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Expeditions is a PvE game mode in Fallout 76. The mode takes players to explore and travel outside of Appalachia, and encounter NPCs and enemies along the way.

The first Expedition is the eponymous Expeditions: The Pitt, centering on the ruins of the Pitt, released in September 2022.

The second Expedition is Expeditions: Atlantic City, located in Atlantic City, released in December 2023.


FO76 completed expedition screen



Each location offers several Expeditions with unique playable zones, storylines, goals, and optional objectives to complete. Progress is quick-saved for later should one choose to quit early.

Public teams can be formed to assemble players to participate in Expeditions. As such, players can join Expeditions launched by other players at any time. Prior to the Once in a Blue Moon update, each player could only launch an Expedition once per day, which was compensated by improved rewards.

The Pitt[]

Atlantic City[]


SCORE Currency Stamps

Rewards are distributed by an after-mission report. The primary reward for Expeditions is the stamp currency which can be redeemed with Giuseppe Della Ripa. 1-20 stamps can be earned per completed Expedition, dependent on primary and optional objectives completed.

Depending on the mission, you will earn up to 6 legendary items, based on how many primary and optional objectives you and your team completed. You will also receive 1-2 legendary module, with a chance to earn a second, some legendary scrips or treasury notes, loot, and XP.

Once per week, you will earn a random item from the pool of rare Expeditions-themed rewards by completing all optional objectives during a mission. The weekly reward timer resets at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time every Tuesday, the same time that weekly challenges reset.


Prior to the Once in a Blue Moon update, starting an Expedition required recharging the Vertibird with ultracells, a sort of currency earned from completing Refuge daily quests.

The Refuge dailies still activate, though only one per day. The given charges in the list below relate only to the percentage prior to Once in a Blue Moon.


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