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Fallout 3 cut content refers to content cut from the game.


Most of it can still be found in the game files but is inaccessible within the game itself. The equipment can still be obtained by the use of console commands.

Cut quests

  • Infiltration
  • Escape! - In the game files, there's a stage in the game where you have to talk to Stanley and inquire about re-activating the reactor and turn the power to the vault back on, activating the door to the exit.
  • Last Rites - According to its numbering, it was supposed to take place after Take it Back!.
  • Wasteland Survival Guide - At some stage in development, the Wasteland Survival Guide contained another quest stage. The player's objective would have been to print the books at Hubris Comics and return them to Moira (who at this point was apparently still called "Lea") as part of the work on the last chapter. This makes Moira's remark in the final game that it's cynical of the player to assume she would require such a dangerous task of him/her doubly ironic. Judging by its editor ID, the mirelurk bait grenade was also intended to be part of this quest. It was most likely to be used for the mission at Anchorage Memorial.
  • MS07 - A quest involving Sarah Lyons that was completely cut from the game, with the exception of a strange disk.

Cut radio

Cut characters

Cut creatures

Cut holodisks and notes

Cut image notes

Cut items

Armor and clothing

Name Form ID DR Weight Value Health Base Armor Bonus Notes
All-purpose science suit 000CB605 - - - - Enclave scientist outfit A unique version of the Enclave scientist outfit. Though unused, it was added to Fallout: New Vegas in a patch.
Apocalypse gladiator armor 000CB5F6 36 30 460 1200 Metal armor Agility -1
Apocalypse gladiator helmet 000CB5F7 5 3 70 75 Metal helmet
Army power armor 00061A72 40 45 739 1000 T-45d power armor Strength +2
Agility -2
Radiation Resistance +10
Blast Off helmet 0007494C 1 1 30 100 Blast Off pajamas Doesn't appear in inventory
ChildBlastoffHelmet 0007C109 - - - - - - Similar to the Blast Off helmet, but can be used by the player.
Commando armor 000CB544 24 15 160 150 Leather armor
Composite recon armor 000CB5FA 28 20 180 600 Recon armor Sneak +5
Composite recon helmet 000CB5FB 4 3 40 70 Recon helmet Perception +1 An identical copy is used in Broken Steel with a different formid.
Defender armor 000CB543 24 15 160 150 Leather armor
Doctor Li's glasses 0005C9A0 1 0 6 100 Glasses
Enclave Shocktrooper armor 000CB5F3 40 45 899 1500 Enclave power armor Strength +1
Agility -1
Radiation Resistance +15
Enclave Shocktrooper helmet 000CB5F4 7 5 150 125 Enclave power helmet Charisma -1
Radiation Resistance +5
Explorer's gear 000CB549 - - - - - Merc troublemaker outfit Unique merc troublemaker outfit. Statistically, it only differs in weight (3 vs. 8). Appears in Fallout: New Vegas in the possession of Orion Moreno.
Hat of the People 000CB604 - - - - - Chinese commando hat Unused in the base game of Fallout 3, but later used in The Pitt.
Hand-Me-Down raider armor 000CB5FE 15 15 180 100 Raider sadist armor
Handyman jumpsuit 000BF6FD 2 1 6 100 Repairman jumpsuit Repair +5 Used in Point Lookout
Head wrap 00074335 - - - - - Head wrap Has a red and yellow texture, is later used in Point Lookout.
Highway scar armor 000CB5FF - - - - - Raider blastmaster armor Similar to raider blastmaster armor, with lower DR (15 vs. 16)
Lab goggles xx00D5BD 1 1 25 10 Biker goggles +10 Energy Weapons Cut from Point Lookout
(Unplayable) Leather armor 0002DC05 - - - - - Leather armor Unusable by the player
Makeshift gas mask 000C111A 3 2 40 25 Raider blastmaster helmet Bugged (see article)
Oasis exile hood 000C942D - - - - - Oasis druid hood Similar to the Oasis druid hood, but with higher monetary value. (30 vs. 6)
Outcast recon armor 000645ED 000645EC - - - - - Recon armor An Outcast variant of recon armor. Statistically similar, except the helmet gives +1 perception.
Police hat 000AB491 - - - - - - Though unused, a children's version exists. The adult version is made available in expansions.
