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This page lists all vehicles in Fallout 4.
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General informationEdit

In Fallout 4, a large number of pre-War vehicles can be found by the player character scattered around the wasteland. These vehicles can be scrapped for resources if within the boundaries of a workshop. Depending on gameplay choices, the Sole Survivor is able to call in a vertibird to transport them to another discovered location.

Many seemingly inert vehicles that take sufficient damage will explode quite violently - similar in sound and appearance to a mini nuke - doing considerable damage to anyone nearby. Vehicles may also catch fire after taking some damage, starting a process by which they will then detonate after the fire burns for a brief period.

A telltale sound can be heard with a vehicle catches fire, and a warning vehicle symbol will be displayed if the Sole Survivor is nearby such a vehicle, indicating the danger of an imminent explosion. Vehicles that explode leave an irradiated area for a brief period of time afterward.



Vehicle Image Description
Atomic V-8 Fo4 Corvega A rugged, dependable sedan that was one of the most popular models in the Corvega line.
Bus FO4 Bus01 A large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road, commonly serving the public on a fixed route.
Chryslus Cherry Bomb FO4 Vehicle new 6 A single-seat, commercial-grade vehicle whose design is dictated by the goal of breaking the sound barrier.
Chryslus Corvega The flagship brand of Chryslus Motors and one of the dominant forces on the automotive market after the resource crisis.
Corvega Blitz Fo4 Coupe A family-friendly variant of the Corvega line designed to combine good performance with low maintenance requirements, excellent fuel efficiency, and four seats.
Fusion Flea Supreme Structurally, the entrance to the driver's seat was achieved through a lift-off roof/windshield.
Motorcycle Includes variants such as Lone Wanderer style and dirt bikes.
Pick-R-Up FO4 Pick r up truck It is a small truck with a flatbed compartment in the rear and low suspension, with a single seat in the cabin.
Station Wagon Station Wagon Designed to offer seats for up to six or seven people, a canopy roof, and a streamlined rear with two trunks, one on each side of the fusion reactor.
Van FO4 Pre War Vault 111 van Used for goods transport as well as used by medical facilities as ambulances.
Zip Fo4 small car A small, single-seated vehicle with two large glass doors on each side for easy access.

Utility and heavy equipmentEdit

Vehicle Image Description
Crane Crane-Fallout4 Heavy machinery used for lifting heavy cargo.
Forklift FO4 Vehicles FL 1 Used for lifting and moving cargo, with one seat, a steering wheel, and hydraulic controls, under an open roll cage.
Infantry fighting vehicle IFVConvoy-NukaWorld Used for crowd control and to transport troops to key hotspots in the safety of its armored shell.
Megaloader FO4 Pre War Vault 111 vehicle Heavy machinery used for lifting cargo or materials, fitted with a bucket, to move loose material around, or fitted with forks and used as a heavy lift forklift.
Semi-trailer truck FO4 Natick power vehicles Designed to transport cargo, with a cab-over-engine arrangement with two large headlights, a fuel-cell-powered engine, and three axles. It was produced as a standardized cutaway chassis. The truck is often found with an accompanying trailer.
Street cleaner FO4 Vehicles 12 A drivable, vacuum-like vehicle, used to clean and recycle garbage from city streets.
Tank FO4 Relay Tower 0BB-915 (tank) Used in military operations, with a pair of tracked chassis using leaf spring suspension and a single turret mounted on the top.
Tractor FO4 Tractor en route An engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort or torque at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery such as that used in agriculture or construction.

Rail transportsEdit

Vehicle Image Description
Locomotive FO4 Locomotive Used for transporting freight and individuals in the pre-War United States.
Nuka-Express NukaExpress-Outside-NukaWorld Pre-War transport to and from the Nuka-World amusement park.
Subway train FO4 Mass Bay Medical Center station Streamlined pre-War vehicles used to quickly transport pedestrians around the city of Boston.


Vehicle Image Description
Jet airliner Fo4 Skylanes Flight 1981 All-metal passenger vehicle with a blended wing configuration, used to transport individuals long distances.
The Prydwen airship The Prydwen The Brotherhood of Steel's base of operations. A very large airship found hovering over the Boston Airport once the Brotherhood of Steel enter the Commonwealth.
Stingray Deluxe Fallout 4 Jet Plane A small military fighter jet that flew before the war.
Vertibird Vertibird FO4 trailer A pre-War military VTOL aircraft. Crashed variants can be found across the Commmonwealth, while functional versions are utilized by the Brotherhood of Steel.


Vehicle Image Description
Barge FO4 Spectacle Island (Barge Platform) A flat-topped, propulsionless vessel used pre-war for ferrying heavy cargo down waterways. Post-War, barges commonly hold ramshackle huts.
FMS Northern Star Fo4 FMS Northern Star A large pre-War freighter that ran aground on the eastern coast of the Commonwealth. Post-War, it is populated by hostile Norwegian ghouls.
MS Azalea Gametitle-FO4 FH MSAzalea-Location-Back A large pre-War freighter that ran aground on the southeastern coast of The Island. Post-War, it is populated by hostile trappers.
Row boat FO4 Vehicles rowboat 1 A small boat used before the Great War, rowed by oars.
Trawler Breakheart Banks Fishing boat cabin map Boats that are designed for fishing with large nets.
Swan boat FO4 Boston common swan boat Decorated pre-War boats found at Boston Common to provide leisurely cruises around the pond.
Towboat FO4 Spectacle Island (Destroyed boat) Large boats used to tow other ships, primarily barges.
USS Constitution USS Constitution2 A Revolutionary War-era frigate that was used pre-War as a museum. Post-War, it is manned by a robotic crew that has retrofitted the ship with rocket engines and crashed it into the roof of Weatherby Savings & Loan.
USS Democracy Gametitle-FO4 FH FO4-FarHarbor-Nucleus-VesselBow A pre-War American submarine docked in a Naval base on the Island, now known as The Nucleus. It is currently occupied as the main base of operations for the Church of the Children of Atom found on the Island.
USS Riptide Wreck of the USS Riptide A Naval tugboat and barge that crashed into a drawbridge in downtown Boston. Post-War, it is inhabited by raiders.
Western Bell vessel Nautical radio signal A small fishing boat that ran aground on the northwestern coast of the Commonwealth.
Yangtze FO4-Yangtze-visible A Chinese nuclear submarine patrolling the Atlantic coast near the United States before the Great War. It was rendered immobile after a mine severely damaged the reactor, forcing it to take shelter in Boston Harbor. Post-War, it is populated by feral Chinese ghouls and a solitary sane ghoul, Zao.


Automobiles and motorcyclesEdit

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