Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 4 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Fallout 4 cut content refers to content in Fallout 4 which was cut from the final version of the game. Most of it can still be found in the game files but is inaccessible within the game itself. The equipment can still be obtained by use of console commands.

Armor and clothingEdit


The add-ons to the BOS uniform.

Fo4 metal helmet cut

The three metal helmet variations.

  • Light, medium and heavy variations of the metal helmet consisting of wraparound goggles, goggles plus helmet and goggles, helmet plus scarf combinations. While the goggles and the helmet are still in the game (as separate objects), the scarf was cut entirely, though it may have been replaced in concept by the different bandanas.
  • Cait's bandolier (ID: 001921d8): Although this armor add-on will appear when equipped, it has no world model and should not be dropped.
  • Robotic bits, an eye-slot piece of clothing for Nick Valentine that gives +1 Perception. It seems he was supposed to start the game with this item, much like his trench coat and fedora.



The untextured Chinese assault rifle prototype.


The roughly textured "harpoon gun".

  • Harpoon gun: A roughly textured model similar to the Syringer and using parts of the assault rifle for the magazine, irons sights and bolt. Originally intended for underwater combat and likely related to the cut quest 20 Leagues Under the Sea. A different version of the weapon was included in the Far Harbor add-on.
  • Mortar, a cannon weapon similar to nuke that shoots mortar shells. Ammo is by the same name as the gun.
  • Nuke, a cannon weapon that shoots nuclear bombs (not mini nukes) and uses ammo by the same name.
  • Compound bow arrow
  • Throwing bottle
  • Throwing knife
  • Throwing harpoons
  • Throwing hatchet
  • Throwing saw
  • Pipe shotgun: An untextured shotgun receiver for the pipe weapons.
  • A diffuse and normal textures named as Scimitar with no matching model can be found in the texture archives.
  • Gametitle-FO4 FH Textures and sounds for a compound bow and corresponding arrows.
  • Gametitle-FO4 FH A number of meshes for throwing Weapons, including: blade, harpoon, hatchet, saw, and bottle.
  • Gametitle-FO4 NW Lucky Rabbit's Foot: A cut weapon in the Nuka-World add-on, it takes the space of a grenade, but adds 10% XP and 3 to Luck.

Weapon modsEdit

  • A recon scope mesh for the assault rifle that matches the style used on other weapons.
  • Short and long fluted barrels for the combat rifle, along with a small magazine and a drum magazine.
  • A large magazine for the combat shotgun, based on the mesh used for the combat rifle's large magazine.
  • A number of alternate sights for the combat rifle and combat shotgun.
  • An alternate version of the front part of the electronic trigger used on the Broadsider, along with multiple variants of explosive cannon balls.
  • A targeting computer for the Fat Man that would function similar to the one used for the missile launcher.
  • A muzzle mod for the gamma gun that would split the projectile into multiple ones, similar to the beam splitter mod for other weapons. (ID: 000b9a58)
  • A version of the markman's stock used for the hunting rifle, with the shoulder section of the stock removed. The model for this features the incorrect textures, along with no barrel, like the other meshes for the hunting rifle stocks have. Additionally, there's a loading screen showing the marksman's stock with a bipod, but the bipod isn't obtainable ingame.
  • A version of the reflex sight used on the 10mm pistol, with a hexagon shape as opposed to a dot or a circle. Additionally, there are textures for other reflex sight shapes, featuring the rounded corners of a square. There are also red versions of some of these shapes intended for use on the Gatling laser. The Institute pistol has meshes for the reflex sight with a circle shape as well, but the circle shape doesn't show up ingame.
  • A version of the extra flame jets mod for the Shishkebab that only adds two flame jets, as opposed to the four the non-cut mod provides.
  • An untextured version of a stun pack for the sledgehammer, similar to the one used for the super sledge.
  • The .44 pistol has first-person animations for automatic fire despite not being able to be made automatic normally. This will not function properly in third person.
  • An unnamed “Finned” barrel modification for the Plasma gun (Fallout 4) in The Art of Fallout 4. There is a mod that adds the barrel into the game but otherwise there is no other information than the picture.

Armor modsEdit



  • Cryo Damage and its respective resistance on armor (changed to energy).
  • Fire Damage and its respective resistance on armor (changed to energy).



  • Liam's Algorithm - In the Creation Kit, this perk is stated to offer "Improved hacking." According to the EditorID it was planned to be connected in some way to the Plugging a Leak side quest. The name might also refer to the Institute scientist Liam Binet.
  • Cyborg - A perk from Fallout 3, Cyborg was intended to provide the player character with 15 points of radiation, poison, and damage resistance.
  • Nerves of Steel - Based on an unused sound resource present in the Creation Kit, Nerves of Steel was at some point intended to make a reappearance. Action Boy/Action Girl would end up performing the same role.