Power suit armor 000CB60C 3 2 12 100 Grimy pre-War businesswear Speech +5
(Unique) Pre-War outfits 000CB60D 000CB60F - - - - - - Indistinguishable from the regular version in-game, though they will appear as different items in the inventory. Their uniqueness is only apparent when looking at them in the editor, and they are likely just copied placeholders for until the developers could create differing names, stats and textures (which they never did).
Pre-War outfit and watch 000ABBE2 0008198C - - - - - - Worn by the player character in Tranquility Lane. A regular version exists for child NPCs, but is unused.
Pyro helmet 000CB600 3 3 20 15 Raider blastmaster helmet
Road Rascal leather armor 000CB5F5 24 15 160 150 Leather armor
"Robo-Thor" armor 000CB5F9 40 45 819 3000 Tesla armor Strength +1
Agility -1
Radiation Resistance +15
"Robo-Thor" helmet 000CB5F8 8 5 120 125 Tesla helmet Charisma -1
Radiation Resistance +5
Sharp-dressed raider's armor 000CB5FC 15 15 180 100 Raider painspike armor
Shellshocked combat armor 000CB5EF 32 25 390 400 Combat armor
Shellshocked combat helmet 000CB5F0 5 3 50 50 Combat helmet
Sleepwear 000CB60E 1 1 10 100 Sexy sleepwear Charisma +1
Surgical mask 0003E591 0007CFF0 - - - - - - Its internal name ties it to the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. It has no world model or menu icon. A second version also exists, which is the version worn by James in the intro sequence. This version has no name when added to the inventory and does not affect the user's stats
Talon combat armor 000CB5F2 32 25 390 1000 Talon combat armor
Talon combat helmet 000CB5F1 5 3 60 50 Talon combat helmet
Tenpenny security helmet 0005B6EB 4 1 50 25 Combat helmet
Tesla resonance armor xx002480 43 45 820 1500 Tesla armor Energy Weapons +10
Radiation Resistance +20
Cut from Broken Steel
The Devil's Pigtails 000CB5FD 3 3 20 15 Raider psycho-tic helmet
The Peepers xx003473 1 1 6 10 Biker goggles Night Vision effect Cut from Operation: Anchorage
Underwear 00089B52 - - - - - - Uses the same skin as the Vault 101 jumpsuit for male characters, and as glued-on underwear for female characters. This may be a sign that underwear was independently equippable, or that the player would wear the Vault jumpsuit under any external armor like in the first and second Fallout games.
Vault 87 jumpsuit 000340ED 1 1 6 100 Vault jumpsuit Melee Weapons +2
Speech +2
Vault 92 jumpsuit 000B73F3 1 1 6 100 Vault jumpsuit Melee Weapons +2
Speech +2
Wastelander's gear 000CB545 12 2 50 100 Wasteland legend outfit Melee Weapons +2
Small Guns +2


Name Form ID Damage Ammo Cap Weight Value Base Weapon Comment
Baseball 00033D84 - - - - - Fired at the player by a trap. There is sufficient evidence to suggest it was a player weapon at one point, including a first person view model and Pip-Boy icon for a cut Throwing skill
Black Bart's Bane 0006B535 8 100 2 60 BB gun
Breaker 000CB546 12 - 4 30 Nail board
Clover's Cleaver 000C80B8 15 - 3 100 Chinese officer's sword
Cryo grenade xx002A71 1 (Frozen for 7 sec.) - .5 50 Frag grenade Readded in Mothership Zeta
Cryo mine xx006FC0 1 (Frozen for 7 sec.) - .5 50 Frag mine Readded in Mothership Zeta
Cryolator - - - - - - Cut from the GECK as well, not available through console commands
Curse Breaker 000C80BB 13 - 3 75 Baseball bat
Discharge hammer xx0088BF 25 - 20 180 Super sledge cut from Broken Steel
Excalibat 000C80BC 13 - 3 75 Baseball bat
Fists 000001F4 - - - - - An equippable, non-damaging pair of fists, equivalent to being completely unarmed, except not eliciting a reaction from any NPCs whatsoever. It is coded as part of the game engine rather than being pulled from external asset files like all other weapons.
(Tranquility Lane) Frag mine 00028172 - - - - - The internal name of this weapon associates it with the Tranquility Lane portion of the main quest, but there are no mines used there in-game. This was probably intended as an alternate method for murdering Mabel Henderson at Betty's command. This version inflicts 300x as much damage, is much more valuable (3900 vs. 25 caps), and oddly weighs twice as much
Gauss rifle (Beta) xx001616 24 5 8 500 AER9 laser rifle

