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General informationEdit

Fallout 4 key models

The eight key models

Keys in Fallout 4 open specific doors or containers, some of which are inaccessible otherwise. Some keys can be found in the game world, some are in the possession of non-player characters and can be pickpocketed, while a few can only be retrieved if their owner has been killed.


Icon deadOnly found if the NPC in question is dead.
Icon dialogueReceived through dialogue or as part of a quest; not in the NPC's normal or death inventory.
(Icon dialogue)In the NPC's inventory but can also be received through dialogue or as part of a quest.
Icon sicName is spelled as it is in-game, even if the in-game spelling is grammatically or otherwise wrong.

Main gameEdit

Img Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Icon Fo4 key03 Abbot's house key
Abbot's house Abbot (pick pocket) 000e45ff
Icon Fo4 key01 Airport facilities key
Boston Airport ruins facilities Initiate Clarke 000c3096
Icon Fo4 key03 All Faiths chapel key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 chain02 Amphitheater key
Side office door in Charles View Amphitheater Pickpocketed from Brother Thomas 0007fbb5
Icon Fo4 holotape ArcJet lab password
Opens lab door in ArcJet Systems Lab control terminal on ArcJet Systems's main floor 0011c4eb
Icon Fo4 holotape ArcJet project manager's password
Project manager terminal in the ArcJet Engine Core ArcJet Systems, in the cabinet high up just to the right of the project manager's terminal 001f3ca8
Icon Fo4 key03 Arturo's house key
Arturo's house Arturo Rodriguez and Nina Rodriguez 00064129
Icon Fo4 holotape Atomatoys developer's password: Marlene
Development lab (access) terminals in Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ On the security office terminal in the reception area, added by reading the Security Logs entry 10/21/77 00118b0d
Icon Fo4 holotape Atomatoys security office password
Security terminal in Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ In the reception area's security office, next to a file cabinet on a box. Unlocks nearby security terminal. 00117f98
Icon Fo4 key01 Back storage key
Opens the back storage room of an unmarked store east of Collegiate administration building Found in the upper floor of that same unmarked store on a desk near a terminal N/A 001660e1
Icon Fo4 key01 Back storage key
Storage shed containing workshop Footlocker on top of Starlight Drive In movie screen 0001d0fc
Icon Fo4 key03 Barney's key
Locked back room in the Rook family house basement. Barney Rook 000d2c86
Icon Fo4 key01 Big John's safe key
Safes in Big John's Salvage In the shelter under the blue train car in Big John's Salvage yard. 0019290e
Icon Fo4 key03 Blood clinic key
Opens outer door and the safe in the lab room Three spread throughout the Greater Mass blood clinic 00094c1b
Icon Fo4 holotape Blood clinic password
Locked lab room in the Greater Mass blood clinic with a Massachusetts Surgical Journal Inside a novice locked terminal on the ground floor, close to the south-west side door entrance. 0010c476
Icon Fo4 key03 Boston mayoral shelter bathroom key
Bathroom door in the Boston mayoral shelter In West Everett Estates -- within a dresser next to a crib in the blue house by the entrance.
Boston mayoral shelter in a dresser next to a terminal, same level as the bathroom
Icon Fo4 key03 Boston mayoral shelter safe key
Safe in Boston mayoral shelter. In a suitcase found in a storage room upstairs. 0015f723
Cabot House key
Rooms in Cabot House Given by Jack Cabot when encountering him. Special Delivery 000495d5
Icon Fo4 key03 Cambridge Police Station key
Doors in the Cambridge police station Paladin Danse -- Taken from him if the Sole Survivor kills him before entering the station after the fight with the ghouls. 001097e3
Icon Fo4 key03 Cambridge Police Station safe key
A safe in the Cambridge police station Cambridge police station -- Taken from Scribe Haylen's corpse during the Precipice of War quest. 0003c43d
Icon Fo4 holotape Campbell's safe password
A safe in University Credit Union University Point, Sedgwick Hall - from the main double door entrance go through a broken hole in the wall on the right (south), before the corridor. In this small room, on the left-hand side (east) there is the 'Student Records' terminal with the password. Can also be unlocked by picking a Master difficulty lock. 0008c3fe
Icon Fo4 key01 Captain Wes' safe key
Opens a safe behind the desk inside the Gunners plaza recording studio. Captain Wes 001a7122
Icon Fo4 key03 Captain's quarters key
Ironsides' cabin on the USS Constitution Ironsides Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution 000bb7b3
Icon Fo4 key03 Casey's key
Opens door to "Casey's Office" in Nahant Oceanological Society facility near key location Found on a semi sunken boat off the coast near Nahant Oceanological Society. 00080172
Icon Fo4 key01 Catherine's key
Opens Catherine's safe in her room Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, by her cat bowls 00194372
Icon Fo4 key03 Cell key
Cell door in the BADTFL regional office In the file cabinet (next to terminal on desk) in the chief's office 000feccd
Icon Fo4 chain02 Cell key
Cell doors on the top floor of the East Boston Preparatory School On a desk on the top floor of the East Boston Preparatory School 001d1cdd
Icon Fo4 chain02 Cell key
In two filing cabinets within the Parsons State Insane Asylum: one to the forward-right after entering and one in Jack Cabot's office in the corner behind his desk 00000???
