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This page lists all player character housing in Fallout 3.

Ownable housing[edit | edit source]

Note that the Megaton house and the Tenpenny Tower suite are mutually exclusive. Earning the house leaves you unable to get the suite, and to get the suite you have to destroy the house (as well as the rest of the town).

Hotels and rentable housing[edit | edit source]

The player character must rent the room for 120 caps daily. After which the bed reads "My Bed" and grants the Well Rested effect.

Incidental housing[edit | edit source]

The houses below aren't technically ownable, but the player can still seek shelter at these sites:

Nearest Map Marker Secure Containers (Specify Which) # of Beds Workbench? Free of Enemies? Notes / Features
Abandoned car fort 6 ammunition boxes (5 next to the bed, 1 behind the sandbag barricade) 1 No No
Ruined building near Alexandria Arms 1 ammunition box, 2 filing cabinets, 1 fire hose box, 1 footlocker, 1 gun cabinet, 1 Nuka-Cola machine, 1 refrigerator, 6 safe boxes 1 Yes No
  • Directly SW of the former hotel.
  • Nice 3rd floor view.
  • A couple of bear traps can be reactivated, although it doesn't seem necessary.
  • The building is inhabited by a respawning raider and very close to an Enclave spawn location, which can result in Enclave soldiers attacking it.
Andale, Old Man Harris' house 2 cabinets, 1 corpse (Old Man Harris), 1 footlocker, 1 oven, 1 refrigerator 0 No No
  • The bed is owned by Old Man Harris and cannot be used; however the nearby concrete treehouse has a usable bed (may require the scavenger to be dead), and the sinks in the Smith and Wilson provide fairly clean water.
  • Easy access to daily strange meat pies, and membership in a community of straightforward cannibals (rather than joining The Family).
  • If Old Man Harris is not killed quickly he may flee outside, preventing his corpse from being used as decoration or storage.
  • No one from Andale will enter the house, except that the children will take up residence here if their parents are killed (by either the Lone Wanderer or other enemies).
Arefu, West residence - 2 No Yes
  • Ian West will continue to live here.
  • After completion of Blood Ties, residents of Arefu will give gifts or provide services.
Arlington Cemetery, Arlington House 2 cabinets, 1 desk, 2 dressers, 2 first aid boxes, 2 footlockers, 5 metal boxes, 2 suitcases, 1 refrigerator, 1 safe, 1 tool cabinet, 1 trunk 3 Yes Yes | No
  • The basement contains a shrine to Abraham Lincoln, allowing you to display associated items of your own if they were not sold.
  • Junders Plunkett will hole up here if you acquire the Lawbringer perk.
  • Bobblehead - Luck
Big Town, various houses - 1 No No
  • Red can provide medical services (if rescued, and not enslaved).
  • Pappy can perform very basic repairs (and boosted if given proper attire).
  • Bittercup will give you a random minor gift every 13 hours if you make a good first impression.
  • The town can become equipped with small guns for its residents, a minefield, robots (sentry bot, protectron) or the residents can be taught how to hide from trouble depending on choices during Big Trouble in Big Town.
  • Residents may steal items, or pick them up if left out as decoration.
  • Broken Steel: several residents of the town may be discovered dead upon an overland return, and the Lone Wanderer may be attacked as well by an albino radscorpion.
Broadcast Tower KB5, drainage chamber 1 toolbox 1 No Yes
  • Signal Alfa Lima can be turned on here.
  • Tumblers Today
  • must pick Average locked door
  • Very close proximity to the Deathclaw Sanctuary, and Enclave spawns after The Waters of Life
Canterbury Commons, Dominic and Machete's house 2 ammunition boxes, 2 desks, 2 garbage cans, 2 gun cabinets, 3 lockers, 2 metal boxes, 1 Nuka-Cola machine, 1 refrigerator, shelves, 1 toolbox 1 Yes Yes
  • There is only one free bed for the player and either Dom or Machete may sleep in it, making it impossible for the player to sleep in the house at that time.
The Citadel Footlockers, lockers 32 Yes Yes
County sewer mainline, Gallo's lair - 1 No No
  • Unique Nuka-Cola decor
Deathclaw sanctuary, Mount Mabel Campground 2 ammunition boxes, 1 first aid box 1 No No
Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel 5 ammunition boxes, 1 metal box 7 No No
Everglow National Campground - 1 No No
  • Site of a battle between respawning raiders and super mutants
Evergreen Mills, bazaar 2 ammunition boxes, 2 fridges, lockers, shelves 6 Yes No
Evergreen Mills, Guard barracks - 1 No Yes
Evergreen Mills, northern shack - 1 Yes No
F. Scott Key Trail & Campground - 0 No No
  • Deathclaws may inhabit this area
Fairfax ruins, abandoned house - 0 No -
Fairfax ruins, Car dealership 3 desks, 5 filing cabinets, 3 lockers 0 No No
  • Office space, plentiful seating and tables
  • Enclave presence outside
Farragut West Metro station 2 ammunition boxes, 2 desks, 6 filing cabinets, 1 security safe, shelves 1 No No
  • Safe can be re-locked via nearby computer if originally picked.
Farragut West station, abandoned house - 0 No No
Fort Independence - 0 Yes Yes | No