cut from Operation: Anchorage (beta version of the real Gauss rifle)

Grenade launcher xx00ADC8 (explosives)
xx00A502 (small guns)
39 + 50 AoE (explosives)
55 + 100 AoE (small guns)
3 7 200 Combat shotgun cut from Broken Steel
(Demo) Laser rifle 00074795 - - - - - A weaker version of the laser rifle, seemingly used for a demonstration, with lower crit damage (10 vs. 22).
Law Dog 0006B532 9 5 2 210 .32 pistol
Lightning gun xx003580 73 24 8 1000 AER9 laser rifle cut from Broken Steel
Love Tap 000C80B9 8 - 1 20 Brass knuckles
Mirelurk bait grenade 00030664 0 - 5 60 Frag grenade Not implemented, does not bait mirelurks
O'Grady's Peacemaker 0007843D 6 - 2 100 Police baton
Pa's Fishing Aid xx00D5B3 80 2 6 350 Double-barrel shotgun cut from Point Lookout
Smoke grenade xx008236 1 + 100 AoE - 0.5 25 Frag grenade cut from Operation: Anchorage, can be found off the map
(Sonora Cruz's) 10mm pistol 0006F210 - - - - - Sonora Cruz's unique 10mm pistol inflicts 100 damage per hit. It is flagged as unplayable, it will not show up in her inventory and cannot be pickpocketed. As she is programmed to flee instead of fight, she will never use it, effectively making it unused.
Spanner xx003C52 17 - 2 70 Wrench cut from Mothership Zeta
Tesla cannon (Beta) xx0026FF 100 1 20 500 Missile launcher developer test weapon included in Broken Steel (beta version of the Tesla cannon) which can be found off-map
Wanda 0006B533 12 30 7 500 Assault rifle




Name Form ID Unlocks Notes
Arefu Master Key 000158E9 Unlocks nothing.
Colin Moriarty's Key 00020751 Unlocks the cabinet in Colin Moriarty's room in his saloon.
Dr. Preston's Key 000A1BED Unlocks Rivet City clinic's inventory. Set to spawn on Preston's death, but he is flagged as essential.
Dukov's House Key 000C9520 Unlocks nothing.
Flak and Shrapnel's Key 000A1BE6 Unlocks several cabinets and ammo boxes in Flak and Shrapnel's inventory. Set to spawn when both men are dead or enslaved; however, Shrapnel is flagged essential.
Forge Lobby Key 0003D798 Unlocks nothing.
Housekey - Jericho 000430CB Unlocks Jericho's house in Megaton.
Housekey - Mister Burke 000430CE Unlocks Mister Burke's house in Megaton. Burke's house has nothing of interest inside. In-game, the house requires 100 lockpick for entry.
Housekey - Moriarty's 000430CF Unlocks nothing.
Key - Craterside Supply 000430C9 Grants access to Craterside Supply after hours. In-game, the building requires 100 lockpick for entry.
Key to AntAgonizer Lair 00036F7E Unlocks nothing.
Key - Megaton Clinic 000430D3 Unlocks nothing.
Key to Statesman Safe 000CB58F Unlocks nothing.
Leo Stahl's Supply Key 0002919E Unlocks nothing.
Main Hall Key 000309C6 Unlocks nothing. Its internal prefix places it in Roosevelt Academy.
Muddy Rudder Key 000A2822 Unlocks a door in the Muddy Rudder. This key shares its name with a non-functional counterpart which actually is used. This is most likely a development error.
Noodle Stand Supply Key 00020107 Unlocks nothing.
OLH Master Meds Key 000CB596 Unlocks nothing. OLH stands for "Our Lady of Hope".
Paradise Falls Clinic Key 000394CE Unlocks nothing.
Porter's Larder Key 00068E89 Unlocks nothing.
Seedspreader Seeds Storage Key 000B4209 Unlocks nothing.
Sydney's Ammo Case Key 000B422E Unlocks Sydney's vendor chest in the Underworld.