Icon Fo4 key03 Chief's key
Opens the chief's office in the BADTFL regional office Novice locked door, bathroom within the BADTFL regional office 00043b4c
Icon Fo4 key03 Choice Chops key
Door to Polly's house / Choice Chops and meat locker In possession of Polly 00063597
Icon Fo4 key01 Church safe key
Opens safe on the top floor of Hopesmarch Pentecostal church Lying on the ground on the Hopesmarch Pentecostal church's top floor, near a ham radio 00191671
Icon Fo4 key01 Clarke's personal key
Footlocker in Clarke's sleeping quarters on the Prydwen Clarke Duty or Dishonor 00166a83
Icon Fo4 key03 Codman residence key
Codman residence Clarence & Ann Codman (pickpocket) 0006a678
Icon Fo4 key03 College Square Station key
Opens the doors throughout the station College Square station, bottom level in the subway's storage room (east side) on a desk. Also on the murderer in the same location A Pint-Sized Problem Gametitle-FO4 CC 0019b233
Icon Fo4 key03 Compound key
Compound door in Covenant Manny, Tach Blythe, and one Compound guard Human Error 000f2865
Icon Fo4 key03 Cooke residence key
Cooke residence Henry Cooke, Paul Pembroke/Malcom Latimer during the The Marowski Heist quest 0006a67f
Icon Fo4 key02 Corvega safe key
Safe in the Corvega assembly plant, below Jareds hideout behind a wall piece with "Keep out" written on it Jared in the Corvega assembly plant 000d3c60
Icon Fo4 key01 Corvega storage key
Storage space in the Corvega assembly plant, on the ground level Gristle during the deathclaw fight 000d3c71
Icon Fo4 chain01 Covenant house key
Locked houses in Covenant Carried by most Covenant residents, also found on table in the shop 000e928d
Icon Fo4 key01 Covenant office key
Covenant office (house on the east side) Carried by Jacob Orden and Brian Fitzgerald; also found inside a desk in the office 000890c2
Icon Fo4 key02 Covenant shop key
Penny Fitzgerald's shop Carried by Penny Fitzgerald and Patricia Montgomery; also found inside Penny's cash register 000890c3
Icon Fo4 key02 CPL Director's key
Double doors upstairs leading to the Director's office Molly in the Cambridge Polymer Labs (pickpocket or wait until quest completion) 0002cdc6
Icon Fo4 key03 Croup basement key
The Croup Manor basement In a dresser in the advanced locked bedroom on the manor's top floor 000a0702
Icon Fo4 key03 Croup bedroom key
Bedroom in the Croup manor In a Novice locked desk on the 2nd floor of the Croup manor 000a0701
Icon Fo4 key02 Daisy's house key
Nothing Daisy 000e1ac9
Icon Fo4 key03 Diamond City jail key
Jail cell in the Diamond City security security office Diamond City security or desk inside office The Big Dig 0011e4b5
Icon Fo4 key03 Diamond City Radio key
Diamond City Radio Travis Miles 000644eb
Icon Fo4 key03 Diamond City Surplus key
Myrna's house Myrna 000c8661
Icon Fo4 key03 Doc Crocker's house key
Doc Crocker's house Doc Crocker (pickpocket) or looted from his body during the The Disappearing Act quest 0006aa70
Icon Fo4 key02 Doctor Amari's lab key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 key03 Doctor Sun's house key
Doctor Sun's house Doctor Sun 00020b90
Icon Fo4 holotape Drinkin' Buddy password
Access to Buddy's terminal The Shamrock Taphouse., next to Drinkin' Buddy's pod, high up near the light. 0019900e
Icon Fo4 key03 Dugout Inn key
Dugout Inn Scarlett, Vadim Bobrov, Yefim Bobrov 000e4510
Icon Fo4 key01 Dunwich Borers key
Dunwich Borers, interior door Inside the quarry, on a dead raider next to the door that it opens. 00044ad0
Icon Fo4 key01 Eager Ernie's key
The clubhouse terminal located on the ground floor of Easy City Downs commentator's building. Also opens a door and a safe. Eager Ernie's corpse or on his triggerman. 000ef46e
Icon Fo4 holotape Eager Ernie's password
Allows access of master control terminal at Easy City Downs located in the commentator's building. Also for repair shop- and robot control terminal. Eager Ernie 0013cb54
Icon Fo4 key03 Earl Sterling's house key
Earl Sterling's house Earl Sterling, Vadim Bobrov The Disappearing Act 0002f800
Icon Fo4 key01 Edward's safe key
Opens Edward's safe in his room Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, behind his typewriter 00194371
Icon Fo4 key02 Edwin's key
A safe in the house by the pier. Chestnut Hillock Reservoir, in the water under the pier, near the house with flickering lights. It's inside a cooler beside Edwin's corpse. 0007e609
Icon Fo4 holotape Emogene Cabot's password
Access to terminal in Cabot House Emogene Cabot 001e97b9
Icon Fo4 key01 Ethel's safe key
Opens Ethel's safe in her room Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, beneath her paintbrush 00194373
Icon Fo4 key02 Evans Way Cul-de-Sac key
Three doors allowing access to Evans Way Cul-de-Sac. On the body of one of the raiders in Evan's Way, the unmarked raider camp north of the Boston Police rationing site. 001b4bc1
