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This page lists exploits in Fallout 3.
  • Exploits should be written with brevity and clarity in mind.
  • Please observe the editing guideline. In particular, do not use first-person or forum-style speech.
  • Videos should not be included unless the exploit cannot be explained without one.

Exploits are "holes" in the game programming which allow a player to do something which the developers did not intend and which alter the balance of the game in a way that benefits the player.


Exploits no longer available after patch 1.1

Several exploits don't work any longer since the Fallout 3 patch 1.1.

  • With the Mister Sandman perk, you can knock any sleeping essential non-player character unconscious as many times as you like. You get experience for the "kill" each time. Unavailable in the patched game and Game of the Year version.
  • Go to Fort independence, talk to Casdin about collecting technology for him (you need 16 scrap metal) give him 16 scrap metal, pickpocket the scrap metal off of him, give him 14 scrap metal then take something out of his inventory so that he catches you (Laser rifle), then if you look at the top left corner of the screen, it should say 14 scrap metal removed, then 16 scrap metal removed, this is how you know the glitch worked, then you should have infinite scrap metal. Then go to the water processing plant in Megaton, talk to Walter about fixing the pipes around town, fix the pipes then he'll ask you to collect scrap metal for him, every time you give him scrap metal, he'll give you caps and XP, and since you have unlimited scrap metal, you get unlimited XP and caps.[verified] Icon ps3.png Still works on the latest patch. No XP is given.
  • Listen to Bittercup talk about how she has been with all of the men in Big Town. One finds out specifically about what happened with her and Pappy. End the conversation with her and talk to Pappy. A couple of lines in, you'll have a speech option that will never go away and can continue to gain experience (amount varies with the difficulty level of when you start talking to Pappy) with each success. Unavailable in the patched game and GOTY version.
  • At Rivet City: Every night, the doors to the market lock (average). They can be picked with relative ease for a decent amount of experience. After unlocking all the doors, go back outside and wait until midnight. This WILL cause you to lose Karma. Unavailable in the patched game and GOTY version.
  • At Museum of History: The second section of the feral ghoul infested section, where all the Abraham Lincoln artifacts are found, there are 2 gates that are locked (very easy). There is a nearby terminal that allows you to lock the archives section (aka lock the gates) even if they were picked. This can be done indefinitely for 20XP per door, with no chance of failure. Unavailable in the patched game and GOTY version.

Item-Related Exploits

Free Nuka-Cola Quantums

Nuka-Cola vending machines have a 10% chance (dice roll) to contain a Nuka-Cola Quantum. The game performs this dice roll when the cell containing the machine is loaded for the first time. Saving before entering the cell can allow one to the maximum number of Quantums (three) that can be acquired from a single vending machine. (will require several save reverts)

Sugar Bombs: This also works with Refrigerators and Sugar Bombs. The unmarked location Ghoul Outpost is an example of where this works very easily because the refrigerator and new cell are both directly behind the door. By saving just before opening the door, one can force both a Nuka-Cola and a Sugar Bombs to spawn. If one is not so lucky, revert to save and retry.

Stealth Boys: This should work with ammo crates and safes although since the Stealth Boy is not rare and the Chinese Stealth Armor makes it have even fewer uses, one may not find this worth much time unless they discover a cell containing only ammo crates. Safes would of course require cracking each time.

Weapons & Ammunition

Duplicate Mines and Throw Unlimited Grenades

Breaking a weapon that fires only one projectile per "reload" (e.g. dart gun, missile launcher) while having it equipped and switching to a grenade or mine will allow you to throw an infinite amount of grenades/mines. This effect lasts until the player changes to another weapon. The Cryo mine and cryo grenade in the Mothership Zeta expansion are also affected, but not the bio-gas canister added in Point Lookout. This glitch is also present in Fallout: New Vegas. Note that in New Vegas, the number of grenades/mines thrown reflect the remaining ammunition for the weapon you were using when it broke (e.g. having fifteen 40mm grenades remaining when your grenade rifle breaks will allow you to duplicate a mine/grenade fifteen times), and will "eat" that remaining ammunition until it runs out. The best weapon to use in New Vegas when executing this glitch is the single shotgun since each mine that is thrown after the single shotgun is broken. This will be multiplied in stacks of four upon hitting the ground, yet only one 20-gauge round will be removed, allowing one to make 800 mines from 200 20-gauge shotgun shells.

Duplicate Sydney's Ultra SMG & 10mm Ammunition

  • There is an exploit in every version of Fallout 3 that allows you to receive unlimited copies of Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG in perfect condition, along with 50 10mm rounds. To trigger the exploit, after receiving the gun once (you must have the note from Little Moonbeam's father) choose the following dialogue options:
  1. "Since we're done now, why don't you tell me about yourself?"
  2. "Nice gun. I've never seen one like that." (she mentions her father and re-triggers the option to ask about him)
  3. "That's all for now, I guess" (taking you back one step in the dialogue tree)
  4. "So, whatever happened to your father?"
  5. Last, "Sydney, I found a note from your father. He didn't abandon you."
You should then receive the Ultra SMG and ammunition again. The above steps can be repeated as many times as you want for a limitless supply of both the gun and 10mm ammunition. You can also exit the dialogue and come back to repeat it again at a later time.