Brotherhood of SteelEdit

  • Initiate - Take 10% less damage from feral ghouls, super mutants and synths.
  • Knight - Smaller fusion core explosion.
  • Paladin - Recover health while wearing power armor.

The RailroadEdit

  • Secret Agent - Stealth Boy effects last 10 seconds longer. Intended for completing Memory Interrupted.
  • Station Master - Get a 5% bonus on selling items. Intended for establishing Mercer Safehouse.
  • The Heavy - Do 10% extra damage to synths and Institute foes. Not entirely cut (Institute Killer Weave applies it), but originally the player character would have received it as a permanent perk.


Fo4 4a0bc perk


  • 20 Leagues Under the Sea (MS03): Side quest, the Sole Survivor has to go to underwater exploration and likely was related to the cut harpoon gun. This would likely take place in an underwater vault as untextured assets can be found in the Creation Kit of both an underwater vault window (VltSquidWindow01) and an underwater vault door (VltLGDoorMarine01) can be found.
  • Off the Grid (MQ301): Main quest situated just before The Nuclear Option (MQ302). Diamond City lost its power supply.
  • That's the Spirit (MS12): Stub in the game data.
  • Bullet (MS18: Stub in the game data.
  • The Enemy of My Enemy (MQ201): Main quest after Reunions (MQ106) and before Dangerous Minds (MQ202). Not actually unused, but since the quest has no visible objectives it never appears.
  • The Replacement
  • MS08: Sounds, globals, debug msg, "Game Master 3000 Mk II" NPC (MS08Computer).
  • MS06 and MS15: Only a keyword.
  • DN011 OverdueBooks: Appears to have been a quest related to the Boston Public Library where Curator Givens' terminal references "compressing" recently collected book data to holodisk in the likely event of his death, although no further clues are given other than his body being found and his main terminal explaining the situation. Using noclip tcl and walking through the large computer and wall directly behind the Intelligence bobblehead reveals a secondary, hidden terminal. Accessing this terminal allows one to compress the book data and acquire a "BPL Compressed Data" holodisk which will then be added to the miscellaneous inventory. Experience is also rewarded for doing this as it completes DN011 OverdueBooks. It appears the overdue books one can collect and turn in at the kiosks and exchange tokens for items, might have had with collecting them to compress the data to the holodisk, and possibly passing the BPL Compressed Data to another NPC at a later date. There is also another (DN011) that has more stages and the "DN011 OverdueBooks" might have been a sub-quest to a larger quest.


  • Patches (00098056 CZ_Patches): A human male raider in the Combat Zone that is a weapons merchant.
  • Scribe Collins (0004f38f RR303DeckOfficer): A Brotherhood scribe in raider outfit that is associated with Rockets' Red Glare quest, her in-game name is "Brotherhood scribe."
  • Professor Widmer (00026ed6 Widmer): A human male vault dweller.
  • Dolly Madison (0014fc3d REHancockFriend)
  • OldManBilly (00128c5a OldManBilly)
  • Vikter (000e6d89 DN020_LvlSupermutantBoss)
  • Game Master 3000 Mk II (0002fd9d MS08Computer)
  • Junkyard (0007d4f6 Junkyard)
  • Derek (000e2c91 Derek)
  • Combatant (00118ed6 CZ_CombatantLVL): A hostile radiant raider.
  • Handler (00108b32 CZ_Handler)
  • Confessor Adalia (000335c2 ConfessorAdalia): A hostile human female Children of Atom member.
  • Brad Finnegan (0002aab1 BradFinnegan)
  • The Watcher (000cbf4f DN048SupermutantWatcherBoss)
  • Rosie (0002f824 EncBrahminRosie): A named Brahmin.
  • Eddie Lipkis (00023751 EddieLipkis)
  • Suspect Bot (00045798 DN050SuspectBot)
  • Arnie (000342c4 DN040Arnie)
  • Tim Flynn (000f790a DN152WickedTim)
  • Institute Patrol 1 (0003d196 RadioInstitutePatrol1)
  • Fisherman (001f22f4 POISC_Fisherman)
  • Casey (00052157 MS16Casey): A human female citizen.
  • Midshipman (000a1604 MS11GenericMidshipman)

Map markersEdit

Map markers for the following locations exist in the game data, but are never enabled. Most of them can be seen on the map with console help: 001c26c2.enable followed by tmm 1.


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