Icon Fo4 key03 Evidence locker key
Evidence locker room in BADTFL regional office In the chief's safe in the BADTFL regional office, same room as the Guns and Bullets 00043b53
Icon Fo4 key03 Fallon's basement key
Fallon's Basement Becky Fallon 000644d4
Icon Fo4 key03 Fallon's storage key
Opens all safes inside the secret room in Fallon's department store On the bottom floor of the east side of the building, behind a counter you will see a Raildroad sign pointing up. Next to that sign is a button that will open a secret cache with a toolbox containing the key. 0019fdf4
Icon Fo4 key01 Faneuil Hall cashier's key
Wall safe and a door in Faneuil Hall Faneuil Hall. Once inside, go down the stairs and turn left. Ahead to the left is a small room with tyres and the key on a cabinet. 00197471
Icon Fo4 holotape Federal ration stockpile password
Storage lockup terminal in the federal ration stockpile Red Tourette 001a458e
Icon Fo4 key01 Fiddler's Green trailer key
The sliding door of a locked trailer at Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates In the office's novice locked safe, which can be opened with the terminal next to it. 001d038e
Icon Fo4 holotape First mate's password
Bulkhead terminal on the Yangtze On the first mate Here There Be Monsters 001b48ac
Icon Fo4 holotape Fort Hagen armory password
Access to the armory terminal in Fort Hagen Command Center In a toolbox, next to the Nuka Cola Quantum in the red lit passageway across from the cafeteria. 00099d3e
Icon Fo4 key03 Fort Hagen key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 key02 Fort Strong key
A safe and a door Fort Strong armory, in General Brock's desk, in the southwest corner of the ground floor, behind a novice level locked door. 000423fa
Icon Fo4 holotape Four Leaf security password
Tripwire terminal at the Four Leaf fishpacking plant Given by Trish after interrogating her after the fight during Diamond City Blues. Diamond City Blues 001793dd
Icon Fo4 holotape Fred Allen's password
Gives access to his terminal. Fred Allen and located in his room in Hotel Rexford's basement, under the stairs. 001c3af8
Icon Fo4 holotape Galleria DMS override password
Accesses The Director's override terminal in his office at General Atomics Galleria On the Supervisor's terminal in Back Alley Bowling 000ff17e
Icon Fo4 key02 Galleria outlet workroom key
Opens the General Atomics outlet backroom door. In the store's cash register 001a8981
Icon Fo4 holotape Galleria supervisor's password
Accesses terminal in Back Alley Bowling On a skeleton in The Director's office (giant Mister Handy) 0015de98
Icon Fo4 key01 Gerald's barricade key
Opens Gerald's barricade door, inside University Point building Found in building upstairs room to the left, under the counter by Gerald's terminal 0008e59b
Icon Fo4 holotape Gerald's vault password
Gives access to the vault control terminal in the University Credit Union University Point exterior, on Gerald's terminal. Added by reading the Town Council Logs. 001d83a5
Icon Fo4 key03 Gift shop key
Opens safe and the gift shop basement at Walden Pond On Walter 000f10dc
Icon Fo4 key03 Given's supply key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 key01 Gladys's room key
Opens Gladys' room in Sandy Coves Convalescent Home Found in the possession of front desk attendant (a named Mister Handy) in the lobby. 0011b473
Icon Fo4 key01 GNN recording room key
Recording room at the Gunners plaza's basement Found on the Gunners Ryder and Cruz 001a535f
Icon Fo4 holotape Greenetech Genetics password
Greenetech Genetics, accesses terminal that unlocks the top floor room holding K1-98. On the top floor, in the red toolbox. 0016fb8b
Icon Fo4 holotape Gwinnett Brewery password
Access to brewery terminal Found in the Gwinnett Restaurant, on a desk near a chemistry station on the second floor in the area with the large brewing vats. 0004ebda
Icon Fo4 key03 HalluciGen key
Opens 3 doors in HalluciGen, Inc. and the north exit In a steamer trunk near the north exit to Esplanade. 00088d05
Icon Fo4 holotape HalluciGen master password
Gives access to various terminals in HalluciGen, Inc. Can be obtained from the mainframe access terminal, by reading the master password reset entry. 000ff378
Icon Fo4 key01 Hancock's strongroom key
Hancock's strongroom in the NH&M Freight Depot Found on the dead body of Fahrenheit while choosing to stay with Bobbi No-Nose The Big Dig 0012b899
Icon Fo4 key03 Hardware Town storage key
The storage room (has a safe) in Hardware Town Second floor near warehouse staircase, in room with green steamer trunk. Key is on desk next to Picket Fences 0019c545
Icon Fo4 key03 Hawthorne residence key
Hawthorne residence Hawthorne and Eustace Hawthorne 0006a684
Icon Fo4 key01 Haymarket Mall key