Other Weapons Exploitable for Duplication

Duplicating Weapon Ammunition

  • If you find a group of enemies (raiders will work best) and kill one of them, you can place a weapon (like the firelance) and one round of ammunition (like alien power cell) on the body, and then break the other enemies' weapons. One will then grab the weapon and ammunition to use it against you. After killing your enemy, he/she/it will carry your weapon, as well as more ammunition than you left.
  • Now a better way to do this (above) is to find a single raider and use the Mesmetron to stun them. Now take their weapons (or they will probably still use it) and give them a weapon with one ammunition and then tell them to walk it off. (Make sure he pulls out the weapon or it won't work) Then kill him, and take the gun then the ammunition (Recommended: take the gun first). You should now have more ammunition than before.
  • Certain weapons such as the alien blaster and Mesmetron have limited ammunition, this can be highly useful.
  • As long as the weapon you want the ammunition duplicated for is more powerful than the weapon the enemy is using, then you will not have to break any of the enemies' weapons. They will still get it from the body.

AntAgonizer's and Mechanist's Weapons and Armor

It is possible to obtain both unique weapons, both sets of costume armor, and two of each costume helmet. To do this, reverse-pickpocket better armor onto the Mechanist (or AntAgonizer, although starting with The Mechanist is easier). Their costumes have 20 DR maximum, so anything with higher DR works. Leave the room, load an autosave, then return. Pickpocket the costume and helmet from The Mechanist.

Now, head to the AntAgonizer's lair, and save before approaching her throne. Drop The Mechanist's helmet, then talk to AntAgonizer and give her The Mechanist's costume. She will give the Ant's Sting knife. The original helmet will still be on the floor, so pick it up and you should now have two. Afterward, kill the AntAgonizer, and loot her costume armor and helmet, as well as The Mechanist's costume.

Return to the Mechanist, and drop AntAgonizer's helmet. Talk to him and give him AntAgonizer's costume, getting the Protectron's Gaze in return. Now, you can kill him and loot the AntAgonizer's armor back from him. This should result in having the Ant's Sting, Protectron's Gaze, one of the Mechanist's and AntAgonizer's Costume, and two of the Mechanist's and AntAgonizer's helmets.

If you use the method of getting BOTH armors and getting BOTH weapons (reverse-pickpocketing both their armors and stealing them back when you hand the armors to their enemy), both characters will head out into the Wasteland and hunt each other down. This is easily observed if you do NOT complete the quest by talking to Uncle Roe which makes their locations shown by the quest markers.

If you kill the Protectron in the Forge and then choose the fight dialogue with the Mechanist, it will revive itself and defend the Mechanist as usual. You can loot the Protectron twice this way.

Faster easier method of obtaining Cryo Weapons

There is a bug that allows you to get cryo weaponry - mines and grenades - from Elliott in the engineering core of Mothership Zeta. The exact cause of the glitch is unclear and requires further experimentation, so save often and on different slots while attempting, but it seems that after obtaining the first three cryo grenades and three cryo mines, then waiting for three hours and obtaining two more of each, if you throw a cryo grenade at Elliott, but do not pickpocket him, then wait the three hours for him to make some more cryo weapons, the glitch will take effect. In order to use the glitch, you must talk to him, and ask for the cryo weapons. He will state that he has some and give them to you. The conversation with him will then end and two messages will appear in the top left corner of your screen, one about the grenades and the other about the mines. Wait until both have appeared and then disappeared, then speak to him again and ask him for more cryo weapons: If the glitch was successful, he should hand them over and you can repeat as desired, if not, exit the conversation, wait a few seconds and try again. If still unsuccessful, try re-loading an earlier save and trying again. Once the glitch is working, save. This glitch allows you to get more cryo weapons, faster and easier so that you can take a large supply down to the wasteland.

Get two mini nukes from Donovan

First, talk to Donovan before killing the super mutants and he will give you a mini nuke. Then, kill the super mutants and talk to him again and he will give you another mini nuke.

Armor & Clothing

Icon ps3.png If you have two fully repaired armors, take damage with one, then switch. After this, the original armor will take the damage. You have to hotkey both armors for it to work. Once you take off the armor, the glitch stops working. However, if you hotkey the original armor after that, the second armor won't work with the glitch, so you'll have to start all over again. It is best to start with the other armor and then work backward.

