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FO76 Brotherhood Fatigues Female.png

In Fallout 76 the apparel system allows the player character to piece together their outfit from a variety of clothing and armor choices. The system is primarily broken up into 11 standard slots, and 5 layers.

Armor, body suits and power armor will be subjected to condition degradation. When the condition of any piece deteriorates to 0, it breaks and will offer no protection. Broken armor and clothing can be repaired using scrap at any armor workbench.

Many of the armor and clothing sets also have minimum level requirements before they can be equipped, including power armor parts. Power armor chassis are not leveled, so removing higher level parts will allow entry.

Characters can enter power armor wearing any combination of clothing, adding an additional layer of armor. However, wearing power armor nullifies all bonuses provided by the lower layers.

Apparel layers
Layer Slots Priority
FO76 UI NoArmor.png Naked 0
FO76 UI Underarmor.png Underarmor Underarmor
FO76 UI Armor.png Armor Chest
Left arm
Left leg
Right arm
Right leg
FO76 UI Outfit.png Coverall Outfits
FO76 UI SCORE PA.png Power armor
Left arm
Left leg
Right arm
Right leg


Underarmor is upgradable apparel that is layered below equipped armor and outfits. Each underarmor is assigned to a single lining group, each with their own modifications which provide additional protection and grant SPECIAL bonuses. For example, the Vault 76 jumpsuit may only be modified with Vault Tec underarmor linings.

Blood Eagle underarmor Brotherhood fatigues Brotherhood knight suit Brotherhood of Steel infantry uniform
FO76 underarmor blood eagle male.png
FO76 underarmor bos fatigues.png
FO76 underarmor bos soldier suit.png
FO76SD BoS infantry uniform.png
Brotherhood officer suit Brotherhood soldier suit Flannel shirt and jeans Forest Operative underarmor
FO76 underarmor bos officer suit.png
FO76 underarmor bos soldier suit.png
FO76 underarmor flannel shirt and jeans.png
FO76 armor forest underarmor.png
Harness Long johns Marine wetsuit Military fatigues
FO76 underarmor harness male.png
FO76 underarmor long johns.png
FO76 underarmor marine wetsuit.png
FO76 underarmor mliitary fatigues.png
Nuclear Winter tracksuit Raider leathers Road leathers Secret Service underarmor
FO76NW underarmor NW tracksuit.png
FO76 underarmor raider leathers male.png
FO76 underarmor road leathers male.png
FO76WL Secret Service underarmor.png
Survivor's denim Undershirt & jeans Urban Operative underarmor Vault 51 jumpsuit
FO76NW underarmor survivors denim.png
FO76 underarmor undershirt and jeans.png
FO76 armor urban underarmor.png
FO76 underarmor v51 jumpsuit.png
Vault 63 jumpsuitCut content Vault 76 jumpsuit Vault 94 jumpsuit Vault 96 jumpsuit
FO76 underarmor v63 jumpsuit.png
FO76 underarmor v76 jumpsuit.png
FO76 underarmor v94 jumpsuit.png
FO76 underarmor v96 jumpsuit.png
Vault Tec University jumpsuit
FO76 underarmor vtu jumpsuit.png


Outfits can be worn over clothing and over armor pieces. Many of them are "skins," meaning they will just hide what's worn under them.

