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The first Fallout 4 trailer was released by Bethesda Softworks on June 3, 2015.


The trailer is narrated by Ron Perlman who is speaking as a pre-War news announcer announcing the Great War and the nuclear detonations.

With the world poised on the brink of war, Vault Tec is reporting a record nu--

Folks, uh, seems... w-we've got some breaking news, stand by. We seem to have lost contact with our affiliate stations, stand by. We do-we do have... we do have coming in confirmed reports of nuclear detonations.

My God, our soldiers were right. War. War never changes.
— Pre-war newsreader

Fallout 4 teaser trailer

The trailer starts off with a "PLEASE STAND BY" slide appearing on a television. The camera pans out to showed a ruined home decaying from years of neglect, with the song "It's All Over But the Crying" playing in the background. A curious dog enters the home. As the camera pans towards the kitchen / dining room area the setting reverts to the year 2077 moments before the Great War. Here we see a a Mister Handy getting ready to set a box of Sugar Bombs on the table. The setting then reverts back to the "present" and the curious dog wanders through the area and then heads down a hallway to a child's bedroom where the setting reverts back to the past. Here we see a mother and father playing with their infant son in his crib. The setting then reverts back to the dog nudging a rocket ship spinner shortly before sirens going off. The dog then runs out of the house and down the street all while the settings shift from pre-War to post-War. During the pre-War sequences of this, many people are shown running down a street and up a hill to the entrance of Vault 111. Many people are being held back from arriving at the vault by soldiers in power armor. The camera pans to the top of the hill and the entrance to Vault 111 where we see a nuclear detonation and blast overcoming several people on top the hill. During the post-War sequences the dog runs up the hill towards the opened Vault 111.

From here we see the protagonist emerging from the vault in 1st-person and several shots of Boston such as the USS Constitution and the Massachusetts State House. Several shots of gameplay are shown here such as feral ghouls in a store. The camera shows several shots of post-War Boston and creatures such as a mirelurk queen, a deathclaw, and a pack brahmin roaming the wastes. Several robots are shown as well such as an eyebot and a Protectron. One shot shows two super mutants roaming around the wastes. The trailer shows the return of Vertibirds and the arrival of a new vehicle, an airship, which is seen flying over the Paul Revere Monument.

In the last half of the trailer we see the dog sniffing around curiously by a garage that is housing a suit of power armor that has been pieced together from various parts. As the dog goes to look at the armor we see him run out of the garage and towards his companion, they start to walk down a desolate road towards Boston.

The Wanderer trailer

Released by Bethesda on October 15, 2015, The Wanderer features the Sole Survivor and Dogmeat as they explore the Commonwealth to the tune of The Wanderer, by Dion DiMucci. The trailer was produced by Gnet and directed by David Moodie.[1]


In July 2017, Dion DiMucci filed a lawsuit against Bethesda Softworks LLC., charging that Bethesda had used the song for the trailer against the terms of his marketing contract. DiMucci is suing for $1M USD, claiming that his image has been negatively impacted by the violence depicted alongside his music in the trailer, and that such usage breached his contract by being objectionable.[2]

Launch trailer

The third official trailer for Fallout 4 was released on November 5, 2015. Five days before the release of the game, the Launch trailer was uploaded to Bethesda's YouTube channel.