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This page contains transcripts of the Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide, Atlas of Appalachia section. However, it should be noted that these descriptions reflect the location as they were presented at the game's release. Many of them (i.e. Spruce Knob, ATLAS Observatory) may be out of date following major updates to the game.


p. 284

Mostly untouched by the ravages of nuclear fallout, the gigantic Appalachian forest area comprises the central, western, and northwestern parts of the map (mainly areas in and around Kanawha County). This area offers exceptional scavenging opportunities, remote places to hide out in or near, numerous strange settlements, and many towns, including Point Pleasant (to the west), Morgantown (northeast), Sutton and Helvetia (toward the center), Summersville (north of the large dry lake), and the capital itself, Charleston, which has almost been razed to the ground. Expect some lengthy explorations across the New Gorge Bridge and through the Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant, battling Super Mutants at Wade Airport, losing your footing at Horizon's Rest...and that's just scratching the surface! Stay here if you want to scavenge more easily, in less inclement weather conditions, with enemies that are still a threat but usually won't cause you to flee in terror (especially if you have a friend or three along for the romp). Check the various Public Workshops for areas you can claim and mine the resources just a little more easily than elsewhere in Appalachia. And finally...did you see those glowing eyes staring at you from the woods? Beware the Mothman!


p. 285

Vault 76 is located near the northern climbs of this undulating forest valley, which encompasses some rich farm and logging land, as well as the river that leads to the town of Flatwoods (make this your first settlement to explore). You are in relative safety if you remain in this zone. There's plenty to scavenge, and there are odd and interesting locations to visit (including a landlocked lighthouse and many Bobbleheads and Magazines), as well as some secondary location points of interest that don’t show up on your map. Remember you can flee back to the Overseer's Camp or Vault 76 if you need workbenches or safety, respectively. Now get exploring; there’s people to see, places to visit, and a Flatwoods Monster to hunt!

01. VAULT 76 (VAULT)

p. 286

Welcome to Vault 76! We hope you had a wonderful Reclamation Day shindig, but it's now time to leave. Follow the onscreen instructions, visiting each of the locations on the map, before heading out into the Appalachian wilderness. Remember you can return to the (relative) protection of the Vault entrance when using Fast-Travel without having to spend any Caps. Usually, though, you should gather all items you can before leaving.


p. 287

A small hut structure on the slope of steep wooded terrain, inhabited by some pesky bloodsuckers.


p. 287

Beware of Sickleman! At least, that's what the graffiti in the crawl space of the cabin on the grounds of this lookout tower states. Crawl up through the hole here to explore the cabin interior. Then check the tower and nearby outhouse for a key (atop an outhouse roof) to the safe atop the tower.


p. 287

Intermittent battles for territory between the Scorched and Super Mutants have resulted in this once-idyllic pair of cabins being turned into a place of bloodshed. Come for the meat bags: Stay for the Truck scavenge.


p. 287

Two dilapidated warehouses still stand in this overgrown lumberyard, tended by a nearby (relatively friendly) robots.In-game spelling Come here for the initial scavenging opportunities.


p. 287

This modest shack is set in the woods; the inhabitant is long gone. Read the notes scattered about to get a glimpse of a past life. Check the tent and outhouse. Either the world's cleverest dog resided here, or a chemist was using the shack's kennel as a hiding place.


p. 287

This landmark oddity offers views of the surrounding countryside. To reach the lighthouse perched on the cliff, head south up the path that starts near the road to the north, near a covered picnic area. Check the upstairs and downstairs of the small white house for a couple collectibles. Explore a second covered picnic area for some light reading, a holotape, and some combat with the revolting deceased.


p. 288

Hidden in the woods, just off Highway 88, is a quaint collection of cabins. However, the strange seismic disturbances and distant screaming make this a most unnerving place to visit, especially at night! Perhaps there's a way to "turn off" these unnerving occurrences? That treehouse up the hill to the south looks interesting....


p. 288

At the foot of the valley below Vault 76 is a small farmstead, now the home to a clan of Scorched. Check under the porch for a safe, and remember to locate more items in the main farmhouse, the equipment barn, and the larger barn near the two silos. The field nearby is one of the flattest areas in all of Appalachia; try building a camp there if you want.


p. 289

This tower offers stunning views of the valley and woods as well as the town of Flatwoods. There's a small deck and cottage on the premise to ransack too.


p. 289

The first clue in the journey of the Overseer is at her recently abandoned C.A.M.P. Learn the basics of crafting here, and remember the three crafting stations can help you during the creation of your own first C.A.M.P.


p. 289

This small hilltop military relay tower has a parked APC and possible access to a Vertibot drop.


p. 289

At the north entrance into Flatwoods is a welcome sign to the town and the Faction known as the Responders. There are a few boarded-up houses and the Lodge. The ruined motel still features an accessible gym, if you wish to test the limits of your carry weight. The swimming pool is definitely closed, though; it's irradiated.


p. 290

This rural town was home to a group of maverick holdouts with a willingness to help others, a ragtag bunch known as the Responders. Sadly, they are all departed, but their legacy lives on: As you pass under the bridge from Green Country Lodge, the main drag is Church Street, named after the Church ("Command Post") with a trading robot, Overseer's Cache.In-game spelling There are also Responder quest terminals inside, including the Responders Database and a lab terminal (as well as a couple of Chemistry Stations).

Check the Flatwoods Tavern ("Volunteers Needed") for two Self-Serve Registration Kiosks (to begin your work as a volunteer), as well as a holotape, a Kitchen Terminal (0), and an Automated Pantry you can donate to. Upstairs is another holotape.

Reverend Winters'sIn-game spelling trailer is also here; search inside for clues during the Responder Quest: Second Helpings. Along the western side of town runs a river. Seek out Kesha McDermott here; she was testing the water supply.

On the far south side of town, across the road, are military tents, the Community Garden (with Water Pump), and the Red Rocket Gas Station ("Supplies"), where you find a Stash Box.

Perhaps your questing might reveal the secrets of the Flatwoods Green Monster? Start with Nurse Scott's Holotape.

There are 10 Survivor Story holotapes in Flatwoods, most of which are on the corpses of the deceased Responders and refugees. There are a couple in coolers, chests, and on tables as well.


p. 291

On the southern outskirts of Flatwoods is a cluster of lowrise rusting structures: a curved storage building with two others on the road's north side and the main center with two connected exterior greenhouses. Check under the road bridge for additional items.

Reach the Center's interior via the main foyer doors, the roadside doors, a side door, or the roof. Access the basement via the easily overlooked stairwell; here you find the Agricultural Center Mainframe, a computer you must access during the event.


p. 292

This midsize factory and unloading dock has a trio of curve-roofed barracks at the back. Learn the choke points (gaps in the fencing and locations of enemy incursions) to ensure you can build and hold this resource-heavy farm. Be aware of the upper offices and storage area leading to the rear roof access atop the factory.


pp. 292–293

# Name Description
1 Biplane Crash (northeast of Anchor Farm) Gather any chems you can from the burned ground in the wooded area where a small plane has crashed.
2 Long Way from a Lake A small upturned boat with a cooking station.
3 Boat Breakdown (Route 94) A truck bringing a boat along the main road has broken, and so has the boat—split in two with some minor items to scavenge.
4 Earthen Hole: Tin-Roof Shack Lair Half-hidden at the bottom of a dell is a patriotic camp with a tin roof.
5 Outcrop Altar of Burned Branches A meeting place of chairs, candles, and burned branches on a flat rock altar. Are cultists active in these woods?
6 Beehive: North Kanawha Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck to an old tree.
7 Settler's Cabin A ruined cabin with crops, Nuka-Cola, a mattress, and a cooking station.
8 Cultist Totem (east of Vault 76) A cultist totem seems to be claiming (and digesting) bones and corpses in this small, Silt Bean clearing.
9 Biplane Crash ("HELP") An enterprising survivor of a plane crash fashioned a crude message in the hillside, near her crashed plane.
10 Marksman's Cave A small rock cave with an archery target on top of it. There's a crack you can fall down, so watch out!
11 Cultist Totem (west of Vault 76) A sacrificed skeleton and a cultist totem; worrying developments in the woods just west of Vault 76.
12 Grass Camp (northwest of Moonshiner's Shack) A small tent and camp with a cooking station and sleeping bag, in the relative flat grass area close to the Vault.
13 Banjo Tower A small lookout tower with a sleeping bag and instruments to play at the top platform.
14 Kanawha Cave Alcove A small rock alcove with a skeleton and a chem box, as well as a weapon to brandish.
15 Weapon Worker's Hide One of the nearest Weapons Workbenches is under the lookout at this cooking station tent and small camp.
16 Terminal Log Jam on Route 88 Two big-rigs have collided on this stretch of road, with their contents (logs and terminals) scattered throughout.
17 Vertibird Crash Site (west of Moonshiner's Shack) A military craft made a rough landing on the grassy hilltop; there's a First Aid Kit still accessible on the craft.
18 Rusty Hillside Shed A small, box-like shed with items inside and a cooking station. Perhaps you could build your camp around it?
19 Prehistoric Bones Camp Evidence of old bones is present in the small hillside excavation and tent, with a cooking station.
20 Wixon Pond A small pond with a dock with good plant life harvesting potential.
21 Beehive: Wixon's Pond Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck on the bank of the pond.
22 Beehive: Alpine River Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck to a pine tree and log.
23 Corpse Pile A pile of corpses near a field of cut trees, west of Wixon Homestead.
24 The Doghouse Three bears (and a prostrate corpse) appear to have made this dog kennel their home, in the flat woods east of old Wixon's place.
25 Old Gray Cottage A small cottage on the road to the Relay Tower, with a pool table and Armor Workbench.
26 Flatwoods River Camp A good alternate place to use a cooking station, by the river near two canoes, a cooler, and some bloodleaf.
27 Covered Bridge (Route 88) A pickup has fallen through the covered bridge close to the Overseer's Camp. Don't ignore the goods inside the crate in the pickup.
28 Game of Thrones Two skeletons face off on a leafy hillside, each sitting on a toilet. The duel doesn't end well for either party.
29 Delivery Van Crash (Vault-Tec Ag Research Center) A half-buried van, with a wood crate still ripe for opening, on the low hillside by the main road south of Flatwoods.
30 The Beached Boat A long rowboat dry-docked on the southern shore of what was once a river, close to the Vault-Tec Research Center.
31 Green Country Bridge The bridge to Flatwoods has a camp under it and a vehicular altercation on the bridge itself.
32 New River Gorge Resort Adventure Park A series of vista decks, stepping stones, and tree platforms to navigate to a small adventure tower with possibleIn-game spelling Bobblehead reward.


p. 294

This sliver of the Forest follows the winding Ohio River, the western boundary of Appalachia, and is mainly comprised of wooded and mountainous terrain. It is more remote and has fewer large settlements, with the exception of Point Pleasant, where a strange band of cultists have started to worship a possibly apocryphal shadow creation known as the Mothman. Thoroughly explore this wilderness, and you may find evidence of cultist totems built to honor this cryptid. Journey farther north to reach a disused lumber mill and scattered dwellings well off the beaten path. Elsewhere, there are small farms, cabins to ransack, and a large fairground with an adjacent dirt track, where all the fun of both the fair and resource gathering come together. That fun might be short-lived if you venture too close to the aptly named Deathclaw Island and aren't prepared to repel savagery!


p. 295

In the remote northwestern corner of Appalachia is an abandoned lumber mill, close to the river and the blocked railroad tunnel to the north. There are telltale signs of Super Mutant activity, so enter with care and with enough room in your inventory to gather the copious scavengeable items. Check the main metal warehouse for a possible Power Armor frame.


p. 296

A collection of small, ramshackle structures atop the long rock ridge to the east of Route 81. The Darling Sisters seem to have been chem... connoisseurs.


p. 296

A pair of hunter’s cabins and a small garden of harvestable items sits in once-idyllic woodland.


p. 296

Close to a section of sagging road are a group of farm structures. The three main structures (and small hay barn) house a variety of junk and collectibles (and the corpse of farmer Aaronholt). The locked silo warehouse (0) to the south is also of considerable interest, possibly housing a Power Armor frame. Check the junk pile near a ruined shed on the eastern edge of the farmstead too.


p. 297

"All the fun of the fair" has been replaced by "all the salivating horror of the Scorched." This large area of rusting fairgrounds is a great place to find uncommon items and search for health as you secure the nearby Tyler County Dirt Track (Public Workshop). Don't overlook the mechanic's warehouse either—a must-visit if you're a fan of pumpkin displays.


p. 298

Here you battle a random assortment of foes and waves of enemies once you stake your claim to the workshop at this old demolition derby dirt track, adjacent to the fairgrounds. If your team can keep both locations, you can enjoy a plethora of scavenged resources.


p. 298

This island is seemingly devoid of inhabitants, if you don't count the scattered and skeletal remains dotted around various fishing and picnic spots—and the Deathclaw nest, of course.


p. 298

Assuming you have the necessary bobby pins to unlock the door, this small transmission structure atop a wooded hill seems to have been a hideout for a family.


p. 298

This small farmstead has a large rusting anchor (the namesake of the abode) that is slowly rotting into the moist earth. A parked (and unusable) plane sits close to the (inaccessible) farmhouse. Check the road for a military APC for a better scavenging potential.


p. 299

Improper disposal of irradiated waste ensures you may become sick if you spend too long at this ruined works area. The terminal in the security hut informs you of eight various domes built into the wooded hills to the south and north of this location. Accessing them yields various chambers, some with more junk items than others (some of the listed item examples come from sealed domes). One is even said to feature a variety of Nuka-Cola products from a private collector!


pp. 300–301

Point Pleasant is home to the Mothman Museum and the adjacent statue. Its recent past has seen it change hands from a Raider to a Responder camp, though the current inhabitants are Scorchers and some mutated and unpleasant wildlife. Expect a number of inaccessible dwellings, upper rooftops with ramps, and bridges connecting them to narrow interiors, allowing for you to dodge violence as well as explore. Clear the rooftops of ScorchersIn-game spelling first, before venturing into structures and finally securing the town.

Don't forget to search for "The Mothman Cometh" holotapes (parts 1 and 2), and observe the worrying sacrificial display by the river. Check the church for the remains of a Responders triage center. Attempt to enter the Mothman Museum via either the locked front door (1) or the rear upper back door (0); then unlock the toilet door (2), which leads to a secret staircase into the basement, where true cultist horrors await!


p. 302

To the east of Point Pleasant, atop a rugged hillside, is an old wooden structure, along with an irradiated lake, which once beckoned tourists and hikers. Check the lake for a sunken safe to open.


p. 302

A hilltop camp, set with traps for the unwary, is now home to a cluster of shambling Scorchers.In-game spelling Ascend the suspended bridges for a spot of scavenging after clearing the threats (both living and trap-based).


pp. 302–303

# Name Description
33 Wrecked Warehouse (WV Lumber) A phosphate deposit and some flattened structures might make a good camping spot.
34 Abandoned Hill Farm A small barn and farm structure at the base of the rock outcrop with a variety of crops to gather.
35 The Golfer's Camp A green tent atop the rock outcrop with Firecaps and a golf club on the ledge edge.
36 Rocky Outcrop Camp A small camp with a pitiful lean-to structure and a skeleton in a water ring.
37 Birdwatcher's Roost A small deck of birdhouses and empty nectar bottles.
38 Crash on R81 (east of WV Lumber Co.) A rusty car and nearby pickup were involved in an ancient altercation. Now you can grab the goods still on both vehicles
39 The Safecracker's Lament A small pond with an open safe and the remains of a heist gone wrong.
40 Beehive: Aaronholt Homestead Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck to the remains of a small barn near the corpse of Farmer Aaronholt.
41 Nuka-Cola Carnage A crashed Nuka-Cola truck on the highway.
42 Ridgetop Lake A small lake with sleeping bags and floating platforms.
43 Two Barn Farm A small farm with Tato crops and two small sheds.
44 River Raft (north of Tyler County Dirt Track) A rusting big-rig, a river raft with a blue tarp, and a small camp with a cooking station are all located by the river.
45 Tinker's Shed (Tyler County Dirt Track) A small barn with a Tinker's Workbench, corn and tato crops, and a tall windmill, at the edge of the dirt track.
46 Party Time Diners A dining room table stocked with food, board games, and balloons, out by the rocky promontory.
47 The Scarecrow and the Pickup A rusty vehicle, cooking station, and open safe at the base of a scarecrow.
48 The Safecracker's Shack A refuse-strewn trailer with multiple safes to crack.
49 Jackknifed on Route 90 A flipped truck and trailer on the road, near some Firecracker berries.
50 Decommissioned Transmission Station An old transmission antenna and outhouse, slowly succumbing to the elements atop a rock bluff.
51 Rubber Tire Pond It's worth taking a quick dip into this small pond with a beehive and two rubber tires; there's a safe (0) at the bottom.
52 Irradiated Dock A small concrete dock with strewn radioactive barrels.
53 Ohio River Antics A small white fishing boat, half-buried radioactive barrels, a table and parasol, and a junk pile.
54 Billboard Junk Camp (Route 88) A Nuka-Cola sign and rusting billboard along the roadside is worth your time; there's plants, wood, and junk to harvest from this ruined shack camp.
55 The Competent Campsite A tarp-tent and cooking station set atop a rocky outcrop, on the forested hillside.
56 Cultist Totems (Point Pleasant Tangle Tree) A grand altar; a place where multiple totems and the tangled roots of an old tree beckon you to worship the Mothman!
57 Beehive: Point Pleasant Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck to both sides of a three-trunked tree.
58 Teddy Bears' Picnic If you go down the footpath junction north of Hunter's Ridge, you're sure for a small surprise
59 The Rickety Dock A series of hastily constructed wood dock sections, a small shack, and a toilet.
60 Tank Landslide (south of Hunter's Ridge) A tank has run over its operator; there's road sinkage and piles of junk to mine at the water's edge. It's a real mess around here!
61 Road Pipes and Pylon An electrical pylon is close to a crashed truck, item boxes, and pipes spewing water into the river.


p. 304

The northeastern part of The Forest comprises the lower, more manageable terrain stretching from the poisonous wastes of the Toxic Valley to the north (the boundary is Route 92), as well as all the waste to the outer reaches of Charleston. This zone is dominated by the large settlement of Morgantown, with its airport, school, warehouses, and even a Vault-Tec University, which seems to admit anybody these days. Trek farther south to discover a multitude of interesting places, from the hilltop chem complex of Arktos Pharma, to the gigantic green New River Gorge Bridge (a trek so long, you end up in another zone!). Don't miss visiting the town of Sutton, the hifalutin mansion at Bolton Greens, and the clifftop crash site of a passenger plane. Head east, and you can start the treacherous ascent to the mountains demarcating the Savage Divide—though you're wise to level up a few times (and travel via road for an easier ascent) first.


p. 305

This small repair shop consists of three separate structures: a white house with a yellow door (and a basement safe), a garage and workshop area with workbenches, and a red house on the upper rocky ground. This house's cellar shows evidence of Mothman Cultist activity!


p. 305

With a Black Titanium and Concrete Deposits,In-game spelling as well as a plentiful supply of junk and other helpful items, this is bound to be a hard-fought location to claim and keep. Check the locked shed by the workshop for a Chem bench and some choice items. Unlock the military (green) trailer (3) to secure some possible Power Armor as well.


pp. 306–307

The town of Morgantown encompasses this and the subsequent seven Primary Locations, all within a relatively easy-to-distinguish border (once you hit railroad, grass, or forest, you're out of town). Therefore, all information regarding Crafting, Dangers, Items, Information, Locked areas, and Item Examples are also specified for those individual locations. This entry simply gives you a short overview of the entirety of the settlement and areas of interest outside these locations.

Navigating Morgantown can be tricky due to the complex maze of structures, the ruined city streets, and dilapidated apartment blocks and other buildings, some of which feature interior and rooftop access. Your first step is figuring out a base of operations; this could be at the Responders Headquarters (in a liquor store close to the center of town), but a better bet is to stay to the north, at the Red Rocket Gas Station, which has a My Stash Box you can utilize. There is a camp with a few chemistry stations and traps built on the elevated rail line itself.

There are numerous apartment structures (and to a lesser extent, stores) with interiors you can explore. It's worth checking the multiple exits—at street level, onto the monorail, or onto the rooftops. Expect at least two city blocks to have this type of access. Over on the eastern side, where the buildings aren't as tall, there's still some interiors and rooftops to check. Of particular note are three Responder Stashes; access the monitor at a bank, attorneys, and deli (all relatively close to the headquarters) for a wealth of additional junk (mainly foodstuffs). These are accessible once the Event: Back on the Beat has been completed.

The taller structures in town are surrounded by a monorail loop and several stations (North, South, University, and Airport) you can reach by wandering on or below the rails. When you reach the southern edge of Morgantown's sprawling settlement, there's a small farmstead with a cottage (and flooded basement), a silo, and a red barn.


p. 308

The southwestern edge of Morgantown is comprised of this large trainyard, full of rusting cargo carriages and lurking foes. Follow the derailed containers up to the Station, checking any open ones for possible scavenging opportunities. The large corrugated metal warehouses have a gantry leading to control huts and a tall tower. Outside on the east side is a large mechanic's warehouse (with workbenches), an unloading area marked with two flag poles with open containers, a signal tower, a small mechanic's hut, and an open carriage with possible Power Armor.


p. 308

Serving Morgantown, the railway station is on the town's northwestern edge and offers a great regrouping area to offload items and to trade and heal.


p. 309

Spanning most of the northern part of Morgantown is the expansive airport, recently turned into a large-scale Responders base, before a horde of Scorched descended upon the area. Behind the main terminal building (which houses a trading post as well as Power Armor Stations and an Overseer's Cache) is the main airport runway, turned into a shantytown with a modicum of turret defenses at the control tower. Head east to reach the hangars and quarantine area, where you find additional information on the Responders' experiments. Pick up Responder Volunteers: Advanced Training quests at the Responders HQ Terminal in the Command Post.


p. 310

The exterior of this high school is mostly overgrown (especially at the rear of the premises), while the front road and parking area is strewn with vehicles—mostly school buses with the odd piece of junk to grab. Find fire escape stairs on the north side to reach the roof. There are two white double doors to access the main entrance foyer and a blue side door to the right of these doors, or you can use the rear green door (into the gym) or the door on the roof. There are two main interior levels to explore. The place is in relatively good shape, with only a few damaged rooms.


p. 311

Look for the sailboat on a pole outside this two-story, run-down tavern. There is ample room for parking and a low stone wall around the perimeter. Use a propped ladder to reach the upper roof with the skylights and safe.


p. 311

For all your reconstituted canned goods, Mama Dolce is the place to go! Currently, the company's processing facility is in need of a makeover. Check the three metal structures outside the main building for a variety of junk and some explosive traps (at the scaffold warehouse). Inside the plant is an unloading dock (unlock the trailer [1] for some extra ammo). Also inside the facility is a security gate (0) with items to scavenge behind it. Check upstairs for the Mama Dolce's Manager ID Card, in the executive office area. The upstairs gantry also allows access to the roof; use this for defensive positioning or to check views of Morgantown to the north.


p. 312

With the appropriate Quest and ID Reader card active, you can explore the secret Chinese base underneath this processing facility! Access it from the hatch on one of the large drainage pipes outside the plant, close to the river. Inside the Intelligence Base is a three-level, subterranean hideaway stocked with ammunition, chems, and collectibles!


pp. 312–313

Exterior: The university is comprised of three campus structures made of old imposing brick edifices, all with red doors that are easily entered. The interiors of the structure link underground to each other, while a skybridge links one of the campus buildings to the Monorail station. Check the area under the monorail station for a small tent city, which has a few additional items to scavenge.


p. 314

The largest of the three campus buildings is east of the Vault Boy garden statue and
links the gardens (west) with the monorail (east). Inside is a central foyer with a "cog" display and access to four main corridors and stairs, including an entrance to the Simulation Vault via a terminal. Three classrooms are on the ground floor. Up the stairs is the Overseer’s Holotape, access to the monorail bridge, a large lecture hall, and the "B" wing of rooms.


p. 314

Evidence of violence is present in the north campus structure. A barricade prevents access from the north red entrance door (use the hole in the wall of Room 102 to access this instead). There's gloomy corridors and academic chambers to pick through, including the "official" entrance to the vault, which allows access into the Overseer's room. Some of the rooms (such as 103) are in particularly bad condition, with fallen ceilings allowing access to an upper floor of rooms, including a large (and ruined) archival office.


p. 314

Enter via the only accessible exterior doors into a large office room, picked clean of most junk. Stairs lead down to a waiting room with benches and a terminal that allows access to the locker room and showers within the Simulation Vault.


p. 314

Aside from the entrance chambers, this simulation of a vault is in spectacular condition! It is centered around a main mezzanine level, which has all the usual and recognizable elements of a vault. There is also a hidden Records Chamber on the lowest level.


pp. 314–315

Route 92 to the north of Morgantown crosses the remains of Grafton Dam, on the border between The Forest and Toxic Valley. The irradiated waters of Grafton Lake are being held back by the intact dam wall. The actual dam structure is much more dilapidated and usually overrun by Super Mutants, though this was once a Brotherhood of Steel compound.