Amusement park worker outfit Arktos lab coat Army fatigues Asylum worker uniform blue
FO76 Amusement Park Worker Outfit.png
FO76 Arktos Lab Coat.png
FO76 Army Fatigues.png
Fallout 76 Asylum Worker Uniform Blue.png
Asylum worker uniform brown Asylum worker uniform forest Asylum worker uniform green Asylum worker uniform pink
FO76 Asylum Worker Uniform Brown.png
FO76 Asylum Worker Uniform Forest.png
FO76 Asylum Worker Uniform Green.png
FO76 Asylum Worker Uniform Pink.png
Asylum worker uniform red Asylum worker uniform weathered Asylum worker uniform white Asylum worker uniform white dirty
FO76 Asylum Worker Uniform Red.png
FO76 Asylum Worker Uniform Weathered Female.png
FO76 Asylum Worker Uniform White.png
FO76 Asylum Worker Uniform White Dirty.png
Asylum worker uniform yellow Baseball uniform Bathrobe Blood Eagle leather jacket and jeans
FO76 Asylum Worker Uniform Yellow.png
FO76 Baseball Uniform.png
FO76 Bathrobe Female.png
FO76WL Blood Eagle leather jacket and jeans frontM.png
Bloody chef outfit Blue Ridge Caravan outfit Bomber jacket BOS jumpsuit
FO76 bloody chef outfit.jpg
FO76WL Blue Ridge Caravan outfit (ru).jpg
FO76 Bomber Jacket Female.png
FO76 BOS Jumpsuit.png
Bottle and Cappy orange jacket & jeans Bottle and Cappy red jacket & jeans Brotherhood civvies Brotherhood lab coat
FO76 Bottle and Cappy Orange.png
FO76 Bottle and Cappy Red.png
FO76SR Brotherhood civvies.png
FO76 Brotherhood Lab Coat Female.png
Brotherhood scribe outfit Brotherhood special ops suit Brown Fisherman's overalls Camden Park uniform
FO76 Brotherhood Fatigues.png
FO76 outfit specops bos.png
FO76 Brown Fisherman's Overalls.png
FO76 Amusement Park Worker Outfit.png
Cappy jacket & jeans (Fallout 76) Casual outfit Chally the moo-moo outfit Civil War era dress
FO76 Cappy jacket and jeans.png
FO76 Casual Outfit.png
FO76LR Chally the Moo Moo outfit.png
FO76 Civil War Era Dress Female.png
Civil War era suit Clean spacesuit Clean steel worker uniform Clown outfit
FO76 Civil War Era Suit.png
FO76 Clean Spacesuit.png
FO76 Clean Steel Worker Uniform Female.png
FO76 Clown Outfit Female.png
Communist commander outfit Confederate uniform Cultist adept clothes Cultist elder clothes
F76 Communist Commander Outfit.png
FO76 Conferderate Uniform.png
FO76 apparel outfit cultistadept.webp
FO76 apparel outfit cultistelder.webp
Cultist enlightened robe Cultist neophyte clothes Deathclaw hunter outfit Dirty army fatigues
FO76 apparel outfit cultistenlightened.webp
FO76 apparel outfit cultistneophyte.webp
FO76 Deathclaw Hunter Outfit.png
Fallout 76 Dirty Army Fatigues.png
Dirty tan suit Drifter outfit Duchess's outfit Enclave officer uniform
FO76 Dirty Tan Suit.png
FO76 Drifter Outfit.png
FO76WL Duchess's outfit.png
FO76 Enclave Officer Uniform.png
Engineer's uniform Explorer outfit Farmhand clothes Fashionable raider outfit
FO76 Engineer's Uniform.png
FO76 Explorer Outfit.png
FO76 Farmhand Outfit.png
FO76WL Fashionable Raider outfit female.png
Field scribe's uniform Fire Breather uniform Fireman uniform Fisherman's outfit
FO76 Field Scribe Armor.png
FO76 Fire Breather Uniform Female.png
Fo76 fireman uniform.png
FO76 Fisherman Outfit.png
Fisherman's overalls Forest camo jumpsuit Fur-lined jacket and jeans Garrahan foreman outfit
FO76 Brown Fisherman's Overalls.png
FO76 Forest Camo Jumpsuit.png
FO76 Fur Lined Jacket and Jeans Female.png
FO76SR Garrahan Foreman Outfit.png
Ghillie suit Glowing skeleton costume Golf outfit Golf skirt
FO76 NW Ghillie Suit.png
FO76NW Glowing Skeleton.png
FO76 Golf Outfit Female.png
FO76 Golf Skirt Female.png
Grafton Monsters jacket and jeans Cut content Greaser jacket and jeans Green shirt and combat boots Grey fisherman's overalls
FO76 Grafton Monsters Jacket and Jeans.png
FO76 Greaser Jacket and Jeans.png
FO76 Green Shirt and Combat Boots.png
FO76 Grey Fisherman's Overalls.png
Halloween costume skeleton Halloween costume witch Hooded rags Hunter's long coat
FO76 Halloween Costume Skeleton.png
FO76 Halloween Costume Witch.png
FO76 Hooded Rags.png
