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General information[edit | edit source]

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Creatures include animals, humans and their mutated counterparts encountered in the Commonwealth and surrounding areas.

Legendary creatures[edit | edit source]

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Most creature types have a chance to spawn as a legendary variant, as well as tiered named variants leading up to the legendary creature. A legendary creature will almost always drop a weapon or armor piece with unique modifiers (marked in the Pip-Boy inventory with a star). For more information on these modifications, see legendary weapon and legendary armor effects.

In combat, legendary creatures are very powerful, as they are stronger than their non-legendary counterpart (see below for specific differences). They are often among the highest-leveled variants the Sole Survivor will run into at their particular level. For example, at level 30 it seems more likely to encounter a legendary super mutant brute (approx. level 22) than a legendary super mutant (approx. level 10), but the lower-level encounter is still possible.

If the damage from a weapon is not high enough to kill a legendary enemy and they survive a hit with less than 50% of their health remaining, they will mutate. This causes them to start regaining all health and grow stronger. A mutated legendary enemy gains a glowing aura to show that it has mutated.

Spawn chance table[edit | edit source]

The standard base chance of a creature spawning as Legendary increases with player level (managed by the LegendaryChanceQuest):

Player Level Normal Legendary Chance %
0 - 5 0%
6 - 20 10%
21 - 30 12%
31 - 40 15%
41 - 50 18%
50+ 20%

The chance of a creature spawning as Legendary increases with a harder game difficulty setting. The default difficulty is always Normal.

Difficulty Multiplier
Very Easy 0.25
Easy 0.5
Normal 1
Hard 1.25
Very Hard 1.5
Survival 1.5

Mammals[edit | edit source]

Humanoid[edit | edit source]

Non-humanoid[edit | edit source]

Reptiles[edit | edit source]

Arthropods[edit | edit source]

Annelids[edit | edit source]

Aliens[edit | edit source]

Birds[edit | edit source]

Osteichthyes[edit | edit source]

Amphibians[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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