Congress Street garage (connection from Haymarket Mall One of the raiders on level 2 of the mall (northeast room) 001b4a9c
Icon Fo4 holotape Henri's terminal password
Access to terminal at the Sentinel site Carried by Brother Henri Liberty Reprimed 0014404c
Icon Fo4 key01 Home Plate key
Home Plate Sold by Geneva in Diamond City 00141946
Icon Fo4 holotape Hotel registry password
Hotel Rexford's registry On Clair Hutchins, and under her counter in the lobby 001c3af0
Icon Fo4 chain02 Hubris Comics office key
Hubris Comics office on the third floor On the second floor in a corner room, in the desk with the Manager's terminal on it. Another copy is underneath a desk by the Manager's door. 0018ac49
Icon Fo4 key01 Hubris Comics storeroom key
Opens storeroom and the wall safe in Hubris Comics In the right cash register on the counter. 0018ac3d
Icon Fo4 chain02 Hydroponics key
Hydryphonics door in the Institute Taken from Max Loken if the gorilla doors are opened and Max dies. A House Divided 000c16ff
Icon Fo4 key02 Hydroponics key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 key01 Installation K-21B key
Federal surveillance center K-21B Bill Stevens's suitcase within the abandoned shack. 00100289
Icon Fo4 key03 Intel room key
Intel room at USAF Satellite Station Olivia. Room can also be unlocked via terminal upstairs. Located in the station's basement, in an instrument case 0006e46c
Icon Fo4 key03 Irish Pride key
A door in Irish Pride Industries shipyard Rory Rigwell 000431e0
Icon Fo4 holotape Irma's terminal password
Gives access to her terminal in the Memory Den Irma, and on the floor next to the dresser in her bedroom. 001c3afe
Icon Fo4 key03 Jack Cabot's key
Parsons State Insane Asylum doors Jack Cabot (cannot be acquired) The Secret of Cabot House 000195b5
Icon Fo4 note Jacob's password
Terminal inside office building at Covenant On bedside table inside Jacob's house at Covenant Human Error 000e929c
Icon Fo4 note Jacob's password
Executive terminal in Med-Tek Research Given by MacCready during quest. Long Road Ahead 001965f8
Icon Fo4 key03 Jamaica Plain archives key
Opens the Jamaica Plain Town Hall basement door On Ken Standish's body, found in Jamaica Plain and one in the basement Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain 000e9bb4
Icon Fo4 holotape Jamaica Plain mayor's password
Gives access to the mayor's terminal and treasures access terminal. On Sal, a destroyed building at Jamaica Plain Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain 00111829
Icon Fo4 key03 Jamaica Plain town hall key
Jamaica Plain Town Hall basement Carl Everett Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain 0005c7ef
Icon Fo4 key01 Joe's Spuckies basement key
Trapdoor to Joe's Spuckies sandwich shop (Commonwealth) On a table next to the ladder up to the shop at the end of Andrew Station tunnels 0018443a
Icon Fo4 key03 John and Jessica's house key
John and Cathy's house (part of Kathy & John's Super Salon) John and Cathy 0006a69d
Icon Fo4 key03 Kellogg's house key
Kellogg's house Diamond City, leveled-lock safe in Mayor McDonough's office. Also found on McDonough himself, given by Geneva and in her desk. Also found in searchable stadium chairs below the path to his house (only there if you give Mama Murphy drugs for the clue about it). Getting a Clue 000f7eec
Icon Fo4 holotape Kellogg's terminal password
Gives access to his terminal in the Fort Hagen Command Center On Conrad Kellogg Reunions 000a02d8
Icon Fo4 key02 KL-E-0's house key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 holotape Lab access password Icon cut
Icon Fo4 key03 Latimer residence key
Latimer residence Malcom Latimer and Nelson Latimer 0006a68e
Icon Fo4 holotape Libertalia password
Accesses terminal on the ship, opens a safe. Gabriel 001291bf
Icon Fo4 key02 Library key
Doors in Shaw High School In Principal Tanner's desk 00043e24
Icon Fo4 key03 Library storage room key
Boston Public Library storage room On the desk, near curator Given's terminal (west on the local map). 00100d9f
Icon Fo4 key03 Longneck Lukowski's key
Assigned to open office room in Longneck Lukowski's Cannery. Useless, as the door is already open. Theodore Collins 0003efb6
Icon Fo4 key01 Lucia's personal key
Lucia's footlocker in her sleeping quarters on the Prydwen Knight Lucia, or Clarke's footlocker in his sleeping quarters. Duty or Dishonor 00166a75
Icon Fo4 key01 Lynn Woods chest key
A steamer trunk in Lynn Woods On a settler at the top of the siren tower 0006a134
Icon Fo4 key03 Mahkra facilities key
Mahkra Fishpacking security gate and a door On a dead raider hanging out of a storage bunker at the right side of the plant 0019e054
Icon Fo4 key01 Margaret's safe key
Opens Margaret's safe in her room Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, under her fertilizer 00194374
Icon Fo4 holotape Mass Fusion executive lab password