Getting into the dam building may be tricky, as the three exterior doors are all locked tight (3). Drop off the northeast exterior balcony onto the large outflow pipe with the skeletal corpse hanging from it. Sneak inside this way. Once inside, head to the ground-level gantry and up two more floors (watching for traps and foes); head to a series of blue metal maintenance huts on the gantry.


p. 315

Though this coffee shop is closed for business, there's a small alcove in the back with a Tinker's bench. Expect Scorched to fire on you from the roof. Use the rusty fire escape to reach this area, where you can leap to the rocks above.


p. 315

This mining facility is positioned close to the railroad, with two entrances (one is unmarked and set into the hillside to the northeast of the main entrance shown here). It has impressive wooden scaffolding and a cargo lift, recently turned into battlements. Fight through these (remember you can descend from the hillside above!) before entering the mine. Inside, expect Scorched to battle you as you work your way through the chambers, finding narrow tunnels to the cavern and the secondary entrance/exit.


p. 316

This hilltop facility is the headquarters of the Arktos Company,In-game spelling an organization that appears to have been experimenting with new strains of plant life. Enter the lobby to hack the terminal (1) if you wish to deactivate the turrets in this facility. Check the unloading area for a security door and terminal (1) leading to a robotron maintenance area. Check the Protein Sequencer Terminal before investigating chemical labs and a large command room with Cargobot Controls. The upper floors can be reached via stairs or planks atop a trailer from the unloading area. Another security terminal (0) allows access to a Power Armor Station (and possible armor). The ruined upper level includes a test chamber and executive offices. Expect your intrusion to summon Vertibots on the roof, which is also accessible via exterior or interior stairs.


p. 317

This hamlet is dominated by Greg's construction store, for all your mining needs! The store is locked up tight, but some enterprising individuals have burrowed under and across the road from the brick house, allowing access through a short tunnel. The supply shop has an upstairs area where you can secure Greg's Mine Supply Keys. Use them to open the door to the side yard.


pp. 317–318

This was once a fancy mansion for the hifalutin types and their spoiled offspring, as Bolton Greens was a golf resort and daycare center. Now it is in a state of severe disrepair, but it has numerous great scavenging opportunities as you explore the mansion interior. Then head west across the slopes of the golf course, checking the sand traps and other areas for small Raider fortifications and other items to gather.


p. 318

Close to the New River Gorge Resort is the northeastern entrance/exit to the huge, gorge-spanning landmark bridge (part of Interstate 59), which ends all the way in Zone D. Unlock the maintenance room door (2) under the start of the eastern span to check a small office. The lengthy bridge span features ruined gantries under a tarmac highway road, with derelict sections to carefully maneuver through. Consult "New River Gorge Bridge—West" for information on the maintenance room on the gorge's opposite (southwest) side.


p. 319

The majority of this dilapidated resort is located on the south side of Interstate 59. It consists of a main lodge, a swimming pool, and a few cabins dotted around. All are accessible in some way (one you enter via the floor). This is a good choice for a scavenging mission after you visit Flatwoods.


p. 319

Technically located in Zone A but part of the resort, this wooded area has a nature trail, numerous wooden deck platforms, a covered picnic area with great views of the gorge bridge, and an adventure path: Test your jumping dexterity with a series of increasingly narrower platforms, ending with some precision jumping across log poles to a small tower with a possible Bobblehead prize.


p. 320

The town of Sutton was once a major hub for the timber industry, with an excellent transportation network (the I-59 and railroad) and nearby train station (also shown on the map). Now the place shows the signs of recent Raider activity. A ramshackle wall prevents progress down Main Street. Use the roof planks and building interiors to navigate through and around. Scavenge at the indicated places of interest; grab whatever you need, as there's a My Stash Box at the Red Rocket Gas Station. Pay particular attention to the blue house at the north (lower) end of Main Street; it has a packed cellar and an Overseer Holotape upstairs: This is the Overseer's childhood home.


p. 320

To the south of Sutton, along the road and on higher ground, is the town's train station. The main station structure is in relatively good shape, offering a place to stash your belongings and purchase more from the Vendor Bot.


p. 321

This relatively sturdy lookout tower offers excellent views of Sutton, and the countryside north and east. Climb to the top to find new locations and access a HELP terminal.


p. 321

Settled by Swiss and German immigrants after the Civil War, Helvetia was known for its Fasnacht festival, where grotesque masks were worn by revelers. Perhaps this headgear can be found when an Event of the same name is active? Check the settlement along Pickens Road for scavengable items. The church shows signs of cultist (and chem addict) activity. The post office front door is locked (1), but you can climb up the metal lean-to and through the upper balcony door. The other structures have a variety of odd and helpful junk items to gather.


p. 322

The remains of a Horizon flight that struck the hillside and a nearby electrical pylon have been fashioned into a rudimentary camp, which is now under the control of more base creatures. The upper camp consists of the fuselage and sections of plane constructed into small huts. Descend the precarious cliff to cross to the pylon platforms, where a kitchen and numerous shanty huts are located, including a small armory (with a key to find back at the Fuselage Huts, under a flower pot).


p. 322

A small relay tower is located in the upper woodland area, close to the crashed plane. Watch for turrets on the exterior corner of the structure's roof. Feel free to access and repair the Emergency Management System Relay Terminal inside the building.


p. 322

A chalet-sized store and outside eating area is now slowly decomposing at the foot of the mountains near the western side of the Savage Divide. Check the lower diner for more scavenging potential and a safe.


p. 323

This compact and excellent defensive location features a river to the west and a high barbed-wire fence surrounding the facility. Most of the fencing is still intact, and getting into the plant's vat walkways can be tough, as the control hut's doors are locked from the inside. Either jump from the Raider-built platform, across the top of the barbed-wire fence near the blown-out wall terminal and sandbags, or head in via the lower drainage pipe by the river. Once inside the control hut, use the interior wall terminal to open all doors.


p. 323

Just northeast of a blockade over the river, with a tractor and some scavengable items, is a small power substation between two electrical pylons. Check the power box near the green portable toilets if you need to quickly power up your C.A.M.P.


p. 324

A military academy, where robotic Master Sergeants hone and chisel raw recruits into the fighting force of the future! The Mr. Gutsys here are still programmed to train, so expect them to holler but remain nonhostile. The base itself consists of a large area of hilltop woodlands that extends farther southwest than you'd think and is dotted with various barracks, ranges, and other structures.


pp. 325–326

# Name Description
62 Beehive: Under Grafton Rail Bridge Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck on the underside of the rail bridge.
63 Crash on Route 92 If you inspect this vehicle crash closely, you'll see just how horrific the accident was.
64 Responder Tent Learn the basics of C.A.M.P. management from the Protectron in the woods north of Morgantown.
65 Beehive: Woods West of Morgantown Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck on a tree on a rocky hillside.
66 Gravel Pit Bus A school bus, used as a camp (watch for traps!), close to a good source of concrete scraps.
67 The Ailurophile's Farm A small farm with crops, cats, and some interesting trophy heads adorning the home's interior.
68 Gauley Mine Exit The exit from inside Gauley Mine, offering quick access to the railroad tracks and Morgantown.
69 Green Tent Camp A green tent in the woods, with basic camping equipment, just east of Gauley Mine.
70 Forest and Rock Camp A tent in a relatively small and flat area of rocks, in the forest north of Greg's Mine Supply.
71 The Sutton Salmon House A salmon-colored house with garage and kennel and an interior (with a safe) to explore.
72 The Emergency Outhouse An outhouse with a First Aid Box on the side of it, in the woods north of Helvetia.
73 Picnic Area and Trail (Helvetia) A flat-topped hill offers some great picnicking opportunities, providing you aren't being mauled by the denizens of Helvetia.
74 Cargo Box Pickup (Route 86B) A rusty pickup with items to scavenge from the back of it, stranded on the road from Helvetia.
75 Helvetia Hill Tent A small tent above the town on a rocky bluff, with views north toward the hilltop Pharma facility.
76 Military Comms Tower Bolton A small, quest-related comms dish sitting on an electrical pylon platform with a cooking station and a mounted machine-gun golf cart.
77 Bolton Greens Lookout A lookout tower on the hill south of Bolton Greens.
78 The Radstag Hunter's Pylon Camp Platforms and hanging meat from one of the large electrical pylons.
79 Pulowski Preservation Shelter Transport (Route 91) A truck bringing a quartet of tube shelters has stopped for a fallen branch. Ransack all four shelters; one has duffel bags in it.
80 Yao Guai Cave Alcove A shallow rock alcove and cliff where mutated bears like to prowl.
81 Beehive: Under New River Gorge Bridge—East Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck on a tree below the bridge.
82 Broken Boat and River Debris Silt Bean grows where the river left its boat and vehicle-related debris deposits, in the gorge beneath the bridge.
83 Rotten Tent A copper deposit and a drab camp next to the road.
84 Soapy Skeleton A skeletal wallowing in a bathtub full of soap, under an electrical pylon. This will keep you in oil for a bit!
85 Scuppered Boat and Bathtub A white boat, broken in half, sits where a river used to be, close to a duffel bag in a bathtub.
86 Beehive: Camp McClintock Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck all around a tree trunk.
87 Road and Rail Truck Camp A small concrete breeze block defense near a rusting vehicle and a skeleton guarded by his red Garden Gnome friend.
88 Teddy's RV Room Under the Pylon A strange locked door (0) with no walls leading to a TV-watching bear pair, under the electrical pylon.
89 Chem and Hoop Shack David seems to be the better hoop player at this hillside shack with a Chemistry Workbench and a small wood bridge with basketballs.
90 The Red Shed A small shed with a birdhouse nailed to the tree next to it, as well as some items to scavenge.
91 Truck Trailer Camp A red big-rig trailer; now a small camp in the ravine southeast of Sutton.
92 River Bend Canoe Camp Two canoes, a submerged corpse, and a quaint little turn in the river where you can use the cooking station. Just watch for undesirables.
93 Tygart Scrap Truck (I91) A flatbed truck has spilled its scrap on the steep hill east of Tygart Water Treatment.
94 Road Subsidence (Route 91) A coach has hit a dip in the road, along with a rusty pickup you can check for bottles.
95 The Violinist's Picnic The radio may still be playing as you reach a skeletal violinist slumped against a tree; he stopped serenading a while ago.
96 One Man and His Dog By a rusting pickup: The final resting place of a man and his best friend, both now worm meat.


p. 327

Though The Forest is technically a gigantic island, its southwestern area features hilly wooded terrain across the central spine, with slopes toward the rivers on every side. It is in this zone that you'll explore the wonders of the large Nuka-Cola Plant and will learn the hard work it takes to keep an arable farm Public Workshop going. You will also discover the terrors of wandering around a Giant Teapot and a Creamery at night when Ghouls (or worse!) are prowling about. Take time to pay your respects at the local church on the western side of this zone (though the church and cemetery have seen an uptick in cultist activity before humans disappeared from the region). If you have a considerable amount of time to kill, investigate the colossal Poseidon Energy Plant, which dominates the southeastern part of this region. If you need an endless supply of Fusion Cores, want to stake a claim to a workshop in the biggest location in Appalachia, and want to restore power to part of the region, it's well worth the trip.


p. 327

A small roadside (and riverside) hot-dog stand, rusting coach, and trailer are across the road from a slightly less bucolic pile of tires.


p. 328

Close to an electrical pylon, and requiring Poseidon Power Plant to be activated is a substation that allows you to draw power to your C.A.M.P. if it's positioned nearby.


p. 328

This small boat dock, with the remains of a once-flourishing river boat cruise business, now slowly sags and rots into the lightly radioactive water.


p. 328

From a distance, this county church and adjacent cemetery appears peaceful, but closer inspection reveals the possible cause of death for the skeletal parishioners and evidence of cultist totems inside both the church and cemetery shed.


p. 328

Adjacent and slightly southwest of Silva Homestead is a small farm dwelling, large field, tractor shed and silo, and a number of resource deposits along with a workshop outside the farmhouse. Claim this area for yourself or your team, and start that resource acquisition!


p. 329

This area contains a small farm, a farrow field, a rusting tractor, and a cottage across the road along with its own dilapidated shed. Of considerable interest is an Arktos Pharma Terminal inside the silo up the sloping corn field, as well as the tractor barn (for its workbenches) and the farmhouse; all have masses of junk to accrue.


p. 329

This hilltop orchard, now devoid of fruit, has a cluster of buildings in various stages of dereliction. Watch for the dumped radioactive barrels in one of the red sheds.


p. 329

Just below and north of the Cow Spots Creamery, the start of the massive New River Gorge Bridge (part of Interstate 59) leads you across to the northeastern side (in Zone C). Once you have the necessary key, you can open the maintenance room under the road at the start of the bridge's span; there is possibly a suit of Power Armor to obtain. The long bridge span features rusting gantries, alarming gaps, and a tarmac road with derelict areas to move across without falling. Consult "New River Gorge Bridge—East" for the map and information on the maintenance room on the gorge's opposite (northeast) side.


p. 329

This small roadside ice cream shop, complete with children's playground and impressive views of the bridge, features a tiny factory where cream was made and can now be scavenged.


p. 330

An excellent source of both junk and collectible items, this supply store consists of a smattering of small structures across from the road and river. This is a must-stop location you can return to time and again.


pp. 330–331

If you've a hankering for some nice ice-cold soda and won't be too appalled when you read just what ingredients go into Nuka-Cola, then why not visit the large bottling plant, where more than your thirst will be quenched—assuming you're also here to gather junk and collectibles. The facility is divided into two massive chambers, with numerous side rooms and connecting areas, all of which have excellent scavenging (and photographic) potential! Don't leave without accessing the roof hatch, which is the only way to reach a blue maintenance hut clamped to
the ceiling, with its gantry fallen away; inside are some choice beverages!


p. 331

Expect long grass, cabins dotted throughout a hilltop wilderness, and two towers; one is the lookout to come and the other is a smaller adventure tower with a rickety platform you must use to reach the top. Pick the area clean of junk.


p. 331

Atop the hill is a fenced tower. Below are small cabins of Camp Adams. Climb to the top. The platform has been picked clean, but you can survey other locations.


p. 331

There are three separate structures at this roadside tourist spot: a red house, which is a gift shop containing the most junk; the teapot; and a Red Rocket Gas Station with a My Stash Box; the latter is especially helpful when returning to this location while exploring the general area.


pp. 332–333

Note this location also encompasses the Poseidon Energy Plant Yard (workshop), so check that location for more information on additional resources and items. This gargantuan power plant is so big, many reckon it's the largest structure in all of Appalachia! Bigger than other power plants, before Poseidon Power decided to add a third cooling tower, this used to power all of Charleston and the surrounding region. The exterior is dominated by the three towers (a pair to the northeast and one to the southwest). The roadside entrance is close to a strike camp, and the place is mined; there are other threats as well. Check the toxic pool between the main and south structures (avoiding a swim), and use the gantry platforms to reach both rooftops; from here you can reach other roof areas, and there are hidden collectibles to gather. Enter the plant via the locked terminals (3) at the main entrance (three double
doors), the South Expansion, the Fuel Storage (north side), the Turbine Hall (east, by the workshop substation), or the unlocked doors at Cooling Tower #1 (Pipe Interchange) or Cooling Tower #2 (Pipe Interchange).

Once inside, check the guide maps to ensure you don’t get lost. Remove any foes, and beware of chambers with multiple gantry platforms and increased radiation (like the Reactor Room, Fuel Storage, and Cooling Tower #3). Set about restoring power and collect the loot. If you’re lost, look for the red signposts leading you to each named chamber. Don’t forget the south expansion plant is mainly the interior of Cooling Tower #3, which you can access from the outside or via a basement workroom area where the majority of the workbenches and possible Power Armor is located.


p. 334

The map for this location is within the perimeter of the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 (previous location). Find the workshop at the substation in the eastern part of the exterior perimeter. Scour the area for resources, and build your defenses around the ones you wish to keep for the longest time. Note the Fusion Core Processors, as well as the gun emplacements, vertibot landing pad, and power box, which you can use (after some repair work on the power plant) to further bolster your base.


p. 334

# Name Description
97 Riverbank Canoe A rubber tire, a skeletal canoeist, and his cooler and Rads are all that's left on this part of the Ohio River.
98 Billings River Dock A Tinker’s Workbench, moored boats, a sleeping bag, and junk to gather on a riverside camp.
99 Beheaded at the Drainage Gully A machete and a headless corpse sit at the drainage pipe, near boards over what's left of the main road.
100 Orchard Woods Hilltop Camp A duffel bag, bones, and an axe; a hilltop white tent offers good views but little to scavenge.
101 Tractor and Bones A yellow tractor seems to have dug up more than just carrots in the upper fields of Silva Farmstead.In-game spelling
102 Outhouse and Platform Path Part of the trail takes you past a pond, shopping cart (ammo box), and a rickety outhouse. Look for oil to gather at the top of the trail.
103 Jangles' Sofa Safe The Moon Monkey and his best friend the Tedster are keeping that locked safe (3) secure, under the New Gorge Bridge.
104 Beehive: Camp Adams Hills Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck to a large old tree.
105 Underpass Camp and Truck Trailer Crash (Highway 59) A fallen big-rig and large-scale freeway subsidence, along with a small camp under the upper edge of the underpass destruction.
106 Gunsmith's Overlook Shack Perched on rocks above the river and rail line, expect excellent bridge views, a Weapons Workbench, and a place to sleep.
107 Camp Adams Cookout A spit roast, tent, and picnic table on the hillside south of Camp Adams.
108 River Rope Bridge The dry ravine where a river used to be has a footbridge leading to an abandoned stall.
109 West Charleston Bridge How do you get from the power plant to the landfill? Not via this bridge; it's out. Check for a rusty van with items inside.
110 Fisherman's Lament A skeletal fisherman in what's left of his rowboat, in the concrete river channel.


p. 335

Though you should make time to explore the north lakeside community of Summersville, and the shanty dwellings scattered across the deceptively dry Summersville Lake, you'll probably spend most of your time surveying the damage the city of Charleston suffered after the dam broke, sending the contents of the Kanawha River rushing through town (and that’s not counting the bomb damage). The unscathed gleaming gold dome of the Capitol may fill you with hope, but the debris, collapsed tenement buildings, fallen skyscrapers, and ruined city blocks may put a damper on your thoughts of rebuilding: Better to sift through the debris for good quality junk (especially at the Landfill workshop), then trade it at the Fire Department, before finally investigating the cluster of imposing mansions on the lake's southeast shores. What secrets are contained within these once-opulent dwellings? Don’t get lost in that hedge maze!


pp. 336–337

The city of Charleston encompasses this and the next eight Primary Locations, all within a relatively delineated border (basically the ruins on either side of the empty Kanawha River). Therefore, all information regarding Crafting, Dangers, Items, Information, Locked areas, and Item Examples are specified for those individual locations: This entry simply flags areas of interest outside these locations.

Working northwest to south, there's plenty to see and do outside of the major locations to investigate. Far west, look for the bridge across Route 83, close to the railyard, with I-59 running east to west, just north of the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters. The major tenement towers (where the Responders have set up a maneuverability test and turret camp) are just east of the Hornwright skyscraper. All are in terrible disrepair. There are plank paths across the (relatively) dry riverbed and a small camp beneath the road underpass when it breaks apart to the northeast. Move toward the remains of Summersville Dam, and there's a tall apartment building that's fully explorable (watch your step; it's a long drop!).

To the south is a grassy cliff, set of shops, apartments, and the remains of a road bridge that Super Mutants have recently used in their incessant gore-collecting plan. Closer to the AVR Medical Center is a Slocum's Joe coffee shop, and a barber's, book store, and clothing emporium; all have scraps of loot to pillage. Before you leave Charleston, be sure to visit the Fire Department to the south, where the Responders have set up a trading post.


p. 337

North of the main ruins of Charleston is the almost-untouched train station, which has a
Vendor Bot and a My Stash Box to aid in your item management. Return here from your exploration of the capital to offload and retool.


pp. 337–338

Between the power plant and river to the north and the rest of Charleston to the southeast is an abandoned railyard, with rusting railroad carriages and a large brick yard warehouse to explore. Use the gantry to reach the roof (and unloading area), as well as the three offices and an "open air" lounge. A bridge connects the roof to the road. Inside are two ground-floor offices (diagonally opposite) with rail tracks running through the structure and metal gantry huts above.


p. 338

On the western edge of town, up a short tarmac road, is what used to be an eyesore—the landfill dump for the city. Now it's a source of scavenging and is fought over, so ensure you find the workshop (sitting between the two junk-filled trailers), clear the area of foes, and build up
defenses to quickly gather those resources! Watch for attacks from the higher ground to the southwest.


pp. 338–339

Over on the upper grassy banks of Southwest Charleston is a rusting medical facility. The main entrance in on the eastern side, close to a large radio dish. There's a secondary entrance on the north wall and fire escape stairs to the roof on the south side (leading to a small computer bank under a tarp). Inside, expect an impressive (if derelict) four-floor hospital to explore, with ample collectibles and a huge amount of medical junk to gather.


p. 340

Though not lurching at an alarming angle like the brick tenement block adjacent to this location, the Hornwright tower is still in a frightful state of disrepair. Though you can enter the place via some treacherous tenement block maneuvering (from the Charleston Herald structure), and you can enter the structure from the fifth level, it's easier to work your way up from the ground floor, via the south facing entrance.

Inside, the Hornwrights have thoughtfully labeled each level with a number so you know where you are. Enter the passageway between the walls on Level 03 or 04 to reach the otherwise-inaccessible office on Level 05. Or, with the appropriate ID card, you can use the lobby elevator to reach the executive level. Once you shut down the laser grids, you can reach the sublevel basement.


p. 341

The newspaper of note for all of Appalachia is close to the Hornwright building, but this rusting office structure is in even worse condition. Enter the lobby from the street outside to check out an old printing press. Climb through the ceiling to reach an upper level with two doors; one leads to a small balcony, and the other leads to an apartment building that has fallen away in a most spectacular fashion. If you don't head out to the terminal to begin the Responders' physical fitness test, continue up to the purplewalled level of the Herald offices and check out the reporters’ offices. One floor up is the editor's office, an outside balcony, and a rickety bridge to the limpet shacks that are adjacent to the Hornwright building.


p. 342

This is a good option for a base camp, from which you can explore Charleston. The Fire Department was recently a Responder Trading Post and is far enough away from the dangers down the hill. Feel free to ransack the place for loot, including the roof, which is also reasonably defensible.


pp. 343–344

The pride of Appalachia was this temple to legislation, an edifice of limestone with a gold-topped dome that's more robust than many survivors expected. The dome is still intact, though the interior of the three main Capitol structures have been ransacked almost beyond recognition, and there is a sizable amount of rubble (thanks to the bursting of the dam) to trek across. There are three separate structures (a fourth is inaccessible) with entrances to the interior, which provides access to all three buildings beneath the rubble. There's an entrance via an office exposed by a large hole in the exterior of the main building (northeast corner). There are also entrances on the domed roof, two in the central courtyard near the bell (one to the DMV, the other to the Capitol Courthouse via a tunnel of trash), and another into the courthouse at the narrow (south) end where the trash is piled the highest (near a quest-related Responders button).

