No ???????? ???????? Foundation
Sergeant Fred Radcliff Yes 00405934 00405936 Ransacked bunker
Gate guard ???????? ???????? Foundation
Jen No No ???????? ???????? Founder's Hall
Kip ???????? ????????
Agent Mochou Yes 00570D56 00583E9D The Deep
Captain Oliver Fields Yes ???????? ???????? Ransacked bunker
Paige ???????? ???????? Founder's Hall
Penelope Hornwright ???????? ???????? Hornwright Estate
Samuel ???????? ???????? Foundation
Settler forager Yes ???????? ???????? Founder's Hall, Random encounters
Settler wanderer Yes ???????? Random encounters
Sunny Yes ???????? ???????? Foundation
Sergeant Thompson Yes 00405931 00405937 Ransacked bunker
Ward ???????? ???????? Foundation

Secret Service characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
AC ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Digger ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Mercy ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Pita ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Regs Yes ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Secret Service agent Yes ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Slick ???????? ???????? Vault 79

The Wayward characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Bessie 0042EDE0 0042EDE6 The Wayward
Cherise Yes Yes ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Crane 0042482F ???????? The Wayward
Duchess Yes ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Jide ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Mort ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Patrons Yes ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Polly ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Sol 0041A363 ???????? The Wayward
Smiley Yes Yes ???????? ???????? The Wayward

Miscellaneous characters

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Artemis Yes 005A1329 ???????? Sugar Grove
A.T.H.E.N.A. Yes ???????? ???????? Sugar Grove
Beckett No Yes Yes ???????? ???????? Rollins labor camp
Dr. Bethy Mangano 005993D7 005993DD Clarksburg
Head Engineer Brass No No No 00400490 004004A2 Vault-Tec University
Fuzzy Brenda 00598B59 00598B5D Camden Park
Bronx Yes ???????? ???????? Ingram Mansion
Carla ???????? Scene encounter hotspots
Davenport ???????? ???????? Overseer's home
Dino ???????? Scene encounter hotspots
Dontrelle Haines ???????? ???????? Morgantown Airport terminal
Dr. Dorothea Dias Yes 00407F78 00407F82 RobCo Research Center
Dylan Rhodes 005995D0 005995D1 Welch Station
Dr. Emerson Hale Yes 00559EE0 ???????? Player C.A.M.P.
Estella Yes Yes No No No ???????? ???????? Vault-Tec University
Frida Madani 00599459 0059945B Garrahan Estate
Fritz 00599465 00599467 The Whitespring
Gina Bailey Yes ???????? ???????? RobCo Research Center
Gilbert Hopson No ???????? ???????? Vault-Tec University
Greg Goldstein Yes ???????? ???????? RobCo Research Center
Hubert 00548A80 00548B29 Mountainside Bed & Breakfast
Heather Ellis 005752D2 005782A3 Flatwoods
Isela Mejia 00405EBE 00405EC2 Vault 76
James Addison Yes ???????? ???????? The Deep
Joe Creigh ???????? ???????? Camp McClintock
Jonah Ito 005982D8 ???????? Fort Defiance
Julie ???????? ???????? Appalachia Radio
Juliette ???????? ???????? Mountainside Bed & Breakfast
Kelemen Yes Yes No No No 00544D62 00544D63 Vault-Tec University
Agent Kensington Yes ???????? ???????? Solomon's pond
Lacey Drummond 00405EB0 00405EC1 Vault 76
Liebowitz 005895F9 00589606 Tyler County Fairgrounds
Dr. Loris Yes 00400491 004004A3 Vault-Tec University
Maram Ayari 00598BA7 ???????? Watoga Transit Hub
Marion Copeland ???????? ???????? Emmett Mountain disposal site
Cut content Mechanic 005655F4 Cut content Random encounter
Private Miller Yes 005640AE Random encounter
Cut content The Naturalist 00567458 Cut content Random encounter
PANDORA Yes 0055F6C5 0055F6F5 The Mire
Professor-bot Yes No 00400489 0040048A Vault-Tec University
Security Chief Robinson Yes No ???????? ???????? Vault-Tec University
Rocco Yes ???????? ???????? Spruce Knob Boat Rental
Sage Yes ???????? ???????? Blake's Offering
Scott Malish Yes 0058E9D4 ???????? SW of Philippi Battlefield Cemetery
Skinner ???????? ???????? Duncan & Duncan Robotics
Sofia Daguerre No Yes ???????? ???????? Abandoned bunker
Tiffany Brantley ???????? ???????? Charleston Fire Department
Treasure hunter Yes 0040F681 ???????? Player C.A.M.P.
Wandering storyteller ???????? Scene encounter hotspots

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