FO76 Hunter's Long Coat.png
Imposter Sheepsquatch outfit Insurgent outfit Jack o'lantern pant suit Jack o'lantern short suit
FO76 Imposter Sheepsquatch Outfit.png
FO76WL Insurgent Outfit Female.png
Jack O'Lantern Pant Suit small.png
Fo76nw outfit jack o lantern short suit.png
Jaguar pant suit Jaguar short suit Lab coat Leather coat
Atx apparel outfit pantsuit jaguar l.png
Atx apparel outfit shortsuit jaguar l.png
FO76 Lab Coat.png
FO76 Leather Coat.png
Letterman's jacket and jeans Longshoreman outfit Mechanic jumpsuit Miner uniform
FO76 Letterman Jacket and Jeans.png
FO76 Longshoreman Outfit.png
FO76 Mechanic Jumpsuit.png
FO76 Miner Uniform.png
Mr. Fuzzy mascot suit Nuclear Winter letterman jacket Nuka-World geyser jacket & jeans Nuka-World jacket & jeans
FO76 Mr Fuzzy mascot suit Clean.png
FO76NW Atomic Shop - Nuclear Winter letterman jacket.png
FO76 Nuka World Geyser Jacket & Jeans.png
FO76 Nuka World Jacket & Jeans.png
Nurse uniform Padded blue jacket Pastor's vestments Patched suit
FO76 Nurse Uniform.png
FO76 Padded Blue Jacket.png
FO76 Pastor's Vestments.png
FO76 Patched Suit.png
Patched three-piece suit Pioneer Scout Possum shorts Pioneer Scout Possum skirt Pioneer Scout Possum uniform Cut content
FO76 Patched Three Piece Suit.png
FO76 Pioneer Scout Possum Shorts.png
FO76 Pioneer Scout Possum Skirt with Hat.png
FO76 Pioneer Scout Possum Skirt.png
Pioneer Scout Squirrel shorts Cut content Pioneer Scout Squirrel skirt Cut content Pioneer Scout Tadpole shorts Pioneer Scout Tadpole skirt
FO76WA Pioneer Scout Squirrel shorts.png
FO76WA Pioneer Scout Squirrel skirt.png
FO76 Pioneer Scout Tadpole Shorts.png
FO76 Pioneer Scout Tadpole Skirt with Hat.png
Pioneer Scout Tadpole uniform Pirate costume Police uniform Pristine miner uniform
FO76 Pioneer Scout Tadpole Uniform Female.png
Fo76 pirate costume.png
FO76 Police Uniform.png
FO76 Pristine Miner Uniform.png
Radstag hide outfit Ranger outfit Ranger outfit clean Ratty skirt
FO76 Radstag Hide Outfit.png
FO76 Ranger Outfit.png
FO76 Ranger Outfit Clean.png
FO76 Ratty Skirt.png
Red dress Responder fireman uniform Responder police uniform Responders paramedic jumpsuit
FO76 Red Dress.png
FO76 Responder fireman uniform.png
FO76 Responders Police Uniform.png
FO76 Responders Paramedic Jumpsuit.png
Ritual bindings Scavenger outfit Science scribe's uniform Sheepsquatch mascot outfit
FO76 Ritual Bindings.png
FO76 Scavanger Outfit.png
FO76 Science Scribe's Uniform.png
FO76 Sheepsquatch Mascot Outfit.png
Skiing navy and orange outfit Skiing outfit Skiing purple and white outfit Skiing red and green outfit
FO76 Skiing Navy and Orange Outfit.png
FO76 Skiing Outfit.png
FO76 Skiing Purple and White Outfit.png
FO76 Skiing Red and Green Outfit.png
Skull Lord Blood Eagle suit Soiled Mr. Fuzzy mascot suit Spacesuit Steel worker uniform
FO76FW Skull Lord Blood Eagle suit.png
FO76WL Fuzzy Brenda.png
FO76 Spacesuit.png
FO76 Steel Worker Uniform Female.png
Straight jacket Straight jacket clean Strongman outfit Surveyor outfit
FO76 Straight Jacket Female.png
FO76 Straight Jacket Clean Female.png
FO76 Surveyor Outfit.png
Suspenders and slacks Swimsuit T-shirt and slacks Tattered dress
FO76 Suspenders and Slacks.png
FO76 Swimsuit Female.png
FO76 T-Shirt and Slacks.png
FO76 Tattered Dress Female.png
Tattered field jacket Tattered mole outfit Tattered rags Traveling leather coat
FO76 Tattered Field Jacket.png
FO76 Tattered Mole Outfit.png
FO76 Tattered Rags.png
FO76 Traveling Leather Coat.png
Treasure hunter outfit Tulip sky blue pant suit Union uniform Vault-Tec jumpsuit
FO76WL Treasure Hunter Outfit Female.png
FO76SD Clothes PantSuit Tulip.jpg
FO76 Union Uniform.png
FO76 Vault 76 Jumpsuit.png
VTU jacket and jeans Western outfit Western outfit & chaps White Powder jumpsuit
FO76 VTU Jacket and Jeans.png
FO76 Western Outfit.png
FO76 Western Outfit & Chaps.png
FO76 White Powder Jumpsuit.png
Whitespring jumpsuit Winter jacket and jeans Worker outfit
FO76 Whitespring jumpsuit.png
FO76 Winter Jacket and Jeans.png
Fo76WL worker outfit.png