Starting inside the Capitol DMV, perhaps the most important object in this chamber is the Overseer's Cache, which gives you information and an immediate influx of items. Then methodically check all other rooms for junk, paying special attention to stairwells, fallen ceiling ramps, and other methods of getting to every nook and cranny within these structures. Expect three floors and a basement to explore.


p. 345

Wade Airport was in considerable disrepair before Super Mutants arrived, destroyed anything not contained in crates, and started hanging their revolting meat bags everywhere. The terminal structure is mostly devoid of items; concern yourself with the runway area (and the hangars if you're scavenging): The workshop is away from the main terminal building, on a rickety defensive structure by the runway. This workshop also allows you to repair gun emplacements and summon VertipodsIn-game spelling to aid in your efforts. Check the landing pads to summon the robotic craft.


p. 346

At the eastern end of the Charleston ruins are the remains of the main dam. Those with a penchant for understatement could describe this structure as "compromised." This was recently a Raider camp, and these deceased thugs have left some traps for the unwary. Head up from the lake bed (check the green boat cabin for a trunk) via the ladders and wreckage on the north side of the dam ruins. There's a small pump house and a rope bridge across the gap where the dam was. Watch for those traps!


p. 346

Search this rotting series of covered docks, small wooden shops, and riverside boathouses, starting at the parking lot and working your way toward the dry lake. Check for additional sleeping and enemy locations under each boathouse.


p. 347

Running along the lake's northwestern edge are four cabins, two of which are well within the boundary of this public workshop. There is extra power available from a box if you started up the Poseidon Power Plant. The workshop is outside the large main cabin. Command this location, check to see if the resources are needed, and start resource gathering at your earliest convenience.


pp. 347–348

Before Summersville Lake was created, an old farming community set up a village named Gad. With the lake now "drained," a shanty town has appeared over the original town's foundations. It is a maze of tiny, interconnecting shacks. Learn to situate yourself by remembering the central "Big Shack" has four levels and is in the center of town, with rickety planks out to other sections.


p. 348

The once-bucolic town on the north end of the lake that shares its name is now a trap-filled hunting ground for wayward Vault Dwellers and mutated undesirables. The fire escapes at the playground or the eastern edge of the settlement provide quick access to the rooftop areas, where it's easiest to hide and attack; remove the traps and many explosive cannistersIn-game spelling first.


p. 349

This imposing yellow-bricked mansion has elements of the Italianate style, with a fire pit and the remains of some steps down to where the water's edge once was. One corner of the mansion has crumbled away, close to an exterior door; both allow access into much of the ground floor. You can go up a spiral staircase to a bar area, a bedroom, and an attic area. Both upper floor chambers have sections of wall missing, allowing access to an upper balcony. They connect to each other.


p. 349

An immense Greek Revival mansion on the shores of the dry lake, complete with a lion fountain and stone-walled patio and tennis court. The house itself is inaccessible.


p. 349

Built to mimic the much smaller mountain cabins, this large lodge is in relatively good shape, with only part of the interior's upper floor falling into the reception area. There are three floors' worth of junk-collecting you can attempt here.


pp. 349–350

Perhaps the most imposing homes on MansionsIn-game spelling Row is the Riverside abode, with its large footprint, cannons on a low roof turret, and faded grandeur both inside and out. There are multiple entrances, but roof access is only available from the interior. Methodically check each room for items and collectibles. If you have the quest active, try to find the cunningly hidden secret door (hint: check the sunken withdrawing room thoroughly)!

Go through the secret door to find an entire level underneath the mansion, which is sealed unless a specific Mistress of Mystery Quest is active. It features various chambers that help illuminate your ongoing antics with this group. Consult the Side Quests section of this guide for more information.


p. 351

Wonderful parties were once held in this imposing mansion; now, small sections of the ground floor have been broken into. Scaffolding allows access to the roof, where midnight, the stars, and you are all that's needed for a good time. The real treasures are located in the adjacent hedge maze, which is thoughtfully mapped here so you don't have to chase your wayward offspring around to "correct" him.


p. 351

The hifalutin coal mining family used to own this summer villa, which is now mostly boarded
up. However, you can rummage through the garage, then head around to the opening in the rear of the property, close to the greenhouse. Descend into a wine cellar for a trove of nowuseful junk items.


p. 351

It isn't wise to head up or down the hill on I-62 at this particular point, as there's a fissure in the road; a terrifying Scorchbeast and her minions appear from this. Tackle these foes only when you're strong enough!


p. 352

# Name Description
111 The Scuppered Tug A rusty green tug boat with a safe (3) inside, below the railbridge north of Charleston.
112 Beached Tall Ship An older shipping vessel is stuck in the dry river northeast of Charleston Station; there's beer and a cooking station under the mast.
113 Summersville Suburbs A collection of homes by the road and river, including a garage and voting tent, west of town.
114 Trailer Overlook (north of Summersville) A busted-up trailer home on the rocks above Summersville, with some weaponry and a Mod to scavenge.
115 Summersville Glampers The latest in green caravan trailers, an acoustic guitar, and more junk than many primary locations; time to visit this glampground.
116 Cargo Container Flotsam (Dry Lake) An open container close to a skeleton on a rowboat offers protection and minor items to scavenge.
117 The Plastic People's Shack (Dry Lake) There's a party going on inside this stilt shack, but the skeletal and the plastic outnumber the living. What's on the jukebox?
118 Tugboat and Rowboat (The Domestics) Two plastic people argue on a rowboat while a large tug vessel slowly sinks into Lake Summersville.
119 Military Comms Tower Summersville A small, quest-related comms dish sits atop a halfsunken boat with a 50-cal machine gun and turret, in the dry lake.
120 Raider Outcrop Camp Offering weapons, armor, and cooking stations, this three-tier shack also has some of the best views of the dry lake.
121 Birdhouse Maker Someone has been busy capturing birds and constructing birdhouses. If you're after Pumpkin Seeds, this wooded hillside is the place.


p. 353

The far northwestern Region of Appalachia is covered in a lightly irradiated blanket of white toxic materials. Much of the landscape (most noticeably the rivers and lakes) is now a choked mess of orange filth and noxious clouds; the environment is unpleasant, rough going, and the tree cover has been ripped away. Now the atmosphere is dead. That's not to say nothing has survived, but the non-robotic entities you'll meet as you visit this stark and unforgiving depression aren't going to be trading anything with you but diseases and savage wounding. As you discover more locations, prepare to visit dilapidated farmsteads, lakeside cabins, and a scout camp where poisonous effluent has replaced clear waters. The main town is Grafton, which is in a rough state, even before reports of its headless monster were confirmed. Seek small respite at the Wavy Willard's Water Park, where there's some frivolity to be had, and ignore the golf course at Hemlock Holes. Instead, spend time cultivating your drive to mine resources at the nearby workshop. There's also tough battles at close quarters with denizens inside the penitentiary along the southern border, a few scattered Raider camps to uncover, and a crashed satellite to the northeast. Finally, pay some respects at the historic sites along the eastern edge of this forsaken region.



p. 354

Up in the remote northwest mountains is a small Raider camp, usually overrun by Scorched. Come for the views and the possibility of some collectibles.


p. 354

A historic home was once commandeered by Raiders and is now home to even less desirable residents. Aside from the Teddy cooking show in the kitchen, check the Tinker's Workbench upstairs for some excellent junk. Then inspect the roof.


p. 354

Nestled on a hilltop with little of the toxic debris that litters the majority of the valley, this small farmstead is still highly dangerous, thanks to the influx of foes. Aside from an outhouse and small vegetable garden, the majority of the scavenging (and fighting) takes place inside the main shack-like structure.


p. 355

A roadstop ice cream parlor. There's no rum and raisin, but there might be a well-hidden Magazine behind the locked safe.


p. 355

Apparently this toxic mire used to be a golf course: Check in with the cook for a spot of meat hunting, then scavenge the cafe and gift shop. The course is a little more challenging now; check a small satellite dish and crashed Vertibird to the south. See the Hemlock Holes Maintenance map for a closer look at the entrance building.


p. 355

This small substation and maintenance yard doesn't have much to scavenge initially, except for the deposits of acid, crystal, and gold: Get your workshop up and running and defend this resource-heavy place; there should be power from the substation you can use instead of (or in addition to) generators.


p. 355

A small collection of ruined dwellings and barns to the west of Grafton, this was once a thriving farm belonging to the Becker family. Now the more intact structures house some good-quality junk and possible collectibles.


p. 356

On the southwest outskirts of town, this serves as the entrance to the town of Grafton for those heading here via the railroad tracks. The station should be a tactical gathering point before you explore Grafton. It is also a drop-off spot due to the Vendor Bot and Stash Box available here.


pp. 356–357

The town of Grafton grew at the confluence of a creek, though the current river conditions can best be described as "toxic" and "sludge-like." When you're not fleeing from a roaming monster that shares its name with this town, you'll be dropping your junk at the Grafton Station stash box and thoroughly exploring the town, including the tenement apartments and rooftops that are accessible (the school, police station, city hall, and tenement block all have upper exteriors to explore). Also visit Robotic Grafton Mayor in city hall; the Overseer's Cache is here too. There is also the vendor at the museum farther along the main street. Otherwise, head here to gather copious junk to add to your collection.


pp. 357–358

Holding infamous ne'er-do-wells like Mad Dog Malone, this large and ancient prison is brimming with foes and a variety of nasty traps; watch your step when exploring. The prison's walls are mostly intact along the front (south) side, but become increasingly derelict as you reach the rear of the premises, allowing easy access from multiple directions into the exterior yard and multitude of outbuildings, as well as access into the structure itself (which you can also enter via the front doors). The yard's two garages have almost every type of work station you need to access, though the surrounding towers have turrets that may cause havoc on top of the enemy threats.

Inside, the prison is a confusing mess of tangled metal blocking your path, locked doors (find a penitentiary key in any security room), and a maze of prison cells. Study the adjacent map, and check the names of the areas you're visiting above each door until you memorize the layout. Expect two main levels to explore, and watch your step!


p. 359

On the outskirts of northeast Grafton is a small cluster of farm buildings close to what was once a freshwater stream. Leap the toxic water to reach the metal shed across from the farm cottage.


p. 359

North of Grafton is the estate of the long-dead Arthur Wood, southeast of the water park sign. This is in a miserable state of repair. Check the greenhouse, then the main house, for a smattering of scavengables and ammo.


pp. 359–360

Bring more than your swimming costume to the remains of this aquatic fun park; the place is run-down and the water is toxic. However, Wavy Willard's signature ride (the giant croc) is still here, slowly fading in the nuclear sun. The park's edge is surrounded by a stone wall, but there are several intrusion points allowing access, and you can enter via the main entrance and parking lot. Once inside, there's lots of (broken and dry) rides to explore, as well as a big croc to visit. Come for the views, and stay for the junk collecting!


p. 360

Just southeast of the water park are the remains of around six trailers, which used to house the park's workforce. Now these wrecked and tangled metal huts are rusting in the inclement weather.


p. 361

This area encompasses both the town of Clarksburg and the Clarksburg Shooting Club, at the town's east end. Clarksburg had seen better days even before the bombs dropped; miners were protesting due to an increasing reliance on robotic workers, and the economy was depressed. Naturally, it's a tad more unpleasant to live in Clarksburg now; most of the residential homes are almost completely destroyed, Raiders have erected rough defenses on the main street, and there are numerous rooftops to fire from (or expect fire yourself). Still, the place is worth a visit for the possible junk loot.


p. 361

The eastern side of Clarksburg is mostly taken up by a shooting club on the shore of the lakebed. Check the roadside hut for the attendant, and check the range structure for ammo, a weapon, and a station. The target range can be tested, too.


p. 362

Stretching north from Clarksburg is a marsh of dangerous, radioactive sludge, with a wrecked
coffee shop and dock on the southeastern shore. Head west to the remains of the Lakeside Grill, a cafe with junk to gather inside. There's also a crab shack; only a rooftop picnic area is accessible around this structure. Then inspect the sagging docks and boat sheds, one of which is locked (2). The lake is radioactive, with a small sludge island and half-sunken boat to inspect, and the possibility of enemies both disgusting and glowing.


p. 362

On the north side of the toxic lakebed are four cabins and cottages in various stages of disrepair. Search them all for a variety of junk and the possibility of some light reading materials.


p. 362

This lodge was once a hunter's paradise. There's still some impressive game to be tagged and
mounted, if the interior lounge walls of this lodge is anything to go by! Visit the Huntmaster in the basement to find out more, and don't forget your beer hat! Then check the irradiated outside red shed for a possible suit of Power Armor. The Magazine is in an upper attic that is only accessible from the outside north corner.


p. 363

Slowly sinking into the toxic marshland is a small farmstead, with a ruined home and equally disheveled mechanic's shed.


p. 363

Standing tall on the western upper rock outcrop, surrounded by the main Scout Camp, is a tall lookout tower with surveying possibilities (and minor items) at the top.


p. 363

The remains of Camp Lewis are below an electrical pylon, by a fetid lake, west of the Grafton Steel. The camp is comprised of scattered cabins, the lower ones being waterlogged and treacherous; a small tower (and a larger, marked one previously listed); and a mess hall that lives up to its name. To the camp's southwest, on the raised rock outcrop, is a small target range.


p. 364

This pride of Appalachia is currently in disrepair but can be an excellent resource if you can claim and keep it. The place is large, but as long as you realize the blast furnace and smelter are linked chambers, and the workroom has gantry steps leading to the top of the cooling tower, you can easily remove all threats everywhere. Check the red signs near most entrances and exits to see which building you're in, and note the workshop base is mostly constructed on the facility's south side. Note there's a power coupling on the wall outside the blast furnace chamber.


p. 365

A small substation at the foot of the Savage Divide mountains, usually with a few Scorched foes roaming the electrical machinery. Hook up a C.A.M.P. power instead of a generator here, if you wish.


p. 365

Visit this monument to the Civil War general for a spot of introspection. The vista point close to the statue offers an audio tour, as well as good views to the west, across the Toxic Valley.


p. 365

Along a lonely stretch of Route 97 is a Civil War cemetery and museum on the Phillippi Battlefield grounds. Check inside the museum to flip the wall switches and unlock the display cases with guns and uniforms to purloin.


p. 365

Protruding from a giant impact crater are the sections of a wrecked space station, now picked
clean by Super Mutants and other scavengers. Though there's little to find that isn't in trunks or boxes, if you can open the locked door to a small section of sealed station corridor, there's three parts of a spacesuit to grab. That's not all; if you trek south to the rim of the crater, there's a small shack with a Jangles the Moon Monkey to keep you company and a possible Power Armor frame.


p. 365

A small Raider camp, where violent scavengers have been heading to and from the crashed space station in search of junk.


pp. 365–366

This Civil War–era fort, first erected in 1774, is a presentation of the Society for the Preservation of Historical Recreations and consists of a number of wooden ramparts, towers, and other fortifications set against the mountain slope. Speak to the curator, and visit each of the exhibit locations for the fullest experience.


pp. 366–367

# Name Description
1 Fancy Photo Studio (Rock Outcrop) A wood chair, room dividers, and two side tables with flower vases; a great place to take a photo; a rock outcrop in the remote woods.
2 Campground (south of Crosshairs) A foothills campsite with an orange tent, Tinker's Workbench and cooking station, and various debris, along with views to the south and east.
3 The Small Stage (Hemlock Holes) A stage for amateur dramatists and a box full of hats; find a Tinker's Workbench around the back at this old hay bale karaoke place.
4 Oily Camp at Hemlock Holes A leaky fuel tank and a cooking station, with a corpse at the edge of the golf course.
5 Vertibird Crash Site (Hemlock Holes) This crash site yields items but no survivors,In-game spelling though a small military comms tower was erected before the crew died.
6 Spotter's Pylon (west of Woods Estate) A toxic corpse may be cause for worry, but the views from this electrical pylon are worth it; there are binoculars you can use here, too.
7 Rusty Truck (edge of Toxic Valley) A truck faced off against an old tree and lost; find it close to the edge where forest meets valley.
8 Grafton Hills Camp (southwest) Though the campers are long dead, their tarp tent camp on the low rocky woodland hills still has a cooking station and mattress you can use.
9 The Missing Cyclist A cyclist squashed by a boulder is by the railroad tracks at the edge of Toxic Valley, near a burned-out home with a bathtub.
10 Burned Graves (south of Grafton) Someone really wanted these coffin corpses burned, but they left their flammable junk evidence ready for you to utilize.
11 Junk Tower Windmill An impressive amateur engineering feat and landmark windmill with mechanical junk and an Armor Workbench.
12 Piano Bar Camp (north of Grafton) A tarp tent, a bar, and an upright piano, along with dozens of beer bottles and other alcohol. Have a knees-up in no time!
13 Mr. Fuzzy's Boardgame Tent Pylon A small camp with sleeping bags, a cooking station, and two soft toys overlooking Clarksburg.
14 Smith Pond Rowboat Skeletal remains on a rotting boat, moored at a tiny toxic pond south of the Smith residence.
15 Wavy Willard's Sign Knowing the exact spot where the Water Park entrance sign is helps you congregate here before exploration begins.
16 Marksmen's'In-game spelling Campsite Two green tents with sleeping bags inside, a rusty truck, a comfy sofa, and some sniping weaponry to gather.
17 Cyclists' Picnic A couple of cyclists brought their board games to this picnic, near what used to be a river.
18 Patriot's Bone Camp Bone chimes and a sledgehammer of justice await you here. Come for the bones and the weapon.
19 Rusting Car Camp A cluster of cars around a small tent; the skeletal remains lie by their beer bottles.
20 Clarksburg Suburbs Three ruined houses in various stages of disrepair can be found on the road east of town; check them for items.
21 Military Comms Tower Clarksburg A small, quest-related comms dish standing near defensive spikes, sandbags, and a rusting van, close to the road.
22 Clarksburg Restrooms There's usually something interesting in the parking lot above the restrooms, near a small public pool and pond with a tree island.
23 Fetid Pond (Black Bear Lodge) It's almost worth the radiation poisoning to gather the items from the ammo box on the half-sunken pickup in this pond.
24 Toxic Barrel and Tire Dump (east of Black Bear Lodge) A couple of barrel-tippers succumbed to the elements in this lightly radioactive waterway.
25 Toxic Farmhouse (east of Black Bear Lodge) A small, roofless farmhouse with adjacent red shed, caked in dust.
26 Hilltop Pylon Camp Candy Fan Mr. Fuzzy and his pumpkin friends are sitting in a green tent camp, under a hilltop electrical pylon.
27 Camp Lewis North Entrance (I61) Though there are many ways to reach it, the Pioneer Scout Camp's main entrance is close to rusting traffic and half-buried bulldozers.
28 Grafton Lake Jetskiers (West Grafton Lake) A couple of plastic people, kitted out in some natty toggle (and junk items to nab) are enjoying the orange waters on the west side of the lake.
29 Safe Cracker's Rowboat (Grafton Lake) A half-sunken rowboat scuppered on the lake shore; one has a safe to crack.
30 Rifleman's Raft (West Lake) Perhaps one of the least pleasant locations to take a nap; a raft with a blue tarp on the edge of the toxic lake.
31 Roadside Hilltop Lean-to A small camp with a cooking station, tatos, and views of the edge of the Toxic Valley.
32 Mirelurk Shell Camp (Grafton Lake) Some ingenious (and now dead) soul has fashioned a lakeside tent from Mirelurk carapaces. Also come here for the junk.
33 Toxic Pond and Wreckage A ruined home slowly sinks into a toxic pond, creating an otherworldly atmosphere; possibly explains the toy alien in the bathtub.
34 The Domestics (Home) Is a house without walls still a home? Come for the domestic bliss, witnessing the plastic faces (and the steel guitar).
35 Crashed Biplane (east of Graninger Farm) Buried in mud, the pilot extricated herself from the plane but succumbed to her wounds. She left some chems for you, though.
36 Toxic Dust Dump A favorite spot for Mirelurks, a truck trailer snowed under with toxic dust, is parked next to a half-buried hole of radioactive barrels.
37 Debris Camp A rusty car, sharp metal, a duffel bag infuriatingly difficult to unlock (3), and soot flowers are here in what passes for a camp in these parts.
38 Road Vista and Rustbuckets Two vehicles are parked at this dead-end vista point; take in the view, then take a look at the items in the vehicles.
39 Observation Shack (south of Crashed Space Station) A Tinker's Workbench and cooking station, possible Power Armor, mattresses, and a moon monkey await at this clifftop shack filled with junk.
40 Biplane Pieces This plane likely hit the sparse forest with great force, judging from where all the pieces (and tins of Mentats) landed.
41 Dilapidated Woodshed Someone liked collecting tires, which are the only objects holding up the shed in the woods in northeast Toxic Valley.


p. 368

The Ash Heap is the center of mining in this part of Appalachia. The air wasn't the cleanest here before the bombs dropped, and now with mountains of ash mixing in with the nuclear fallout, you have a virulent and choking atmosphere where a gas mask (or other protective measures) is a must. While maintaining a backup breathing apparatus is a good idea, this region cannot be described as "oxygen-friendly." There are great gouts of smoke you should steer well clear of, especially as you head inevitably to the main landmark: the gigantic bucket-wheel excavator sitting on what's left of Mount Blair. You don't want to be gasping for breath on top of the local risk of attacks from the mysterious Mole Miners or the threat of an encroaching Rad Storm. There are some hard-scrapping old mining towns, like Beckley and Lewisburg, to visit and scavenge and a special suit of Power Armor to obtain, if your questing takes you to the headquarters of Garrahan Mining, owned by one of the prominent mining families in this region. The vertical tower mansions to the southeast still exist to this day.

Expect periodic bouts of seismic activity and instability, mainly brought about by decades of incautious mining by the AMS Corporation. AMS conducted some early Ultracite tests in the region, leading to seismic rumblings, while other shaking seems to be caused by Scorchbeasts burrowing and the infamous "Motherlode." Prior to the bombs dropping, an earthquake revealed a vein of Ultracite under some homes in the impoverished town of Welch. AMS attempted to evict the residents in order to reach the vein, and these tactics resulted in a riot, which swept the region about three weeks before the War. Rioters hit the Bucket Wheel Excavator on Mount Blair, blowing up one of the Mega Mansions and defacing the home of the Hornwrights. The Garrahan family's holdings were mainly left intact due to their tendency to work with, rather than against, the miners.


p. 369

The western side of this region is dominated by the monumental bucket excavator, which is also an impressive workshop. It is located on the stripmined Mount Blair, surrounded by several warehouses and mines (some on fire, some inaccessible, and all with good scavenging opportunities). When you're ready to try something other than clambering across massive metal structures, seek out the mining town of Beckley, with a small and relatively manageable workshop and a main street that's seen havoc of many kinds, from fallen buildings to Raider fortifications to battles against the military. There's also evidence of mining protests against the companies that own this land and their incessant march toward automation. But if all of this gets too grim, frolic through Camden Park, the kiddie funfair on the northern tip of this zone (though it's been recently marred by Raider activity too).


p. 370

The Responders recently commandeered this funfair and turned it into a trading post, with supplies and medical facilities, before the place was abandoned and overrun. Now you can help the robots maintain order, as well as investigate the different attractions, including a small abandoned Raider camp in the grassy central area surrounded by the roller coaster.


p. 371

On the rough-hewed side of the mining slopes is a small quarry, now waterlogged with a metal garage structure and a variety of rusting machinery. Below and west is a railroad with an open carriage. Scavenge the entire area, including the wooden box submerged in the quarry pond.


p. 371

Close to a collection of derailed carriages is a small monitoring structure with a barred door. Inside is a meager collection of scraps and junk.


p. 371

Aside from the roaming foes and automatic roof turrets, this transmission tower has a relay terminal that's worth repairing, if only to request a possible supply drop.


p. 371

This shaft is one of the many abandoned shafts in this region, and is farther down the mountain. Access it from the curved-roof laboratory via a gantry.


p. 372

Check the maintenance hut on the surface first: Be sure you're properly protected with a fireproof kit (or Power Armor) before entering "Mine Shaft Beatrice," the official name of this fiery and hellish molten mine interior. Despite the extreme heat, there are some choice items to gather, as well as some rare Black Titanium to mine.


p. 373

Micky Flanagan's miners' tavern was a popular watering hole in the region, but after the Raiders ransacked it and more mutated foes roam the exterior parking lot and interior of the place, it's definitely lost its customer base. Check the cellar for a possible suit of Power Armor and small mine tunnel addition.


p. 374

The mine entrance is atop a mountain of black dirt. Ascend the road with a miners' blockade and strewn and rusting vehicles. A curved-roof warehouse sits at the edge of the mine shaft, with miner lockers inside. Head to the blocked mine entrance, and check the Token Exchange terminal to swap tokens for gifts. There's a metal hut atop a gantry and another halfway down the hill; visit both to gather more important junk.


p. 374

Part of the town of Beckley, this area of parkIn-game spelling and cordoned-off mine was once an educational exhibit. Now the resources present here make this an even more popular destination!


pp. 374–375

The town of Beckley has seen some of the most acrimonious rivalry between mine workers and operators bringing robot automation to Appalachia. Remnants of miner blockades can still be seen, especially on the north side of town, as you travel uphill to main street, where Raiders further augmented the pre-bombs defenses. Now the place is filled with other foes. Locate the rusty fire escape stairs on the outer sides of the buildings to most easily reach the rooftop shacks as you explore and scavenge this old mining town.


p. 376

The best sandwiches in town? No. But this does feature some of the best loot in Beckley! Located near the center of town is a large coffee shop and diner, with apartments above and a shanty dwelling on the roof, along with two trunks and a good possibility of collectible scavenging. Otherwise, treat this as the most defensible part of Beckley, with good access to the rickety bridges and other rooftops.