Georgetown North, McClellan family townhome 1 oven, 1 refrigerator 2 No Yes
  • Mister Handy at your service
Germantown police HQ, Germantown jail - 5 No No
  • Can pretend to be a jailor by filling the cells
Germantown police HQ, medical camp - 15 No No
Grayditch, abandoned home 1 ammunition box, 1 cabinet, 1 first aid box 1 No Yes
Grayditch, abandoned home 1 cabinet, 1 desk, 1 first aid box, 1 oven 1 No Yes
Greener Pastures Disposal Site, makeshift shack 1 footlocker, 1 toolbox 1 No -
  • Surrounding area is radioactive.
  • Respawning wasteland recluse inside, may turn hostile.
Hallowed Moors Cemetery - 3 No No
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal, abandoned shack (North) 1 dresser, 1 oven, 1 refrigerator, shelves 2 No No
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal, abandoned shack (Southwest) 2 ammunition boxes, 1 dresser, 1 footlocker, 1 oven, shelves 2 No No
Jury Street Metro station, Gold Ribbon Grocers 1 cash register, 1 first aid box, 1 metal box 0 Yes¹ Yes
  • ¹ Workbench is in Hank's Electrical Supply (Broken Steel only)
  • Super mutant behemoth neighbor (Needs to be activated)
  • on the Traders' route
  • Lots of shelves for displaying items
  • Fairly clean sink
  • Open dumpster outside for display
  • Raiders and radscorpions occasionally spawn south, along with Talon Company mercs
Jury Street Metro station 1 safe, 1 toolbox, metal boxes 7 Yes No
Little Lamplight, Vault 87 Reactor Chamber 3 filing cabinets, 1 safe, 1 suitcase 1 Yes No
Mason Dixon Salvage, abandoned shack (North) 1 ammunition box, 1 footlocker, 1 first aid box, 1 garbage can, 1 oven 1 No No
  • Skill books
Mason Dixon Salvage, abandoned shack (South) 3 ammunition boxes, 1 footlocker, 3 lockers, 1 oven, 1 refrigerator 1 No No
  • Super mutant camp with captive
MDPL mass relay station 2 ammunition boxes, 1 cabinet, 1 dresser, 1 gun cabinet, 1 locked safe 3 No No
  • Raiders here will respawn.
  • Beds are pristine.
  • Items in footlockers may be reset to area defaults, causing you to lose what you stored there.
Meresti trainyard, Meresti Metro station - 5 Yes Yes | No
Minefield, Benson house 2 dressers, 1 first aid box, 1 oven, 1 safe, 1 suitcase 1 No Yes
Minefield, Gibson house 1 desk, 1 dresser, 2 filing cabinets, 1 first aid box, Model of home, 1 oven, 1 refrigerator, 1 safe 2 No Yes
Minefield, Gillian house 1 dresser, 1 first aid box, 1 oven, 1 refrigerator, 1 safe 2 No No
  • Respawning radroaches
Minefield, Zane house 2 cabinets, 1 desk, 2 first aid boxes, 1 oven, 1 safe, shelves, 1 toy box 2 No Yes
National Guard depot 9 ammunition boxes, 30 metal boxes, 1 refrigerator, 1 safe, shelves 3 Yes No
Pennsylvania Avenue - - Yes No
Pennsylvania Avenue, Hotel 2 ammunition box, 1 desk, 2 first aid box, 1 footlocker 1 No Yes
  • Brotherhood of Steel Paladin as potential roommate
  • Ham Radio
Ranger compound - 3 No Yes
Red Racer factory, Surgeon's Lab - 1 No No
Regulator HQ - 0 No Yes
Relay tower KX-B8-11, drainage chamber 1 ammunition box, 1 footlocker 1 No Yes
  • Signal Oscar Zulu originates here.
  • The two skeletons can be moved. They will not reset to their original location.
Rivet City, Dr. Li's apartment 1 desk, 1 dresser, 1 footlocker, 1 refrigerator, tables, 1 wardrobe 1 No Yes
Robot repair center, The Mechanist's Forge 2 footlockers, 4 metal boxes, 1 refrigerator, shelves 1 Yes No
  • Unique secret entrance
Rockbreaker's Last Gas, Sniper shack 3 ammunition boxes, 1 footlocker, 3 lockers, 1 refrigerator, 1 safe 1 Yes Yes | No
  • You can sleep in the bed with Fluffy and Jitters alive, as long as they aren't attacking you.
  • A Vertibird will occasionally drop an Enclave soldier and a sentry bot to the northwest.
  • Outside is a spawning point for Talon Company/Regulators.
SatCom Array NN-03d, abandoned tent 2 ammunition boxes, 1 footlocker, 1 locker, 3 metal boxes 1 No Yes
Sewer waystation, Talon Company camp 3 ammunition boxes, 1 dresser, 4 footlockers, 1 toolbox, 2 wardrobes 4 No No
Smith Casey's garage - 1 No No
Springvale School 1 refrigerator, 1 vending machine, 1 toolbox 0 No No
  • Aborted tunnel project
  • Outdoor desks and lockers
Super-Duper Mart 7-8 ammunition boxes, 1 first aid box, metal boxes, refrigerators, shelves 5 No No
  • Raiders as potential roommates via the Mesmetron and removing the slave collar
  • They also respawn ammunition every couple of days if you keep them alive.
Tepid Sewers 3 ammunition boxes, 3 footlockers, 3 metal boxes, 1 refrigerator, 1 safe. 2 Yes No
VAPL-58 power station, Pylon shack 2 ammunition boxes, 1 first aid box, 1 personal footlocker 2 No No
Vault 92 - 0 No No
Vault 101 - 0 No Yes
  • Radroaches respawn in the main entrance.
  • Must sabotage the Vault during Trouble on the Homefront to "unlock" it as ongoing housing.
Vault 106 - - No No
Vault 112 1 desk, lockers, 1 safe 1 No Yes
Vernon Square station, Sewer entrance 2 ammunition boxes, 2 first aid boxes, metal boxes, 2 refrigerators, 1 safe, toolboxes 4 No Yes
Warrington station - 0 No No
Washington Monument 1 garbage can 1 No Yes
  • Offers a spectacular view of The Mall.
  • While there is only one garbage can within the building itself, the two directly outside are safe and can be used for additional storage.