Full headwear

Headwear which counts as hats, eyewear and/or masks.

Full headwear
Arctic marine armor helmet Assault gas mask Assaultron helmet Blueridge Caravan gas mask
FO76FW armor arctic helmet.png
FO76 Assault gas mask.png
Assaultron helmet2.png
FO76WL Blueridge Caravan gas mask.png
Brotherhood recon helmet Brotherhood special ops mask Centurion helmet Chally the Moo-Moo mask
FO76 armor bosrecon00.webp
FO76 headwear specops bos.png
Babylon apparel headwear centurionhelmet l.webp
FO76LR Chally mask.png
Chinese stealth helmet Cultist elder helmet Cultist incarnate helmet Deathclaw hunter hat
FO76WL Chinese stealth helmet.png
FO76 apparel headwear cultistelder.webp
FO76 apparel headwear cultistincarnate.webp
FO76 Deathclaw Hunter Hat.png
Eyebot helmet Fashionable raider hat Fasnacht brahmin mask Fasnacht buffoon mask
Fo4 eyebot helmet.png
FO76WL Fashionable raider hat.png
Fasnacht crazy guy mask Fasnacht deathclaw mask Fasnacht demon mask Fasnacht fiend mask
FO76WL Fasnacht crazy guy mask.png
FO76WL Fasnacht deathclaw mask.png
FO76 headwear fasnacht fiend.png
Fasnacht giant mask Fasnacht goblin mask Fasnacht hag mask Fasnacht jester mask
FO76 Fasnacht Giant Mask.png
Fo76wa Fasnacht Devil mask.png
FO76 headwear fasnacht hag.png
Fo76wa Fasnacht Harlequin Mask.png
Fasnacht loon mask Fasnacht man mask Fasnacht owl mask Fasnacht raven mask
FO76 headwear fasnacht loon.png
Faschnacht Man Mask.png
FO76 Fasnacht Owl mask.png
FO76WL Fasnacht raven mask.png
Fasnacht skull mask Fasnacht soldier mask Fasnacht sun mask Fasnacht toothy man mask
Fo76wa Fasnacht Death Skull mask.png
Faschnacht soldier mask.png
FO76 Fasnacht Sun mask.png
Faschnacht toothy mask.png
Fasnacht witch mask Fasnacht Winter Man mask Fire Breather helmet Fireman helmet
Faschnacht witch mask.png
FO76 Fasnacht Winter Man mask.png
Fallout 76 Fire Breather Helmet.png
FO76 Fireman Helmet.png
Flight helmet Garrahan foreman helmet Ghillie suit hood Gladiator mask
Flight helmet.png
FO76SR Garrahan Foreman Helmet.png
Babylon apparel headwear ghilliesuit helmet survivors2020 l.png
Babylon apparel headwear gladiatormask.png
Glowing skeleton hood Grafton Monster mask Halloween costume skull Imposter Sheepsquatch helmet
Babylon apparel headwear halloweencostume02glow helmet l.png
FO76OW Grafton Monster mask.png
Fallout 76 Halloween Costume Skull.png
FO76WA Imposter Sheepsquatch helmet.png
Makeshift ronin helmet Marine armor helmet Marine tactical helmet Monster mask Event
Babylon apparel headwear makeshiftroninhelmet.png
Assault marine armor helmet.png
Marine tactical helmet.png
FO76 Monster Mask.png
Mr. Fuzzy mascot head Cut content Polly's old head Reclaimed deep mining gas mask Responder fireman helmet
Mr. Fuzzy mascot head.png
FO76WL Polly's head.png
FO76LR Reclaimed deep mining gas mask.png
FO76 Responder fireman helmet.png
Ritual mask Sack hood Sack hood with hoses Sack hood with straps
FO76 Ritual mask.png
Sack hood.png
Sack hood with hoses.png
Sack hood with straps.png
Secret Service helmet Sentry bot helmet Sheepsquatch mascot head Skull lord Blood Eagle helmet
FO76WL armor Secret Service helmet.png
Sentry bot helmet.png
FO76WA Sheepsquatch mascot head.png
FO76FW Skull Lord Blood Eagle helmet.png
Soiled Mr. Fuzzy mascot head Spacesuit helmet Clean spacesuit helmet Tattered mole head
FO76 Soiled Mr. Fuzzy mascot head.png
Fallout 76 Clean Spacesuit Helmet.png
Fallout 76 Clean Spacesuit Helmet.png
FO76 Tattered Mole Head.png