Executive research lab terminal Mass Fusion executive suite, balcony desk Mass Fusion 000b4685
Icon Fo4 key03 Mass Fusion labs key
Adjacent chamber (room with hole in floor) Mass Fusion building, room north of the lobby, on a desk Mass Fusion 0009dbaa
Icon Fo4 holotape Mass. Pike tunnel password
Terminal in the tunnel's storage room Mass Pike Tunnel storage room, next to Det. Perry's holotape 000639d9
Icon Fo4 key03 Medford Operating Theater key
The operating theater door and another door in Medford Memorial Hospital In a flat orange instrument case on top of the desk at a nurse's station, east side of the 2nd floor. 0007dd7d
Icon Fo4 key02 Memory Den key
A door in the Memory Den Irma 000e210d
Icon Fo4 key03 Moe Cronin's house key
Moe Cronin's house Moe Cronin 0006aa74
Icon Fo4 key02 Monsignor Plaza key
Opens door in Monsignor Plaza back to Cambridge On the counter of the Slocum's Joe shop southwest on the local map, third floor 00227814
Icon Fo4 key01 Mortimer's safe key
Opens Mortimer's safe in his room Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, in his favorite boat model 00194370
Icon Fo4 key03 Museum balcony key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 key03 Museum of Witchcraft key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 holotape National Guard officer's password
Barracks access terminal downstairs in National Guard recruitment office In a desk upstairs in National Guard recruitment office 0007053c
Icon Fo4 key03 Neponset cabin key
Cabin on Neponset Park Charles Dieter Jr., under a bridge east of Quincy Quarries 000fb263
Icon Fo4 key03 Office key
Shack door in Kendall Hospital Kendall Hospital, on a table in a shack type room, map center 0022c86b
Icon Fo4 holotape Overseer access password Icon cut
Icon Fo4 holotape Overseer door password
Vault 114 door terminal Dino 001b2f98
Icon Fo4 key01 Overseer residence key
Vault 75 sliding door The Gunner commander 000d8d3e
Icon Fo4 key01 Overseer safe key
Two safes in Vault 75 In the room just off of the overseer's room 000d8d3f
Icon Fo4 key03 Overseer's room key
Sliding door in Vault 81's overseer's room Jacob Forsythe and Gwen McNamara 001103a1
Icon Fo4 key03 Pembroke residence key
Pembroke residence On Paul, Darcy and Pete 000644df
Icon Fo4 key03 Pickman's key
A safe behind a painting on the Pickman Gallery ground floor. Also opens a door and a ladder exit. Pickman 0008a838
Icon Fo4 key01 Poseidon Energy key
Opens front door and roof in Poseidon Energy Cutty 001b06f3
Icon Fo4 key03 Poseidon reservoir safe key
Poseidon reservoir safe and nearby tool case Poseidon reservoir, in a corner in the west section behind a large pipe 0006c19c
Icon Fo4 key03 Principal's office key
Principal Tanner's office and his desk in Shaw High School Rusty's lunch, located on a second floor classroom. 00043f72
Icon Fo4 chain01 Prydwen armory key
Security gate on the Prydwen main deck Brotherhood Knight-Captain 0023e372
Icon Fo4 key03 Publick Occurrences key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 holotape Radioactive containment password
Isotope containment terminal in Cambridge Polymer Labs C5 room Cambridge Polymer Labs, holotape in C3 room 0017660b
Icon Fo4 key03 Raider atrium key
Door in Massachusetts State House Raider base in Massachusetts State House, in a metal box in the enclosed area behind a turret. 001c3fb1
Icon Fo4 key01 Railroad HQ key
Railroad HQ Desdemona 0017fc7b
Icon Fo4 key01 Randall's safe key
Opens Randall's safe in his room Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, under the mounted deer head. 00194375
Icon Fo4 holotape Reactor terminal password
Terminals in the Institute's reactor. Z4K-97B and A-2018 The Nuclear Option 001e1da5
Icon Fo4 holotape Recon bunker access code 429A
Bunker access terminal at Recon bunker Theta Added to the player's inventory after having listened to all three holotapes The Lost Patrol 000827c9
Icon Fo4 key03 Salem basement key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 key01 Saugus roof key
Saugus Ironworks' roof Slag and Jake Finch Here There Be Monsters 001443d3
Icon Fo4 holotape Scara's terminal key
Gives access to Professor Scara's terminal in the Science! Center, Diamond City Dropped by Doctor Duff on her death. 0019b17d
Icon Fo4 key03 Schoolhouse key Icon cut
Icon Fo4 key03 Science! Center key
Science! Center Duff and Professor Scara 0006a641
Icon Fo4 holotape Security override password
Bioscience terminal and Bioscience security terminal in the Institute Bioscience. Lawrence Higgs A House Divided 0013a02c
Icon Fo4 key03 Shamrock Taphouse key
Cellar door on the east side of The Shamrock Taphouse. Leads to basement where Buddy is. The Shamrock Taphouse: top floor, in an east corner room with Gaff, on the desk; or in the basement with Buddy, on a cabinet next to the terminal. Trouble Brewin' 000f4331