Free Repairs

Protector Casdin

  1. Go to Fort Independence and get the "Outcast Collection Agent" job from Casdin.
  2. Supply Casdin with any item he will accept.
  3. If you kill Casdin and loot his body or pickpocket him, he will have the items you gave him, but they will all be fully repaired, and theoretically, more valuable than when you gave them to him. A fully repaired plasma rifle nabs you around 1799 caps. All you have to do is find a vendor with that much. Alternatively, you can spend lots of caps on weapons or repairs and then sell the plasma rifle to make your money back.
  4. An easy way to retrieve your items is to use the Victory rifle or the Gauss rifle (requires Operation: Anchorage add-on).
  5. Get to a hidden status on his left side
  6. Save in case of a miss; a missed sneak attack critical that hits his body even on the arm or leg will kill him with high enough skills.
  7. Either manually or with V.A.T.S., target his Ripper, it's his default equipped weapon.
  8. When you shoot, he should get knocked down, be careful in V.A.T.S. for Mysterious Stranger. Helpful elsewhere is counter-productive here. Killing him means the exploit's over.
  9. While he's knocked down, you can loot him like a dead body and pickpocket freely.
  10. He will automatically equip the strongest helmet and armor, which you will never be able to get back without a better armor at 100% (which he'd repair), the best armor he can take, though, is the Tesla armor and there are infinite of those. As long as you never give him ammunition, he should never have ammunition as he starts with a default Ripper weapon and no other weapon or ammunition, and therefore, he should never equip any ranged weapon, however more powerful, due to not having ammunition.
  11. Every once in a while you need to replace his original Ripper with a working one because once it breaks, you can't do this anymore.
  • Note: You can only do this with items he will accept, this does include the alien blaster, though, just don't give him the ammunition, or he'll equip it and it could be lost. Also, the rewards are flat rates for each item, so just give all items at any condition for the most items at the maxed condition. A Tesla helmet will always get 3 stimpaks, whether at 5% condition or 100%. He may not permanently keep all the items you give to him, so be certain to do these repair runs in common, short bursts with a small number of items, and be certain to retrieve your items immediately.

One Instant, 100% Repair

Only applicable to weapons and armor stocked by merchants. - See bartering for Bottle cap Profit & Free 100% Repairs.

Haley's 100% Repair Glitch Exploit

Requires Point Lookout

  • With every successive "visit" to Haley's Hardware, Haley's Repair skill increases by 5 points (3%) up to the maximum 100 points allowing vendor-repair-only items to be fully repaired. The increases in skill are permanent and are an inevitable consequence of frequent visits to his shop throughout the game. It requires that the shop be re-loaded by the player's system. This is achieved by walking far enough away to load a new cell, and then walking back and re-entering the shop. The end of the dock to the south is far enough away. Alternatively, walk up to the vending machine and open it then close and walk back in.
  • The glitch for raising Haley's Repair skill is caused by his suit, removing it causes the glitch to stop working. So don't reverse pickpocket him for it if you want to make his repair grow higher.
  • You can just walk outside then right back in and it will raise by 5 but if you go over 100 it will go back down to 15 and you have to do it all over again, if it doesn't work the first time fast travel away then go back it should work.

"Somah's free repair glitch"

Requires Mothership Zeta Icon xbox360.png (Needs Verification for other platforms)

  • After leaving the holding cell, Somah will be able to repair your items for caps. This glitch is very useful since her repair skill is 80. All you have to do is have her repair your items. Exit the dialogue, and knock her unconscious. It is recommended that you shoot her in the legs so that she doesn't take as much damage. Once she is on the ground, you can loot all of the caps off of her that you paid her for repairing. Once she gets back up, have her repair your things again, and repeat the process. If you don't kill her, you can return to the mothership later to have all of your items repaired again.

Miscellaneous Items & Bottle caps

Free Megaton house items

In Craterside Supply there is a hidden locker behind a wall that contains items like My First Infirmary. In the room with a staircase to the second floor, next to the main room where Moira Brown can be found, crouch near the left-side wall when facing in from the entrance, at the bottom of the stairs leading up, near a rusted pipe. You can see the locker if you look through one of the holes on the wall. Go into third-person view, hold the third person button down, and turn the camera until the option to open a locker comes up. Taking the items is considered stealing, and you will lose karma. For the PC, you must "noclip" to be able to see the lockers. Confirmed on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Infinite Fingers & Ears

With the Lawbringer or Contract Killer perk, you can knock an essential non-player character (e.g. Rothchild) unconscious as many times as you like. They will spawn an ear or finger each time they are knocked unconscious.

Bartering for Bottle cap Profit & Free 100% Repairs

This exploit has several variations based on the same basic premise; the buying and selling of like types of weapons or apparel. Factors that may alter the consistency of the results include the merchant's repair skill, the condition and origin of the item, and whether the item has been previously repaired.

  1. View a vendor's inventory to see if the vendor has two copies of the same weapon or armor, or to see if they have one copy and you have another. The condition of both items must be different, and the vendor must start with the one with the higher condition. -Sell your copy of the item to the vendor now.
  2. Of the two different copies of the same item now in the vendor's inventory, select the copy of the item that is in the worst state of repair; the worse the state, the more money you make per transaction, and the faster this process goes.
  3. Buy it, then sell it back again. You'll notice when you bought it, its condition or value increased; repeat this until the item is at 100% repair in your inventory. It should only take 2 sell/buy cycles to do.
  4. Then sell the 100% condition item back exactly like in the previous step (if you had to do it). You will notice that during the previous step and this step, whenever it's in your inventory, it is at the improved condition and value and when it returns to the vendor, it returns to the proper original value again. This means when you sell it, it sells for 100% condition price, but when you buy it back, you purchase it for its imperfect condition price, which should net you a free profit.
  5. Buy it back, sell it again as many times as you require to deplete the vendor's bottle caps along with any and every item they have that you want.

