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Major factions[]

The following are the four major factions that the Sole Survivor can become part of in Fallout 4. During the game, there will be an option to side with one or more of them.

Faction Repeatable Quests Locations IDs
Brotherhood of Steel Cleansing the Commonwealth
Leading by Example
Learning Curve
Feeding the Troops
Cambridge Police Station, The Prydwen, Boston Airport 0005DE41
The Railroad Jackpot
Variable Removal
A Clean Equation (after Rockets' Red Glare)
High Ground (after The Nuclear Option)
Lost Soul (after The Nuclear Option)
The Commonwealth, Old North Church, Ticonderoga 000994F6
The Institute Pest Control
Political Leanings
The Institute 0005E558
Commonwealth Minutemen Raider Troubles
Clearing the Way
Taking Point
Ghoul Problem
Rogue Courser
Defend the Artillery (if the Brotherhood is hostile)
Suspected Synth
Resettle Refugees (after The Nuclear Option)
Concord, Sanctuary Hills, The Castle 00068043

Minor factions[]

The following are minor factions that can either be neutral, friendly or hostile towards the player character and each other.

Name Services Locations Faction ID
Atom Cats Power armor parts and modifications. Atom Cats Garage
Gunners Not applicable - permanently hostile. Gunners Plaza
Quincy ruins
Random encounters
The Forged Not applicable - permanently hostile. Saugus Ironworks 0013101D
Diamond City security None. Diamond City 00002F65
Enclave Not applicable - permanently hostile. Atlantic Offices
Eastern Enclave encampment
Southern Enclave encampment
Western Enclave encampment
Enclave remnants Not applicable - permanently hostile. Relay tower 0MC-810
Boston Police rationing site
Neighborhood Watch None. Goodneighbor 000E1ACC
Publick Occurrences None. Publick Occurrences
Church of the Children of Atom Varies. Crater of Atom
Crater House
Kingsport Lighthouse (initially)
00134270 (Crater of Atom),xx02fb84 (hostile faction)
Cabot family Depending on player character actions. Parsons State Insane Asylum
.Cabot House
Raiders Not applicable - permanently hostile. Various 0001CBED
Covenant Depending on player character actions. Covenant
The Compound
Triggermen Not applicable - permanently hostile. Easy City Downs
Vault 114
Pillars of the Community Depending on player character actions. Charles View Amphitheater 000BBF88

Add-on factions[]

These are the factions added to the game in Fallout 4 add-ons.

Icon Faction Services Locations IDs
Far Harbor (add-on) Acadia Depending on player character actions. Acadia
Far Harbor (add-on) Church of the Children of Atom Depending on player character actions. Crater of Atom, The Commonwealth, The Nucleus 00134270 (Crater of Atom),
xx02FB84 (hostile faction)
Far Harbor (add-on) Trappers Not applicable - permanently hostile. Various
Far Harbor (add-on) Harbormen Depending on player character actions. Far Harbor
Automatron (add-on) Rust Devils Not applicable - permanently hostile. Fort Hagen satellite array xx004385
Nuka-World (add-on) Hubologists Temporary Intelligence boost treatment, Hubologist's camp
Nuka-World (add-on) Nuka-World raiders Depending on player character actions. Nuka-World
Nuka-World (add-on)  · Disciples Fizztop Mountain xx00F438
Nuka-World (add-on)  · Operators The Parlor xx00F439
Nuka-World (add-on)  · The Pack Bradberton Amphitheater xx00F43A

Creature factions[]

These are the factions for different types of creatures, most are hostile to everyone.

Faction IDs
Bug faction 000267BF, 00028670
Creature faction 00022B31
Ghoul faction 00028FD6, 000361D2
Yao guai faction 000B3D82
Radroach faction 000EDCE1
Bloodbug faction 000EDCE2
Bloatfly faction 000EDCE3
Stingwing faction 000EDCE4
Eyebot faction 000EDCE5
Deathclaw faction 0001E722
Super mutant faction 00058305

Technical factions[]

These are factions which are used in the game for technical purposes and to enable complex functionality during quests and encounters.

Faction IDs
Player faction 0001C21C
Non-hostile faction 0001D289
Faction for Captives - Friends with everyone 0003E0C8
Ownership faction for Min03 0005238B
Actors in this faction are temporarily unavailable 0007D565
Raider faction to allow player to get closer to scenes 000F17C1, 000F5C3A
Holdup Faction 000F8F07, 000F8F08
Combat Zone Crime faction 0010699F
Missionaries (guards) faction 00123A16
Enemy of REPrisionerFreedCombatPrsionerFaction 00148903
Enemy of captor combat faction 00148904
Danse BoS Enemies faction 001B513D
MS07c Raider faction 002141A9, 002170E6
MS07c Nick faction 002141AA
Outside of the Institute Crime faction 0024903B
Danse doesn't consider people in this faction murder 0024903B
CIS_CompanionInSceneFaction 00249D44
Prevent Companion Faction 00075D56
Raider - Minutemen Enemy Faction Nuka-World (add-on) xx0311A1
Factions in Fallout 4