Army helmet Dirty army helmet Asylum worker hat blue Asylum worker hat brown
Army helmet.png
Fo4 dirty army helmet.png
FO76 Asylum worker hat blue.png
FO76 Asylum worker hat brown.png
Asylum worker hat forest Asylum worker hat green Asylum worker hat pink Asylum worker hat red
FO76 Asylum worker hat forrest.png
FO76 Asylum worker hat green.png
FO76 Asylum worker hat pink.png
FO76 Asylum worker hat red.png
Asylum worker hat weathered Asylum worker hat white Asylum worker hat white dirty Asylum worker hat yellow
FO76 Asylum worker hat weathered.png
FO76 Asylum worker hat white.png
FO76 Asylum worker hat white dirty.png
FO76 Asylum worker hat yellow.png
Baseball cap Battered fedora Beer hat Bowler
Fo4 baseball cap.png
Battered fedora.png
FO76 Beer Hat.png
FO76 Bowler.png
Communist commander hat Confederate hat Black hard hat Blue hard hat
F76 Communist Commander Hat.png
Confederate Hat.png

Hard hat (Fallout 76)

Fo76 Blue hardhat.png
Bloody chef hat Blue batting helmet Bowler hat Campaign hat
FO76NW Bloody chef hat.png
Triggerman bowler.png
Campaign Hat.png
Chef hat Civil War era top hat Clown hat Combat armor helmet
FO4 chef hat.png
FO76 Top Hat.png
FO76 Clown Hat.png
Fo4 combat armor helmet.png
Cop cap Cop cap (responders) Black cowboy hat Crumpled fedora
FO76 Cop Cap.png
FO76 Responders Cop Cap.png
Crumpled fedora.png
Dirty Enclave officer hat Dirty fedora Enclave officer hat Faded visor
FO76 Dirty Enclave officer hat.png
Dirty fedora.png
FO76 Enclave officer hat.png
Faded Visor.png
Fasnacht beret Fasnacht Tyrolean hat Cut content Field scribe's hat Fisherman's hat
FO76 fasnacht beret.png
FO76 Fasnacht Tyrolean hat.png
Field scribes hat.png
Fisherman's hat.png
Gray knit cap Grey hard hat Green rag hat Grillmaster's hat
Gray knit cap.png
FO76 Grey hard hat.png
Green rag hat.png
FO76NW Grillmaster's hat.png
Halloween costume witch hat Hard hat Insurgent hat Medical goggles
FO76 Witch Hat.png
Hard hat.png
FO76WL Insurgent hat.png
Medical goggles.png
Metal helmet Military cap Miner hat Miner hat clean
FO76 armor metal helmet.png
Military cap.png
FO76 Miner Hat.png
FO76 Miner Hat Clean.png
Mining helmet Mr. Fuzzy mining helmet Mr. Fuzzy red hard hat Cut content Mr. Fuzzy teal hard hat Cut content
Fo4 mining helmet grey yellow.png
FO76 Mr Fuzzy mining helmet yellow.png
FO76 Mr Fuzzy red hard hat.png
FO76 Mr Fuzzy teal hard hat.png
Mr. Fuzzy yellow hard hat Newsboy cap Nuclear Winter beanie Old fisherman's hat
FO76 Mr Fuzzy yellow hard hat.png
Newsboy cap.png
FO76NW NW Beanie.png
Old fisherman's hat.png
Orange hard hat Party hat Pink hard hat Cut content Pioneer Scout hat: Possum
Fo76 Orange hardhat.png
Fallout 76 Party Hat.png
FO76 Pink hard hat.png
