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Creatures include animals, humans and their mutated counterparts encountered in the Commonwealth and surrounding areas.

Legendary creatures

Art of Fo4 super mutant behemoth concept art.jpg

Most creature types have a chance to spawn as a legendary variant, as well as tiered named variants leading up to the legendary creature. A legendary creature will almost always drop a weapon or armor piece with unique modifiers (marked in the Pip-Boy inventory with a star). For more information on these modifications, see legendary weapon and legendary armor effects.

In combat, legendary creatures are very powerful, as they are stronger than their non-legendary counterpart (see below for specific differences). They are often among the highest-leveled variants the Sole Survivor will run into at their particular level. For example, at level 30 it seems more likely to encounter a legendary super mutant brute (approx. level 22) than a legendary super mutant (approx. level 10), but the lower-level encounter is still possible.

If the damage from a weapon is not high enough to kill a legendary enemy and they survive a hit with less than 50% of their health remaining, they will mutate. This causes them to regain all health. A mutated legendary enemy gains a glowing aura to show that it has mutated.

Spawn chance table

The standard base chance of a creature spawning as Legendary increases with player level (managed by the LegendaryChanceQuest):

Player Level Normal Legendary Chance %
0 - 5 0%
6 - 20 10%
21 - 30 12%
31 - 40 15%
41 - 50 18%
50+ 20%

The chance of a creature spawning as Legendary increases with a harder game difficulty setting. The default difficulty is always Normal.

Difficulty Multiplier
Very Easy 0.25
Easy 0.5
Normal 1
Hard 1.25
Very Hard 1.5
Survival 1.5



Feral ghouls
Pink feral ghoul Feral ghoul roamer Feral ghoul stalker
Feral ghoul reaver Withered feral ghoul Gangrenous feral ghoul
Rotting feral ghoul Charred feral ghoul Glowing one
Putrid glowing one Bloated glowing one Fog ghoul Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Painted ghoul Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Charred painted ghoul Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Security Chief Andersen Gametitle-FO4 VW.png Mr. Donoghue Mrs. Donoghue
Jon Elwood Julian Gametitle-FO4 VW.png First mate
Frederick Gibbons Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Patrick Gibbons Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Steven Gibbons Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Victoria Gibbons Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Wayne Gorski John Hatfield
Mr. Parker Mrs. Parker Bradley Ramone
Ms. Rosa Chris Rosa Tim Shoots
Bob Stanson Mr. Sumner Mrs. Sumner
Mr. Washington Mrs. Washington

Super mutants

Super mutants
Super mutant suicider Super mutant skirmisher Super mutant brute
Super mutant enforcer Super mutant butcher Super mutant master
Super mutant overlord Super mutant primus Super mutant warlord
Glowing behemoth Epic behemoth Ancient behemoth
Big Mack Brian Virgil Hammer
Dead Eye Strong Swan
Fist Crag Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Rage Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Erickson Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Grun Gametitle-FO4 FH.png

Brahmin and gazelles

Brahmin and gazelles
Pack brahmiluff Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Brahmiluff shorthorn Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Brahmiluff longhorn Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Ol' Girl Clarabell Idiot
Spot Gazelle Pack gazelle Gametitle-FO4 NW.png

Dogs and hounds

Dogs and mutant hounds
Attack dog Junkyard dog Pack dog Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Glowing mutant hound
Dogmeat Duke Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Kate
Kyle Teddy Gracie Gametitle-FO4 FH.png

Mongrels and wolves

Mongrels and wolves
Wild mongrel Alpha wild mongrel Vicious mongrel Alpha vicious mongrel
Feral mongrel Alpha feral mongrel Albino mongrel Alpha albino mongrel
Rabid mongrel Alpha rabid mongrel Glowing mongrel Alpha glowing mongrel
Glowing wolf Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Vicious wolf Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Feral wolf Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Grey wolf Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Albino wolf Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Mutant wolf Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Rabid wolf Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Alissa Ruby Shug Wounded dog Mishka

