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General informationEdit

In Fallout 4, a large amount of pre-War vehicles can be found by the player scattered around the wasteland. These vehicles can be scrapped for resources if within the boundaries of a workshop.

Many seemingly inert vehicles that take sufficient damage will explode quite violently - similar in sound and appearance to a mini nuke - doing considerable damage to anyone nearby. Vehicles may also catch fire after taking some damage, starting a process by which they will then detonate after the fire burns for a brief period; a telltale sound can be heard with a vehicle catches fire, and a warning vehicle symbol will be displayed if the Sole Survivor is nearby such a vehicle, indicating the danger of an imminent explosion. Vehicles that explode leave an irradiated area for a brief period of time afterwards, implying that vehicle explosions are at least partly nuclear.

The Sole Survivor is also able to call in a Vertibird to transport them to another discovered location.


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Automobiles and motorcyclesEdit

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