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General information

In the Commonwealth, there are various doctors who can restore HP, purge radiation, cure addiction, and in many cases also sell medical supplies. In Survival mode, doctors can also cure diseases and heal crippled limbs whenever they heal the Sole Survivor's hit points.


  • Fees for healing HP are variable depending on the degree of HP lost.
  • Fees charged by doctors for medical services are not added to their caps available in the barter screen.
  • Any settler assigned to a clinic also offers these same services, except on the Island, where they will only sell medical supplies.
  • The general doctor dialogue file is DialogueGenericDoctors.txt.

List of doctors

Name Location Faction Restores HP Purges radiation Cures addiction Merchant Notes
Doc Anderson Roving caravan - Yes Yes Yes Yes Can be recruited into the settlement as soon as having a level 3 Clinic (Surgery Center) and at least 20 settlers
Bethany Northwest of ArcJet Systems - Yes Yes Yes No -
Knight Captain Cade The Prydwen Brotherhood of Steel Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Doctor Carrington Railroad HQ The Railroad Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Doc Crocker Mega Surgery Center of Diamond City - No No No Yes Can perform facial reconstruction surgery
Dean Volkert The Institute The Institute Yes Yes Yes No Only doctor in the game that does not charge for services
Kay Bunker Hill - Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Patricia Montgomery Covenant - Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Rachel Vault 81 - Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Doctor Sun Diamond City market - Yes Yes Yes Yes Can perform facial reconstruction surgery after completing The Disappearing Act
Doc Weathers Roving caravan - Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Aster Far Harbor (add-on) Acadia Acadia Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Teddy Wright Far Harbor (add-on) Far Harbor Harbormen Yes Yes Yes Yes -
The Archemist Far Harbor (add-on) The Nucleus Church of the Children of Atom Yes Yes Yes No -
Mackenzie Bridgeman Nuka-World (add-on) Nuka-Town market - Yes Yes Yes Yes -