Housing in Broken Steel[edit | edit source]

Nearest Map Marker Secure Containers (Specify Which) # of Beds Workbench? Free of Enemies? Notes / Features
Rockland car tunnel 2 Enclave crates, 3 gun cabinets, 1 refrigerator. 0 No Yes
  • Once you complete Death From Above the Brotherhood of Steel vacate the tunnel.
  • Enclave soldier corpses do not disappear, providing extra storage or decoration options (e.g. cannibal).
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Enclave corpses you completely explode through post mortem abuse will become invisible after a few days, though they can still be used as storage.
  • Functional Mark VI ground laser turret situated behind an Enclave barricade.
  • Easily mined approach to the tunnel entrance, useful as a counter to the nearby wandering monsters who may attack when you fast travel to the location.
  • Working gate on the exterior, along with a chainlink fence.
  • The military truck outside will not respawn intact if destroyed.
  • Items you grab that cannot be added to your inventory will reset to their original positions after three days (with exception to corpses and wooden boxes).
Holy Light Monastery - 3 No No | Yes
  • You can only access this location after initiating the Broken Steel quest Holy Water.
  • Outside is radioactive, cultists may steal items out of containers if left alive.
  • Cannot be accessed if Megaton is destroyed.

Housing in Mothership Zeta[edit | edit source]

Nearest Map Marker Secure Containers (Specify Which) # Of Beds Workbench? Free of Enemies? Notes / Features
Alien Homing Beacon, Engineering core - 1 Yes No

Housing in Operation: Anchorage[edit | edit source]

Nearest Map Marker Secure Containers (Specify Which) # of Beds Workbench? Free of Enemies? Notes / Features
Outcast outpost 1 cash register, 1 desk, 4+ first aid boxes, 3 gun cabinets, metal boxes, 2 personal footlockers, toolboxes, 1 tool cabinet. 1 No No
  • Only available after the events of Operation: Anchorage.
  • Comes complete with dual turrets!
  • Functioning cargo elevator entrance.
  • Specialist Olin can perform basic repairs, for a price. (If kept alive after the coup)
  • Companions cannot accompany you into the bunker.

