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This page lists all player character housing in Fallout 4.

Ownable housing

These homes are considered owned by the player character upon meeting a certain condition such as a payment or quest completion. Note that one cannot send companions to owned homes, only to settlements.

Name Location Photo Details
Home Plate Diamond City FO4-Home Plate-exterior.png Purchase the house from Geneva for 2000 caps
Vault 81 room Vault 81 Vault 81 Room.jpg Complete the quest Hole in the Wall by giving the cure to Austin
Prydwen quarters The Prydwen Prydwen-Quarters-Fallout4.jpg Join the Brotherhood of Steel and have the rank of paladin by completing Blind Betrayal
Director's quarters The Institute Institute-FathersRoom2-Fallout4.jpg Join the Institute and complete Nuclear Family. The bed in the director's quarters is not usable and the room that the synth Shaun resides in upon the first visit is still inaccessible
Institute quarters The Institute Institute-Residential-Fallout4.jpg Join the Institute and complete Synth Retention. This room is located on the second level of the tower with the balcony that connects to the elevator
Captain's quarters USS Constitution USS Constitution.png Visit Ironsides after the completion of Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution. Completing quests only makes the bed usable, all items in the captain's cabin are still considered owned
Listening Post Bravo Listening Post Bravo FO4 Listening Post Bravo inside 2.png Complete Blind Betrayal for the Brotherhood of Steel, the location will gain workbenches and a bed. The location can also be used as a base if choosing not to side with the Brotherhood by hacking the terminal and killing the yao guai that resides inside
Interior and patio Nuka-World (add-on) Fizztop Grille FizztopGrille-Patio-NukaWorld.jpg After becoming overboss

Hotels and rentable housing

The locations listed below will allow temporary access to an unowned bed in exchange for caps.

Incidental housing

The houses below are not technically owned or paid for but the Sole Survivor can still shelter in these locations:

  • Combat Zone: After killing all of the raiders in the Combat Zone and gaining Cait as a companion, the raiders will no longer respawn, allowing the Sole Survivor to use the Combat Zone as player character housing. It is unconfirmed whether the containers in the Combat Zone are safe or not.
  • Diamond City wall room: With a power armor jetpack or careful use of Jet, the Sole Survivor can find a secret room on top of the exterior wall of Diamond City, down the right alley from the main gate. The room contains a power armor station and an unowned bed. It is unconfirmed whether the containers are safe but it is confirmed that the power armor station is safe to store items in. This location is not practical due to the difficulty in accessing it.
  • Kellogg's house: After gaining access to Kellogg's house, it can be used for storage and a sleeping location. The location does not reset and all containers are safe. The beds in the house are also free to use.
  • Vault 111: The vault can be used as player character housing because the containers do not reset. It is useful due to its proximity to the settlement of Sanctuary Hills.
  • Railroad HQ: This location can be used after joining the Railroad. The HQ has all the workbenches and is inhabited by a doctor and a merchant.
  • The Castle tunnels: After completing Old Guns, the tunnels underneath the Castle can be used as a base because it does not reset.