Issues of note:

  • This exploit can be done for bottle cap profit without the merchant having stocked the desired item if one already has two like items of differing value (the greater the difference the more profitable), though it will not provide repair and may require an extra round of transactions.
  1. Sell both items together, selecting the lesser valued item for transfer first, but still selling them as a block.
  2. Then buy the lesser item back.
  3. If the greater value item doesn't transfer in its place, sell the lesser item back and buy it again.
  • Like items of identical condition and value can be bartered as a block and all be fully repaired if the merchant initially has a like item in stock of identical condition and value as the player. Buying the merchant item first and then selling all the identical items back as a block will allow them to then be bought back fully repaired by buying the less than perfect versions one at a time. The unrepaired version(s) stays in the merchant inventory while transferring perfect condition ones to the player.
  • An item being bartered that is not fully repaired by the transaction may improve or decrease in condition to one of a default set of values. This will always happen whenever the player buys the merchant's copy of the item being bartered first then sells back all like items in a block(items need not be of identical condition).
  • When bartering multiple like items of varying values, the transaction will only fully repair as many like items as the merchant currently holds for sale in their inventory, even if the player has multiple identical like items.
  • Items that have been repaired by the player or via repair merchants may not allow the exploit to function in the 'normal' way. Repaired items may require an additional round of buying and selling of the lower priced item before transferring one of greater value, and the item may not be fully repaired.
  • Unique items never change in its condition when being bartered. Unique items that can be exploited themselves to have multiple copies (i.e. naughty nightwear, etc.) make excellent choices to be bartered for bottle cap profit for this exploit when one copy has been worn down to zero value.
  • This exploit will not work if you try to use an armor item to complete the process if they do not carry or restock armor items. The armor you sell to them will disappear instantly. The same goes for replacing "armor" for "weapons."
  • Generally, it is best to purchase or sell the broken (worst condition) item first.
  • Once the last item of a type being exploited is purchased, additional single transactions of that item type can cause the item to change in value to a lesser default value. The exploit may be done working for that item type at that time.
  • Certain examples of pre-placed weapons and armor found in the game cannot be exploited for bottle cap profit or repair. These are generally items laying openly in the game world(ie. the weapons initially on the counter at Flak and Shrapnel's available for purchase among others). When these items decrease in condition through use, the exploit may or may not then work on them.
  • Sometimes armor bought with a low condition will appear fully repaired in the Pip-Boy.
  • This may not work for Xbox Platinum Hits.[verification overdue]

Ghost Item Duplication for Bottle caps

PC: This trick will essentially let you "duplicate" items when interacting with a vendor for the sole purpose of making it seem like you have a lot of a valuable item, thus cleaning the vendor out for all their caps/ammunition/whatever items they are selling that you want. It might take some patience, but is quite lucrative, especially at lower levels. This exploit makes use of the pause between high stacked items (6+ of any particular item, enough to bring up the "how many do you want to move" dialogue box) to trick the game into thinking you're moving a large amount of another item. It does not, however, actually duplicate that item.


  1. Gather a large number of any particular item (ammunition works best for this).
  2. Find the non-player character you wish to get caps/items/ammunition/etc. from.
  3. Ensure the item that you have a lot of is ABOVE the item you want to "duplicate".
  4. Enter trade with the non-player character.
  5. Tricky part. You need to click on the stacked item (the 300 10mm rounds in this example), and almost immediately after, hit "O" for "all". If done correctly, you will still see the "how many do you want to move" dialogue box AFTER you've hit the "X" key. Simply hit "X" again, and the item that was below the stacked item (the assault rifle in this example) should appear in the non-player character's side of the barter screen, with however many of the stacked item there were (300 in this example... 300 assault rifles x the 50 cap value = A LOT of caps), allowing you to basically get whatever you want from the vendor for "free".

EXAMPLE: You have a assault rifle in fairly good condition, worth 50 caps. You also have 300 10mm rounds. Your inventory needs to look like this for this exploit to work:

  • 10mm round (300)
  • Assault rifle

NOTE: Even though you supposedly traded the vendor 300 assault rifles, when you look at their side of the barter screen after you've traded, you will notice the phantom assault rifles are gone, and the vendor only has however many assault rifles you actually had.... which was 1. So you can't duplicate hard to find or rare items for repair purposes this way.

Unlimited items from slavers

At Paradise Falls, there will occasionally be an unnamed slaver that will give out items from their raids. Say, "Hey, keep it coming." Then, go up to the slaver, talk to him again and he will give out more items. This can be repeated to receive more and more items. The slavers will walk away so you will have to keep up with them.