Housing in Point Lookout[edit | edit source]

Nearest Map Marker Secure Containers (Specify Which) # of Beds Workbench? Free of Enemies? Notes / Features
Ark & Dove cathedral - 2 No Yes
  • Human guards, high walls, and a working gate all provide a sense of security and strength to the location. However, the numerous NPC's may steal items left here.
  • Beds are communal, must share them with the tribals.
  • Feral ghoul guards (while wearing the ghoul mask) protecting the adjacent graveyard, and entrance to the sea cave. The cave can provide an alternative to the cathedral itself, it rests underneath a ghoul infested graveyard and possesses macabre coffin containers (Vampire). The cave also features makeshift bedding near the holoprojector and ladder to Point Lookout for convenience.
Blackhall Manor - 3 No Yes
  • It has a distinctive occult theme, rather than technological.
  • It has more beds than any other listing, allowing each bedroom to have its own theme.
  • A huge amount of shelf space for displaying items and its own pool table for displaying the Lucky 8-ball, The Break and other pool related items.
  • It has its own bathroom, including sinks and a toilet granting +30 hitpoints and only +2 rads. This makes it the cleanest bathroom in all of Point Lookout.
  • A very large kitchen, with plentiful counter space for displaying items such as food.
Calvert Mansion, Calvert Atrium 1 trunk, 1 toolbox, 1 suitcase 1 No Yes
Calvert Mansion, Panic Room 2 ammunition boxes, 1 cabinet, 1 desk, 1 file cabinet, 1 suitcase. 0 No Yes
  • Only available after Thought Control.
  • Proximity to Calvert atrium grants use of a bed.
  • Can be absorbed into the atrium/Chinese bunker combination, forming a Calvert compound for the player.
Chinese Intelligence bunker, Calvert Mansion 16 ammunition boxes, 1 cabinet, 2 lockers, 1 toolbox, 1 tool cabinet, 1 trunk. 0 Yes Yes
  • See notes on Calvert Mansion.
  • Biggest stack of ammunition boxes in FO3.
  • Must complete The Velvet Curtain, or gain early access with exploits.
  • Radiation can be shut off with 44 repair, expanding the size of the home.
  • The entrance to the bunker is found in the Calvert atrium which has a makeshift bed.
  • The only home available in Point Lookout with a functional robotic guard (if left alive during The Velvet Curtain).
  • It possesses only two shelves, however the bare bunk bed frame and workbench can both be used for this purpose. It also contains two large floor coolers for displaying food and drink.
Disaster relief outpost, administration tent 2 ammunition boxes, 1 desk, 2 first aid boxes. 0 No Yes
  • Three respawning Smugglers will appear at the Outpost during the events of The Dark Heart of Blackhall.
  • The two Medical Tents and Marcella's Tent house containers that can be used for additional storage.
Herzog Mine, Kenny's cave 1 trunk. 2 No Yes
  • Sleeping here grants the Well Rested bonus.
  • Kenny is available for tag and hide and seek, though whines if you stop playing.
  • Must share the bed.
Homestead Motel Suitcases, trunks. 3 No Yes | No
  • You must contend with vicious dogs outside of the hotel every few days.
  • The room sizes limit decoration to a minimalist display and causes difficulty when positioning items.
Point Lookout Lighthouse 1 garbage can, 1 suitcase, 3 toolboxes. 0 No Yes
  • Is the real "highest point" in Point Lookout, it's possible with patience to hit the Duchess Gambit with a missile, knocking its current captain into the water.
  • Entirely unique, no other building like it in the game and connects to the St. Aubin medical facility which grants beds, additional storage and decorative options.
  • It is the only potential home in the game with a light switch (when the bulb is replaced), and it contains a non-functional jukebox.
  • Can fast travel from the top (even to the base of the lighthouse), this removes the lengthy descent down the stairs.
Trapper's shack - 0 Yes No
  • Unusual basement, much of which is radioactive.
  • The makeshift bed upstairs is guarded by a respawning creeper that must be killed prior to using it.
  • The area outside the shack is rife with enemies, which can be a constant headache when trying to fast travel away from the location.

Housing in The Pitt[edit | edit source]

Nearest Map Marker Secure Containers (Specify Which) # Of Beds Workbench? Free of Enemies? Notes / Features
The Pitt underground - 1 No Yes
  • Can only be used if the player acts on behalf of the Slaves during Free Labor.
The Pitt Uptown, abandoned apartments 1 safe. 3 No No
  • One of the apartments has a unique Nuka-Cola Lamp.
Pitt Downtown, ruined apartment opposite to Friday's Repairs 1 first aid box, 6 ammunition boxes 3 No Yes
  • 3 beds
  • Items don't disappear if dropped
Pitt Downtown, before the Vertigo Bar and Grill 1 first aid box, 1 footlocker and 2 ammunition boxes 1 No Yes
  • 1 beds
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