12. HORNWRIGHT AIR CLEANSER SITE #04In-game spelling

p. 376

If you're hankering for some tinned crab meat, visit this cleanser site.


p. 376

Part of the southern edge of Beckley township, this collection of trailer homes are in various states of disrepair. Some have been moved and metal sheets added to create ramps and rooftop battlements, possibly by Super Mutants as signs of their revolting activities are present here.


p. 376

This small cluster of structures is above a road with an abandoned truck and green caravan. Check both the warehouses for some junk, close to a vat-like structure (which is the inaccessible sealed mine mouth).


p. 377

This is part of Mount Blair Trainyard. Follow a rickety path of corrugated metal and rusting steps from Welch Station (Zone B), or wander west from the trainyard, to investigate this abandoned shaft. Rail carriages have slipped down the unsafe mountainside. At the top of the mountain is a small, rust-covered cargo elevator, two upper metal huts, and a curved-roof locker room, with a power armor station just outside.


pp. 377–378

On the upper ridge overlooking the main trainyard (close to Abandoned Mine Shaft Elaine) are numerous containers, rusting carriages, wrecked structures, generators, and other machinery. Upon the hill sits a large coal conveyor, which brings coal to the trainyard below. At the base of the hill is the trainyard, with coal trucks still waiting inside the yard buildings. There are also several exterior warehouses and a storage room accessible only via a key. Feel free to chat to the robot Mount Blair Payroll Terminal in one of the two upper metal huts, and try some vertigo-inducing parkour to reach a Bobblehead or two on and near the roof.


pp. 378–379

Mount Blair has been strip-mined, with its original summit removed before the bombs dropped. The gigantic bucket wheel excavator is still in operation, and the huge surface area means only a small portion of the superstructure forms the workshop base. Note the steep mining channel that snakes from the scaffold entrance to the superstructure's south; these can trap you if you fall in, so locate the sloped exit (by a small red digging machine) to avoid being pinned down. Elsewhere, expect hotspots of fire and craggy, rough ground. The workshop is on the superstructure; access it via the excavator arm to the northwest or the conveyor arm to the southeast (via numerous gantry steps or scaffold step access points). Climb the main tower to reach an elevator leading to two upper levels; both are small but offer some incredible views of almost all of Appalachia! Also check to the southeast; there's two large bulldozer garages and two ruined metal trailer houses to check for additional junk. One of the bulldozer garages is of particular interest. If you have the ID card, you can head past an Overseer's holotape box, enter a basement, and gather some choice junk from the generator room under the garage.


p. 379

This is part of the Blair Mountain mining complex. Southeast of the main gargantuan-wheel excavator are a couple of parked coaches below a curved-roof locker room, some yellow metal conveyor belts and other machinery, a slag heap with a steep drop into lava, and the remains of shaft 6, which is inaccessible.


p. 379

Close to a large bucket excavator is a group of stacked containers, three metal caravans serving as dorms and junk storage, and some portable toilets close to a small parking area.


p. 380

# Name Description
1 Riverside Cottage A small white cottage in the woods by the river, just south of the Nuka-Cola Plant.
2 Rusty Caravan Cabin There's wild gourds to gather and a safe to crack at this trailer in the hills at the edge of The Ash Heap.
3 Camden Railroad Wreckage A trio of open cargo carriages were turned into a makeshift camp, with sleeping bags and junk and some unwelcome foes.
4 Rusty Pickup and Grave Alcohol, ammo, and a shovel are just some of the items to snag from a pickup and nearby grave.
5 Chemical Carriage Derailment A rockfall seems to have derailed a collection of tanker trucks, now rusting in the fetid breeze.
6 Bot Stop and Red Barn Aside from the robot terminals, seek out junk scattered in and around overturned trucks, inside containers, and in a rickety red barn off the road.
7 Toxic Pond Gulley A muddy mess on the hillside marking the edge of the Ash Heap.
8 Lost Truck and Trailer A small "glamping" caravan being pulled by a rusty pickup, on the road.
9 Northeast Mount Blair Bridge A footbridge and coal truck, offering access across what's left of the mining road north of Mount Blair.
10 Kittery Junk Storage Hut A great maintenance hut to pillage from, including military-grade circuit boards, fuses, and duct tape.
11 Mount Blair Truck Turn A small concrete lookout and green metal stairs, with a first aid kit and other minor items, and good views from the Mount.
12 Kittery Road Outhouse A metal and concrete platform near a parked red truck; come here for the fuel tanks and other junk.
13 Workshack at Mount Blair A large, two-level shack on the outskirts of Mount Blair, with a safe and a Tinker's Workbench inside.
14 Mount Blair Coffee Shack On the corrugated trail from Welch Station to the trainyard, there's a metal shanty store that used to sell coffee. It now sells despair.


p. 381

If you're trudging through the Ash Heap and think, "I wish the environment was even more difficult to stay alive in," then visit the Burning Mine, where the terrible, choking air quality meets the heat of molten slag heaps. It's well worth the extra protection to gather the quality resources hidden within (Black Titanium anyone?). Elsewhere, you have the inaptly named Pleasant Hills Cemetery on the north side of Lewisburg, a place where grave-robbing, evidence of mining protests, election voting, and festivities collide in a dichotomy of the past. It's good to look up once in a while, so visit the rooftop gardens on top of Lewisburg and pick some of the fancier crops for your cooking pot. Don't forget the ruined hillside town of Welch (though everyone except the Mole Miners already have gone) and touring the Uncanny Caverns (where subterranean audio tours and irradiated monstrosities await). Finally, save some time to explore the three towers of the old mining families, vertical mansions in the sky, still standing and waiting for the correct ID card to be used.


p. 382

Across from The Rusty Pick on Route 83, on the edge of Charleston's city limits, is one of the Hornwright Air Purifier Systems. Unlock the concrete maintenance hut (1); then check the two ruined structures around the fetid pond for more junk.


pp. 382–383

Dangerously soft ground has caused the lower mining structure at this location to break in half; this isn't anything compared to the searing heat and inhospitable conditions when you actually enter a mine that is mostly on fire. Before entering the main orange door, check the metal steps to an upper warehouse with workbenches and a possible weapon. Then enter with proper protective clothing. Once inside, remove threats and gather as much loot as you can, for as long as you're able to withstand the heat. The place is easy to get lost in, so look for landmarks, such as large pieces of machinery, noting their color so you can retrace your steps.


p. 383

An apt name for a precarious shanty hut and rickety platforms that stretch out to an old billboard.


p. 383

When Raiders ruled the roads, they used this blockade as a defensive fort along I-62 and as an outdoor cinema.


p. 383

On the edge of the Ash Heap, on a hilltop road, is a small transmission tower, with an interior relay terminal in need of repair. Call on a possible supply drop from here, too.


pp. 383–384

After stopping at the roadside stall and outside gift shop, descend into a lost world and witness spectacular rock formations, including stalagmites, naturally occurring pillars, and a host of junk, sprawled corpses, and deadly shambling foes. Check the 10 different audio tour locations for more information on what you're seeing, when you're not clearing out revolting creatures from your view.


p. 384

A monument to the hardworking, salt-of-the-earthnfolk of Appalachia. Now this monument has seen recent protests against robot automation.


p. 384

Halfway up the winding Route 93, a picnic area and playground offers once-spectacular views to the north and west. Now there's junk scraps to gather and collectibles to hope for.


p. 384

North of the mansion towers, on lower ash-filled slopes close to Lewisburg, is another sealed mine shaft. Access the platform to this huge vat-sized cylinder (with a precarious drop to avoid!) via a gantry from a curved-roof maintenance shed.


p. 385

The site is set into the hills northwest of Lewisburg and is technically part of the township.


p. 385

This is located on the hillside northeast of Lewisburg. Desecrated with scattered coffins, this is hardly a befitting resting place for the lucky ones. Still, someone has unearthed a few expertly sealed safes for you to crack!


pp. 385–386

Lewisburg's miners may have been striking along the southern perimeter of town, but the majority of the townsfolk still came out to vote and celebrate Halloween with a festival, complete with stalls and a live band. All that has been replaced with crumbling buildings, dilapidated and faded bunting, and ferocious enemies ready to cut you from gizzard to throat. The town is initially a little mazelike, but most of the fire escapes provide access onto one of the two rooftop garden areas in the center of town (this has an excellent selection of plants to harvest). You can also visit a few of the stores still standing.


p. 386

On the south side of town (by a couple of voting tents) is the railway station offering a brief respite, a place to stash your items, and a trader to barter with. Why not use this as a base camp when exploring this part of the Ash Heap?


p. 386

This part of Lewisburg consists of a once-idyllic lake and children's fun park. Now the carousel and Ferris wheel are covered in detritus, and the place is a real dump (in fact, it was abandoned even before the War). Recently, Responders were active here. Check farther east for some odd signs and an open railroad carriage. Have you dived down for the fusion core inside the tiniest toy alien spacecraft of all?


pp. 386–387

This vast underground tunnel system links Mount Blair to Big Bend Tunnel East (Watoga), over in Cranberry Bog Region.In-game spelling It is an alternate method to an overland crossing. Head east from Lewisburg along the railroad tracks to reach the entrance; Raider defenses and a (well-stocked) shanty are now overrun by even more deranged foes.

Inside, the tunnel has two main railroad tracks, so check both sides for foes and loot as you progress. Also investigate the various side passages—narrow mining tunnels filled with fungus and other loot. As you reach the main maintenance junction, dodge the containers and stilts, and investigate the large mining tunnel; here you can mine for aluminum. Eventually the tunnel ends at digging equipment and a corpse with the Big Bend Tunnel Door Key, allowing access into the maintenance junction building. When you're done exploring, head to either entrance/exit, passing another shanty blockage as you go.


p. 387

Close to the Big Bend Tunnel entrance, on a steep part of the ruined Route 83A, is a small substation with power access if you're intending on siphoning to your C.A.M.P..In-game spelling


p. 387

Tucked away on the southwestern edge of the Ash Heap is an old testing location, with numerous parked (and rusting) trucks, containers, and a small concrete office structure with a locked (2) storage room.


pp. 387–388

A small town where striking miners had blocked the main road well before the entire hillside started to slip down into the valley. Now you must pick through the wreckage of the wooden homes and small central stores for possible loot and lament the loss of Welch.


p. 388

Part of Welch township, the station is on the upper north side of the settlement. It is worth using as a base camp when exploring Welch and the surrounding locations. Also check out the rickety uphill path north of the tracks (technically in the previous zone). It leads to a small, abandoned trading post with a safe (1).


p. 388

Perched on a promontory southeast of Welch is a curved-roof mechanical storage room, close to a short gantry and sealed mine shaft mouth. Watch the drop into highly irradiated waste!


p. 388

The AutomatedIn-game spelling Mining Systems company constructed a site to test its non-human workforce, and this collection of outbuildings and caravans near a (sealed) mine entrance is the result.


p. 388

Seek out this location for the light scavenging potential.


p. 389

A small gas station, with a miners' blockade to the east side of the property and a small metal garage housing a My Stash Box and the majority of the scavengable junk on the other.


p. 389

Close to a particularly fetid pond (with some small, rudimentary structures), are two blue metal maintenance huts dug into the hillside. Expect more weaponry here than you usually scavenge. The upper hut leads to the sealed shaft and a drop to avoid.


p. 389

This small maintenance structure has meager pickings and a yard of strewn barrels; a small, half-destroyed shed; and a half-buried giant bucket with a sofa in it. Still, there's views of the Garrahan mansion towers.


p. 389

Perhaps it's best to avoid the low ash-covered hills close to Striker Row on this region’s southern edge; a horde of Scorched and their queen are guarding this fissure. Avoid unless you're powerful enough!


p. 389

A small camp of striking miners seem to have had an altercation with the robots that helped replace them; though the Fissure site probably played a part in leaving this location mostly deserted of life. Check the lower tent camp, and the upper hut and tarp tent as well.


p. 389

One of a trio of monolithic housing structures created by the Garrahan Mining company. However, this one wasn't completed, and the structure is little more than a giant (and inaccessible) shell. The views of Mount Blair to the northwest are impressive, but the DumpsterIn-game spelling-diving potential is not.


p. 390

The Garrahan Tower is a self-contained vertical mansion with the latest in robotic servants. This impressive feat of engineering is still standing and has exceptional views (and dangerous drops from the top deck!). Head into the main tower and the sprawling, vertical living quarters by using the ID at the elevator door on the mine-trapped ground floor. Then explore the five or so levels, searching for a massive amount of useful junk.


p. 391

This structure belongs to another of Appalachia's prominent mining families. It has a well-stocked bar on the ground floor, but the real riches become available once you use the ID card on the elevator and enter this vertical mansion tower. Search the upper floors for a variety of loot and important junk. The top floors get decidedly more oily


pp. 392–393

The headquarters of the infamous mining company has its fair share of secrets, including a maintenance hut with a secret exit, away from the main parking lot near the three towering mansion structures. There's a monorail station and two more stations underground. Access this via the lobby or from inside the parking lot. The headquarters is a treasure trove of junk, and if a certain quest is active, you will find a special suit of Power Armor (the Excavator Class) here as well. There's also a possible Power Armor frame and two pieces of Power Armor to pick up from the R&D department, as well as some keys from the CEO's office.


pp. 393–394

# Name Description
15 Military Comms Tower Kittery A small, quest-related comms dish standing near the Air Cleanser Site pond with two shacks.
16 Cultist Totem (east of Bleeding Kate's) Those seeking clues to the Mothman cult (as well as Iron Deposits and a teddy bear) should seek this totem out.
17 Hilltop Sludge Hut A locked safe (2) sinking into a shallow pond, along with a log cabin with a cooking station inside and no proper ventilation.
18 Roadside Stalls (Uncanny Caverns) There's still some pickings to be had at this miners' stall, if you like corn, alcohol, and potato crisps.
19 Cement Pipe Excavation and Railroad Carriages There are two safes (1, 2), one in the west signal tower and the other in an orange carriage to the east. Grab some weaponry and junk here, too.
20 Propeller Head's Shack A small curved-roof shack and billboard, with a propeller generator atop the rock outcrop above.
21 Lake Reynolds Dump Rusting fairground signs, a cargo carriage with an impromptu office in it, and a rusty pickup to pick over.
22 Small Raider Camp White tarp sheets offer a modicum of protection at this pole and breeze block camp, with sleeping bags and a duffel bag.
23 Oak Tree Vista An old oak tree, dead but still atop the hill with a pile of breeze blocks and views of Beckley to the north.
24 Route 84 Turnout A cluster of rusty military vehicles and Old Glory on a flagpole indicate what used to be a road turnout.
25 Gnome Sweet Gnome Camp A dirt field of earth, gnomes, a golf cart, gnomes, a rusty trailer, gnomes, a van, and yet more gnomes.
26 Cultist Altar (south of Hornwright Testing Site #02) Scattered skeletal bodies, bones and skulls, the Ash Rose, and a tangled cult totem.
27 Orange Tarp Scavenger's Stall An old stall constructed from a tipped truck trailer, which still has a safe (3) inside and some weaponry to gather from a display case.
28 Top of the Heap A single orange chair sits atop a frightening clifftop fall; head here for a selfie across most of the Ash Heap, if the weather cooperates.
29 Welch Miner Blockade The upper western blockage of Welch yields more than just empty paint cans; there's aluminum veins here, too.
30 Golden Quarry Pond A sunken pond with plants and gold veins to pillage from.
31 Sludge Trailer A rusting metal trailer with junk to gather, a place to sleep, and an outdoor space best described as "gunky."
32 Military Comms Tower Mount Blair South A small, quest-related comms dish standing on a low dirt hill near telephone poles and wires.
33 Red Star Roadside Home Across from the small warehouse and Vault 63 entrance is a large home to check for items.
34 Vault 63 A small, unassuming metal warehouse has a door inside leading to a cave entrance, cog door, and Vault 63.
35 Vertibird Crash Site (South part of The Ash Heap) Skeletal remains, a crate or two, and the rusting remains of an aircraft that crashed after the bombs dropped.
36 Wild Wolf Homestead A farmhouse, garage, scarecrow, and mutfruit greenhouse await those exploring the southeastern edge of the Ash Heap.
37 Miners' Road Block A blockade across the road to the east of the mine owners' vertical mansions.
38 Halloween Horror Hamlet A Halloween-themed farmstead on both sides of the room, where pumpkins are plentiful.


p. 395

When visiting Savage Divide, remember the ground is more unforgiving than in other regions, so stay on paths or roads to prevent stepping off a sheer drop! This region splits West Virginia between the west and east; the mountainous topography stretches north to south across the map and consists mainly of steep slopes, large craggy rock scree, forests, and some idyllic spots with incredible views. There are many interesting and unique dwellings to chance upon, ranging from a temple of enlightenment close to the northern border, to a house filled with pumpkins, to caves where the strangest of cryptids reside. Slap bang in the middle of the map is the "giant red thumbtack" known as Top of the World; as you'd expect, this observation tower and hifalutin shopping mall that once catered to the well-to-do skiers at Pleasant Valley is now a rusting landmark with which to orient yourself. Those seeking peace and quiet might do well to visit the array of large radio astronomy structures, including a massive dish in the mountains, once part of the United States National Radio Quiet Zone.

Also take time to see how the other half lived by checking out the still-manicured grounds of The Whitespring, a sprawling hotel complex with more than a few secrets under its foundations. Subterranean secrets don't end there either; Savage Divide is home to three initially unassuming "sites" (Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie). In reality, this is a vast military complex where nuclear missiles can be launched from, providing you have the mental mettle to solve the cypher involved!


p. 396

The northern wilds of Savage Divide have mountainous forest you can get lost in for days, remote cabins, strange militia compounds, abandoned camps, and odd caves abound (if you can discover them). Stay on the main roads, though, to discover the largest Red Rocket Gas Station ever seen (a great workshop to defend), a pumpkin house with a suitably orange Mr. Handy, and a huge domed telescope observatory. The southwestern part of the zone encompasses the foothills of Monongah, with the ruined town and idle power plant of the same name. Lest you think mining is just confined to the Ash Heap, it's also worth exploring the mine workings too; here you'll find sealed shafts, old (and particularly spiky) Raider camps and checkpoints, and strange, hunched atrocities known as Mole Miners, who don't take kindly to trespassers.


pp. 397–398

Wholeness Through Transcendence! This oddity of architecture has been here before the war and still has a faded grandeur about it, even after it was turned into a Raider camp. View it from the vista turnout along the road, or better yet, explore the small water pavilions before venturing into the multilevel interior in search of loot and one of the best views over Toxic Valley. Also note the Holotape Duplication Terminal; if you have a spare holotape (e.g., from Sugar Grove), you may be able to record a tape (or even a game!) for your fellow explorers. Finally, check the two parked trailers in the wilderness north of here; there might be a Power Armor frame in it for you.


pp. 398–399

On a remote stretch of Route 98, you'll find the rusting remains of a military munitions location, complete with three repairable gun emplacement turrets and a vertibot landing pad (for that extra airborne defense!). Inside the factory, unlock the door by the stairs (2) to access a small ammo closet. On the upper gantry is a second locked door (1), leading to a storage room with possible Power Armor and a Weapons Workbench. Start the munitions conveyor belts to begin pumping out masses of ammo and a variety of other resources.


p. 399

This remote wilderness cabin is said to be the final resting of an elderly couple who lived out their last days here. This is a reasonable place to hide away from it all. There's a cabin and metal trailer to loot.


p. 399

On the rough and rocky terrain is a horrifying slit in the earth; a gathering of Scorched and a terrifying Scorchbeast appear from this fissure. Avoid unless you're powerful enough!


pp. 400–401

Exterior: One of the three nuclear launch silos is hidden deep below this unassuming brick-walled military hut. Enter to open the Overseer's Cache inside before opening the elevator and using the hand scanner (if the aforementioned quest is active).

Interior: If you've managed to access the scanner as part of the quest, you can finally reach this vast, underground bunker. After fooling the biometric scanner to access the chambers beyond the initial laser grid, you may have to restore power to the reactor, destroy the mainframe, replace the mainframe cores, and defend the section chief robots while they coordinate a possible nuclear strike you (and your cohorts) may be attempting. After the targeting computer is ready, you just need to solve the code and launch that nuke!


p. 401

This run-down substation once provided power to Sunnytop. You can bring it to life again and use the power box to generate energy for your C.A.M.P.


p. 401

This was one of the many fortified Raider locations in the Sunnytop complex, and the ramshackle, spiky architecture has been added to a once-idyllic train station exterior. Use this as a base camp when exploring the vicinity, due to the trading and stashing opportunities.


p. 402

Once a high-class mountaintop ski chalet and hotel, this has changed hands between Raiders and Super Mutants for some time now, and the greenskins seem to be winning. Feel free to mooch around behind the main entrance for an alternate method of entering the three main joined structures, which are spread over three interior floors.


p. 403

This small, green-roofed lodge at the base of the ruined ski lift is usually filled with revolting foes, as well as some choice collectibles. Watch for traps!


p. 403

Need to survey the northern mountains? Then locate this tower on a relatively steep rock slope with light scrub. Check the parked pickup for some minor junk; then scale the tower to its extra-spooky top—there's a Halloween party going on up here!


p. 403

A large crack in the earth has appeared in the farmland in the neighborhood, close to the Pumpkin House attraction. Exercise extreme caution—there are hordes of Scorched and their winged and monstrous brethren!


p. 403

Close to a traffic pileup on the nearby road is a strange cave—all the more eerie if you visit it at night; the glowing fungus causes the cave opening to appear as a large simulacrum of a skull. Inside, expect to need additional verticality to reach some upper ledges. Outside, trek to the top of the hill above the cave to explore a small cemetery.


p. 403

Do you like pumpkins? Not as much as the residents of this abode, who've dressed a Mr. Handy (jack-o'-lantern) up to look like a motorized gourd. You can never have enough pumpkins.


p. 404

A host of rusting vehicles stand where they were abandoned at this huge Red Rocket Gas Station, diner, and shopping area. Concentrate on the radioactive barrels and patio area at the foot of the giant Red Rocket sign. This is where the workshop is; defend it. Defend, too, the outlying structures (it's easy to build defenses and get onto the low roofs) and scavenge for a multitude of junk.