Item Duplicating

You can dupe any item that has naturally spawned in a container by having 6+ of an item with weight in the container with the item you want to dupe. By pressing on the Stacked item and pressing take all shortly after the stacked item will move to the other side of the screen but the how many box will still be up. After pressing take all again it will duplicate the item in the container (X) times where x is how many of the stacked item you had. There are some problems with duplicating however, firstly the item has to spawn in a container naturally to be duped as it does not have a base id and can be manipulated. Additionally since the id is not added until you exit the cell you can re dupe an item by placing it back in the container. After exiting the cell this will no longer work. It is best to use an item like a fork which has little weight itself and can easily be obtained to mass dupe items such as stimpaks. Tutorial

Leveling & Experience

Quick Leveling

Skipping levels

  • Keep in mind that this skips a level. You do not level up twice (meaning you will only be able to set points for 1 level up). With that being said, this glitch is only useful if you want a faster way to get the Achievements for reaching level 8, 14, 20, and 30.
  • Skipping levels still rewards you with the boost in Health for both levels. Maximum HP increase per level is (EN / 2) + 3.
  • You must gain enough XP to level up. You need to go through a door (to load a new area) before the Perk screen appears. Once through the door the Perk screen will automatically pop up, and you will have skipped the next level.
  • You can skip multiple levels. Once you have successfully skipped a level, just load your autosave, turn around and go through the door again before the Perk screen, and repeat.
  • You can also level up past level 30. You will get the health boost for each level past 30. You cannot continue leveling up after level 30 on the Xbox 360 or PS3 using the above "level skipping" method.
  • Sometimes when selecting the "Here and Now" perk, you will not level up all the way, but still can distribute points to your skills as normal, allowing you to have an "extra level".

Quick Spawning Experience

Requires Operation: Anchorage

See Operation: Anchorage exploits

Skills & S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Temporary Boosts

Multiple Headgear: Tower of Hats

Requires Operation: Anchorage You'll need the Chinese stealth armor for this exploit. While wearing this suit, it appears that you may wear any number of hats, head-wraps and helmets and the effects will stack. It should be noted, however, that if a helmet or mask is equipped which covers the face-slot, such as those of the various power armors or hockey masks, any glasses which you are wearing will be unequipped.

You will continue to wear all equipped headgear even if you change clothing. While wearing different clothing, however, if you equip another piece of headgear, all headgear which you had previously had equipped may be unequipped. Which equipment will and won't cause this to happen requires further testing.

While the skill and stat bonuses from headgear stack as normal, the math for how the DR adds up requires further testing. However, it is possible to attain at least a DR of 41, which - even accounting for the added carrying weight of the various headgear - makes this armor arguably the best in the game in terms of the weight:DR ratio. (Observed on the PS3, current patch)

Multiple Headgear: Nth Degree Skill Exploit

Requires Operation: Anchorage

You need the Chinese stealth armor and two hockey masks. Equip the armor, equip one of the hockey masks, then repeatedly equip the other mask. If you check your unarmed stats, it will have been raised by 10 instead of 5. Keep on tapping to raise it by 15, 20, 25, etc. The skill value will stop rising eventually, but this exploit can still increase the damage of unarmed weapons high enough to deal up to 2000 damage with a power fist.

The exploit works with any skill or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat that is raised by headgear, providing that you have two copies of that headgear, or a different headgear to equip first. However, the Unarmed skill is the only skill that continues to raise weapon damage after you reach 100 skill points.

However, the bonus is not permanent, if the original equipped headgear is unequipped, your stats will revert back to their current value(s) without the exploit (e.g. the base values based on allocated Skill points and the related S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat's current base value). Due to the temporary nature of this exploit, it will not help you to qualify for perks which have a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat requirement, but it can help you qualify you for those with a skill requirement.

Permanent Boosts

Big Guns

At the Bethesda Ruins, there is a raider that spawns every 72 hours that has a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes on them. The raider in possession of the skill book will be holding a flamer.


Within the Shalebridge Tunnels (the mutated forager ant tunnels, as opposed to the neighboring "invader ant" tunnels) is an evil non-player character called the "Ant Researcher", who contains a Big Book of Science skill book on his corpse. Every 72 hours, another Ant Researcher respawns within the Forager Ant tunnels. Kill him, leave the tunnel, wait 72 hours, then re-enter and kill him again for the book. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Perk Requirements

Temporary Boost then Skill Point Reallocation

If a perk has a required skill level (e.g. Entomologist has a science requirement of 40), allocate your skill points to the number required, select the desired perk and return to the Skill point allocation screen. You can now reset your points and put them to whatever you want - the perk is still selected even though you no longer meet the requirement. This glitch was originally discovered for New Vegas but also works in Fallout 3.

see also: Multiple Headgear: Nth Degree Skill Exploit


Obtaining Infinite Karma

Infinite Fingers & Ears for Karma

See Infinite Fingers & Ears above.

Killing without Karmic Change

See Killing NPCs Without Penalties.



Karmic Loss-Less Kills

See Killing NPCs Without Penalties.

Over-Encumbered Status Bypass

Dogmeat and Knock-Down

See Access Dogmeat's Inventory with Knock-Down Below.

Obtaining Charon in addition to a Non-Dogmeat Companion

  1. Have a companion other than Dogmeat with you.
  2. Obtain Charon as a companion through dealing with Ahzrukhal. He will join you without forcing your other companion to leave.
  3. He will remain your companion along with your other companion until fired or forcibly removed through gameplay activity (traveling to an expansion location, etc.).
  4. If you attempt to have him re-join after you fired him or he was removed, the normal rules for party limit are in place.

Obtaining All Companions at Once

NOTE: Be aware that having more companions will increase the processing load on your system. You may experience low frame-rates, stuttering, freezing, graphic glitches, game glitches, corrupt save games and system instability.