Icon Fo4 holotape Shaun's terminal password
Shaun's terminal in the Institute Office desk in Shaun's quarters in the Institute during The Nuclear Option quests 001d88ac
Shem Drowne's key Icon cut
Shem Drowne's grave Cut container (red flamingo) 00147d5a
Icon Fo4 key03 Sheng Kawolski's house key
Sheng Kawolski's house Sheng Kawolski 000644d5
Icon Fo4 key03 Skylanes cargo key
Both hidden compartments at Skylanes Flight 1981 and Skylanes Flight 1665 Carried by Ness 0006858c
Icon Fo4 key03 Sleepwalker's key
The Master lock safe in the trailer at Sleepwalker's place On the road below at the south end of the Sleepwalker's place near the Sleepwalker's skeleton. 001f7aa8
Icon Fo4 key03 Solomon's house key
Solomon's house Solomon 0006358b
Icon Fo4 key03 Surgery cellar key
Door and ladder in the Mega surgery center Doctor Sun and Doc Crocker The Disappearing Act 0006aabf
Icon Fo4 key03 Trinity Tower cell key
Jail cell at the top of Trinity Tower Speech on Rex Goodman, or in nearby steamer trunk Curtain Call 001478c0
Icon Fo4 key01 USCG holding cell key
Holding cell inside the Coast Guard Pier building In the footlocker of the downed Vertibird at the Coast Guard Pier 0019fefc
Icon Fo4 holotape USCG lockup password
Evidence room on the bottom floor of the main Coast Guard Pier building Footlocker in the cabin of the sunken boat behind the building 0019fefb
Icon Fo4 vaultid Vault 111 key card Icon cut
Icon Fo4 vaultid Vault 81 key card Icon cut
Icon Fo4 vaultid Vault 81 security key
Doors in Vault 81 Scott Edwards and Vault security personnel 001081bb
Icon Fo4 holotape Vault 81 tech password
Secret Vault 81, Secure access terminal (located next to Research Comm room) Secret Vault 81, Research Comm room (East on the map, second level with cells) Hole in the Wall 001f0fb3
Icon Fo4 key03 Warwick homestead key
Warwick homestead On Roger Warwick Building a Better Crop 000a2747
Icon Fo4 key01 Wicked Shipping trailer key
Backdoor of multiple intact Wicked Shipping trailers in the Commonwealth Located on a table in Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup right beside a terminal 000f75f5
Icon Fo4 key01 Wilson Atomatoys HQ key
Doors in Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ Two, both under separate chairs in the little cinema room, 3rd floor near the collapsed lobby. Also in Marc Wilson's desk. 000919f3
Icon Fo4 gen keycard Wilson Atomatoys ID card
Doors at Wilson Atomatoys locations Wilson Atomatoys factory, on the desk in the room at the top of the stairs with a hole in the floor and Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ, upstairs near the president's desk. Giddyup 'n Go 0002a6ff


Img Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Icon Fo4 holotape Forfeiture terminal password
Gives access to the property storage lockup terminal in The Mechanist's lair The Mechanist's lair, behind the watch station terminal desk just after entering the research wing. xx00feac
Icon Fo4 holotape Medical terminal password
Gives access to the robobrain production terminal in the Mechanist's lair The Mechanist's lair, on the robobrain xx00d5e0
Icon Fo4 holotape RB-2851 master control password
Shuts down the security in The Mechanist's lair on the Master Control terminal Given by the Mechanist (peacefully) or taken from her body. Restoring Order xx001d29
Icon Fo4 key02 RobCo sales & service center key
Opens a door and a safe in the Mechanist's lair The Mechanist's lair xx008b66

Far HarborEdit

Img Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Icon Fo4 key03 Acadia storage key
Storage room door in Acadia Acadia, in the room with DiMA. Go up the stairs, it's on a table. Where You Belong xx038ed7
Icon Fo4 key01 Aldersea Day Spa key
Wood door in Aldersea Day Spa Super mutant boss in the Aldersea Day Spa xx039de7
Icon Fo4 key03 Boathouse safe key
The safe in the boathouse Nakano boathouse, in the lighthouse picture frame xx017e83
Icon Fo4 holotape CEO's master password
Terminal opening a security door Vim! Pop factory [verification overdue] xx038d90
Icon Fo4 key01 Cranberry Island shed key
Cranberry Island supply shed door In a footlocker on a shelf in the bunker below the house with the parasols at Cranberry Island Bog. xx04d20a
Icon Fo4 key01 Douglas's key
A trunk under water at the end of the dock south of Brooke's Head Lighthouse Top of Brooke's Head Lighthouse and on Douglas xx04fd13
Icon Fo4 holotape Faraday's program
Gives access to the terminal in the Nucleus Command Center In Acadia, next to Faraday's terminal after eavesdropping, and/or on his terminal Where You Belong xx029591
Icon Fo4 holotape Faraday's terminal password
Gives access to Faraday's terminal In Acadia's observatory [verification overdue] Where You Belong xx008b28
Icon Fo4 chain02 Footlocker key
