This page lists all derived statistics in Fallout 3.
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Derived statistic Description Derived from Initial value
Action Points The higher the number, the more actions you can accomplish before another entity (whether friend or foe) reacts. Agility (AG * 2) + 65
Carry Weight How much you can carry before becoming overencumbered. Strength (ST * 10) + 150
Critical Chance Chance that a hit will inflict Critical Damage. Luck (LK) %
Damage Resistance All damage you receive is reduced by this percentage. Armor 0
Fire Resistance All fire damage you receive is reduced by this percentage. Armor 0
Hit Points How much damage you can take before you die. Endurance (EN * 20) + 100
Melee Damage Bonus damage with Melee Weapons. Strength ST * 0.5
Poison Resistance All poison damage you receive is reduced by this percentage. Endurance (EN - 1) * 5 %
Radiation Resistance How adept your body is at ignoring exposure to radiation. Endurance (EN - 1) * 2 %
Skill Rate How many skill points your character gains per level. Intelligence IN + 10
Unarmed Damage Damage done with fists (damage of Unarmed weapons is added to this value). Unarmed skill (Unarmed / 20) + 0.5
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