Sergeant RL-3 Approach

With this glitch, you can get as many companions as you want, how many times you want. This means you can do this glitch prior to Raven Rock, then after it, without a problem. It works rather slowly, so patience is necessary.

  1. Have Sergeant RL-3 in your party.
  2. Go to the companion you want to hire and tell RL-3 to wait. Then talk to him and choose the dialog option, "not just yet, I want to talk about something" and then fire him.
  3. Adjust your Karma as necessary (i.e. hack a private computer for bad [Underworld or Megaton]/give away purified water for good [outside Megaton or outside Rivet City])
  4. Hire the companion you want.
  5. Go inside a building and wait 7–8 days. You should receive the message "Sergeant RL-3 has returned to Canterbury Commons" which opens a companion slot.
  6. Adjust your Karma as necessary (see step 3) so that it is neutral
  7. Rehire Sergeant RL-3
  8. Repeat steps 2-7

(NOTE: make sure to fire RL-3 before retrieving the G.E.C.K during the "finding the Garden of Eden" quest, otherwise, he will simply vanish once you are stunned by the enclave, instead of returning to Canterbury commons.)

Puppies! Approach

Requires Broken Steel

  1. At level 22, get the Puppies! perk.
  2. Kill Dogmeat (if he's in your party) this will free up his companion slot
  3. Add any follower (must have correct Karma).
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have enough followers

NOTE: This approach does not require waiting days for RL-3 to return, so this may be a more favorable approach for those with Broken Steel added on.

Quick Save Quick Load Abuse


  • By quick save quick loading while walking into a wall, one can clip through any 3D object, albeit with some difficulty at times. By clipping out of bounds, the player character will be Centered on the Cell(COC) to a predefined location set by the developers. This allows one to warp across areas.


Negate Fall Damage

By saving and loading before falling, one can reset momentum to 0, meaning one become stationary and can survive a fall of any height.

Dialogue Skipping

Essentially the same as Negating fall damage but with dialogue. It allows one to skip NPCs dialogue such as Colonel Autumn's speech or the speech during take it back!

Movement Exploits

Increased Movement Speed Exploit

Icon ps3.png Icon xbox360.png [verified] (N/A on Icon pc.png). This can dramatically increase the speed in which the player character moves by using any unarmed or one/two-handed weapons to their advantage. (This includes completely unarmed)

If the player character has any weapon capable of blocking equipped and un-holstered they need to:

  1. Run forward and jump (Holding the movement thumb-stick forward continuously)
  2. When coming close to hitting the ground you need to press and hold the block button
  3. When the player character's feet just begin to touch the ground, release the block button and press the jump button. (Remember to keep pressing the forward button)
  4. Repeat steps 2-3

One can achieve the same effect from a complete standstill by:

  1. Block and hold from a standstill and push the movement thumb-stick slightly forward
  2. Release the block (at this same moment press the thumb-stick all the way forward) and as one's weapon defaults to its readied position press the jump button. (This entire process can be done in less space then the size of a glass pitcher and can fling the player character a remarkable distance).

Both of these methods are difficult and require precise timing, but makes the player capable of traveling large distances in considerably less time; this can also allow the player character access to places that are normally unreachable.

Stop Hopping and Block Boosting

This is Similar to the exploit above however it can be done on pc and console. To stop hop you need to jump forward and just before hitting the ground let go of forward, on the next jump hold forward again and flick your mouse. This will make you go around 50% faster but it is hard to nail down at first. While this can be done on Gamepads it is much harder and requires a claw grip. However consoles have Block boosting which is only available on gamepads and is technically slower than stop hopping but they are very similar. Stop Hopping Block Boosting

Speed Cripple

By loading a save the moment you get your legs crippled you can add the cripple speed onto your normal speed. This exploit does carry over saves but can easily be lost by quitting to menu or by having you legs crippled. Guide

Over-Encumbered Bypasses

Access Dogmeat's Inventory with Knock-Down

  1. Get Dogmeat as a companion.
  2. Obtain a weapon with knockdown, preferably Victory rifle from the unmarked location sniper shack. If you don't have a high enough lockpick skill, use Dogmeat's fetch function, and he can bypass the lock to get it for you.
  3. Now, it's easiest to tell Dogmeat to wait for you so he's no longer your follower, he tends to carry out a regular non-player character AI at that point, and becomes far less likely to become fixated on you and follow you around/watch you constantly.
  4. Get hidden behind Dogmeat to one side.
  5. Using freeaim, preferably, target one of Dogmeat's legs. This is important. If you hit him in the body, with a low enough health and high enough small guns, Dogmeat could die from the shot. Save if you use V.A.T.S. in case you miss, because you can also hit his torso or head with a miss in V.A.T.S. with the same potential killing effect. Also, if you have the perk, Mysterious Stranger is a threat.
  6. Shoot Dogmeat and get the sneak attack critical. He will be knocked down. While he's knocked down, you can access his infinite inventory like he's any other World Object Container. Place as much as you want or don't need, or need to put into his inventory, and now you have more free space.
  7. It is also possible to activate this effect with the Paralyzing Palm perk, which if the player has, is vastly better as it requires no ammo, and does minimal damage at most levels.
  • To retrieve the items, ask him to fetch again and ask for any type of item, he will give back EVERYTHING at once.
WARNING: If you're crouched while accessing his inventory, it's like pickpocketing. This means placing grenades or mines will make the first one go live. The move is a one-hit-kill move, and this would be counter-productive!!! To bypass this, stand while you're placing items. As the knock-down effect also has a horizontal knock-back affect, he can also be pushed fairly far away from you; so standing and walking, as opposed to crouching and "crawling," may be necessary to get to him before his inventory is no longer accessible. To avoid having to walk a lot to get to him in time, tell him to wait by something he'll run into, like a wall, and make sure he faces the wall.

