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Achievements are medals or rewards given for accomplishing a specific task or tasks. Depending on your gaming platform of choice, along with the achievement itself, you will receive either Gamerscore (Xbox One), or a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Trophy (PlayStation 4).

Achievements and trophies


Achievement Description Achievement points / Gamerscore Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
Reclamation Day! Leave Vault 76
Complete "Reclamation Day"
10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Reclamation Day trophy.png Reclamation Day Xbox achievement.jpg
First Contact Complete "First Contact" 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png First Contact trophy.png First Contact Xbox achievement.jpg
Final Departure Complete "Final Departure" 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Final Departure trophy.png Final Departure Xbox achievement.jpg
Second Helpings Complete "Second Helpings" 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Second Helpings trophy.png Second Helpings Xbox achievement.jpg
Into the Fire Complete "Into the Fire" 20 Gamerscore Silver.png Into the Fire trophy.png Into the Fire Xbox achievement.jpg
Recruitment Blues Complete "Recruitment Blues" 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Recruitment Blues trophy.png Recruitment Blues Xbox achievement.jpg
Heart of the Enemy Complete "Heart of the Enemy" 30 Gamerscore Silver.png Heart of the Enemy trophy.png Heart of the Enemy Xbox achievement.jpg
Key to the Past Complete "Key to the Past" 10 Gamerscore Silver.png Key to the Past trophy.png Key to the Past Xbox achievement.jpg
Coming to Fruition Complete "Coming to Fruition" 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Coming to Fruition trophy.png Coming to Fruition Xbox achievement.jpg
Bunker Buster Complete "Bunker Buster" 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Bunker Buster trophy.png Bunker Buster Xbox achievement.jpg
One of Us Complete "One of Us" 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png One of Us trophy.png One of Us Xbox achievement.jpg
Officer on Deck Complete "Officer on Deck" 30 Gamerscore Silver.png Officer on Deck trophy.png Officer on Deck Xbox achievement.jpg
Mistress of Mystery Complete "Mistress of Mystery" 20 Gamerscore Silver.png Mistress of Mystery trophy.png Mistress of Mystery Xbox achievement.jpg
Personal Matters Complete "Personal Matters" 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Personal Matters trophy.png Personal Matters Xbox achievement.jpg
Queen of the Hunt Complete "Queen of the Hunt" 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Queen of the Hunt trophy.png Queen of the Hunt Xbox achievement.jpg
I Am Become Death Complete "I Am Become Death" 50 Gamerscore Gold.png I Am Become Death trophy.png I Am Become Death Xbox achievement.jpg


Achievement Description Achievement points / Gamerscore Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
Monster Mash Win the "Monster Mash" Event 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Monster Mash trophy.png Monster Mash Xbox achievement.jpg
Scorched Earth Win the "Scorched Earth" Event 30 Gamerscore Silver.png Scorched Earth trophy.png Scorched Earth Xbox achievement.jpg
Breach and Clear Win the "Breach and Clear" Event 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Breach and Clear trophy.png Breach and Clear Xbox achievement.jpg