A footlocker in The Vessel In The Nucleus Witch Hunt xx02c903
Icon Fo4 key01 Fringe Cove dock key
Metal door at Fringe Cove docks In a trunk at the Fringe Cove docks xx011807
Icon Fo4 key03 Jule's key
Opens a chest in the basement of Acadia. Given by Jule to the player. The Price of Memory xx050047
Icon Fo4 holotape Manager's key
Opens metal door at Eden Meadows Cinemas In a locked safe at Eden Meadows Cinemas xx020d1a
Icon Fo4 holotape Navy base terminal password
Command Center access terminal in the Nucleus Command Center  ? xx027b2e
Nuclear launch key
Gives access to missile status terminal in The Vessel A safe on a sunken boat at Fringe Cove docks Cleansing the Land xx015363
Icon Fo4 note Ship's safe combination
A safe on a sunken boat at Fringe Cove docks Added by reading Safe room security tape in the Harbor Grand Hotel Cleansing the Land xx032c55
Icon Fo4 note Shrine password
Shrine terminal Children of Atom shrine, written on the side of the locker next to the table of elements. Visions in the Fog (drink from Atom's Spring) xx00f291
Icon Fo4 key01 Tannery key
The back door at Eagle's Cove tannery, and a safe. On the glowing one at Eagle's Cove tannery xx013f7c
Icon Fo4 key03 Trailer key
Trailer doors Trapper outpost down the road, north of Harbor Grand Hotel xx042607
Icon Fo4 gen keycard Vault 118 keycard, #1
(DLC03_V118_Keycard_Gilda Keith)
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Gilda Broscoe and Keith McKinney xx048a4b
Icon Fo4 gen keycard Vault 118 keycard, #2
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Ezra Parker xx048a4a
Icon Fo4 gen keycard Vault 118 keycard, #3
ID card reader in Vault 118 Given to the player in dialogue. xx048a49
Icon Fo4 gen keycard Vault 118 keycard, #4
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Santiago Avida xx048a4d
Icon Fo4 gen keycard Vault 118 keycard, #5
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Julianna Riggs xx048a4c
Icon Fo4 gen keycard Vault 118 keycard, #6
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Spencer Lords xx048a4e
Icon Fo4 key01 Vault 118 key
Sliding doors in Vault 118 and the overseer's door Held by Julianna Riggs xx04b1b4
Icon Fo4 key01 Vault 118 overseer's key
Overseer's office Held by Ezra Parker and in his room in Vault 118 Brain Dead xx04e710
Icon Fo4 chain02 Victoria's key
Victoria Gibbons' trunk on a wrecked ship near Southwest Harbor Given by Jule The Price of Memory xx04fa99
Icon Fo4 holotape Vim CEO password
CEO's terminal (next to the password) Vim! Corporate Headquarters, on a desk behind an Advanced locked door on the 2nd floor of the gift shop. The Way Life Should Be xx05441b
Icon Fo4 chain02 Worn key (pump control)
Door to pump control Given by DiMA Reformation xx037489


Img Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Icon Fo4 key01 AFAD key
Locked trailer door AFAD duffle bag on top of the trailer at the Angry Anaconda xx03b9d4
Icon Fo4 key01 Bradberton's safe key
Bradberton's safe key
Bradberton's (wall) safe in Bradberton's office Bradberton's office xx046908
Icon Fo4 holotape Casey's password
Access to bottling plant staff terminal in the World of Refreshment On the roof of the World of Refreshment (Nuka-Cola bottling plant) xx04f556
Icon Fo4 key01 Cito's key
Safari Adventure primate house Given by Cito Safari Adventure xx03b9cd
Icon Fo4 key01 Clark's stash key
Clark's stash, under the bridge near the bottling plant Clark's toolbox in the ladies' restrooms to the west of the pond near Fizztop Mountain xx03f836
Icon Fo4 holotape Control terminal password
Gives access to Nuka-Express control terminal Given by Harvey in the Nuka-World transit center All Aboard xx015aa5
Icon Fo4 chain01 Dirty key
Opens nothing Nuka-station, in a room with radio-active waste barrels. xx02dbee
Icon Fo4 holotape Dr. Hein's passcode
Employee's Only terminal and Nuka-Gen replication machine terminal in the Safari Adventure Welcome Center Dr. Hein, under the Angry Anaconda Safari Adventure xx03b9d6
Icon Fo4 holotape Icon cut Dr. McDermot's passcode
Fo4 torn note Dry Rock Gulch safe combination
Safe at Dry Rock Gulch Theater, contains Mad Mulligan's Mine key Spawns in inventory after obtaining all safe combinations from One-Eyed Ike, Doc Phosphate and the Giddyup Kid High Noon at the Gulch xx046cf6
Icon Fo4 key01 Dry Rock Gulch Theater key
Two metal doors at Dry Rock Gulch In a toolbox on top of the Dry Rock Gulch Theater xx047e0f
Icon Fo4 key01 Dunmore safe key
His safe at the base of a cliff Given by Brett Dunmore xx042b5d
Icon Fo4 key01 Galactic Zone manager's key
Camp gate, fence gates and a display case at the Galactic Zone Starport Nuka's observation desk, next to the manager's terminal in the Employees Only Novice locked room. xx0327a3
Icon Fo4 key02 Grandchester guest key
Door in Grandchester Mystery Mansion xx020a38
Icon Fo4 key02 Grandchester Mansion key