With this, you can get back under an encumbered state and quick-travel again to, say, your Megaton/Tenpenny Tower House, and then once in your room, ask for everything back and allocate it where you want or need it.

Body Containers and Speed Walking

Simply find a near-by enemy (raiders and Talon Company or Regulators are plentiful among the wasteland; bugs, mainly the radroach, are extra light and tend to be the best possible container if one is near-by), walk up to the enemy and activate the body for its storage, and now proceed to dump any and all excess loot you know you don't directly need but want to keep for other reasons (selling, collecting, etc.). When you're done, use the grab function (Click the right thumbstick for the 360 and PS3, and the Z key on the PC) to pick up the container/body, and now proceed to carry it across the place you're in.


  • There is an exception with some non-player character and critter body containers, such as super mutants, deathclaws, brahmin, and ghouls of any sort; the bodies are incredibly heavy in the eyes of the physics engine and will not move very easily if at all when you try to grab and carry them. For those with add-ons, trogs are particularly heavy, but will drag at a faster pace than walking encumbered, try using wildmen, Wild Bill, or the pre-dead slave bodies, they appear to be part of the permanent game world, and seem to never disappear. Ant bodies behave more-or-less the same result as a trog body.
  • If you grab a character by the head, it creates a very weak grab point, and they will drag in a way which slows you down; they may also hit things which will cause you to lose your grip point. To avoid this, simply grab much closer to the center of gravity, the chest and back primarily, as close to the center as possible. Grabbing attached limbs is not as big as a problem until you grab things like the hand and feet, in which case, the problem is nearly, if not equally, as bad as grabbing the head.
  • Human bodies are heavier; what this means is, though they carry at a fast speed, they also dangle a little below the cursor. This is a blessing and a curse; you can actually carry out a fight while trying to hold on, though to keep the grab, you must not use V.A.T.S; however, the fast paced combat may force you to lose your grabbing point anyway. When walking, the drooping body can catch the ground when trying to go up inclines, making you grab it again; try switching to a far, third-person P.O.V. and looking up. With the camera so far zoomed out, you can still see most of what you could originally see.
  • Bodies aren't world objects, and as a result, aren't permanent containers, they can disappear. If you take them too far, or too many people die in the close vicinity, the game may start deleting the oldest bodies to help cope including your container body, so save often and save before you put stuff into a body, and use a few slots. All the problems for the body (with the contained items) disappearing aren't specifically clear without use of a G.E.C.K. Though refilling a body can take time, it is recommended that you save before you dump things in a body; the physics engine can do some spiffy things, and make retrieving your container difficult after a fight, or more commonly an issue: after reloading a save.
  • Combining this with holstering your weapon and putting on lighter armor during transit, you can reach a rather remarkable speed-walking pace, which can half the traveling time (though using a knock-down effect weapon and Dogmeat is even faster and safer).

Note: With the walking method, you must spend time walking through each cell between where you went and your destination/central-drop point, this leaves certain non-player character's open to being spawned, attacked and killed while you walk at a fast pace in the same cell(s).

Impossible vertical climbing

Drop an item (the more rigid the better, eg. 5mm,.308 ammo can,Combat armor) then place the item on the ground. Also to make this possible remap your controls. On ps3 change the inventory button to r3,and the move object button to circle. Look down at the item and press jump key slightly after press the move item key, repeat and you'll lift into the air.

Timing is key for this exploit. If the timing is slightly off the item will drop, if you hold both buttons you can stop midair. This can be used to slow your descent, also to stabilize your platform. This can be used to reach previously inaccessible areas. Remapping the controls makes this a lot easier to accomplish, especially on console. [verified]

Cell Reload Exploits

Simulated Grim Reapers Sprint

Enable auto-save, and set it to trigger every time you go through a door. (Or save right after exiting the room in the next step. I haven't tested it that way, but it should theoretically work the same way. Much simpler to auto-save though, if you have that function in your version.)

Now find some enemies you want dead, and rush into the room, V.A.T.S. attacking the closest one. If two or more are close, use V.A.T.S. to judge which is most harmed by your hits.

Now, spin around as fast as you can, and leave out the door you came in. Don't forget to save. (Or auto-save.) They will follow, and attack you so load your save if the odds are stacked too bad. When you reloaded again, you refreshed the cell. The game blanked all loaded data, and started anew using only the save data, and the save data stores only the essentials. One of the things not stored is the data string telling your pursuers to hunt down and attack you.