FO76WA Pioneer Scout Possum hat.png
Pioneer Scout hat: Tadpole Pioneer Scout hat: SquirrelCut content Pirate costume hat Pompadour wig
FO76WA Pioneer Scout Tadpole hat.png
FO76WA Pioneer Scout Squirrel hat.png
Fo76 pirate costume hat.png
Pompadour wig.png
Black prospector's hat Prospector's hat Ranger hat Ranger hat clean
FO76 Ranger Hat.png
FO76 Ranger Hat Clean.png
Red hard hat Sea captain's hat Skiing outfit hat Skiing outfit hat clean
FO76 Red hard hat.png
Sea captains hat.png
FO76 skiing hat.png
FO76 skiing hat clean.png
Steel worker hat Steel worker hat clean The Captain's HatCut content Tin foil hat
FP76 Steel Worker Hat.png
FP76 Steel Worker Hat Clean.png
Tricorn hat.png
Fallout 76 Tin Foil Hat.png
Treasure hunter hat Trilby hat Union hat Ushanka hat
FO76WL Treasure Hunter hat.png
Fo4 trilby hat.png
FO76 Union Hat.png
Ushanka hat.png
VTU baseball cap Welding helmet White hard hat White wolf fedora
FO76 VTU baseball cap male.png
FO76 White hard hat.png
Wwfedora lq.png
Wool fisherman's cap Worker hat Yellow slicker hat
Wool fisherman's cap.png
Fo76WL worker hat.png
Yellow slicker hat.png


Black-rim glasses Bottlecap sunglasses Eyeglasses Fashionable glasses
Black-rim glasses.png
Bottlecap sunglasses.png
Fo4 eyeglasses.png
Fo4 fash-glasses.png
Patrolman sunglasses Sunglasses Welding goggles Wraparound goggles
Patrolman sunglasses.png
Fo4 sunglasses.png
Welding goggles.png
Wraparound goggles.png


Blue bandana Camo bandana Covert scout armor mask Forest scout armor mask
Blue bandana.png
Gunners cameo bandana.png
FO76LL armor covert mask.png
FO76 armor forest mask.png
Gas mask Gas mask with goggles Green bandana Leopard print bandana
Fo4 gas mask.png
Gas mask with goggles.png
Gunners green bandana.png
Leopard print bandana.png
Radicals face mask Red bandana Skull bandana Striped bandana
Radicals face mask.png
Fo4 red bandana.png
Skull bandana.png
Striped bandana.png
Surgical mask Urban scout armor mask Vault 94 scout armor mask Veil of Secrets
Fo4 surgical mask.png
Fallout 76 Scout Armor Mask.png
FO76NW vault 94 scout mask.png
FO76 Worn veil.png
Wood helmetCut content Worn veil
FO76 armor wood helmet.png
FO76 Worn veil.png


BOS hood Brotherhood of Steel infantry hood Cut content Cultist adept helmet Cultist enlightened hood
Brotherhood of Steel hood.png
FO76 underarmor bosinfantry 02.png
FO76 apparel headwear cultistadept.webp
FO76 apparel headwear cultistenlightened.webp
Cultist neophyte helmet Green hood Hunter's hood Cut content Wrapped cap
FO76 apparel headwear cultistneophyte.webp
FO76 Green hood.png
Fo4FH hunter's hood.png
FO76 Wrapped cap.png


Includes apparel that can be on the player character's fingers, arms, neck, etc.

Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI Backpack Eye of Ra Old ring
F76 PIPBoy 2000.png
FO76 Standard backpack.png
Eye of Ra.png
Fo4 wedding ring.png
Prisoner collar Small backpack Wedding ring
FO76 Standard backpack.png
Fo4 wedding ring.png


Main article: Fallout 76 armor

All types of body armor provide Damage and Energy Resistance in varying measures. Most can be modified with lead lining to also provide some Radiation Resistance. Robot, Marine and trapper armor provide Radiation Resistance without the need for additional modification.

Events and Legendary enemies (enemies with the "legendary" name and/or stars next to their name) have a chance to drop a piece of Legendary armor. These cannot be scrapped and have one or more legendary effects.

Armor Sets
Arctic marine armor Botsmith armor Brotherhood recon armor Combat armor
FO76FW armor arctic marine set.png
FO76TYM armor botsmith set.png
F76 BoS Infantry Armor (Full).png
Fo76 armor heavy combat set.png
Covert scout armor Forest scout armor Leather armor Marine armor
FO76LL armor covert set.png
FO76 armor forest scout set.png
Fo76 armor heavy leather set.png
Fo76 armor marine set.png
Metal armor Raider armor Robot armor Secret Service armor
Fo76 armor heavy metal set.png
FO76 armor heavy raider set.png
Fo76 armor heavy robot set.png
Fo76WL armor Secret Service set.png
Solar armor Thorn armor Trapper armor Urban scout armor
FO76NW vault 94 scout set.png
FO76NW vault 94 scout set.png
FO76 armor trapper set.png
FO76 armor urban scout set.png
Wood armor
FO76 armor wood set.png

Unique armor pieces

Some armor pieces come with an unique name and pre-attached mods or legendary effects. They cannot be re-rolled using legendary crafting feature.

Unique Armor Pieces
Last Bastion Silver Lining Stand Fast Trail Warden
FO76 armor urban torso.png
FO76 armor heavy leather torso.png
FO76 armor combat heavy torso.png
FO76 armor heavy metal torso.png

Body suits

Main article: Fallout 76 body suits

Full apparel body suits, such as the hazmat suit and the Garb of Mysteries, will unequip any armor, outfit or underarmors. They cannot be upgraded with legendary mods.

Body Suits
Black hazmat suit Cave diving suit Cage armorCut content Chinese stealth armor
FO76FW black hazmat suit.png
FO76WL Cave Diving Suit.png
FO76 cage armor.png
FO76WL Chinese stealth suit.png
Damaged hazmat suit Emmett Mountain hazmat suit Garb of Mysteries Hazmat suit
FO76 damaged hazmat suit.png
FO76WL Emmet Mountain hazmat suit.png
FO76 Garb of Mysteries.png
FO76 hazmat suit.png
Hunter's pelt outfitCut content Spike armorCut content Swamp camo hazmat suit Prototype hazmat suit
FO76 hunter's pelt outfit.png
FO76 spike armor.png
FO76SD swamp camo hazmat suit.png
FO76 prototype hazmat suit.png

Power armor

All pieces of power armor must be attached to a power armor chassis.

Power Armor
Power armor chassis Excavator power armor Hellcat power armor Raider power armor
FO4 Power Armor Frame.png
FO76 Excavator power armor.png
FO76 pa hellcat.png
FO76 Raider power armor.png
Strangler heart power armor T-45 power armor T-51b power armor T-60 power armor
FO76NW Strangler Heart PA.png
FO76 T-45 power armor.png
FO76 T-51 power armor.png
FO76 T-60 power armor.png
T-65 power armor Ultracite power armor X-01 power armor
F76WL T65 Power Armor.png
FO76 Ultracite power armor.png
FO76 X-01 power armor.png