Achievement Description Achievement points / Gamerscore Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
Happy C.A.M.P.er Build a C.A.M.P. 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Happy CAMPer trophy.png Happy CAMPer Xbox achievement.jpg
We Must Rebuild Build 20 C.A.M.P. items 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png We Must Rebuild trophy.png We Must Rebuild Xbox achievement.jpg
Appalachian HOA Build 100 C.A.M.P. items 20 Gamerscore Silver.png Appalachian HOA trophy.png Appalachian HOA Xbox achievement.jpg
Never Go it Alone! Join 20 teams 15 Gamerscore Bronze.png Never Go it Alone trophy.png Never Go It Alone Xbox achievement.jpg
Second Skin Craft 5 pieces of armor 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Second Skin trophy.png Second Skin Xbox achievement.jpg
A Fighting Chance Craft a weapon 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png A Fighting Chance trophy.png A Fighting Chance Xbox achievement.jpg
LITerally Read 20 magazines 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png LITerally trophy.png LITerally Xbox achievement.jpg
Ground Zero Be at ground zero of a nuclear blast 30 Gamerscore Silver.png Ground Zero trophy.png Ground Zero Xbox achievement.jpg
Perked Up Fully rank up one perk 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Perked Up trophy.png Perked Up Xbox achievement.jpg
Gimme Gimme! Pick 50 locks 30 Gamerscore Silver.png Gimme Gimme trophy.png Gimme Gimme Xbox achievement.jpg
Code Cruncher Hack 50 terminals 30 Gamerscore Silver.png Code Cruncher trophy.png Code Cruncher Xbox achievement.jpg
Monet of Murder Mod 50 weapons 30 Gamerscore Silver.png Monet of Murder trophy.png Monet of Murder Xbox achievement.jpg
Tested Mettle Complete 5 challenges 30 Gamerscore Bronze.png Tested Mettle trophy.png Tested Mettle Xbox achievement.jpg
A Real Challenger Complete 20 challenges 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png A Real Challenger trophy.png A Real Challenger Xbox achievement.jpg
Field Medic Revive 20 fallen players 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Field Medic trophy.png Field Medic Xbox achievement.jpg
Moneybags Possess 10,000 caps 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Moneybags trophy.png Moneybags Xbox achievement.jpg
Retro Now Play a holotape game 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Retro Now trophy.png Retro Now Xbox achievement.jpg
Giant Slayer Kill 5 giant creatures 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Giant Slayer trophy.png Giant Slayer Xbox achievement.jpg
Pioneer Scout Discover 100 locations 40 Gamerscore Silver.png Pioneer Scout trophy.png Pioneer Scout Xbox achievement.jpg
Bounty Hunter Kill a wanted player 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Bounty Hunter trophy.png Bounty Hunter Xbox achievement.jpg
Kill or Be Killed Kill another player 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Kill or Be Killed trophy.png Kill or Be Killed Xbox achievement.jpg
Good Grief! Kill 20 players 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Good Grief trophy.png Good Grief Xbox achievement.jpg
Pest Control Kill 300 creatures 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Pest Control trophy.png Pest Control Xbox achievement.jpg
Junker Funk Gather 200 pieces of junk 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Junker Funk trophy.png Junker Funk Xbox achievement.jpg
Photo Bomber Take 20 photos 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Photo Bomber trophy.png Photo Bomber Xbox achievement.jpg
Ain't He the Cutest? Collect a bobblehead 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Aint He the Cutest trophy.png Aint He the Cutest Xbox achievement.jpg
Shwag Collect 10 bobbleheads 20 Gamerscore Silver.png Shwag trophy.png Shwag Xbox achievement.jpg
Wild West Virginian Reach Level 10 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png Wild West Virginian trophy.png Wild West Virginian Xbox achievement.jpg
Appalachian Trailblazer Reach Level 25 25 Gamerscore Bronze.png Appalachian Trailblazer trophy.png Appalachian Trailblazer Xbox achievement.jpg
American Hero Reach Level 50 50 Gamerscore Silver.png American Hero trophy.png American Hero Xbox achievement.jpg
Fallout Forever Reach Level 100 30 Gamerscore Silver.png Fallout Forever trophy.png Fallout Forever Xbox achievement.jpg
Platinum Trophy Collect all other 50 trophies for this trophy None Plat.png Fo76 Platinum trophy.png

Wastelanders achievements and trophies

Ten new achievements were added with the release of the Wastelanders update on April 14, 2020.

Achievement Description Achievement points / Gamerscore Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
Wayward Child Complete The Elusive Crane 15 Gamerscore Bronze.png Wayward Child trophy.png Wayward Child Xbox achievement.jpg
Overdue Reunions Find the Overseer 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Overdue Reunions trophy.png Overdue Reunion Xbox achievement.jpg
Go for the Gold Complete Buried Treasure 30 Gamerscore Silver.png Go for the Gold trophy.png Go for the Gold Xbox achievement.jpg
A Golden Future Complete All That Glitters 30 Gamerscore Silver.png A Golden Future trophy.png A Golden Future Xbox achievement.jpg
Wish upon a Star Complete Sofia's story 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Wish Upon a Star trophy.png Wish Upon A Star Xbox achievement.jpg
Behind the Curtain Complete Beckett's story 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Behind the Curtain trophy.png Behind the Curtain Xbox achievement.jpg
A Solid Foundation Become allies with Foundation 30 Gamerscore Bronze.png A Solid Foundation trophy.png A Solid Foundation Xbox achievement.jpg
Friends in Low Places Become allies with Crater 30 Gamerscore Bronze.png Friends in Low Places trophy.png Friends in Low Places Xbox achievement.jpg
Gold Rush Gain 300 gold bullion 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png Gold Rush trophy.png Gold Rush Xbox achievement.jpg
The New Fort Knox Gain 1500 gold bullion 40 Gamerscore Silver.png The New Fort Knox trophy.png The New Fort Knox Xbox achievement.jpg

Steel Reign achievements and trophies

Three more achievements were added with the release of the Steel Reign update on July 7, 2021.

Achievement Description Achievement points / Gamerscore Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
Gold Star Crafter Craft a 1 star legendary mod, a 2 star legendary mod, and a 3 star legendary mod 15 Gamerscore Bronze.png Gold Star Crafter trophy.png
Smooth Operator Earn Elder Rewards from a Daily Op 15 Gamerscore Bronze.png Smooth Operator trophy.png
Steel Brethren Complete The Catalyst 25 Gamerscore Bronze.png Steel Brethren trophy.png


Those who had participated in the B.E.T.A period of Fallout 76 prior to the game's full release were required to create a new character in order to receive achievements and trophies related to quests they completed during the beta. Other miscellaneous tasks were unlocked on their own.[1]