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The Fallout 4 patch 1.9 for PC has been released on February 6, 2017 on Steam, and on February 9, 2017 for the Xbox One and PS4.[1] It updates Fallout 4.

Patch notes

The update adds support for the High Resolution Texture Pack, makes a few fixes, and adds features to improve the usage of mods. Bethesda confirmed that the 1.9 update doesn't actually include the High Resolution Texture Pack, but merely prepares the game to support it.

New features

  • Enhanced PS4 Pro Support (PS4 only)
  • Support for High Resolution Texture Pack (PC only)
  • Added Featured category for mods
  • Added ability to sort Highest Rated and Most Favorited filters by today, week, month and all time
  • Added number of ratings count to Mods Browsing Menu
  • Added number of favorites count to Mod Details page
  • Added required dependencies to Mod Details page
  • Added latest version number and notes to Mod Details page


  • General performance and stability improvements
  • Improvements to Reporting mods categories
  • Fixed occasional crashes while scrolling through Load Order menu
  • Improved Bethesda.net error messaging