15. VAULT 94 (VAULT)

p. 405

An unassuming cave entrance, close to the rusting remains of a coach, is a clue to a vast subterranean Vault-Tec location, currently sealed (with the possible collectibles inside). You will initially be unable to access the vault via the Vault Access Control Terminal's inner entrance door. Perhaps you could "raid" it at a later date?


p. 405

This mansion sits on a rocky bluff overlooking Morgantown. Its boundary begins at a locked gatehouse (0) with armaments inside. The main lodge needs a lick of paint. You can explore it by stepping through the broken windows.


p. 405

On the winding road atop the mountain mine, expect the remains of a Raider checkpoint, now taken over by some decidedly less savory characters. Close by is the Overlook, offering some tents to check and a wooden deck with impressive vistas across to Grafton lake.


p. 405

This mine complex was recently taken over and then abandoned by Raiders. Currently, strange other creatures lurk among the roadside fortifications and mine yard. Though there's no interiors to explore, expect to check a road block (near the electrical pylon) by the large "Monongah Mine" sign. Farther up Route 95 is another Raider blockade. The mine consists of a red water tower, various trailers, and a curved roof but its entrance is blocked by fallen rock. Farther up the hill to the east are three boarded-up houses.


pp. 406–407

Note this location also encompasses the Monongah Power Plant Yard (Workshop), so check out that subsequent location for additional items and resources. Providing power to most of the Savage Divide (once you start the generation back up again), this plant is dominated by two huge cooling towers, with a scattering of wooden defenses, military vehicles, rusting trucks, and other large detritus, mainly around the main entrance. Enter via one of the following ground-level entrances: turbine hall and locker room (south exterior), the main entrance (lobby, south exterior), the loading dock (north), the turbine hall (inside a metal shed on the north side), and turbine hall (double doors, west exterior), and via both cooling towers. Alternatively, you can head up the gantry steps to a series of platforms and rooftop locations, which includes several linked blue maintenance huts atop the main plant. Access the fuel storage (two separate entrances), loading dock, turbine hall, or the west cooling tower (via the roof). Once inside, remove any enemies, be aware of the chambers (especially the Reactor room) with increased radiation, and claim the quality junk you crave.


p. 408

The map for this location is within the perimeter of the Monongah Power Plant (see the red Transformer Yard signs throughout the plant). If you're hankering for Fusion Cores, prepare to claim and defend this workshop, as there's a couple of Fusion Core Processors already within the workshop area, attached to the Monongah Power Box. The workshop itself is on the wire fencing near the power station's substation. Also think about using the gun emplacements too; one is northeast of the workshop.


p. 408

Uphill from the large power station is Monongah, now reduced to a collection of slowly rotting dwellings. There is evidence of some holdouts, though the large boulders that have recently come crashing down from the mountain above have further damaged this old mining town.

22. OBSERVATORYIn-game spelling

p. 409

The AtlasIn-game spelling Observatory, an atmospheric and astronomic facility, is one of the largest domed telescopes still left standing. It offers loot as well as information on what scientific research was going on before the bombs dropped. Outside, the rocky mountain outcrop upon which the observatory is built offers exceptional views to the west, toward Monongah. There's a small exterior door (2) on the structure's western edge, but the main entrance is on the south side, after navigating an enemy-filled parking lot (or sneaking in via the lower loading dock entrance to the southeast). Inside, the circular structure is somewhat confusing unless you methodically search each chamber, culminating with a check of the giant telescope itself.


p. 410

This metal caravan is parked at the far end of a small junkyard and is guarded by turrets. Come for the Power Armor Station. Stay for the small collection of skulls?


p. 410

This small chem-producing compound is ruled over by a Raider offshoot gang. Dane and his cohorts are no longer present, but the place is still dangerous. Check the basement of the faded blue house for a locked security gate (3) behind which may be some Power Armor. There's a whole load of tin canisters and glass bottles at the shooting range, on the hill next to the Buck's Den—Dane's tavern of ill repute.


p. 411

Should you wish to visit one of the mountain summits and access the Emergency Management System Relay Terminal (after repairing it first), then head to this small radio transmitter.


p. 411

The mountaintop forest in this area was once cleared and chopped into more manageable stacks of wood, which can now be scavenged, along with other junk items at this tent camp.


pp. 411–413

# Name Description
1 Tent Town at Trail Picnic Spot There are multiple tents and sleeping bags to check out at this information post along the northern trail.
2 The Hunter's Comeuppance A wooden deck along the trail, at a small rock outcrop, features a couple of fallen skeletal hunters and a recently culled Yao Guai.
3 Razor Edge Raider Camp A medium-sized Raider camp, constructed from a trail picnic area north of the Converted Munitions Factory.
4 Rustbucket Shrine A circular henge of vehicles, with a central car fashioned into a rough throne, possibly for a deranged (and now dead) Raider chief.
5 Cave at Wilderness Edge A cave opening, good hiding spot, and small interior with three sleeping bags, a cooking station, and some junk to gather.
6 Safe Robbers' Standoff A pickup parked on a cliff still has a safe on the back; the robbers attempted to settle their differences using blind, ugly violence.
7 Water Purifier Pond and Camp (southeast of Prickett's Fort) A water purifier sits on a clifftop pond, with two tents and a sleeping bag.
8 Raider's Last Flight A pistol, ammo, and chems lie next to a dead Raider pilot and her crashed plane.
9 Toxic Junk Dump A cluster of scrap and junk, some of it radioactive, along with two truck trailers. Pick the lock of one for a chance at Power Armor!
10 Low Foothills Cyclists' Camp Rugged terrain, two small white tents, and a cooking station on a bluff edge where bikes (and lives) have been discarded.
11 Car Henge Amid the high mountain forests, someone has erected a circle of half-buried cars. What fresh demonry is this?
12 Bailey Family Pond A large irradiated pond with a teddy enjoying that tire ring; check the pond bed for a locked safe.
13 Mole Miners' Camp A steep rocky hill with strewn pipes and debris, and a small collection of junk at the top, manned by the Mole Miners.
14 Hilltop House Ruins There's still some junk to gather (dinner plates anyone?) at this almost-completely-destroyed home.
15 Pickup Truck Crash (Route 98) A pickup veered off the sharp corners of the main road, but the real prize is a gravel pit in the vicinity.
16 Oil Slick on Route 98 The road is messy, as a vehicle flipped and struck a pole, oil leaking everywhere.
17 Wreckage Camp and Raider Lookout Aster flowers grow where Raiders once murdered and strung up their foes. Check this lookout for items, too.
18 Mole Miner Network (North) Mole Miners have gathered scrap and chimes and have blocked off small mine shafts in this area.
19 Monongah Power Truck Jackknife There's rusty vehicle parts, tires, and some scattered items outside the substation at the road junction here.
20 Mole Miner Network (South) Mole Miners have gathered scrap and chimes and have blocked off small mine shafts in this area.
21 Sunnytop Steps If you're following the hiking trail, check the long deck steps with a "car bed" camp at the bottom of them.
22 Vertibird Crash Site (Converted Munitions Factory) No one survived the crash of this craft, with wings and fuselage everywhere, on mountainous terrain southwest of the factory.
23 Military Checkpoint (Route 98) A platform, parked vehicles, and a green tent with some loot to gather, on the high forest road.
24 Caution! Fallen Rocks on Route 98 The warning signs are there for a reason; falling rocks have blocked the road, though this is the least of your worries.
25 North Mountain Oratory Camp Tainted milk? It seems a group of folks all took milk; their skeletal corpses lie bleaching in the sun in this small gathering place.
26 Military Checkpoint (North Route 98) This tent and road block haven't quite been picked clean yet; check it and the various rusting road vehicles for chems.
27 Roadside T-Bone (Route 98) A particularly vicious accident involving two vehicles on a remote and sharp corner of the road.
28 Deathclaw Alcove Corpses and cracked eggs lie under a shallow rock alcove, close to where Deathclaws have been known to prowl.
29 Mole Rat Watering Hole Someone has been tipping trash into a tiny dirty pond in these remote parts. Check the pond for two bodies and a crate to open.
30 Cultist Barrel Storage A collection of half-buried barrels below a strange Mothman cultist totem.
31 Cliffside Picnic and Parasols A cooking station, "beer basketball," and fantastic vistas await if you can reach this remote and rocky picnic.
32 End of the Road (Trailer) A friend of Vincent's has left a note inside the locked trailer, which had crashed and slid down this hill.
33 Halloween Fright Farm A small ticket shed and some Halloween-themed farm fields, though the real terror is the nearby fissure.
34 Pumpkin House Neighbors: Glamping Site Featuring a cooking station, picnic table, and expanded green caravan, welcome to the latest in camping technology.
35 Pumpkin House Playground (and Military Convoy) Stalled on Interstate 66 is a military convoy, close to a small playground.
36 Pumpkin House Neighbors A group of dilapidated homes, some without roofs and some with junk to grab in and around them.
37 Pumpkin House Neighbors: Container Cottage A roofless cottage, with a variety of containers cunningly jammed into it.
38 Pumpkin House Neighbors: Plastic Peoples' School Bus A yellow school bus filled with passengers of the plastic persuasion.
39 Monongah Switchbacks (Log Truck) A logging truck has fallen down through the switchback road on a descent from the mine summit.
40 Monongah Mine West Raider Checkpoint The Raiders' mine dominance used to stretch west to this road checkpoint, which has two lookouts and a hilltop shack with junk to grab.
41 Mine Cart Camp Another part of the Monongah mineIn-game spelling Raider camp complex. There are mine carts here. Climb the rocks to a small white tent, too.
42 Monongah Mine East Raider Checkpoint A Raider checkpoint with lookouts on both sides of the road, a mattress, ammo, and a hilltop shack to rummage through.
43 Lonely Railroad Shack This small red shed used to house a variety of workman's items; now these are mostly stolen and the shack fallen into dereliction.
44 The Lovebirds (south of Sunnytop) A bony groom and his plastic bride are enjoying bathtub relaxation in the back of a pickup, on the rough scree slopes in this area.
45 Railroad Ravine Raider Camp A railroad gorge between two rock walls is the perfect place for an ambush, which is why Raiders camped here.
46 Top of the Hill Military Camp A green tent and small satellite dish are on this hillside, which has impressive views in all directions.
47 Vehicle Pileup on I-63In-game spelling A locked safe, a sealed mine tunnel, a rusting crane, and Raider corpses are in this shanty camp, which has three main structures.
48 Monongah Mine Tower A massively tall wooden tower that used to dump coal on carriages. Now it's a good landmark when exploring the mine area.
49 Vehicle Pileup on I-63 There are numerous rusting vehicles, including a coach to sleep in, and a locked (3) big-rig full of bikes.
50 Hopewell Cave Graves A small hilltop cemetery above the cave, with some strangely arranged skulls. Possible cultist activity?
51 East Ridge Hunter's Pickup There's a Radstag corpse here for the skinning, though the hunter may have been eaten by wolves. Check the cooking station too.
52 Clifftop Vista Cabin Take a friend to this half-finished cabin with epic views across the Mire; come for the Weapons Workbench, Water Pump, mods, and more!
53 Two Ponds at East Ridge The remains of a watering hole play area with a picnic table and a river leading down into the Mire.
54 Ingram Guardhouse A guardhouse on the outskirts of Ingram ManorIn-game spelling has some ammo and items to discover both inside and around the small hut.
55 Ingram Overlook Camp An orange tent, small deck with two picnic tables, and impressive views, and even a Caps Stash to gather on this cliffside camp.
56 Yao Guai Alcove (Monongah) A shallow alcove below the rock ridge holds carcasses of slain beasts, killed by Yao Guai. Or something worse?
57 Monongah Campground A tent and barbecue northwest of town, with majestic views of...the power plant.
58 Comms Shed (Monongah) Strange wiring from the tree and a small shed with a safe (2) in it. Is this anything to do with the nearby basement lab in Monongah?
59 Woodland Outhouse Northwest of Seneca Rocks Visitor Center is a small outhouse, now a storage shed.
60 Seneca Gardener's Truck Aster and Wild Carrot Flower grow in the back of this half-buried pickup truck, off the road south of Monongrah.
61 Fisherman's Lookout (west of Observatory) Raiders with a penchant for fishing managed to scavenge and place the cabin of a boat atop one of their spiky lookouts, on this rock ledge.
62 Observatory Silo A taloIn-game spelling electronics silo, a rusty bike with a skeletal rider, and three smaller satellites; all are on this upper ridge.
63 Observatory Control Point A small Raider lookout checkpoint on the road, with some minor boxes to loot from.
64 Crashed Prop Plane A propeller plane took a grooved chunk out of the landscape when it crashed in this remote area.
65 The Yellow Bike Tent A cyclist has parked their bike at a fallen tent, with a cooking station and Acid to harvest if you peer over the edge of the cliff.


p. 414

The central part of Savage Divide has a southwestern peninsula stretching to the edge of the Forest and the Ash Heap. Here there are geographical wonders (the Seneca Rocks); cave systems with cryptids (the infamous Wendigo Cave); and a huge ski resort (Pleasant Valley) with cabins, lodges, and the "map thumbtack" known as Top of the World (a landmark so large it can be seen from pretty much every region). Then there are the smaller, but no less bizarre locales: a shack selling strange meat, a chemical disposal site not living up to its name, and a huge derailment with numerous rusting carriages to inspect. But the finely manicured golf course, marble-white grand hotel, and hidden subterranean bunker—part of The Whitespring complex where the nation's greatest minds (and politicians) sought refuge—is perhaps the most intriguing location to attempt to infiltrate.


p. 415

A trio of cottages (ransacked but in relatively good shape) and a torn-up cabin sit above a small motel and Red Rocket Gas Station at the foot of the massive Seneca Rocks formation. Utilize the My Stash Box (in the Red Rocket Gas Station) for all your junk-transferring needs.


p. 415

This inaccessible fin-like peak, also known colloquially as "razorback ridge," is a massive mountain of quartzite and cannot be climbed. However, there is a path south of the Visitor Center that cuts up and east toward the railroad and InterstateIn-game spelling 63.


p. 415

The delightfully named Sludge Hole is one of the small Raider camps dotted around the vicinity of Pleasant Valley. This one is adjacent to a small toxic lake, with some purification machinery still standing.


p. 416

If you enjoy gazing at the Seneca Rocks with human heads on stakes in the foreground of your photos, then head to this small Raider camp, usually overrun by a new menace.


p. 416

Set into an unassuming hilltop rock outcrop, take great care when exploring the interior of this old cave system, as it's the lair of one (or more) Wendigo creatures and other monstrosities!


p. 417

If you enjoy incredible vistas, steep rocky terrain, and remote locations, trek to this lone cabin atop a cliff. Remember to approach it from the right direction (heading west to east)!


p. 417

On the winding switchback path that runs up from Berkeley Springs (the Mire Region), up west toward Autumn Acre Cabin, there's a smattering of odd or abandoned locations, starting with an empty campsite. Farther up is Toxic Larry's shack. Gather a variety of interesting meat from here. Atop the cliff is a rough deck and outhouse, where Larry collected a large amount of fuel tanks. And jugs. Don't forget to check the outhouse perched away from the
main structures; there's a buried safe there (3) to open.


p. 417

Atop the western edge of the mountains, north of Pleasant Valley, is a small Raider camp with a raised lookout tower, some improvised seating, and body parts strewn and spiked.


pp. 418–419

The adjacent map shows the entirety of the Pleasant Valley area, which includes this location, Top of the World, the Ski Resort, and the Station. Though the borders between these locations aren't rigid, in general, anywhere north of the top of the mountain ridge (with the children's playground and lookout point), all the way to the lookout at Skullbone Vantage is this location, while anything south is the Ski Resort.

Expect slight confusion as you orient yourself regarding the numerous medium-sized cabins and lodges in this area. All have a variety of loot (both junk and collectibles) as well as locked doors and safes to pry open. The lower of the ridges features a lodge that Raiders had turned into a brutal arena; Power Armor may be available here, as well as various workbenches and refreshments. Watch for a few traps as you scout around (mainly a turret and a tripwire in the lower grand lodge).


p. 419

Think of this landmark as a giant red thumbtack in the middle of Savage Divide! The huge, red shopping and eating attraction, seen from across Appalachia, is known as Top of the World. Most recently, Raiders from the cabins and resort have erected small defenses and dropped mines underneath the superstructure, so approach and explore with care.

Take the central elevator up to the shopping center in the sky; however, many of the stores have been significantly repurposed and the whole place now has something of a "shantytown" vibe. Ride the elevator again to a sky restaurant and computer control room, where you can further your quests.


p. 420

The southern part of Pleasant Valley encompasses a large ski resort building and various Raider reinforcements and blockade structures. See Primary Location: Pleasant Valley Cabins for the full map. Head east to west, and you move through the battlements and into a stone-floored exterior plaza, with three large wooden lodge structures. Of the three, only the interior of the northwest lodge is accessible (though you can gather items from the outside decks of the other two structures). Inside, check the Trading Post for bartering possibilities, as well as a small locked armory in the basement. Then head upstairs across the landing, through the double doors, to the trunk and possible Magazine on the upper (south) deck.


p. 420

The southeastern edge of Pleasant Valley (Top of the World) is the train station, which is spitting distance from the South Cutthroat Camp and features a "Top of the World" sign. Once used as a food distribution center (before being ransacked by Raiders), this should be your base of operations; trade with the Bot and leave your Stashed items here between explorations around and about.


p. 420

Blocking the main arterial road to the south of Top of the World is an old Raider camp, which seems to have had the most rudimentary of trading possibilities, as well as heads on stakes.


p. 420

Highway 63 In-game spellingis completely blocked at this Raider checkpoint, though current threats are usually more robotic in nature. Heads-up: there's a possible Magazine on a plank table and a Bobblehead perched above the Tinker's Workbench, among the various small fortifications that litter either side of the road.


p. 420

Long-dead Raiders have still left some explosive surprises as you climb this tower; beware of mines as you ascend. Two dead Raiders seem to have finished their game of checkers a little prematurely. The views up here are excellent from almost every angle.


p. 421

On a particularly boggy area of high mountains is a pond (making a natural moat). A moonshiner's fermentation operation is up here as well. Check the one of the two caravans for a possible Magazine, and scavenge the rest of the junk.


p. 421

An old Raider camp offering excellent views of Summersville across the valley to the west. Watch your step; you don't want other Vault Dwellers to rename this location "cliff fall" after a stumble in the wrong direction.


p. 421

You may be shocked to learn that this dumping ground for rusting vehicles is neither safe, nor clean (though there is usually toilet paper in the outhouse). Expect fighting clustered around the small red barn.


p. 421

Dozens of railroad containers and carriages lie in various positions; almost none of them sit on the rusting tracks. Sweep the two signal switch towers, the offices behind the ticket office and bank facades, and the main repair warehouse, along with checking any open carriages for items.


p. 422

The northern end of the railyard features even more mangled metal: train carriages, including those carrying military supplies; cargo carriages; containers; and road traffic. All of this is snarled up in a large and slowly rusting maze. Check under one of the balanced carriages for a hidey-hole.


p. 422

The Beckwiths have long since shuffled off this mortal coil, but their farmstead still stands—but only just! There's meager pickings, though the tractor shed has a Weapons Workbench to fiddle with.


p. 422

This was once a must-stop along Route 105, but if you're looking forward to some pork ribs, you might have to make do with squirrel bits. Or worse. The red barn houses the majority of the junk, with two small (and sealed) adjacent cottages nearby.


pp. 422–423

Exterior: A small, unassuming shed with a rusty pickup, close to a small pond, gives little indication of the massive military base underneath. Discover the Overseer's Cache here, before entering a door and accessing the elevator using the hand scanner (which you're able to utilize as part of the quest).

Interior: If you've managed to access the scanner as part of the quest, you can finally reach this vast, underground bunker site. After fooling the biometric scanner to access the chambers beyond the initial laser grid, you may have to restore power to the reactor, destroy the mainframe, replace the mainframe cores, and defend the section chief robots while they coordinate a possible nuclear strike you (and your cohorts) may be attempting. After the targeting computer is ready, you just need to solve the code and launch that nuke!


p. 423

The Whitespring maintenance robots don't venture this far west, so expect the lookout tower (and outhouse) to be overgrown. The tower offers excellent 360-degree views.


p. 424

This is part of The Whitespring Resort, and the exterior map is referenced with that location. Looking amazingly untouched by the ravages of war, this golf club (once popular with politicians and titans of industry) has been kept well manicured by robotic attendants, as the human occupants are looking distinctly emaciated. There's a full 18 holes to explore (with small stone storage huts and a refreshment kiosk to gather loot from), though the main area of interest is the club house (for junk appropriation). The row of white bungalows and Presidential Cottage and Museum along the edge of the location are off-limits unless you have the necessary hand scanner code.


pp. 425–426

Encompassing five primary locations, this lavish resort has received presidents, senators, and many other high-ranking officials in the past—not least because of the large nuclear bunker underneath the main hotel structure. The U-shaped resort hotel has a central entrance and numerous side and other entrances around its perimeter. Other areas of interest around the exterior include formal gardens and a grand double staircase up to the main entrance, a pitch-and-putt area (because you can never have too many golf courses), and a veranda, all with Protectron butlers to take care of the new-departed VIPs' every whim. Also on the property is a small staff lounge, laundry, and garden storage structure.

