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Allies were first introduced in the Wastelanders update, as living people returned to Appalachia. Instead of the companion system seen in other Fallout games, as well as the temporary quest companions in Fallout 76, allies act as "roommates" at the player's C.A.M.P. and are tied to unique workshop objects. The player can only have one ally in their C.A.M.P. at a time; this extends to their C.A.M.P. storage as well. However, different C.A.M.P. slots can have different allies.

If one wishes to change their current ally, they must scrap the present ally object and build a new one for the different ally. Ally workshop objects are located under their own tab in the build menu ("Ally") and cannot be stored.

Two allies, Sofia Daguerre and Beckett, offer unique questlines and an overarching story, at the end of which they can be romanced if one decides to pursue that option. This provides the player with a temporary XP boost, Lover's Embrace, upon sleeping in a bed with the romanced ally nearby. The other three allies (the raider and two settlers) only offer radiant quests.

Lite allies

Steel Dawn introduced two new allies, referred to as "lite allies."[1] Lite allies will not act as quest givers, and will instead provide other services. They could be unlocked by progressing through The Scribe of Avalon, the third Fallout 76 season.

Following the Fallout Worlds update and The Unstoppables vs The Diabolicals, the sixth season, two new lite allies were added, and like in the third season, were unlocked by progressing through the season.

The seventh season, Zorbo's Revenge and the accompanying update with the arrival of the Wise Mothman's cultists and the seasonal event The Mothman Equinox introduced another two lite allies that, like the previous lite allies, can be unlocked via progression in the season's scoreboard. Night of the Moth made all previous lite allies available if the player purchases their plans from Samuel with a Foundation reputation of "ally", meaning their rep with Foundation must be at the maximum, and 4000 gold bullion for each ally.

The eighth season, A Better Life Underground introduced another lite ally, Sam Nguyen.

Lite allies may have their own affinity mechanic, as it is possible to talk to Maul and an option says [Medium Affinity]. If so, it is currently unknown how to raise affinity and what effects it does, such as if it unlocks more dialogue.


FO76WL Beckett.png
FO76WL Sofia Daguerre Cropped.jpg
Sofia Daguerre
FO76WL Raider Punk Cropped.png
Raider punk
FO76WL Settler Forager Cropped.png
Settler forager
FO76WL Settler Wanderer Cropped.png
Settler wanderer
FO76SD Solomon Hardy.png
Solomon Hardy
FO76SD Yasmin Chowdhury cropped.png
Yasmin Chowdhury
Score s6 camp ally inspector daphne c1.webp
Score s6 camp ally supermutant maul c1.webp
FO76 Katherine.png
Katherine Swan
FO76 Xerxo.png
Atx camp ally mechanic samnguyen c1.webp
Sam Nguyen
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Ally Location Quests Object Notes
Beckett Rollins labor camp
(Narrow Escape)
An Eagle Flies Free
Radiant quests
Beckett's bar
Sofia Daguerre Abandoned bunker
(Crash Landing)
The Woman Who Fell to Earth
Radiant quests
U.S.S.A. console
  • Romanceable
  • Unlock ATHENA random encounter (optional)
Ally Location Plan Quests Object Notes
Daphne Season 6 Fallout 76 seasons Plan: Daphne Daphne's toy box
Katherine Swan Season 7 Fallout 76 seasons Plan: Katherine Swan Katherine's research desk
Maul Season 6 Fallout 76 seasons Plan: Maul Maul's cauldron
Raider punk  · The Crater Core
 · Camp RE
Radiant quests Raider punk radio
Sam Nguyen Season 8 Fallout 76 seasons Plan: Sam Nguyen Sam's workbench
Settler forager  · Founder's Hall
 · Camp RE
Radiant quests Forager's chair
Settler wanderer Camp RE Radiant quests Wanderer's guitar
  • Rested sleeping buff upgraded to Kindred Spirit buff (lasts three hours instead of one)
Solomon Hardy Season 3 Fallout 76 seasons Plan: Solomon Hardy Solomon's medic station
Yasmin Chowdhury Season 3 Fallout 76 seasons Plan: Yasmin Chowdhury Yasmin's cooking stove
Xerxo Season 7 Fallout 76 seasons Plan: Xerxo Xerxo's spaceship
Cut content Cut content
Beggar Beggar's mat
Hunter Hunter's chopping block


  • Allies at the player's C.A.M.P. can have their outfits customized. A unique option to "Customize" is available next to "Interact." This will open a trade menu, from which one can give the ally an outfit and assign it to them.
  • If one customizes an ally and then unassigns the new outfit, the ally will revert to their default look.
  • Daphne's and Maul's outfit can not be customized.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Allies may sometimes not wear their clothes and appear in their underwear. Logging in and out should solve this issue.[verified]
  • PCPC The conversation menu may not open when interacting with the ally, with them only repeating a phrase if interacted with. This can be fixed by going somewhere else and returning to the ally.[verified]


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