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Ammunition or ammo is the term used for expendable ordnance material used in charging firearms of all kinds; such as powder, balls, shot, shells, percussion caps, rockets, missiles, energy, etc. The purpose of ammunition is to project force against a selected target or area.

All ammo has weight in Fallout 76 like in the survival modes of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4. This weight can be reduced with the appropriate perks which will reduce the weight of a particular type of ammo. The level of the player character determines how many and which types of ammo may appear in containers or on defeated enemies. However, there are certain types of ammo that will only appear at specific locations. There is plenty of ammo scattered throughout Appalachia, but if one has the caps and doesn't feel like venturing out to find more, it can be purchased from both traders and ammunition vending machines. Ammo can also be crafted at a tinker's workbench with the appropriate materials.

Some types of ammunition can also be enhanced with ultracite. This makes it more deadly against enemies affected by the Scorched Plague. Ultracite ammunition can only be used by weapons which have been modified with a prime receiver.



Name Weapons using this ammo Weight Value Type Base ID
.308 round
Fo4 .308 round
0.006 2 Standard 0001f66b
Ultracite 004709b4
.38 round
.38 round
0.003 1 Standard 0004ce87
Ultracite 004775af
.44 round
Fo4 .44 round
0.004 3 Standard 0009221c
Ultracite 004709b5
.45 round
Fo4 .45 round
0.003 2 Standard 0001f66a
Ultracite 004709b6
.50 caliber ball
FO76 50 caliber ball
0.1 5 Standard 0000796e
.50 round
Fo4 .50 caliber
0.005 5 Standard 0001f279
Ultracite 004709b7
Fo4 10mm round
0.005 1 Standard 0001f276
Ultracite 004709b2
5.56mm round
Fo4 5.56mm round
0.005 2 Standard 0001f278
Ultracite 004709b8
5mm round
Fo4 5mm round
0.001 1 Standard 0001f66c
Ultracite 004709b9
Compound bow arrow
0.05 2 Standard 005a5dd2
1 8 Standard 000fd11c
Crossbow bolt
FO76 Crossbow bolt
0.06 8 Standard 0032b235
Ultracite 004709ba
Fo4 flare
0.1 1 Standard 001025ae
Fo4FH harpoon
0.2 1 Standard 001109ce
Paddle ball string
0.01 1 Standard 001129d0
Railway spike
Fo4 railway spike
0.2 1 Standard 000fe269
Ultracite 004709bf
Shotgun shell
Fo4 shotgun shell
0.006 2 Standard 0001f673
Ultracite 004709c0
Syringer ammo
FO76 Syringer ammo
0.005 1 Standard 0018506b


Name Weapons using this ammo Weight Value Type Base ID
Camera film
FO76WA Camera film
0.005 1 Standard 003f1211


Name Weapons using this ammo Weight Value Type Base ID
2mm EC
FO76 2mm Electromagnetic cartridge
0.025 10 Standard 0018abdf
Ultracite 004709b3
Alien blaster round
Alien blaster round
0.01 1 Standard 001025aa
Cryo cell
Cryo cell
0.03 10 Standard 0018abe2
Fo76 fuel
0.01 1 Standard 000cac78
Fusion cell
Fusion cell
0.005 3 Standard 000c1897
Ultracite 004709bb
Fusion core
Fo4 fusion core
3.00 162 Standard 00075fe4
Ultracite 004709bc
Gamma round
Gamma round
0.01 10 Standard 000df279
Plasma cartridge
FO76 plasma cartridge
0.03 5 Standard 0001dbb7
Ultracite 004709bd
Plasma core
Fo4 fusion core
1.00 162 Standard 0001ec49
Ultracite 004709be


Name Weapons using this ammo Weight Value Type Base ID
40mm grenade round
FO76 40mm grenade
0.02 25 Standard 001cf27d
Mini nuke
Fo4 mini nuke
6.00 100 Standard 000e6b2e
Fo4 missile
2.00 25 Standard 000caba3
Ammunition in Fallout 76
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