If you're expecting faded grandeur and a few items to loot, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised; the robot attendants have kept this location operational to such an extent that you may end up believing the apocalypse never happened—until you discover the odd radroach in a maintenance room, of course. Enjoy the finest in opulence as you wander the corridors, paying particular attention to the Soda Fountain, which offers every type of Nuka-Cola imaginable! There are also many lower-level shops, including Artisan's Corner (offering all workbenches and two My Stash Boxes so you aren't weighed down while you ransack the place!). All store robots are vendors, making this exceptional for trading too. Now, if you only had the hand scanner to access the hidden entrance into The Whitespring Bunker....


p. 427

Attached to the exterior of the main Whitespring Hotel exterior is an unassuming garage and service door. This white-brick structure is actually a secondary entrance and exit to The Whitespring Bunker, though a hand scanner and three laser grids prevent progress.


p. 427

This is part of The Whitespring Resort, and the exterior map is referenced with that location. There are three separate access points: the service entrance, the hidden exit from the military wing into the resort hotel, and the maintenance hut entrance shown on the map. You need an ID card and your best behavior in order to enter this large, well-kept vault (due to the multiple robots that turn hostile if you start shooting). Access the ModusIn-game spelling terminals, learn about the different mutated species the geneticists are tracking, and even find a special suit of Power Armor.


p. 428

As one might expect, there's a higher standard of workmanship and cleanliness once you pry open the locked door (0) that leads to this station's plush interior. Outside, use the Stash Box and Vendor Bot between missions in and around Whitespring.


pp. 428–429

# Name Description
66 Gnomes' Allotment Half-buried pickups are the planters for this carrot and tato garden, tended to by inanimate dwarven folk.
67 Seneca Skewer An impressive rusty pole with multiple skewered corpses on it, near the red rail bridge.
68 Military Comms Tower Autumn Acre A small, quest-related comms dish standing on a wood deck at a cliff edge, near a large collection of human cages.
69 Gnomes on the Range Cousin Ted sits over a trio of gnomes as they inspect some skeletal remains on a rock outcrop.
70 Isolated Outhouse (north of Autumn AcresIn-game spelling Cabin) Plans, two toolboxes, and a skeleton with a crushed skull are all close to a rickety outhouse among the rocks.
71 Autumn Acre Rollover Crash A military SUV and a cyclist have both succumbed to the elements after crashing down this remote ravine.
72 Picnic Overlook A cliffside picnic area with stunning views to the west, Silt Beans to nibble on, and a possible Albino Radstag sighting!
73 Rock Outcrop Tarp Camp (west of Skullbone Vantage) A small, blue tarp tent camp of a woodsman, close to the gondolas.
74 Shenanigan Raider Tower of Power A monumental windmill on the dirt ski slopes north of Top of the World, with steps and platforms that lead to ammo at the top.
75 Going, Going, Gondola The remains of the ski lift has its upper anchor point here; check the fallen and hanging gondolas for possible items or sniping positions.
76 Ski Lift Base Camp A medium-sized camp of rusting red gondolas, below and west of Top of the World.
77 Pleasant Valley Picnic Vista A good place to stop, admire the view, use the cooking station, and pick up a new sniper rifle.
78 Battle Site Gore splatters, Hallucigen canisters, and corpses on the rocks on this mountainous cliffside terrain.
79 Walking Trail Picnic Area and Vista Though the view is still there, the laughing picnic-goers have been replaced by skeletal corpses and slowly rotting junk.
80 Roadkill Raider Spikes A collection of severed heads on spikes on the way from InterstateIn-game spelling 63 to the Sludge Hole.
81 Pond and Raft (Central Mountains) A settler lies quietly rotting on a small floating raft with a blue tarp sail on a small cliffside pond.
82 Gardener's Shack Aster, Carrots, Tato, and Wild Carrot Flowers are grown next to a tiny cabin with a sleeping bag, against the rock cliff.
83 Marksman's Trailer An old military truck pulling a metal trailer has parked up on a rocky bluff. Check the trailer for a Weapons Workbench.
84 The Fishing Spot: Autumn AcresIn-game spelling A small pond with a rickety jetty and some strewn skeletons.
85 Autumn Acre Arch An interesting geological novelty, a rock arch southeast of Autumn Acres.
86 Moonshiner's Overlook On the edge of Toxic Larry's, this clifftop platform and small camp has two resident skeletons and some Aster to harvest.
87 Larry's Tent Camp and Switchbacks Below Larry's meat shack is a steep path up from Berkeley Springs and a campground with Wild Carrot Flower to pick.
88 Copper Load of This! A selection of Copper Veins on the rocks east of Toxic Larry's Meat 'n Go.
89 Stuck in the Mud Matters took a turn for the bloody during the rescue of one pickup truck using a winch from another.
90 Cliffwatch Offroader A rusty vehicle with a skeletal driver has given up the ghost halfway up this mountain. Grab the jug and gas mask before you leave.
91 Cliff Path Duel On the narrow rock tiers in this rough terrain are two skeletons, both slain in a possible duel, though one has a pickaxIn-game spelling through his skull.
92 Tent Camp (southwest of Top of the World) A green tent with a cooking station, wild carrot flowers, and two mattresses to sleep on, under the path of the electrical pylons.
93 Pileup on I-63In-game spelling An impressive mangle of rust, steel, and skeletal remains on the interstate.
94 Blue Zip Billboard A billboard above Interstate 63In-game spelling hides a small camp at its base with items, a cooking station, and a sleeping bag.
95 DUI on Route 105 A crashed car with the driver's skeletal remains next to the moonshine jug that caused the accident.
96 The Broken Bus: Raider Checkpoint Mangled metal, pieces of vehicles, spikes, and small lookouts, as well as possible Raider Power Armor on the upper roadside rocks.
97 Road Washout (Route 105) The road is almost completely washed away in places on this high mountain pass.
98 Rotting Rowboat (Acid Pond) A decaying rowboat moored at a small pond with an Acid deposit beneath the waters.
99 Fallen Tree Camp Evidence of an amateur's attempt at a camp, with boards nailed against a clifftop tree.
100 Ravine Camp Two sleeping bags in the back of a pickup, Firecracker berries to gnaw on, and a cooking station; also come to this ravine for the junk.
101 Biker's Grove One of the dotted rusting trailers in this region, though this one was used by a dirt bike fan. There's a sleeping bag in the trailer.
102 Garden Gnome Party A couple of skeletons and garden gnomes in a shallow rock fissure.
103 Quiet Time Chem Trailer A rusty caravan trailer with a cooking and chem station, wooden platform battlements, and some choice junk and blackberries.
104 Bathtub Garden Camp A gnome seems happy with himself as he guards a bathtub of tato and carrot plants in this small camp against a rock wall.
105 Cliffwatch Target Range A steep slope and a jug of mountain honey await those seeking target practice down this mountain.
106 The Clifftop Drunkard A rusty SUV and a skeleton with a scattering of vices sit atop this rocky bluff.
107 Raider Lookout (south of Cliffwatch) Need to check out Whitespring and cook, sleep, or play the guitar too? Then this is the lookout to look for.
108 Outcrop Camp (northwest of Safe 'n Clean Disposal) A cooking station, tent, sleeping bag, some tinned coffee, and evidence of Super Mutant human cages.
109 New Appalachian Underpass A mangle of two coaches and a small Raider checkpoint under the rail bridge.
110 Carnage on the I-62In-game spelling (Whitespring) Corpses in various forms of disintegration lie next to mangled vehicles in various forms of disintegration. Come for the junk.


p. 430

A giant green thumbtack known as Spruce Knob isn't even the largest landmark in this part of the region; that honor belongs to the National Isolated Radio Array—a dish of epic proportions, though the real prize (if you like holotapes and Caps Stashes) is inside a secondary scientific center to the northeast known as Sugar Grove. Elsewhere there are mines, remote cabins, mountain lakes with only lightly irradiated waters, scattered Raider camps, a natural landmark of razor-sharp rock known as Devil's Backbone, a quaint bed-and-breakfast, and the tallest structure outside of Watoga—a vertigo-inducing monorail monolith close to Cranberry Bog.


p. 431

This substation has the added "bonus" of some ramshackle Raider defenses you can clear, though the place doesn't have an overabundance of junk. Restore power to the Monongah Power Plant, and expect to use this to power a C.A.M.P. you may wish to set up.


p. 432

After being closed due to leaking uranium detected inside the mine structure, this was a shanty camp and Raider stronghold and is now the domain of the odd and dangerous Mole Miners. Check the exterior for signs of a trading location, now reduced to rotting counters and battlements, along with rusting warehouses and the mine entrance. Inside, the mine is partly waterlogged and has more Mole Miners than you might expect. Blackwater Mine exit is just south of Monongah Power Substation MZ-02; look for the hatch in the rocks just east of the railroad tracks overlookingIn-game spelling Whitespring.


p. 433

Head off routeIn-game spelling 105 to investigate this trio of scout cabins deep in the remote mountain wilderness. Chat to the RobotronIn-game spelling here for more information, and search for some collectibles and junk.


p. 433

Just off the bend in the road on Route 104 is a radioactive dumping ground, ripe for the scavenging (assuming you have the necessary protective gear). The curved-roof mine entrance leads to a couple of mine tunnels, stacked with leaking barrels and toxic water. Find narrower tunnels that all lead to a hole in the security room at the entrance, where you can possibly claim some Power Armor.


p. 434

Raiders once guarded this uphill stretch of Route 107 leading to and from West Tek Research Center. Now the place offers a few choice scavenging items and perhaps some light reading.


p. 434

The crown jewel in the old National Radio Quiet Zone is the rectangular area of land encompassing this location known as the National Radio Isolated Radio Array. The office building is relatively small, with a main open-plan area and some exterior rooms, including one with a sagging floor that allows you to reach a ground-floor chamber with a chained door. Continue to the maintenance warehouse to gather more junk, and unlock the side room for a possible Power Armor frame. The massive dish array is controlled at a metal stilt hut but is currently offline. Aside from the base, the huge dish is inaccessible.


pp. 435–436

The Sugar Grove Communications Naval Radio Station was once connected to the other satellite stations in the area. It is now in a shocking state of disrepair, with the weight of a Vertibird compromising the roof, which also has a hole through which you can descend into the interior. To enter the structure, you must access the rear outside elevator or the foyer terminal, both requiring an ID.


p. 437

A small research center is linked to the other radio transmitters and dish arrays dotted around this area. Inside, check the main office pens and balcony offices upstairs to discover some radio anomalies this center had discovered. Also check the ruined basement generator room, accessed via the main stairwell.


p. 438

A remote research facility holds several secrets, though some must have been destroyed by the revolting antics of a recent influx of Super Mutants. Still, there's some extra paint (and paintings) to check out on the roof, before you head inside. Explore the mazelike interior to discover just why the Super Mutants are drawn to this particular location.


p. 439

This small military camp just east of the Research Center consists of a cluster of tents, each with a small but helpful variety of items and collectibles. Clear the area when exploring in this vicinity.


p. 439

Offering more than just epic views of Cranberry Bog (to the east), some right-minded cowboy had started up a planter garden, giving you access to a wide variety of plants you can cook with.


p. 439

Just above the railroad tracks (and a rusting locomotive) is a yellow-colored Victorian house, once offering wonderful views and delicious home-cooked meals. Now it's a series of enemy-filled chambers, requiring a modicum of unlocking to see everything, including some impressive collectible potential.


p. 439

A small Raider camp consisting of a short tower, with sweeping views ofIn-game spelling Whitespring and the Ash Heap to the west.


p. 440

A closed-off cottage, along with a water tower, a rickety shed, a pond pump, and a metal lean-to all sit close to this lightly irradiated mountaintop pond. Don't come for the meager scavenging opportunities; instead use the variety of workbenches at your disposal.


p. 440

Scattered about this high mountain watershed lake are several small areas of interest: a dinghy with two plastic flamingos, some junk in the middle of the lake (underwater), a picnic rock on the lake's bank, a gnome with a ProsnapIn-game spelling camera,
and a skeleton in a rowboat.


p. 440

Find out more about Curtis Wilson at his rusting terminal, within his cabin, on a lonely part of the mountaintop wilderness.


pp. 440–441

Signs of severe and brutal fighting are evident as you visit the small town of Huntersville. The Brotherhood of Steel graveyard, at the southeastern edge of the town threshold (with a dead soldier sporting Power Armor) leads to a military roadblock, evidence that the town was once held by this faction; however, the bloated hanging meat bags reveal a more recent Super Mutant presence.


p. 441

This natural arch of Tuscarora sandstone is a local landmark just east of Huntersville. Visible from the remains of a bridge along Route 107, this has a flagpole, some minor camping detritus atop its peak, and a pond below the bridge with the rudimentary graves of two military soldiers.


p. 441

Another derelict roadside Raider camp, on Route 107 offering exceptional views to the southeast, down the mountain all the way to Watoga (in Cranberry Bog RegionIn-game spelling). The place is booby-trapped and features a revolting selection of what can loosely be described as "carnival attractions."


pp. 441–442

Exterior: The entrance to this sprawling subterranean military installation is hidden inside the R&G Processing Services location (see next entry). Access the hand scanner elevator if the quest is active.

Interior: If you've accessed the scanner as part of the quest, you can finally reach this vast, underground bunker site. After fooling the biometric scanner to access the chambers beyond the initial laser grid, you may have to restore power to the reactor, destroy the mainframe, replace the mainframe cores, and defend the section chief robots while they coordinate a possible nuclear strike you (and your cohorts) may be attempting. After the targeting computer is ready, you just need to solve the code and launch that nuke!


p. 443

Ostensibly a nondescript factory and warehouse location off Route 102, this collection of garages around the main machine room is actually the entrance to the hidden military installation Site Charlie (see previous entry). Be sure you have the (quest-related) hand scanner code if you want to descend to the base!


p. 443

This company train station is just south of the processing factory sharing the same initials. Check the signal tower and a variety of rusting vehicles in the parking lot behind the station, including the green truck-trailer (1), which may have Power Armor inside. Use this as a base camp when exploring the area, trading and storing items as you return here.


p. 443

This wilderness area of lightly irradiated water channels leads to a small lower lake with a derelict cabin nearby. This merges with Spruce Knob Lake to the north.


p. 443

This merges with Spruce Knob Channels to the south. This lightly irradiated lake is usually swarming with Mirelurks. Check the northern, flat-rock shoreline for a shallow cave opening you can wade into, revealing a small military hideout with scavenging potential. The north docks and picnic area is in disrepair, and the rotting hut yields few items, though there may be some light reading in one of the portable toilets.


p. 444

The name of the highest mountain in the Allegheny Mountains, this alpine horror show of a location features a monorail station, as well as a circular observation tower. Check the geographical survey marker on the southwest ground vista platform for a possible Bobblehead (by the trash can), and inspect a guard hut at the lower road entrance to the southeast for some light reading. The monorail station features a train in atrocious condition but with some junk to grab. The tower requires access from the bridge or the winding exterior stairwell; it offers good junk and a defensive position, with the workshop at its base.


p. 444

Follow the trail paths from the lake or workshop to reach scattered tent camps under the monorail. Come for the possibility of a Bobblehead.


p. 444

This tower offers views of Spruce Knob, as well as a small hut with a meager pantry; there's more canned goods at the top of the tower, as well as other bric-a-brac.


p. 445

This gigantic vertical structure is arguably the tallest building in all of Appalachia. It used to serve as a monorail access point and maintenance dock. Now it's a precarious vista where the foolhardy can seek spectacular views and vertigo-inducing maneuvers. The lower (east) tower contains an elevator, while the upper (west) superstructure has a maintenance hut, a fallen monorail, and another elevator. Take the upper elevator to a mid-level gantry and maintenance hut, and take the sky-level stepped gantry up to a stranded monorail with some very precarious planks to traverse! This links to a second gantry and the sky level of the lower elevator, which you can take back down to earth.


pp. 445–446

Sitting on a large rock ridge above a small fetid pond are three huts and a warehouse entrance into an old abandoned mine. The single Cultist totem by the water tower at the exterior entrance is but a prelude to the Mothman shrine found deep within the bowels of the earth. Inside, an eerie mine features lit candles and strange, tangled-branched effigies, along with locked doors; find the keys on the corpses of those you kill to advance. There are multiple passages leading to a cultist chapel and a key on the lectern. Don't leave without visiting a well-hidden chemistry laboratory, found by squeezing through a narrow and easily missed tunnel opening. Need a passcode for the locked keypad door inside the mine? It's on a note in one of the three exterior huts.


p. 446

This small construction yard is filled with rusting trucks and other machinery. Most recently, this was a Raider checkpoint into southern parts of The Ash Heap. You find corpses rotting in this makeshift camp.


p. 446

On the high mountains, just off the abandoned vehicles of Route 101, is an impressive vista point offering views of the Ash Heap, as well as the monorail (and inaccessible nuclear missile launch tube cover) below.


p. 447

This highly contaminated nuclear disposal site has suffered partial structural collapse, with its center now accessible for uranium resource gathering. Protective clothing is a must; search the decontamination structure for Hazmat or Power Armor. Once you've powered up the Monongah Power Plant, expect this workshop to already have available power, negating the need for your first generator or two. Then get your Nuclear Materials mined, and fast!

88. VAULT 96 (VAULT)

p. 447

Set into a large rock outcrop on the divide's southern edge is the entrance to another vault, this one apparently containing cryogenically preserved samples of fauna and genetic data logs for regeneration. Alas, there is no initial method of opening the large "cog" door. Perhaps you can "raid" this location when a special quest becomes active?


p. 447

This lightly irradiated lake features the remains of a pier and a ruined cabin on its eastern banks. There are some rotting walkway bridges to a small campground here too.


p. 447

Venture too far northeast from the lake, and you'll stumble upon a break in the earth; a gathering of Scorched and a terrifying Scorchbeast appear from this fissure. Avoid unless you're impressively tooled up!


p. 447

In the upper wilderness area, along one of the trails close to the region's southeast edge, is a small transmission tower with laser turret defenses. Check inside for a possible supply drop request.


p. 448

This cabin was recently turned into a Raider execution camp; there is evidence of torture atop a nearby rock column with possible Power Armor at the top. Check the cabin and the picnic table, and delve into the outhouse for some items of interest.


pp. 448–449

# Name Description
111 Monongah Raider Tower AnIn-game spelling shanty tower by the substation with impressive views of The Whitespring Resort to the west, across the tracks.
112 Raider Lookout (Blackwater Mine) On a rock ridge above the main mine entrance is a Raider sniper tower with a cooking station.
113 Raider Road Lookout (R105) Expect even more inhumane foes to have commandeered this Raider tower at a sharp hilly road bend.
114 Middle Mountain Lake A lake with two deck chairs; the pair of fishing folk went skinny-dipping headfirst into the rocks farther along the lake shore.
115 Hunter's Alcove The hunter has become the decomposed corpse at his favorite rock alcove, overlooking some high mountain ponds.
116 Raider Bridge over the Rapids If you're having trouble navigating the rock outcrops and mountain lakes, use the rickety wood and rope bridge in this vicinity.
117 Raider Outhouse (and Moat) On a grassy mountaintop is a locked door (2) to a fridge stocked with Nuka-Cola; there's a trunk here as well.
118 Ripper Alley Bus Crash Steal from the suitcases of the dead while scavenging this half-buried coach and vehicle; a rock slide seems to have done them in.
119 National Outhouse Gnome Array A small garden and satellite dish garden manned by miniature men; grab those portable fuel tanks!
120 Traffic Jam on Route 107 A school bus and small coach are stuck on the switchback up to the dish array; check vehicles for goods.
121 Trailhead Picnic Site Tents, picnic tables, and a disregard for trash; gather what you need from here and stare at the forests from this vantage.
122 Shopping Cart Downhill Race Someone has set up a shopping cart race between skeletons and gnomes. In the end, the telephone pole won.
123 Duffel Bag Drop-off Root through some duffel bags among the rusting vehicles and speedboat.
124 Spilled Goods on Route 107 If teal vases are your thing, grab them from the back of the spilled trailer; there's more (and a cooking station) inside the trailer, too.
125 Mountainside Cabin The low rock cliffs above the railroad is home to a cabin with some junk left by previous scavengers.
126 Solomon's Lower Pond Southwest of Solomon's Pond is another, smaller pond with Rad barrels and a pickup, pump, scattered items, and a skeletal barbecuer.
127 Twin Lakes Rowboater The skeletal remains of a rowboater, on his boat with a baseball bat, aground on the lake shore.
128 Mountainside High Wire A viewing area and a high wire across a deadly plummet; definitely come here for the view and selfie opportunities.
129 Teddy's Fishing Hole Teddy is knocking back an ale and fishing at this Mirelurk pond, near a sewage outlet and safe (2).
130 Mountainside Family Pond A green tent with supplies, a smaller white tent, a skeleton fisherman, and one of the best vistas by a pond that there is.
131 Mountainside Hunter's Platform A small platform with a skeleton, lunch pail, and the possibility of hunting albino Radstags.
132 Amateur Communications (north of Spruce Knob) A rusting military SUV is parked close to a small boulder with comms equipment built into it and dishes up a tree.
133 Trapper Camp and Amazing Outhouse A large cliffside Raider camp with tremendous views, sleeping bags for everyone, a cooking station, and a toilet where you can really feel the breeze.
134 Vertibird Crash Site (South Mountain Nuke Crater) A vertibird has crashed on the rim of a huge crater, which took out a building, according to the debris you'll be wading through.
135 Brotherhood of Steel Graves (Huntersville) Ad Victorium!In-game spelling Brotherhood of Steel soldiers who gave their lives are buried in this hillside. Come toIn-game spelling steal from their graves.
136 Police Roadblock on Route 107 The cops had stopped a car or two on this steep hillside road.
137 Road Bridge Tent A pickup, canoe, tiny tent, and other detritus to find items in or around, close to the road bridge.
138 Out of Their Gourds (the Domestics) A family of plastic people are busy harvesting their pumpkins and blackberries.
139 Nuke Crater (South Mountain East) A large nuke crater with a scientist skeleton sitting on the northern rim.
140 Pinned Peter at Torture Rock Pinned to a rock and left to die? Not a great way to watch the apocalypse unfold. Still, there's an aluminum deposit nearby.
141 Deep Powder Billboard Camp A billboard with a cluster of vehicles, sleeping bags, and a cooking station, just off the cluttered road.
142 Dilapidated Shacks (Route 101) Look for the rusty van, and pause for a quick pitstop to ransack a couple of old sheds (one with a safe) and an outhouse.
143 Dilapidated Farm and Barn A roofless farmhouse, along with some blackberry, corn, and tato crops and a phosphate deposit, close to a big red barn with ammo and sleeping bags.
144 Cliff Vista: Southwest Savage Divide A couple of off-road fans drove their vehicles to this cliff, pitched an orange tent, and killed some time...and then themselves.
145 Out-of-the-Way Hut A narrow wood hut with cooking station, duffel bag, granite to dig up, and a mattress.
146 Miner's Last Stand The remains of a miner at the base of a cliff with iron veins to harvest.
147 Vertibird Crash Site (South Savage Divide) One of the pilots of this downed craft managed to erect a blue tarp tent, where you can find the majority of the ammo and other loot.
148 Vault-Tec Delivery Van (Route 103) A van driver transporting crates to Vault 96 suffered more than a flat tire on the remains of this road.
149 Lunch Pail Vista Just a lunch pail, a deck chair, a clifftop, and incredible views.
150 Fungus Cave Hidey-hole A resin-soaked pine tree sits to the right of a small cave entrance, leading to a fungus-filled cave, a sleeping spot, and other loot to purloin.
151 The Marksman's Monorail Just south of South Mountain Lookout is another monorail pylon you can climb and sleep atop. You can even walk the rail!
152 Monorail Walk Thought about taking selfies but suffering from vertigo? Then find the cliff branch allowing access to the monorail itself.
153 Cheater's Camp A rock camp where two gamers seem to be in disagreement. There's a cooking station, blocks, board games, and possible Magazine on the TV.
154 Military Comms Tower Lucky Hole A small, quest-related comms dish standing on a cliff edge with sandbags around it, near a corpse and a rusty van with explosive canisters inside.
155 Comrade Chubs and Scattered Suitcases A red teddy bear named Chubs sits by two skeletons; the rest of his bony brethren lie at the bottom of the adjacent cliff, their suitcases ripe for the pillaging.


p. 450

What hellish secrets lie in the dark, forested swamps of this northeastern region? A great many, including a variety of monstrous cryptids—mutated creatures that beggar belief and attack with an animalistic ferocity! In fact, even the more static wildlife has a mind of its own; radiation fallout seems to have caused a shocking growth spurt among the sycamores, maples, and mulberries that populate this region; long, snaking tendrils wrap around and choke anything in their path, be it vehicles, rail carriages, and, shockingly, even an entire town, in the case of Tanagra! Aside from hunting Gulpers, stalking giant Sloths, and wondering just what the hell went on in Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies, what else is there to do? Well, expect several hidden survivalist bunkers, some with more secrets than others. It's also wise to look up; enterprising (but now deceased) folks have spent considerable time elevating their dwellings from the swamp effluent, and you may chance upon a variety of treehouses, some with platforms higher than you may be comfortable climbing!


p. 451

The majority of the primary locations exist in this northern part of the Mire, which is dominated by a massive power plant to the east (helpful if you're after Fusion Cores or electricity for power boxes) and the once-quaint but now-ruined town of Berkeley Springs to the southwest, with its grand but decaying mansions and rooftop workshop. Another place to set up a workshop is in the middle of the forest at the Dolly Sods Campground; this is part of a wilderness area with two lodges that offers peace, quiet, and attacks from mutated wildlife or worse. Visit the Dyer Chemical complex if irradiated prizes are more your thing, watch your step at the large hole in the ground known as Big Maw, and tread carefully as you visit the tendril-wrapped Haven Church, especially after dark—those glowing fungi look like eyes, don't they? But what if they were eyes...


p. 452

On the edge of the tangled forest is an odd little Halloween store, filled with strange junk. Choose the front, rear, or fire escape entrances, with another entrance on the roof (key). The waffle diner has a floor safe, while the store has one on the wall. Find the Rusted Key (all the way in Toxic Valley!) to enter the rooftop bedroom, which has a collection of board games and military-grade junk.


p. 452

This is one of the first places to visit if you're entering the Mire from the north; it offers views across to the east and a pinpointing of new locations.


p. 452

This small, derelict bunker has a few scraps of junk to gather. Inside the unlocked entrance, the main living quarters have flooded.


p. 453

A hunter named Shelby seems to be out at the moment, but the shack and outhouse she (or he) built is still standing...and is booby-trapped! Check one of the huts for a terminal with Shelby's thoughts on cryptids roaming this region.


p. 453

A house and barn are slowly being choked by swampy tendrils. Check both structures for a modicum of junk, as well as some fine collectible possibilities.


p. 453

Stretching from the road (north) to the Southhampton Estate (south) is a woodland marsh, home to a number of Mirelurks. The pickings are slim, unless you're here to collect Mirelurk eggs.


p. 453

Close to the road but hidden at the bottom of a marshy dell where the fungus glows like orange eyes are the remains of a concrete bunker. The Overseer has been here. Once you unlock the door via the terminal (0), inspect the initial storage area and head downstairs to check the relatively tidy bunker.

