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The Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide is a publication by Prima Games. The guide contains strategies, maps, walkthroughs, and reference data that a player may find useful while playing Fallout 76, as well as some additional background information about the setting, locations, and characters not found within the game itself. The edition contains a bonus: a free code to access eGuide on any web device.

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Mistakes and oversights[edit | edit source]

  • [p.317] Greg's Mine Supply is listed as having the "factory" icon for its map marker; in-game, it actually has the "low-rise" icon.
  • [p.326] The name of the secondary location "Tygart Scrap Truck (I91)" claims that it is on Interstate 91 (which does not exist in-game); the road is actually Route 91. This is fixed with the next secondary location, "Road Subsidence (Route 91)."
  • [p.365] Philippi Battlefield Cemetery is listed as having the "dome" icon for its map marker; in-game, it actually has the "graveyard" icon.
  • [pp.376,382,385,388] The Hornwright air purifier sites in the Ash Heap are referred to as air cleanser sites on all four respective locations.
  • [p.389] In the description for the AMS testing site, Atomic Mining Services is erroneously referred to as "Automated Mining Systems."
  • [p.394] Vault 63 is listed as a secondary location in the Ash Heap, although it actually has a map marker in-game.
  • [p.409] The ATLAS Observatory is listed as simply the "Observatory" in its location header, and "ATLAS" is decapitalized as "Atlas" in the location description.
  • [p.413] The secondary location "Pumpkin House Playground (and Military Convoy)" claims that it is on Interstate 66 (which does not exist in-game); the road is actually Highway 66.
  • [p.413] The name of secondary location #47 for the Savage Divide - Zone A is mistakenly copied from #49. #47 is named "Vehicle Pileup on I-63," even though the actual location is that of a shanty raider camp. #49 is an actual pile-up, and the name is repeated for that location. Additionally, Interstate 63 does not exist in-game; the road is actually Highway 63.
  • [p.429] Several more secondary locations in Zone B of the Savage Divide repeat the mistake of referring to Highways as Interstates; including #80 (Roadkill Raider Spikes), #93 (Pileup on I-63), #94 (Blue Zip Billboard), and #110 (Carnage on the I-62).
  • [p.453] The location known as gnarled shallows is written as "gnarled shadows."
  • [pp.461,466,476] Several location descriptions in the Mire continually mistake Highway 65 for other roadways, referring to it on several occasions as both I-65 and and Route 65, inconsistent even with itself. Dyer Chemical, Zone A secondary location #24, and Zone B secondary locations #35, #53, #57, #64 and #65 all make this mistake.
  • [p.515] The Bestiary section states that aiming for a Protectron's "head dome" is the most effective strategy to defeating them, when in reality, attacking the head actually deals less damage than aiming for the chassis.

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