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For companions in other Fallout games, see companion.
This page lists all companions in Fallout 4.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For companions in other Fallout games, please see "Companion".
  • For an overview of Fallout 4 content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout 4."

Permanent companions

The game has 13 companions,[1] including:

Name Perk Location Gender Race Romance
Cait Trigger Rush Combat Zone Female Human Yes
Codsworth Robot Sympathy Sanctuary Hills Male Mister Handy No
Curie Combat Medic Vault 81 Female Mister Handy/Synth Yes
Paladin Danse Know Your Enemy Cambridge police station Male Synth Yes
Deacon Cloak & Dagger Old North Church Male Human No
Dogmeat Attack Dog Red Rocket truck stop (Outside Sanctuary Hills) Male Dog No
John Hancock Isodoped Goodneighbor Male Ghoul Yes
Robert MacCready Killshot Goodneighbor (Inside The Third Rail) Male Human Yes
Nick Valentine Close to Metal Vault 114
Diamond City
Male Synth No
Piper Gift of Gab Diamond City Female Human Yes
Preston Garvey United We Stand Museum of Freedom Male Human Yes
Strong Berserk Trinity Tower Male Super mutant No
X6-88 Shield Harmonics The Institute Male Synth No

Personal Quests

Some companions have personal quests, usually given after reaching a certain amount of approval:

Temporary companions

The game has a number of temporary companions that will only be available during certain missions.

Name Race Quest Location
Honest Dan Human Human Error Covenant
High Rise Human Boston After Dark Church close to Bunker Hill
Travis Miles Human Confidence Man Diamond City
Mel Human The Big Dig Goodneighbor
Bobbi No-Nose Ghoul The Big Dig Goodneighbor
Sonya Eyebot The Big Dig Goodneighbor
Glory Synth Memory Interrupted Malden Center Station
Brotherhood Squire Human Leading by Example Prydwen, Boston Airport


Main article: Affinity

Companion affinity is gained and lost with two varying degrees for both. For gaining affection, actions that are liked are represented with Yes and action that are loved are represented with YesYes in the chart below. For losing affection, actions that are disliked are represented with No and actions that are hated are represented with NoNo in the chart below.

Behavior Cait Codsworth Curie Danse Deacon Hancock MacCready Nick Valentine Piper Preston Strong X6-88
Generous No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Mean Yes Yes No Yes Yesdeserved, Nootherwise No Yes No Yes No
Nice Yes Yes Yes
with ghouls
Yes No Yes Yes No
Peaceful No Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes
Selfish Yes No No No Yes No No No Yes
Violent Yes No Yes No Yes No No No Yes
Sarcasm Yes Yes
Accept Pickman's Gift No No No
Chem Addiction Yes
before personal quest
after personal quest
No No No No No No
Chem Usage Yes
before personal quest
after personal quest
No No No Yes No No
Eat Corpse No No No No No No Yes
Enter Covenant No No No Yes

Side against Covenant No Yes No YesYes Yes
Side with Covenant Yes Yes Yes

Flirt with someone else No
if romanced
if romanced
if romanced
Give Drugs Yes
before personal quest
after personal quest
No Yes No No
Give Item Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Give Vault-Tec rep a home No No No Yes Yes Yes

Hack Computer Yes Yes Yes
Give Vault 81 cure to Austin No YesYes ? Yes YesYes YesYes No Yes Yes Yes ? ?
Keep Vault 81 cure Yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? No ? ? ?
Heal Dogmeat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Modify Armor Yes Yes Yes
Modify Weapon YesYes Yes Yes Yes
Murder Non-Hostile No No No No No No No No No No Yes
Naked Yes Yes No
Pick Lock (Owned) Yes No No Yes Yes No No No No
Pick Lock (Unowned) Yes Yes Yes No
Pickpocketing Yes No No No No Yes No No No
Save Kent Connolly Yes Yes
Say you'd kill Kellogg again No No
Speech Success No Yes Yes No Yes
Theft No No No No Yes No No No Yes
Use Power Armor Yes No Yes
Use Vertibird Yes No No
Help Brotherhood Yes Yes No No No No
Help Minutemen No Yes Yes Yes
Help Railroad No Yes Yes
Help Settler/accept Minutemen quest YesYes
Kill Settler/Railroad member Hostile
Say neutral things about Synths No
Say good things about Synths Yes No
Say bad things about Synths No
Give the egg to the Deathclaw ( Quest The Devil's Due ) No No NoNo No No Yes Yes No No


  • Unlike Fallout 3, companions are marked as "essential" when acting as active companions, meaning they cannot be killed. If incapacitated they will automatically heal after combat ends.
    • Companions can be killed if sent to a settlement and it is raided by hostiles. [verification needed]
    • Some companions lose their essential status when dismissed.
    • Some companions lose their essential status upon reaching the lowest level of affinity and leaving the player.
  • Companions can be directed and can have more options if they like the Sole Survivor a lot, whether being a human, a synth, a dog or a robot. This is influenced by how the Survivor approaches the quests and talks to other people.
  • Humanoid companions can be ordered to use power armor, to do so, one needs to "command" the companion to simply enter the armor. Whether the armor is racked or not, they will walk up to it and enter it. You have to be standing a bit away from the armor; if you're too close, the command option will change to "enter" and if you hit the activate button, the Sole Survivor will mount the power armor instead.
    • To get a companion out of power armor simply talk to them and there will be a dialogue option to ask them to get out of it.
    • When the companion is dismissed they will return to "home" wearing the armor, and continue to wear it until you tell them to exit their power armor suit.
    • There is a potential bug that will allow the humanoid companions to wear a power armor suit without a fusion core. If you remove the fusion core from the suit they may still enter it, and never need a fusion core.
  • Humanoid companions can also be equipped with weapons and armor, of your choice. To do so, go to the trade dialogue option, and place whatever items you want them to use or wear in their inventory, then, in their inventory press the button to "equip" the item(s). Weapons equipped must also have an ammunition supply. So you must supply them with the ammo type the weapon requires. Even weapons that use the same ammunition as a companion's default weapon must have ammunition supplied.
    • There are some exclusions to this rule, Paladin Danse cannot wear anything other than headgear, as long as he has his power armor. Codsworth can wear certain hats, and Dogmeat can wear dog armor, bandanas, or eyewear.
  • All companions carry 150, except Strong 200, and Danse 210.[2]
    • It is possible to make companions wear pocketed armor to increase their max weight (+30 pounds with the basic pocketed armor modification).
    • There is a skill magazine perk that will increase the companion carry weight by 10.
  • Dogmeat does not count as a companion for the purposes of the Lone Wanderer perk, therefore the Survivor can adventure with him and keep the benefits of the perk.
  • Travelling with a companion bestows the player with an inherent 5% bonus to all Experience gained. This bonus can be further increased by acquiring Live & Love Issue #8. These bonuses are multiplicative with other experience bonuses such as Intelligence and Gift of Gab.


  • Should you send a companion to a settlement and make them permanently hostile, with Danse and X6-88 being examples, they will remain in the settlement you sent them to and are unable to be killed. Though they will not attack the settlers they will attack you when you approach them. Currently there are no patches or fixes to this bug. [platforms tag needed][verification overdue] X6-88 verified
    • On PC you can use console commands to change them to non essential with "setessential (base_id) 0", then you can kill them.


Companions in Fallout 4