08. GNARLED SHADOWSIn-game spelling

p. 453

This gloomy marsh has a dilapidated shed across from a waist-deep wade to a tendril-choked tree enveloping an old pickup. Beware the mutated wildlife that lurk in these parts—usually the odd Angler entities.


p. 454

This forested marsh has a small rock pool inhabited by the location's namesakes—giant mutated newt-like foes.


p. 454

Against a rock outcrop, within dashing distance of the Excelsior Model Home, is the underground laboratory of Ella Ames, an amateur researcher of radiation-protective flowers.


p. 454

This once-magnificent but now sagging mansion is sinking into the Mire at an alarming rate, thanks in part to the root tendrils wrenching the home apart. Be ready for the appearance of an impressively large cryptid, armored in an almost-ironic shell.


p. 454

Up the hill in a clearing west of Mosstown is a terrifying fissure site; a horde of Scorched and a dreaded Scorchbeast emerge from the crevasse at the base of a rock outcrop. Avoid unless you're powerful enough!


p. 455

This small maze of interconnecting shack structures was unfortunately built a little too close to a nearby fissure. However, the scavenging potential here is exceptional; just ensure you gather items one shack at a time.


p. 455

Sitting atop a rock plateau on the northwestern edge of the wilderness area is a lookout tower, offering the ability to open up your map and view the forest canopy. Don't leave without the Moe getup!


p. 455-456

Named for a Civil War–era soldier and landowner, the tendril trees have taken control of this nature park, which comprises the lookout, wilderness, and campground (workshop) areas. The wilderness area consists of two lodges: one to the east, with a gift shop and a locked armory closestIn-game spelling (2), and the other on higher ground to the west.


p. 456

For a map of this workshop area, consult the previous location. This covered picnic area offers some prime food and water resources but little else. Clear the area of foes, checking the four or five small secondary campgrounds with tents and sleeping bags, as well as a small vehicle turnout.


p. 456

Pieces of a Horizon Airlines flight can be found tangled in the mire. Sections are strewn about, with the cockpit gathered up by forest tendrils. Use the ladders to search this interior. Close by is the shell of an old cabin, possibly used by the survivors.


p. 457

South of Dolly Sods Campground, tucked into the forested and marshy slopes, is the concrete remains of an old bunker. The door is unlocked, and the place is in a sorry state. Fire, then moisture have made the kitchen a haven for mold and fungus, and the remaining rooms are mostly picked clean.


p. 457

Across from the rusting road vehicles (and mannequin party inside the bus) is the compact Crevasse Dam. It is called this because of the tall rock outcrops and low river you can fall into (and cripple yourself). This bears the signs of being a Raider camp. Unlocking the trailer (0) in the parking lot (using bobby pins or the key from the dead Raider on the roof) confirms this; there may be Raider Power Armor inside!


p. 457

The map for this location is within the perimeter of the Thunder Mountain Power Plant. Find the workshop on the upper yard, where several military tents have been set up. Scour the area for resources, and build your defenses around the ones you wish to keep. Note the two Fusion Core Processors, as well as the power box and gun emplacements you can use (after some possible repair work) to bolster your base.


pp. 458–459

This location also encompasses the Thunder Mountain Power Plant Yard (Workshop), so consult that location for more information on available resources and items. This gigantic power plant usually requires the power to be turned on in order to power other locations in the region. The exterior is dominated by two gigantic cooling towers, with a container area close to the lake (east), as well as a large, tent-filled parking lot (the workshop area). Enter via one of five entrances: security, main entrance (office), loading dock, turbine hall (cooling tower), or turbine hall (lake container area). Once inside, remove any enemy threats. Beware of the chambers (especially the reactor room) with increased radiation threats, and claim the quality junk you need.


pp. 460–461

Dyer Chemical maintains a large facility along the river, with ample pipes and an extensive sewer system that you can access only with an ID Card. The sprawling facility is on both sides of I-65,In-game spelling with giant vats and facilities structures, mostly automated, but some terminals are still functional. Access the sewer via the outlet pipe or the maintenance facility door. Watch for radiation once you enter, and start fiddling with the pump chamber controls.


p. 461

Once you have the key to the terminal, you can enter this lair. The descent is worth it, as there's bric-a-brac and a small growing operation, with numerous planters of food to harvest.


p. 462

Someone appears to have abused their knowledge of removing skeletal remains from corpses; the "quality" of the "medical supplies" is now nothing short of grotesque!


p. 462

This location is part of Berkeley Springs. The map can be found at that next location. Set on ground higher than the main part of Berkeley Springs (to the east), this area of town features several relatively intact buildings and a rooftop workshop (accessed via the bookstore interior) that allow you to plan some interesting defenses once you clear the nearby foes. Also note the large amount of water available (hence the name of the location) once the workshop is up and running, and a power box to instantly grant electricity if Thunder Mountain Power Plant is in operation. Also think about setting up cross-fire opportunities from the hotel across the street or flanking foes from the Berkeley Castle (with the stone battlements) to the north.


pp. 462–463

Welcome to America's First Spa! This used to be a quaint tourist attraction, beckoning folk in with tales of mineral waters. Now the ooze that flows through the river has little of the health benefits. The town has a large square and overgrown area close to the once-ornate city hall structure, which has some locked doors to jimmy before you can access the main dwelling's rooftop. Also use the My Stash Box at the Red Rocket Gas Station on the south side of town.


p. 464

A natural hole in the rock outcrop features a small campground off the nature trail. Platforms lead down to the waterlogged maw bottom, where there's evidence of a cultist altar.


p. 464

Above the irradiated swamp waters is a baker's dozen platforms, built by survivors before being taken over by Raiders. Now the place is empty, save for the mutated wildlife wading about. Visit and ransack the place as time and radiation-removal chems permit.


p. 464

The remains of a church and attached school offices are now covered in thick vines and undergrowth. The dilapidation of the structures is even worse inside, partly thanks to "Skig" the Raider.


pp. 465–466

# Name Description
1 Wilderness Edge Camp A small camp in a clearing at the very northeastern edge of Appalachia. There's a cooking station and sleeping bags near the rusty SUV.
2 Vertibird Crash Site (Two Bird Marsh) Two military aircraft have been downed in the far northern part of the Mire.
3 Treehouse High-Dive In the upper reaches of the Mire, someone has constructed a rickety high-dive, though the pool below is very shallow.
4 Bloatfly Lair (north of Abbie's Bunker) A humid, rotting mess of animal and human remains in a cave alcove.
5 Remote Storage Tangle A junk pile, red shed, and a gravel parking lot with tendrils elevating a number of vehicles, including a big-rig cabin into the canopy.
6 The Bike Thief's Shed A derelict and tendril-tangled structure filled with old bicycles.
7 Stranglemouth Cottage A strange little dwelling, in a rock alcove with slow tangled roots, some junk to scavenge, and a Tinker's Workbench.
8 The Faraway Treehouse Though moonface isn't home, there's a mattress and items if you can reach the top of the platforms attached to this tree.
9 The Captured Boater It seems the tendril-flaying trees of the Mire don't take long to claim their vehicular victims.
10 Dolly Sods' Last Canoe A lost and tangled canoe and corpse with an orange tool box, in the dark streams of the west Mire.
11 Tipped Trailer Truck (east of Dolly Sods) Slowly slipping off the road into a marsh pond, this trailer truck and van have some sealed crates to pry open.
12 Scuppered Boat (southeast of Thunder Mt. Power Plant) Broken bits of a white boat run aground on the north lake shore are worth inspecting for some minor loot.
13 Biplane Crash (east of Crevasse Dam) The southern shore of the lake features the remains of a broken plane, with pieces scattered hither and yon.
14 Woodland Trail Outhouse At the end of a trail is an outhouse with a tin-foil-hatted surprise inside.
15 Tent and Canoe The remains of a small barbecue camp on a wooded rock ridge in the remote Mire forest.
16 Fairy Ring A rare natural phenomenon, this circle of glowing fungi grows around a tree trunk.
17 Treehouse Hamlet This rickety set of tree platforms seems to belong to a lover of hanging meat.
18 Dyer Gulley Waterfall and Tent Camp The top of the gulley that descends east to the river has a small camp on the rocky outcrop.
19 Dyer Gulley Bottom Across the brown water from Dyer Chemical is a gulley where waters from uphill flowed down; follow it to see where it goes.
20 Military Comms Tower Treehouse Village A small, quest-related comms dish situated on a rock bluff near sandbags and military weaponry and junk.
21 Mangled Shed A red shed has been captured by the tendril growths. Is there more than a lead deposit nearby?
22 Abandoned Swamp Ship A footlocker, crate, and Bloodleaf plants around a rusting white boat that has run aground can be scavenged.
23 Glowing Fungus Pylon It's best not to look too closely at what's imprisoned in this large log, covered in glowing fungus, under an electrical pylon.
24 Beehive: East of I-65In-game spelling Gather honey and try not to get stung at this beehive, stuck on a tendril tree and nearby rock.
25 The Swallowed Town Several buildings, with interiors to search, have succumbed to the tendrils; descend down the church spire to spot cultist totems and a trunk.
26 Prepper's Pylon Paradise Unless creatures came and devoured the survivalists, this below-ground pylon paradise was almost hidden; check here for junk and a safe (3).
27 Woodsman's Shack East of Haven Church is a tin and wood shack with a cooking station and the remains of a settler.
28 Railroad Tent (southeast of Berkeley Springs) A mattress and tent, a corpse and a radio, a blue rail carriage, and some ammunition to scavenge.
29 Shredded Shed Something has completely destroyed an old red shed, close to an electrical pylon.
30 Tree Stump Altar Who has laid out this black bowl and candles on the tree stump? Another mystery of the Mire.


p. 467

An inhospitable swamp with mountains to the west and boggy terrors to the south, this part of the Mire packs in several truly memorable locations: Big B's Rest Stop, which is helpful, and the remains of the Valley Galleria, a mall that has seen better days but is filled with junk. There is also the historic town of Harpers Ferry, which until recently was a stronghold for the mysterious Free States FactionIn-game spelling (in fact, their armory is still intact, if you can get into it!). Those looking to add some height to their exploring would do well to visit Treetops, where a madman has crafted a platform ascent that never seems to stop. But for sheer, mutated magnificence, you must see the wonders of Tanagra, a settlement mangled into a vertical town-sized ball of detritus. Finally, don't leave without continuing to discover the secrets of the Brotherhood of Steel; they had a small base along the southern border.


p. 468

A small clearing in the upper woods features a rocky outcrop with a cave entrance. Inside are two main sections inside a large cavern and an upper alcove, with scattered junk to look out for.


p. 468

Sitting on a flat, rocky outcrop is a lodge-style cabin, a greenhouse, and a mechanic's barn with a floor safe and possible suit of Power Armor. The main building has two main levels and a lower cellar with a locked door (1) leading to a pantry, sleeping area, and storage room with a smattering of junk.


p. 468

Close to the road from Berkeley Springs is a good spot for a C.A.M.P., after you cull the mutated wildlife. Hook up power here, though the power plant may need to be online first.


pp. 468–469

A once-beautiful historic town, Harpers Ferry is set on the hillside, with large rocky outcrops and two lookouts along the settlement's northwestern edge. The place was once a base of operations for the clandestine faction known as the Free States. Even now, the inner part of the settlement is extremely well fortified, with a number of "gates," most with a locked door (3) that prevents less-competent trespassers from entering. Use the stone steps on the south side or the gap in the middle of the railroad barricade to the east. Once inside, beware of traps and several turrets, both at the church (the main Free States structure aside from the clinic) and at the locked armory just outside town. If you know the terminal code to get in you can maneuver through a trap-filled building and secure some choice weaponry.


p. 470

Though faded, this garish blue roadside motel still stands apart from the dreary surroundings it sits in. The place is mostly boarded up, save for a locked door (0) along the upper balcony leading to a toaster-filled storage closet.


p. 470

This initially appears to be an unassuming (but highly radioactive) dumping area with a rusty trailer and abandoned containers. However, it leads into a dangerous cavern interior, with two elevators. One allows access to an exterior exit (due east of the location marker), while the other leads to the Blackwell Bunker, which can be further explored and pillaged if you can turn off the laser grid.


p. 471

Perhaps nothing in the Mire is as terrifying as the force of a mutated Mother Nature: The woods have gathered the entire settlement of Tanagra and strangled it into a gigantic trunk shaped with various vehicles, homes, and other elements, forming a horrifyingly beautiful "tree." Check the buildings that survived the tendril menace before crossing a log onto a snared school bus. Head up the outside and then enter the structure, before going to the eventual top! If you haven't found the red Industrial Trunk, then you haven't climbed high enough! If you haven't spotted the odd stone face, then you haven't explored deep enough!


p. 471

At the base of a stacked rock cliff, on the river's north side, is a Free States bunker. Though there are only two interior chambers, each is so well stocked with junk that some believe the location was named to throw off scavengers.


p. 472

Use this old gas station and attached Super Duper Mini-Mart as base camp for offloading items, as well as a place to gather a variety of junk and some choice collectibles. Check the roof of the Super Duper Mini-Mart for some sniper goods.


pp. 472–473

Those shoppers craving a five-finger discount are in luck; there's still quite a collection of junk lying around this derelict shopping mall, spread over two floors with an exterior parking lot filled with rusting vehicles and a Red Rocket Gas Station (where you can store items from your haul). Inside, work your way methodically through every store, grabbing what you need and fending off attacks as you go. Watch the flooded area near the side entrance; it's slightly radioactive.


p. 473

Aside from the danger of falling, there are no drawbacks from scaling this precarious, junk-filled series of tree platforms. Keep going until you reach the trunk, and don't look down!


p. 474

Close to the Valley Galleria but still far enough away to be a good defendable asset, this workshop area consists of two derelict structures: the barn and a roofless house. The barn has a lot more useful junk than the house. Clear the area of foes, and start mining those resources!


pp. 474–475

A hillside adventure fort on three tiered rock outcrops surrounded by woodland, this old wilderness adventure area was recently commandeered by the Brotherhood of Steel, who reinforced the defenses. At the top is a firing range and landing pad within the upper battlements; use the exterior terminal at the pad to summon a Cargobot during the quest. The main, reinforced Brotherhood cabins (including a storage cabin, which has high-quality junk, and the command center) are within a strong defensive wall in the middle of the camp. The old rickety camp structures are mainly confined to the lower area, which includes the V.E.S.T. (Virginia Endurance and Survival Training) Cabin; check behind a propped-up door to find a basement with a locked (3) door and the command center terminal password: Inside is more information about the Brotherhood, as well as an Overseer's Cache and Trunk.


p. 475

Close to a bus suspended above the road by forest tendrils is the remains of an old radio station. Use the Broadcast Station Key to access the small station interior, where you find junk-filled detritus and a talk-show terminal.


pp. 475–476

# Name Description
31 Barrel Burial Someone was paid stacks of cash to bury some barrels at the edge of the Mire. The prewar money is still there, as useless as the skeleton.
32 Woodland Ramp A plant tendril appears to have caught a hapless dirt biker in midair, at this rickety rock ramp.
33 Aluminum and Beers A rock outcrop with a deck chair and cooler on it, above an aluminum deposit.
34 Thunder Mountain Deathclaw Nest A ruined blue carriage by the train tracks and a Deathclaw nest. Can the clawed beasts be far away?
35 Under the I-65In-game spelling Bridge Giant holes in the road bridge and a coach in the Mire below.
36 Abandoned Waste Dump Exit An elevator exit shrouded in bushes allows you to leave after exploring the waste dump to the west.
37 Gully Shack (west of Tanagra Town) Whoever last used this shack was a fan of purified water, radios, cats, and other junk. Worth a pitstop.
38 Carriage Crash East of Harpers Ferry, cargo carriages are strewn about, some caught and held by tough tendrils, close to the rail bridge.
39 Harpers Ferry Tunnel Camp A medium-sized camp built into the bridge and blocked rail tunnel, with a Chemistry Workbench and a small lab inside a tunnel carriage.
40 Tanagra Town: West Outskirts A prelude to the horror of Tanagra itself, this is a home and two outbuildings (and Weapons Workbench) taken over by plant life.
41 Military Comms Tower Tanagra A small, quest-related comms dish standing atop a rock bluff with platforms and ladders up from the tunnel camp.
42 The Remains of Murphy and Kelly Two settlers are slumped against a tree near a first aid kit, deep into the marshes.
43 River Treehouse Want precarious platform ascending, mattress sleeping, and irradiated waters? Then this is the place for a junk hunt.
44 The Strangled Canoeist (and Quantum Bear) Foul play befell the corpse on the tangled canoe in this part of the river.
45 The Aquatic Outhouse (Valley Galleria) Running short on toilet paper? Check the safe atop the tendril stump in the middle of the river, near a skeleton raft.
46 Tank Guardian A rusting military tank (and vicious Assaultron) is parked next to the Red Rocket Gas Station in the Galleria parking lot.
47 Biker's Truck (Route 107) A pickup with beers and bikes, stalled out on the road.
48 Plastic People's Camp (R108) A meeting in the woods with mannequins, close to a trap-filled camp with sleeping and cooking available.
49 Sunday Brothers' Coach Camp A couple of coaches have been turned into a compact camp with cooking and armor stations as well as junk to gather.
50 Pylon Tent Camp Food, a sleeping bag, and a tent are under an electrical pylon on the edge of the Mire.
51 The Mechanic's Metal Shack A curved-roof metal shack with wire fencing surrounding it. Inside is a safe (1), an Armor Workbench, and junk to scavenge.
52 End of the Line There's quite a large shanty camp at the blocked railroad tunnel, with a banjo, sleeping bag, junk, carriages, and shacks to find.
53 Under the I-65 Bridge (west of Treetops) While Deathclaws prowl the road bridge, inspect the river underneath for a bony fan of chems.
54 Railroad Bridge Strangle Rusting train carriages sit marooned on the broken tracks, with a locked safe (2) on one of the blue carriages on the bridge.
55 Train Tendril Derailment Rusting rail carriages are flung about on this stretch of track, which includes a steamer trunk.
56 Rock Overhang at Treetops Northeast of Treetops is a rocky outcrop, with an alcove, a sleeping bag, and some food to gather.
57 Strangled Roadway (Route 65)In-game spelling Tendrils from mutated trees are pulling a van (and its skeletal passengers) into its depths. Come for the spectacle, and the Brain Fungus.
58 East Mountain Arch An arch of large cut boulders placed into an arch by unknown hands. This is a great cliff from which to view the Mire and Bog.
59 Tinkerer's Truck Armor and Tinker's Workbenches as well as junk are available in this compact and well-designed truck and workshop, with a safe (1) to unlock.
60 The Witch's Panic A witch and her three sisters have finished a picnic, but not recently. They're lounging atop a rocky bluff in the forest.
61 Boulder Outcrop Camp A long-departed survivalist managed to drag an ornate dresser and a locked safe into a camp set into this upper rock circle.
62 Military Vehicle Wreckage (Camp Venture) A military APC and two SUVs are being gobbled up by the tendril roots investingIn-game spelling this region.
63 Derelict Hamlet This cluster of four sagging buildings in the marsh forest has a surprising number of choice items to grab.
64 Traffic Jam (Route 65)In-game spelling There is a collection of rusting vehicles and some minor defenses to hide behind on the road to Valley Galleria.
65 Treehouse on I-65In-game spelling The power of mutated tree life continues to astound, as a tree has ripped through the tarmac and now supports a camp platform.
66 Sniper's Treehouse There's likely to be a very special sniper rifle at the top of the tendril tree platform.


p. 477

This is a delightfully named region, but one that belies the high-level horrors that await those attempting to navigate the wetlands that encompass the southeastern parts of Appalachia. You'll be seeing more than red as you visit the dilapidated farms, groves of huge and possibly carnivorous Sundew plants (now bigger than a house), and radiation-soaked, water-filled quarries interspersed by small Brotherhood of Steel forward operation camps. These are the only places that may offer a chance to rest (as many have their own turret defenses you can utilize). Use the web of bog channels that crisscross this entire region, which consists of narrow grooves cut into the bog that aren't quite shallow enough to climb out of (except at certain junctions); though these passageways are confining, they can reveal their own share of secrets, including a tunnel that runs under the main highway from Watoga to the Abandoned Bog Town. Aside from Fort Defiance, there is an old asylum now recently commandeered by the Brotherhood of Steel. The dominant location in these parts is the city of Watoga, where an attempt was made to automate every aspect of life but is now a wild west of rogue robots, looming skyscrapers, and Scorchbeast nests.


p. 478

The northern part of Cranberry Bog is a bit more sparsely populated, offering a few forward-operating bases now abandoned by the defeated Brotherhood of Steel. There is also evidence that this region was once a rich farmland. Visit the remains of the cranberry farm over at Mac's; ogle the gardens of the General's Steakhouse, then head inside to gather more than just Salisbury steaks; and uncover secrets within the RobCo Research Center. Check every inch of the Bootlegger's Shack (both high and low), and spend some quality time in the Abandoned Bog Town, which has a great deal of scavenging potential and the only workshop in this region. There is also a My Stash Box and secret tunnels all the way to Watoga!


p. 479

This highly dangerous location has three small exterior cabins to ransack, before you enter the mine itself. The interior is a confusing maze of tunnels and caverns, made all the more problematic due to half the mine being underwater! Drop down the shaft, and swim your way through each cavern until you find the key that opens the double doors at the initial platform area near the entrance.


p. 479

A small Brotherhood of Steel forward operations base is located on the northwestern edge of the Bog. The tent and scattered barriers have a small quantity of impressive loot to scavenge.


p. 479

Cut into the earth on the soft, boggy terrain is a terrible crevasse; a group of Scorched clustered around their queen. Avoid unless you're powerful enough!


p. 480

If you're planning on C.A.M.P.ing close by and need the extra firepower, repair one of the two automated surface-to-air missile turrets at this small tent base. Otherwise, come here for the scavenging (and Power Armor) potential.


p. 480

This tiny cranberry farm has a home lacking its roof and a shed in even worse repair. Wade into the lightly irradiated bog pond to pick some less-diseased cranberries.


pp. 480–481

There's much to enjoy at this steakhouse, providing you can clear the interior of fiendish foes. Expect a good number of harvestable plants, recipes, and garden gnomes. Enter via the red front door; all other exterior doors are chained from the inside.


pp. 481–482

The major supplier of automatons in Appalachia has their headquarters here. Green trucks and trailers sit on the entrance road, their contents mostly scavenged. The forecourt and dilapidated monorail station (complete with waiting tram) bears the signs of recent Super Mutant and Raider activity, and Brotherhood of Steel corpses still litter the ground. Explore inside via the main entrance (the black door between the two lamps), the rear door, or the elevator.

With a wealth of robotics parts and other high-value junk, this is a must-explore interior: an abandoned facility set out over two main levels, with an upper laboratory accessible via the foyer elevator.


p. 482

This small Brotherhood of Steel base consists of a single tent, turret, missile turret, and meager pickings to scavenge. A Brotherhood corpse reveals evidence of recent battles at this location.


p. 482

A compact Brotherhood of Steel base, with only the missile turrets still active in the general vicinity. Check the small gantry and two tents for a modest supply of quality junk.


p. 483

Adjacent to the bog channels running throughout this region, the farmhouse lacks a roof but features two locked safes to find. There's a small storage shed to pillage, too.


p. 483

Scattered picnic areas around a large lodge welcomed visitors to the Kanawha County Ranger Station and offices. The place is in relatively good shape, despite the interior ransacking. Check both the outbuildings and the station interior for junk, and look for evidence the rangers were studying the abnormal animals in the vicinity.


p. 483

Head to the outskirts of the Ranger Station compound, and scale the lookout tower to survey the immediate area. The items to scavenge are minor, though there's a Bobblehead opportunity.


p. 483

A grove of drosera plants (giant, carnivorous mutant specimens) are rapidly taking over this part of the bog. Weave through the channels below the plants, checking for harvest items and fending off the more violent wildlife.


p. 483

This shanty shack is two stories, with a rudimentary and rickety defensive wall, with clusters of radioactive barrels to avoid. Come for the small collection of lab beakers and other junk items, as well as some light reading materials. Don't leave without investigating the impressive (but small) hidden cellar chem lab!


p. 484

A sagging metal hut with toxic water may be enough to deter most visitors to this small drop site. But check the roof for a skeleton and check the interior for a rare Ultracite Vein.


p. 484

A waterlogged quarry, complete with a (blocked) underwater tunnel entrance and a trunk to swim to (in the pond's northeast area) has its fill of foes, as well as numerous metal-based junk.


pp. 484–485

Bog Town was built on unstable earth even before the bombs dropped, and the area became even more uninhabitable. The west side of town features a variety of condemned homes, trailers, and garages, separated by a Raider fortification along the main road. The workshop, the main office building, the remains of the main street, the gas station and diner, and a large, low-lying shantytown are on the eastern side, where you should build your defense. The unfinished brick office building has a Thunder Mountain Power Box (if the power plant is operational) to attach electrical wires to.

