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The Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide is a publication by Prima Games. The guide contains strategies, maps, walkthroughs, and reference data that a player may find useful while playing Fallout 76, as well as some additional background information not found within the game itself about its setting and locations. The edition contains a bonus of a free code to access an eGuide on any web device.

With Fallout 76's many updates, the guide is now outdated, as it only reflects the game as it was presented prior to release. Official Prima guides for updates such as Wastelanders or Steel Dawn have not been issued and the company's print operations closed in 2019. The eGuide was advertised to be updated for new content, however this has never occurred.



Discrepancies between the guide and gameplay information include, but are not limited to:

  • [p.146] In the melee weapons section, there is a scope mod slot listed for the chainsaw, which does not exist.
  • [p.150] The entry for the protest sign erroneously states that there are only two variants of the weapon, when in fact, there are ten.
  • [p.317] Greg's Mine Supply is listed as having the "factory" icon for its map marker; in-game, it actually has the "low-rise" icon.
  • [p.326] The name of the secondary location "Tygart Scrap Truck (I91)" claims that it is on Interstate 91 (which does not exist in-game); the road is actually Route 91. This is fixed with the next secondary location, "Road Subsidence (Route 91)."
  • [p.365] Philippi Battlefield Cemetery is listed as having the "dome" icon for its map marker; in-game, it actually has the "graveyard" icon.
  • [pp.376,382,385,388] The Hornwright air purifier sites in the Ash Heap are referred to as air cleanser sites on all four respective locations.
  • [p.389] In the description for the AMS testing site, Atomic Mining Services is erroneously referred to as "Automated Mining Systems."
  • [p.394] Vault 63 is listed as a secondary location in the Ash Heap, although it actually has a map marker in-game.
  • [p.409] The ATLAS Observatory is listed as simply the "Observatory" in its location header, and "ATLAS" is decapitalized as "Atlas" in the location description.
  • [p.413] The secondary location "Pumpkin House Playground (and Military Convoy)" claims that it is on Interstate 66 (which does not exist in-game); the road is actually Highway 66.
  • [p.413] The name of secondary location #47 for the Savage Divide - Zone A is mistakenly copied from #49. #47 is named "Vehicle Pileup on I-63," even though the actual location is that of a shanty raider camp. #49 is an actual pile-up, and the name is repeated for that location. Additionally, Interstate 63 does not exist in-game; the road is actually Highway 63.
  • [p.429] Several more secondary locations in Zone B of the Savage Divide repeat the mistake of referring to Highways as Interstates; including #80 (Roadkill Raider Spikes), #93 (Pileup on I-63), #94 (Blue Zip Billboard), and #110 (Carnage on the I-62).
  • [p.453] The location known as gnarled shallows is written as "gnarled shadows."
  • [pp.461,466,476] Several location descriptions in the Mire continually mistake Highway 65 for other roadways, referring to it on several occasions as both I-65 and Route 65, inconsistent even with itself. Dyer Chemical, Zone A secondary location #24, and Zone B secondary locations #35, #53, #57, #64 and #65 all make this mistake.
  • [p.515] The Bestiary section states that aiming for a Protectron's "head dome" is the most effective strategy to defeating them, when in reality, attacking the head actually deals less damage than aiming for the chassis.


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