Cats and gorillas

House cats and gorillas
Pack cat Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Ashes Dora Emmett Katana Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Luna Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Maisie Scruffy Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Tink Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Toro
Ghoulrilla Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Ghoulrilla king Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Pack ghoulrilla Gametitle-FO4 NW.png


Mole and rad rats
Suicide mole rat Rabid mole rat Glowing mole rat
Mole rat brood mother Vault 81 mole rat Pack mole rat Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Rad-rat pup Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Mangy rad-rat pup Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Rad-rat Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Infected rad-rat pup Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Mangy rad-rat Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Infected rad-rat Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Plagued rad-rat Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Rad rabbit Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Squirrel

Radstag and yao guai

Radstags and yao guai
Radstag yearling Radstag doe Albino radstag
Rabid radstag Glowing radstag Erratic radstag Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Erratic radstag doe Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Devolved radstag Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Devolved radstag doe Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Stunted yao guai Shaggy yao guai Glowing yao guai
Albino yao guai Rabid yao guai Dusky yao guai
Yao guai ghoul Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Irradiated yao guai Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Pack yao guai Gametitle-FO4 NW.png

Deathclaws and gatorclaws

Deathclaws and gatorclaws
Alpha deathclaw Glowing deathclaw Quantum deathclaw Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Deathclaw matriarch Savage deathclaw Albino deathclaw
Chameleon deathclaw Mythic deathclaw Albino gatorclaw Gametitle-FO4 NW.png


Small forager ant Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Small soldier ant Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Small glowing ant Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Forager ant Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Soldier ant Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Glowing ant Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Overgrown forager ant Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Overgrown soldier ant Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Overgrown glowing ant Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Flying ant swarm Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Flying soldier ant swarm Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Flying glowing ant swarm Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Black bloatfly Festering bloatfly Glowing bloatfly
Bloodbug hatchling Red widow bloodbug Infected bloodbug
Glowing bloodbug Vampiric bloodbug Cave cricket hunter Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Cave cricket piercer Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Glowing cave cricket Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Cave cricket black Icon cut.png
Ghostly fog crawler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Glowing fog crawler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Skulking fog crawler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Pale fog crawler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Enraged fog crawler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Diseased fog crawler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Shipbreaker Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Hermit crab hatchling Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Giant hermit crab Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Alpha hermit crab Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Glowing hermit crab Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Savage hermit crab Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Albino hermit crab Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Mirelurk hatchling Mirelurk spawn
Nukalurk spawn Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Softshell mirelurk Mirelurk razorclaw
Mirelurk killclaw Glowing mirelurk Nukalurk Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Bloodrage mirelurk Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Mirelurk queen Nukalurk queen Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
Mirelurk hunter Glowing mirelurk hunter Albino mirelurk hunter
Nukalurk hunter Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Mirelurk king Mirelurk deep king
Glowing mirelurk king Nukalurk king Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Red Death Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Glowing radroach Radscorpion hunter Glowing radscorpion
Albino radscorpion Radscorpion stalker Radscorpion predator
Deathskull radscorpion Stingwing darter Stingwing skimmer
Glowing stingwing Stingwing chaser


Bloodworm larva Venomous bloodworm larva Glowing bloodworm larva
Venomous bloodworm Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Bloodworm queen Gametitle-FO4 NW.png Glowing bloodworm Gametitle-FO4 NW.png




Crow Radgull Rad chicken Gametitle-FO4 FH.png


Fish and anglers
Fish Lantern angler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Glowing angler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Albino angler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Venomous angler Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Barnacle Ghoul whale Icon mentioned.png Phytoplankton Icon mentioned.png 1
Geoduck Icon mentioned.png 1 Lobster Icon mentioned.png Great white shark Icon mentioned.png 1 Swordfish Icon mentioned.png 1
Belcher's sea snake Icon mentioned.png 1 Scorpaenidae Icon mentioned.png 1 Lionfish Icon mentioned.png 1 Catfish Icon mentioned.png
Starfish Icon mentioned.png 1 Puffer fish Icon mentioned.png 1
1Oceanological instructor's dialogue


Gulper newt Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Young gulper Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Glowing gulper Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Gulper devourer Gametitle-FO4 FH.png

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