18. PYLON V-13

p. 485

A scientist of some repute has constructed an electrical scientific experiment (an inter-dimensional time traveling portal) at the front end of a suspended monorail tram. To test it out, you must climb the pylon the tram is stopped at. Watch your step: the place is rickety!


p. 485

This waterlogged quarry once belonged to the AMS corporation. Now a metal maintenance shed is accessible, where the majority of the junk is located. You may also wish to brave waterborne diseases and dive into the quarry, where you can open a few crates.


p. 485

Poor drainage and broken pumps have caused this site to flood with irradiated water; bring protective clothing before wading into this small hut to secure some possible reading materials and meager provisions.


p. 486

# Name Description
1 Mountainside Plane Crash There were no survivors in this light plane disaster, with one wing stuck in a pine tree above the main fuselage.
2 East Mountain Hunter's Shack You're greeted by a gnome and bear rug at this still-idyllic wood shack, with items and a great view to the east.
3 Kerwood Shack A shack on the side of a rock outcrop, with a small lookout deck and skeleton. There's a sleeping bag inside.
4 Bog Channel Beaver Dam Expect a nest of vicious mutated beavers at this log dam.
5 Trash Camp (edge of the Bog) Looking more like a collection of debris than a camp, this sleeping bag and lean-to tent still has junk to scavenge.
6 Cranberry Rad Hole: Firebase LT A deadly hole of luminous radiation; watch your step or you'll dissolve in this horrific muck!
7 Cranberry Island (General's Steakhouse) Gather beer, cranberries, and the contents of a locked safe (3) on a rowboat moored at this small island.
8 Marsh Cottage (northeast of General's Steakhouse) A trailer has been wrenched in half by creeping root tendrils. Loot the place, as well as the phosphate deposite outside the dwelling.
9 Biker's Rock Alcove Among the scree slopes and boulders is a camp within the rocks; a white tent and a smattering of items are yours for the taking.
10 Bog Channel Military Stash Brain Fungus, rusty military SUVs, and scattered crates below in the Bog Channels.
11 Bog Channel: Tunnel of Horrors Close to the rusting military SUV, the bog channel turns into a tunnel where multiple coffins and corpses are oozing out from the walls.
12 Bog Channel: Log Bridge and Alcove Beer, a bike, and a corpse; hide here and use this boggy area as an ambush point.
13 Bog Channel: Teddy Fear's Picnic A council of Teddy Fear and his gnome bodyguards are sitting around a table in the bog here. Is the HallucigenIn-game spelling canister leaking?
14 Vertibird Crash Site (Bog Wilderness) A vertibird is sinking into the bog; come and get the ammo here.
15 Black Titanium Bog Channel The bog channels west of the Ranger District Office include a Black Titanium deposit.
16 Bog Channel Turret Camp Expect a couple of turrets in this bog camp, where a few military skeletons recline near a small orange tent and some crates to loot.
17 Sunk Truck Half-buried in the soggy road is a dump truck, filled with radioactive barrels, now a growing ground for fungus.
18 Bog Channel Beaver Tunnel Expect human bones and vicious mutated wildlife as you head through this short bog tunnel.
19 Military Comms Tower Kerwood A small, quest-related comms dish standing in the middle of a bog.
20 Bog Channel Bridge and Advance Comms You may need to venture aboveground at this road bridge; vehicles are blocking the bog channel underneath.
21 Cranberry Rad Hole: Bootlegger Shack A deadly hole of disgusting irradiated magma, easy to slip into and impossible to escape from.
22 Bootlegger's Bridge and Dam Effective damming has led to the bog channels in this area being a little more wet than normal.
23 Traffic Jam (Rural Bog Road) A cop car, a pickup, a motor boat, and other vehicles are slowly rusting in this humid marsh hell.
24 Cranberry Rad Hole: Mac's Farm A deadly hole of yellow gunk that's straightforward to plunge into but tricky to extract yourself from.
25 Mac's Stash A Caps Stash, floor safe, writing desk, and more are hidden underground, by a bog channel at the interstateIn-game spelling.
26 Red Wood Garage The rotting remains of a mechanic's garage and store, mostly picked clean and exposed to the elements.
27 Cranberry Rad Hole: North of Pylon V-13 A deadly hole of yellow radioactive filth, north of Pylon V-13 and close to a second pylon platform.
28 Pylon V-12 A monorail pylon with a rickety platform staircase leading to a great sniper's nest.
29 Monorail Camp A fallen monorail, dragged by unknown hands, is now a halfsunken camp filled with junk and grotesque foes.
30 Crumbling Monorail Monoliths The row of dilapidated monorail towers hide more than fallen masonry; there's a junk pile to harvest here.
31 Monorail Pylon: Stranded Carriage A monorail carriage is stuck atop a pylon with a rusting gantry staircase to reach it. This is a good sniping point, but don't get trapped!
32 Bot Stop (North Watoga) If you wish to access the Bot Stop Terminals just outside (northwest of) Watoga, RobCo has constructed one here.
33 Truck Parking Lot A small parking lot with dump trucks and other rusting vehicles; dumpster-dive to secure some choice junk.
34 Upturned Boat (Bog Channel) An upturned rowboat in the bog channel holds a few scattered items around it.
35 Derelict Bog Home Four shards of walls and a pond is all that's left of a home. Nearby is a shattered shed.
36 Bog Channel Short Tunnel There's a sleeping bag, duffel bag, and rusty shopping cart in this hiding spot under the main boggy ground.
37 Bog Channel Tunnel East of Drop Site G3 are bog channels and a corrugated metal tunnel with a skeleton, duffel bag, and minor items to scavenge.
38 Bog Channel Shelter Glowing Fungus, a Mini Nuke, and a Stealth Boy are just some of the items to scavenge under this blue tarp bog shelter.
39 Cranberry Rad Hole: Quarry X3 A deadly hole of highly radioactive grime; swimming in it is highly discouraged.
40 Bog Town Shed A strong gust of wind is likely to blow this dilapidated shed over, so get here quick to snag junk from the pile and inside the structure.
41 Bog Channel: Labyrinth (Bog Town exit) Head here to access (or appear from) a lengthy, subterranean bog tunnel that runs under the freeway from here to Watoga, with six possible exits along the route.
42 Bog Channel: Tiny Camp A gray tent and sinking rusty vehicle; the corpse of a settler who couldn't hack it.


p. 487

From the very northwestern edge of this zone (the imposing Allegheny Asylum, now known as Fort Defiance), to the southeastern corner (the infamous and incredibly dangerous Glassed Cavern, where you uncover the final secrets), this is perhaps the most dangerous part of Appalachia: The threat level is the highest you'll encounter, and you might very well end your days scrambling to exit the radioactive mess within the Flooded Trainyard or lose your footing and fall from a tall building within the city of Watoga (the landmark city within this zone). Indeed, Watoga is a place more dangerous than most, with robots and other high-level entities to battle. You also find evidence of the machinations of the AMS Corporation, and a maze of structures offer both vertical and horizontal exploration antics.


pp. 488–489

Known historically as the Allegheny Asylum until it was commandeered (and subsequently lost) by the Brotherhood of Steel, this sprawling and imposing Gothic structure is dilapidated, though the outer defenses are still operational (including surface-to-air missile launchers and a sonic generator). Aside from the odd sprawled skeleton and a good view of Cranberry Bog, the rest of the exterior is relatively sedate. Check the main doors to find two possible Brotherhood of Steel corpses clad in Power Armor.

Inside the asylum, expect a lengthy and confusing trek through a multitude of ruined cells, rooms, offices, and sagging floors, which have given way to treacherous gaps the farther up you go. When you've powered up the doors and returned to the security doors near the entrance, you can investigate the Brotherhood of Steel wing of the fortification and finally reveal its base of operations.


p. 490

A veritable treasure trove of junk is available throughout this two-level store, with a few scraps in the dilapidated red shed out back. The Brotherhood of Steel have been here recently; learn more about their activities, and take a Power Armor frame if it's available.


p. 490

This substation provides some of the power for Watoga, if you've managed to restore power to Thunder Mountain Power Plant (in the Mire). Feel free to attach wires to the power box to generate juice for your own camp.


p. 490

A large cluster of carnivorous drosera plants is flourishing in this part of the Bog. Weave through the channels below the plants, checking for harvest items and fending off the more violent wildlife.


p. 490

This natural glade of boggy ground where cranberries still grow is now lightly irradiated. Find a small gravel pit and cooking area in the parking lot, and seek out a stranded musicians' coach if you can find it in the mist.


p. 491

This is the entrance and exit into the Big Bend Tunnel, with a long interior and western exit over in the Ash Heap (where the main map is annotated). This details the exterior of the tunnel entrance within Cranberry Bog, which was a Brotherhood staging point.


p. 491

This small yard has a signal tower and a curved-roof mechanic's shed. It offers a few choice bits of junk and a possible fracas on the very edge of Watoga township.


pp. 492–493

This area was built at the site of an old ghost town. The titans of industry and robotics crafted this shining new center of commerce to be the jewel of southeast Appalachia—a fully autonomous city, where robots catered to your every whim. As the more cynical detractors pointed out at the time, there was likely to be a downside if these robots were to ever malfunction. Now Watoga is abandoned aside from a sizable mechanical population. Exercise extreme caution as you explore the rusting towers of the Cranberry Bog Capital; emotionless automatons and extremely long drops are just the start of the threats that abound in these parts!

The city of Watoga encompasses this and the next nine primary locations, all within a low boundary wall that, at least for now, is keeping the Bog at bay. Therefore, information regarding Crafting, Dangers, Items, certain Information, Locked interactions, and Item Examples have been specified for individual locales.

The largest of these is Watoga Towers, an inaccessible residential structure with balcony access from the ground and roof access from the Civic Center, on the city's northern side. The other minor area is in the southeastern part of the city (just east of the high school); check a monorail station, which includes a tram still hanging from its rail and a possible Magazine to gather near the front of the vehicle.


pp. 493–494

The large green, orange and white structure to the northwest of the city is the Civic Center. Check for the entrance (ground level) and a fire escape to the rooftops on the eastern side of the structure. This leads to the Civic Center rooftop (with an elevator from inside the center you can access), where you can inspect a landed Vertibird and a giant Scorchbeast nest (a huge lump of mud and detritus close to the Vertibird). From the roof, you can also access the walkway and elevator to the monorail bridge and the Watoga Transit Hub. Head east along the roof to reach a walkway to the adjacent apartment block (only the roof here is accessible) with another parked Vertibird.

Inside, you can fully explore a large stadium with a wooden floor in the center, surrounded by seating on all sides. You can go up three additional levels, including locked VIP areas and three separate kitchens! There's a wealth of items to gather here, so be sure to learn your exits.


p. 495

This monorail hub (top) and bus line (ground) allows monorail bridge access to and from the Civic Center (to the north), to the roof of Watoga Estates (to the south), and to an elevator to and from the ground-level lobby and monorail station. If you want to explore the monorail tram, there's one parked at the station. Watch those open doors leading to a death plummet! The lobby is accessible from the north or south streets or the elevator (to and from the roof). Hack or unlock the door to the generator closet for some choice items and possible power armor.


pp. 495–496

This primarily green structure has a relatively small ground-level footprint, with a small reception lobby leading to an elevator. Inside, there's access to the initial floor of patient rooms and an exterior helipad. Head to the upper floor to discover a report room, a server and protectron pod chamber, and a locked (2) laboratory where a pair of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers have succumbed to their wounds. One is clad in Power Armor, and there's another possible suit on the roof (accessed from this interior level), along with a trunk and a good view from the middle of Watoga.


pp. 496–497

On the corner of RobCo Boulevard and Innovation West Street is the second-tallest building in town, offering access to the local government offices. Not surprisingly, the place is condemned. Access the interior via the elevator in the once-plush lobby. Use the stairs to reach the upper offices surrounding the main foyer; then ascend to the executive level, with an office, a courtroom (avoid falling into the hole in the floor), and the locked senator's office (2).

Head to a door via the fallen ceiling in the courtroom to reach the upper offices interior. Here, there's an office full of wastebaskets; a large lobby; an elevator to the roof; and the mayor's office, where you can contact MaiaIn-game spelling (the computer) while you check the corpse of the dead mayor.

Access the roof via the executive office-level elevator. Here you find a Scorchbeast nest of dirt, scrap, and detritus (which you can climb for the ultimate selfie!), as well as a long drop to your death. Exploration into some extremely "open-plan" maintenance offices is possible only from here.


pp. 497–498

Towering over all other skyscrapers in Watoga is the AMS building, with its distinctive structure and extensive interior to explore. Before heading inside, check the crashed Vertibird in the main town square junction outside for two possible Power Armor suits (one is a frame, while the other still has a Brotherhood of Steel soldier corpse inside). Pick any of the three ground-level doors through which to enter the headquarters foyer, and then use the elevator.

Inside, there are numerous cylindrical elevators that used to allow travel throughout the building; many are now inaccessible and blocked. With terminal access, you can reach the AMS Headquarters Third Floor, and begin your exploration. The Top Floor elevator is used during your exit. Note the large "3" and "T" above the elevators you'll be using. All others are inaccessible.

You can head to the third or top floors and work your way up or down to the other floor; the various rooms, experimentation chambers, and laboratory rooms all reveal the unpleasant animal testing this corporation was attempting, including the creation of a freakish two-headed bull! Continue to explore to gather some impressive loot, including rare Ultracite scrap.


pp. 498–499

The northeastern part of Watoga is taken up by a large shopping plaza, featuring all the latest wares and the latest in automated purchases! That is, of course, until the bombs dropped: Now the place has mostly been picked clean, though the Responders did set up a trading post here.


p. 498

With a "spooky sale" going on right now, this Responder Trading Post is also a great place to barter with the Vendor Bot, one of the few automatons that isn't trying to kill you. Although "everything must go!" it seems most of it has; come here for the junk scraps.


p. 499

The real estate offices and the Cranberry Heights apartments across the street (to the south) are linked via a bridge (above) and elevators (inside each office). Take either elevator bank to the roof to explore: There's a (revolting and toxic) pool, walkways, and staircases down to a balcony area and an elevator down to either office.


p. 499

Across the road (south) of the Watoga Real Estate office is an organic restaurant. This is fully boarded up and inaccessible.


p. 499

Unfortunately, all the cool comics have been left smoldering, leaving little for you to hunt for, aside from a Bobblehead and holotape inside this store.


p. 499

Next door to Hubris Comics is a clothing store that's been picked clean a while ago; there's little more than clothes hangers here.


p. 499

There's no coffee on the boil anymore, but there's some reasonable tinned food to scavenge, as well as a possible Magazine in the rack.


p. 499

This store is full of useless washing machines, TVs, and fridges. You have better scavenging potential outside, grabbing the bottles on the cafe tables by the small jetty.


p. 499

On the grassy area just north of the shopping plaza is a small bandstand with enough musical instruments for four.


p. 499

Need some bottles, condiments, and glasses to complete your junk collection? Come here, but also check outside on the sidewalk corner to the east for a possible suit of Power Armor.


p. 500

The majority of the residents of Watoga live in this large housing complex. Aside from the lobby, no interiors are accessible (so check the Watoga map for a visual on this predominantly white set of structures), though you are able to access the roof, with its walkways, stairs, a small set of cafe tables, and a once-swanky pool and bar area. Farther west is access to the transit hub (via ground or upper walkway). Otherwise, check the exterior grounds and structures for loot, and use the roof to your advantage should combat occur.


p. 500

Compared to most train stations, this features a more modern and automated architecture and is close to the high school. Feel free to use this as a "base camp" (due to the My Stash Box) if you're exploring Watoga, and note the map on the wall inside the station shows some of the other available stations across Appalachia.


pp. 501–502

Watoga High School offered the latest in technological learning before the bombs dropped. Now it is little more than a rusting shell, despite having some intact classrooms and a still-impressive auditorium. Enter via the lobby, the auditorium, or the roof access doors. Scour the parking lot (checking the radioactive school bus for a possible collectible), and use the exterior stairwell near the train station to reach the roof for some additional items, including a possible Power Armor frame. Also check out a tent and sleeping area.

Inside, the school planners had thoughtfully included a sign above each door to indicate which room you're entering. This allows you to quickly explore and gather loot. The majority of the school is set out over two floors, along with a stairwell leading to the roof.


pp. 502–503

The road to the east of Watoga is in particular need of repair, but that's nothing compared to the mire of effluent and radiation seeping into every nook and cranny of the main trainyard in this area. Take protective clothing so you aren't constantly swallowing Rad-reducing chems and so you can use the number of workbenches and loot the open carriages.


p. 503

A small Brotherhood of Steel set of defenses, including automated surface-toair missile turrets, have been comprised. Remove threats and scour the gantry defenses and two huts for items you can use.


p. 503

Hidden in the bog channels is a shanty dwelling consisting of two small wooden outer hovels and a larger main shack, with a possible Power Armor on the roof. There's plenty of collectibles and a good amount of junk, making the journey well worth it.


p. 504

Don't look too closely at the skeletons within the trunks of these massive carnivorous drosera plants; instead wander the bog channels, searching out scraps of items and removing foes.

42. SUNRISE FARMIn-game spelling

p. 504

The natural beauty of this small farmstead is somewhat lessened, as it's full of mud. However, it still has a surprising amount of junk to gather. Check the shed for a huge number of glass jars and a small cranberry pond, with a tiny shed on an equally small jetty.


p. 504

This Brotherhood of Steel camp has meager defenses, two tents, and a Power Armor Station, along with the possibility of two Power Armor frames to scavenge (one from a fallen soldier).


p. 504

Watch your wandering in this part of the Bog, as you may reach a split in the earth, where swarms of Scorched are congregating near a Scorchbeast. Battle here only if you have the mettle!


p. 504

This copse of carnivorous drosera plants have swallowed up a small outbuilding or two, adding to the confusion as you attempt to navigate and check the area for items (mainly cranberry plants).


p. 504

Until recently, this small metal structure was held by the Brotherhood of Steel, and their transponder is still on the roof. Unlike the other drop sites, this isn't filled with radioactive water—instead it has a variety of high-quality junk pieces.


p. 505

This unassuming quarry and mine entrance on the surface (with a landing pad and two metal maintenance huts, one in the center of the quarry yard) belies a vast and terrifying underground maze of mine tunnels, caverns, and Scorchbeast lairs. Consult the quest for advice before entering here, though you can take your life into your own hands and venture in, if only for the multiple Ultracite veins to mine.


p. 506

Face extreme hardships as you navigate this area, close to the infamous Glassed Cavern. Close by is this slit in the earth, where a horde of Scorched and a Scorchbeast are lurking. Fight here with friends or superior aggression.


p. 506

This small operating base marks the last stand for a group of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers whose corpses are still inside the small defensive structure.


pp. 506–607

# Name Description
43 Cranberry Rad Hole: Appalachian Antiques A deadly hole of miasmic muck that's easy to fall into but impossible to escape from.
44 Bog Channel Nest An L-shaped "nest" with logs on top; one of many places to hide from foes (or humans) before striking back.
45 Bog Channel: Buttercup Bridge It seems Jangles is driving a number of Giddyup Buttercups but has been stranded on this road bridge.
46 Brotherhood of Steel Bridge Transponder JZ-3 This Brotherhood of Steel checkpoint has a transponder, but the paladinsIn-game spelling are missing; they're not even under the bridge.
47 Bog Channel: Labyrinth (Watoga exit) Head here to access (or appear from) a lengthy, subterranean bog tunnel that runs under the freeway from here to the Abandoned Bog Town, with six possible exits along the route.
48 Marooned Monorail A rusting staircase wrapped around a pylon leads up into a stranded monorail carriage with some loot to pick through.
49 Cranberry Rad Hole: Cranberry Glade A deadly hole of yellow ooze that's difficult to extricate yourself from.
50 Bog Channel Dam Use this tangle of branches and mud as a landmark when exploring the maze of channels east of Watoga.
51 Bog Channel Corpse Cave Look below ground for a small bog cave lined with corpses and a couple of boxes to open.
52 Cranberry Rad Hole: NAR Repair Yard A deadly hole of molten liquid, bubbling up like a fissure crack. Drop in and die.
53 Bog Channel Bridge (South Watoga and Rail Carriages) A bridge allowing access into the south side of Watoga, and carriages with junk to gather from.
54 Military Comms Tower Watoga A small, quest-related comms dish standing in the middle of a bog, near a spiky shelter.
55 Bog Channel: Forlorn Farmhouse A bog channel is literally splitting a farmhouse in two, revealing silver veins and a safe (2). There's a place to sleep, too.
56 Watoga Radioactive School Bus One of the buses parked in the school yard at Watoga High School is irradiated, with items to grab inside.
57 Bog Bridge and Streambeds A small log dam, a bridge, and stream channels to allow the sneakier a means of heading to and from Watoga.
58 Fungus Fun at the Panda Tree A couple of imported Chinese pandas are stuck up a fungus tree. HallucigenIn-game spelling gas may be involved.
59 Bog Channel Fungus Tunnel and Woods Bones and Glowing Fungus are found under this copse of tired-looking trees.
60 Cranberry Rad Hole: Drop Site V9 A deadly hole of irradiated death that's simple to slip into but much trickier to ascend up from.
61 Bog Channel Alcove Look for the large tire at the entrance to this small alcove with a skeleton and some chems to snag.
62 Vertibird Crash site (East of Firebase Hancock) A vertibird didn't quite make it to the nearby Firebase and crash-landed in the bog channel to the east.
63 Cranberry Rad Hole: Sparse Sundew Grove A deadly hole of glowing yellow lava, which spells doom for those traipsing about the bog without proper care.
64 Cranberry Rad Hole: South of Sunrise Field A deadly hole of Scorchbeast-friendly molten magma; step into here and you don't step out again.
65 Bog Channel Settler Camp (east of Sunrise Field) A fallen tree with a blue tarp on it, a sleeping bag, a cooking station, and a sense of despair; that's the Bog Channel life!
66 The Poet's Cottage A skeleton with an unfinished poem lies in the outhouse. The nearby cottage has additional items and sleeping for at least four.
67 Bog Channel Beaver Pond A shallow pool of logs with trees surrounding it.
68 Bog Channel Copse Occasionally while exploring bog channels, you run into tunnels around a copse of trees. Check here for a Mini Nuke and more.
69 Bog Channel Mirelurk Alcove If you're exploring the channels here, fend off the mutated wildlife to find a small alcove with ammo and a duffel bag.
70 Vertibird Crash Site (Drop Site V9) A Brotherhood of Steel vertibird has hit the bog close to a drop site. There are no survivors. But there are some scavengable items.
71 Tiny Camp There's little but a small tent and lunch pail, but this tiny camp is worth finding if only for the holotape contained there.
72 Cranberry Rad Hole: Forward Station Delta A deadly hole of glowing molten goo, offering instant death to those careless enough to fall into it.
73 Bog Channel: Tarberry Cottage A cottage ripped apart by a bog channel beneath it. Find a safe (2) and a toaster in a bath.