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Fallout 76 is constantly being updated with stability and bug fixes, so this article should not list every bug that has ever existed in the game, as hundreds of bugs have been fixed. This article should only list bugs which seem to be present in the current version of the game: Expeditions: The Pitt.

General advice and notes[]

In most cases, restarting the game fixes any bug or glitch that the player has encountered.

Weapon mods[]

Using the console[]

There are no known bugs associated with console commands due to how console commands are turned off due to the game's multiplayer nature.

Crashing, freezing and other hardware- or software-related issues[]

  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 Fast traveling to anywhere at the exact time another player joins the fast traveling player's public team can cause the game to freeze after showing a second loading slide, then freezing at the Vault-Tec auto-save screen. Disconnecting and trying to rejoin the team or waiting to join a new server cannot fix this.
    • Solution: Sign in as another of your player characters, log out immediately, and try the bugged character again, even after waiting a few minutes. This fixes the problem.
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 Trying to load up a character after putting the PS4 in Rest Mode for some time can result in the game crashing due to corrupt application data.
    • Solution: Follow the on-screen suggestion, delete the application data, and reinstall it from the disc. Be advised, doing so also carries the penalty of losing all photos in the Photo Gallery, removing pre-set NW Favorites for weapon paints and clothing, selected loot bag, and dealing with the hassle of updating the game to the latest version again.
      • Warning: If this happens more than once, it might be that the disc has become damaged, rendering the installation data corrupt so it only works for a short while before needing to be reinstalled again. The only solution is to buy a new copy of the physical disc, or attempt to download the data from online if the game was bought online instead, without the physical disc.
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 Fast traveling or walking towards locations such as Kiddie Corner Cabins or Poseidon Energy Plant yard from certain angles can cause the game to crash. Reloading at the spawn point after restarting the game resets the bug for some time before it can happen again.
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 If the game crashes while in the middle of a Daily Op, be it having just joined it, working it, or finishing it, but not having left it yet, or freezes during the auto-save screen with the Vault-Tec logo in the lower right corner, forcing a player to quit and restart the game application to undo it, it causes the frame rate when using the inventory HUD for anything, stash boxes, vendors, Legendary exchange machine, etc., to lag considerably, causing slow response from the game for any actions done with the DualShock 4 controller for several seconds.
    • Solution: The lag clears up, but it takes some time, and can take several days before things return to normal and the frame rate recovers to more favorable levels, at least until the bug happens again to cause the player more frustration and grief.

Menu-, HUD-, inventory-, and radio-related bugs[]

  • PCPC An item called Item for Ally may appear in the player's inventory, showing up in the New and Misc tabs. The player can not drop it and it will clog up a slot on the UI, although it will disappear once the player switches servers.
  • PCPC Sometimes, other players, even if they are online and in a world, may have their status read as "Offline" or "Main Menu". To fix this, the player with the incorrect status can change their player icon in the Atomic Shop. As of 2022, this is still an issue in the PC version.
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 The frame rate for when the inventory screen is brought up for anything: Looting multiple bodies, using the Legendary exchange machine, vendors, stash boxes, or player's C.A.M.P. vending machines can slow down considerably, causing massive lag with responses from the controller before the game will respond. Same for accessing the Pip-Boy. This is caused by the game crashing while in the middle of a Daily Op, or freezing during the auto-save screen with the Vault-Tec logo in the lower right corner, forcing the game application to be closed and restarted.
    • Solution: This clears up after some time, but it varies as it can take anywhere from up to several days to maybe a month or more before the frame rate returns to a more stable and favorable state, at least until the bug occurs again to cause more grief for players.
  • At level 8,192 the experience bar will glitch out and become stuck, always displaying every XP gain as gaining a level, and showing the XP gained as +428976678. XP will continue to accrue as normal, this is only a visual bug.

Physics engine glitches[]

  • PCPC When using emotes, the player may become stuck in a loop, unable to move. This can be fixed by wiggling the analog stick and spamming bash (R1). This was alleviated by a patch in 2021 that helped to reduce this issue, but did not eliminate it entirely.
  • PCPC It is possible for other players and NPCs to become animation locked, in which they slide across the floor. This is still an issue in the PC version as of 2022.

Graphics glitches[]

  • PCPC It is possible to encounter taller misshapen other players. As of 2022, this is still an issue in the PC version.[1]
  • PCPC Sometimes when loading the player's or someone else's CAMP, one or some of the walls may lack the intended wallpaper, only showing the default wood underneath.

Audio glitches[]

  • PCPC Although very rare, it is possible for all audio in the game to disappear. Relaunching the game will fix it. Occurs as of 2022.
  • PCPC Certain weapons can cause the firing sound to be looped indefinitely, including ones with unintended rate of fire.

Custom button-mapping bugs[]

Non-player character-specific bugs[]

  • PCPC Scorched in the game can become animation locked. This can occur in Helvetia's church. This is still an issue in the PC version as of 2022.
  • PCPC When switching a C.A.M.P., it's possible to find the ally only wearing their underwear and will refuse to interact with the C.A.M.P. owner.
  • PCPC It is possible that NPCs will instantly die for no apparent reason. This includes enemies and CAMP tames.

Quest-specific bugs[]

  • PC Fun and Games: The bug is listed in the bugs section of this article, in which Ra-Ra can treat the player rudely even if they treat her nicely. Occurred after the Fallout Worlds update with no confirmation of it being fixed.
  • Crafting Blast mines after completing Idle Explosives results in only one Inert bomb being used if multiple blast mines are made at once, wasting materials, but allowing for additional blast mines until crafted one at a time to avoid consuming too many materials. (Entry added December 2021)

Event-specific bugs[]

Location-specific bugs[]

  • Sometimes, fast traveling to a player who is located at a CAMP will result in getting stuck under foundation and in walls, forcing them to fast travel somewhere else and back. This can be alleviated by fast traveling to the C.A.M.P. instead of the player. Sometimes, the player can quickly free themselves by summoning their power armor nearby and entering it.

Gameplay bugs[]

  • PC Achievements have been known to be somewhat wonky while being counted. For example, Code Cruncher requires the player to hack 50 terminals, but sometimes even after getting it and the world challenges claiming the player has hacked over 50, they will not get the achievement. The achievement can usually be obtained after constantly repeating the task.
  • PC There is an Atoms challenge for getting all 22 diseases, however, many players experience difficulty getting Sludge Lung to be counted, even after the user interface claims they got it. Players have come up with workarounds to get around this, such as getting Sludge Lung and then getting another disease by walking back and forth over a punji board to get another disease, activating Sludge Lung.
  • PC Daily Ops can prove to be buggy. Sometimes, the gauge bar may become stuck (present as of 2022). Waiting between 3-5 minutes may cause the bar to resume. There's also chance an enemy may spawn in a wall in the West Tek map. Throwing a grenade at the enemy may kill them.
  • PC A player's C.A.M.P. turrets can attack traveling merchants coming to the C.A.M.P., thinking the merchant is an enemy. The shooting does nothing as the merchant takes no damage. This still happens as of 2022.
  • PCPC Although somewhat rare, it is possible for the player to become unable to enter their power armor if the fusion core is empty. Trying to enter will only result in an animation of the player inserting a fusion core. Entering after will keep resulting in the same animation. This is still an issue in the PC version as of 2022.
  • PCPC Aiming in and out can cause a weapon to acquire a faster rate of fire than intended.

Xbox One only bugs[]

PS4 only bugs[]

PC only bugs[]

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