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The Fallout 3 patch 1.5 was released on April 19, 2009 for Xbox 360 and on April 28, 2009 for PC. It updates Fallout 3 to version for Xbox 360 and version for PC.

Change log

New features

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with V.A.T.S. calculations not appearing properly for perks (PC)
  • Fixed crash related to altered references between master files
  • LOD objects render properly when loaded from DLC worldspaces
  • Fixed issue with companion NPCs not loading into cells immediately after player
  • Fixed the issue with the door in Vault 87 where Colonel Autumn came through.
  • Apparently fixed glitch where Fawkes and Charon could be in your party at the same time. This could have been fixed in 1.4. (Xbox 360, two cases)
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug that caused all the add-ons to vanish from the "Downloads" menu (Xbox 360).
    • New bugs introduced, check discussion page


  • Playing with mods that place new objects in the game may cause the game to crash. (This is fixed by converting the .esp files into a .esm through an application like Fallout Mod Manager)
  • Saving the game with mods may cause the game to crash. (This too is fixed through the manner stated above)
  • Breaks Ignore Normal Resistance flags on weapons like the Deathclaw Gauntlet.

How to use mods with the patch

Download FO3Edit from the Nexus. After installation, rename FO3Edit.exe to FO3MasterUpdate.exe, then run the program.

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