Falling Without Dying

If one falls off of a high place (such as the Tenpenny Tower), one can save their game before hitting the ground. When this save is loaded, one will harmlessly fall to the ground. This can also be used with V.A.T.S. If a person is near you while you're falling, you can enter V.A.T.S. the moment before you hit the ground, attack the person, and walk away with only 10% of the damage you would've gotten.

Sometimes you can also fall great distances and remain unharmed or only slightly damaged by falling against bumps or protrusions on the side of the object from which you are falling. Before you fall down, find something such as a side of the cliff or a Highway support with notches or something sticking out of it all the way down its side. This allows you to hit the side of the object continually to break your one fatal or crippling fall into many harmless smaller ones. Most highways don't have these in their supports, so saving before testing is recommended.

General exploits

Buy from Moira after closing time

First you have to own a house. Go into Craterside Supply after closing and talk to Moira. Click "I'm looking to buy some things for my house." Click "Tell me about your themes." Select any. Now you can go into her inventory to buy the themes but can also buy anything else.

Moving Large/Heavy Objects

To move a larger object, grab a smaller object. The best choice would be a barrel.

  • First get the barrel vertical
  • Move the barrel into a bigger object and move it so that it is laying down horizontally against the bigger object.
  • Now push the barrel into the bigger object, with some good aiming. The bigger object will move without a problem.

Killing NPCs Without Penalties

The player character can use objects in the game environment to induce non-player character death. Faction hostility, XP, and Karma changes will not be applied to the PC when NPC deaths are caused this way. These techniques are useful in obtaining equipment(ie. Rivet City security armor, roving trader outfit, etc.), clearing settlements(ie. Paradise Falls) without making the residents openly hostile, or simple eliminating undesirable NPCs that may become obstacles to the player's game goals.

Using World Objects To Induce NPC Deaths

The PC and all NPCs take damage from being hit by any object at a high speed. These objects can be inventory items or world objects that can merely be moved around but not taken. (oil drums, tires, etc.).

Using items as weapons allows the killing of any NPC without Karma loss/gain, or a change in faction status (hostile/friendly) between PC and other NPCs of the same faction as the target.

NOTE: This technique functions best when the PC is not over encumbered. To injure an NPC, pick up a game object (larger objects like oil drums or shopping carts will cause more damage than smaller ones) and with it in front of the PC, walk directly into the target NPC, pressing the object between the PC and NPC. The game physics will cause the object to have a high velocity wobble, which eventually launches the object away at high speed causing damage. This causes damage to the PC, but much more damage to the NPC. Repeat until the desired NPC is dead. Heal self as needed.

Other related methods include:

  • The player can also kick objects at an intended target, but the results are less reliable.
  • Vehicle explosions caused by the player that kill NPCs likewise do not apply to the player.
  • The ground may be a less than obvious world object, but is very effective at inducing NPC death where the conditions are right. In some areas with high ledges it is possible to push the NPCs into a fatal(or near fatal) fall by walking into them.
Using Companions To Induce NPC Deaths

You can also simply attack an non-player character as much as you want, dealing up to their total HP -1 in dmg; as long as you don't kill them. If you have a follower with you, they will begin to attack them, and usually can finish them off. When the non-player character dies, as long as you were not the one to deal the final blow, you should not lose any Karma. With a follower such as Fawkes, this becomes quick and easy.

Careful, however, as sometimes, if you accidentally attack or hit an non-player character, it can be enough to turn them hostile in the eyes of your follower(s); even if you stash your weapon after the initial, accidental hit, and even if the non-player character goes back to friendly status with you, the initial hit may be enough to make your followers become hostile to the target independently and they may continue to be hostile to the non-player character (and vice versa) until the non-player character or your follower is dead.

Friendly Talon Company/Hitmen

This makes all the mercs that spawn outside buildings and metros friendly to the player.

  • Only works if the player has not been confronted by hitmen yet.
  1. First get Very Evil or Very Good Karma.
  2. Go to a building where the Hitmen spawn often (Lucky's is a good one).
  3. Save while in there and walk outside. If you're lucky you'll hear the sound of guns being drawn. You have to quickly go into your Pip-Boy 3000 menu and fast travel somewhere random in the Wasteland. It has to be somewhere far enough away so the Hitmen don't follow to talk, the nearby metro is too close.
  4. Fast travel to the metro next to Lucky's and run to Lucky's.
  5. The hitmen will walk towards you as you get close and will say something like "And now its time for you to die" or "surprise" but will remain unhostile.

Freeze time

First, open the Pip-Boy, and go to the map (local map, or world map). Close the Pip-Boy. Now, quickly tap the 'open Pip-Boy' button, and then the button that sets/removes map markers, then the 'close Pip-Boy' button. This may take several tries, but if successful, you should open the Pip-Boy, and then close it immediately. The 'set/remove map marker' pop-up should come up. The game will think you are still in the Pip-Boy menu, and as such, it will freeze time. However, you are free to move around, crouch, and jump as you please (any other action, like shooting your weapon, or VATS, will not work). This can be very useful for running away from enemies, sneaking up on enemies, finding cover or tactically placing the player in a place where your weapon will be more accurate. This also has noted use in speedruns, including the World Record Speedrun. To resume time, just click the set map marker pop up (any option will do) and you will resume normal play. This glitch carries over into New Vegas.