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Pre-war military checkpoints, scattered throughout the Commonwealth, are a great place to find Fusion Cores.Fallout 4 loading screen hints

Military checkpoints are unmarked locations in the Commonwealth in 2287.

These checkpoints were occupied by the United States Armed Forces just before the Great War.


Some locations of the military checkpoints include: East of Tenpines Bluff on the railroad track, east of Graygarden on a road under the highway, west of the National Guard training yard and east of the Revere satellite array, northeast of the Old North Church and northwest of Covenant.[verification needed]

Marked locationsEdit

Unmarked locationsEdit

  • Military checkpoint (Lexington)
  • Military checkpoint (Cambridge outskirts)
  • Military checkpoint (south zone 3)
  • Military checkpoint (Lake Cochituate)
  • Military checkpoint (West Roxbury)


Road junctionEdit

Beddown basesEdit


Military checkpoints appear in Fallout 4.

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