Several doors in Grandchester Mystery Mansion Carried by Zachariah xx01616f
Icon Fo4 key01 Kiddie Kingdom roof key
Roof of King Cola's Court Oswald the Outrageous A Magical Kingdom xx04a08d
Icon Fo4 key01 Kiddie Kingdom tunnels key
Door to King Cola's Court ? Employee tunnels A Magical Kingdom xx03e4fa
Icon Fo4 key01 Mad Mulligan's employee key
Doors in Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster Terry Tanaka xx04bacd
Icon Fo4 key01 Mad Mulligan's Mine key
Entrance to the Mad Mulligan's Mine Safe at Dry Rock Gulch Theater High Noon at the Gulch xx0431b0
Icon Fo4 key01 Nuka-Galaxy employee key
Doors in Nuka-Galaxy Nuka-Galaxy, opposite the Nuka-Girl mannequin, another in the exit control room xx038944
Icon Fo4 key02 Nuka-World storage room key
Door to storage room in Nuka-World access tunnels Nuka-World access tunnels, in the room with the turrets. xx03db4e
Icon Fo4 key02 Nuka-World utility substation key
Security gates Nuka-World access tunnels, in the room with the gas valves. xx02dee8
Icon Fo4 holotape Oswald's password
Oswald's terminal on King Cola's Court Given by Oswald the Outrageous A Magical Kingdom xx04a096
Icon Fo4 key01 Overboss' key
Nothing Overboss Colter in the Cola-cars arena Taken for a Ride xx00a50e
Icon Fo4 holotape Overboss' password
Nothing Overboss Colter in the Cola-cars arena Taken for a Ride xx00a50f
Icon Fo4 key01 Parlor dressing room key
Dressing room in The Parlor William Black, Mags Black in The Parlor xx04894d
Icon Fo4 key01 Plant control room key
Nuka-World power plant's control room. Nisha, Mags Black or Mason Power Play xx03c5a9
Icon Fo4 chain01 RobCo Battlezone key
Doors in the RobCo Battlezone RobCo Battlezone xx04b1cc
Icon Fo4 chain01 Rusty key
Shack door Nuka-station, in a room with radio-active waste barrels. xx02dbef
Icon Fo4 chain01 Scratched key
Nothing Nuka-station, in a room with radio-active waste barrels. xx02dbed
Icon Fo4 key02 Starlight Theater pantry key
Door to the Starlight Interstellar Theater's pantry Starlight Interstellar Theater, on the kitchen counter in the southeast, next to a breadbox. xx0294a9
Icon Fo4 holotape Icon cut Terminal password
Icon Fo4 holotape Utility substation password
Utility room in the Nuka-World access tunnels. Nuka-World access tunnels, in the room with the gas valves. xx02deea
Icon Fo4 key01 Vault-Tec control room key
Door to control room in Vault-Tec: Among the Stars Vault-Tec: Among the Stars, Second monitoring room, next the to Project Lead terminal. xx0294a0
Icon Fo4 chain01 Vault-Tec employee key
Several door and wall safe in Vault-Tec: Among the Stars Vault-Tec: Among the Stars, spread over the attraction's interior, close to terminals. xx0294a2
Icon Fo4 key02 Vault-Tec observation lab key
Door to observation lab in Vault-Tec: Among the Stars Vault-Tec: Among the Stars, in a locker room in the northeast section, on some towels in a locker. xx0294a1

Creation ClubEdit

Img Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Icon Fo4 key01 Charlestown condo key
Charlestown condo Charlie, west of Hubris Comics A Place to Call Home xx000d79
Icon Fo4 key01 Dawson's footlocker key
Footlocker Dawson Wakefield, Schoelt propane station Malevolent Malfunction fe0xx83d
Icon Fo4 key02 Hubris TV studios key
Hubris TV Studio In a Hubris delivery crate at the back of Super Duper Mart Captain Cosmos xx000c4c
Keeper's toolbox key
Toolbox at Saugus Ironworks Saugus Ironworks, in a tin can above a designated toolbox. Crucible fe0xx000
Icon Fo4 key03 Neon Flats secret room key
Neon Flats' secret room On a dresser on the first floor Neon Winter xx001007
Icon Fo4 chain01 Noir penthouse key
Noir penthouse In a mailbox next to Hub 360 Early Retirement xx000c4a
Icon Fo4 key02 Nu Cafe Ola key
Nu Cafe Ola On Ellie in the Prost bar Carbonated Concerns fe0xxfc8
Icon Fo4 key01 Quincy shop key
Quincy Shop Cash register at Quincy ruins Combat Ready fe0xx8d2
Icon Fo4 key02 Shroud Manor key
Shroud Manor In a dresser at Warren Theater Shrouded Manor xx000ddb
Icon Fo4 key02 Shroud Manor terminal password
Terminal at Shroud Manor Tony Suiza, a Triggerman at Warren Theater Shrouded Manor xx000ddc
Icon Fo4 key01 Smelter console password
Gives access to smelter terminal Toolbox at Saugus Ironworks Crucible fe0xx000
Icon Fo4 key01 Throne room key
Shenley's Oyster Bar's restroom Duffle bag on rooftop near Hubris Comics Method to the Madness fe0xxfc8
Icon Fo4 key01 Tunnel Snakes cell key
Cell door On a counter shelf near a Nuka-Cola machine in Fens Way station Tunnel Snakes Rule! xx000867
Icon Fo4 key01 Wally's footlocker key
Wally's footlocker in the Fens Way station Wally Mack Tunnel Snakes Rule! xx000918
Warren Theater key
Dresser in Warren Theater At Police Precinct 8, in a dresser below a terminal Shrouded Manor xx000ddd
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