Aid/miscellaneous items

Name Form ID Description
Big Book of Science 0002D3A4 An oversized copy of the science skill book. Its internal prefix associates it with the quest Wasteland Survival Guide. It weighs five pounds.
Chandelier 000291D7 Unused. Its internal name prefix associates it with the quest Tranquility Lane. There is a chandelier in the simulation which can be used to commit an assigned act of murder, but it is a world object, not an item.
Computer password module 0005B5A9 Related to the quest "Stealing Independence".
Constitution of the United States 0008C214 One of many cut documents related to Stealing Independence.
Emancipation Proclamation 0008C215 See Constitution of the United States.
Monroe Doctrine 0008C217 See Constitution of the United States.
Museum Token 00022419 See Constitution of the United States.
U.S. Declaration of War on China 0008C219 See Constitution of the United States.
U.S. Declaration of War on Germany 0008C218 See Constitution of the United States.
Control collar 0006C55A Called RRControlCollar internally. The 'RR' prefix is used exclusively for Reilly's Rangers.
Empty sap container 000504D7 Quest item related to "Oasis".
Garden Gnome 0003407A Identical to the Damaged Garden Gnome.
Gettysburg Address 0008C216 Cut Miscellaneous Item.
Motivational Secrets of the Stars 0002D3A3 Preliminary version of the speech skill book. Uses the world mesh of the green pre-War book. Unlike the used skill books, it weighs three nonspecific weight units.
(Pre-War Book) 000199B2

000199B3 000199B5 000199B9 000199C2

There are seven unused pre-War books skins. None of them have names. The skins were later used in Fallout: New Vegas for junk items.
Survival Guide manuscript 0002D3B2 An item from a cut segment of the quest Wasteland Survival Guide. At one point you were given a manuscript and had to go to Hubris Comics to print out copies. In the final game however, the location is not connected to any quest.
Wasteland Survival Guide 000C5634 Finalized version of the Wasteland Survival Guide. Classified as a book, rather than a miscellaneous item like the one accessible in game.
You're SPECIAL! 000AB2EF An item version of the book You're SPECIAL!, which is used to allocate stat points in Fallout 3.


Throwing skill


Throwing is a skill from the first two Fallout games. There are Pip-Boy images in the game's texture files for this skill. The image intended for use as its skill icon was later used in Fallout: New Vegas for the Heave, Ho! perk.

Cut actor effects

Name Form ID Description Notes/more
Atomization 0005B141 This is an unused critical kill effect for weapons that fire mini-nukes, much like disintegration or gooification. The victim is engulfed in a sparkling bright lime green particle effect. The corpse is strangely rendered transparent afterwards with a mild radioactive glow, possibly due to a missing texture. Atomization Result
Better Rivet City Prices 0006F592 Related to the quest Wasteland Survival Guide. Increases Barter by 15, regardless of location.
EMP Disable 0005B148 Has the effect of a Pulse grenade on susceptible targets. The weapons in-game use the EMP object effect, which is effectively the same thing.
Kamikaze 00094EC3 The same trait from Fallout 1 and 2. Increases AP by 10 and reduces DR by 20. Fallout 3 doesn't have traits, so it would have been a perk instead.
Life Giver Rank2:00031D8A


There are effects for unused second and third ranks for this perk.
Poison 0006B20E Called "DeathClawPoison" internally. Deathclaws cannot inflict poison in the final game.
Rad Poisoning 0009ADE8 Called "NukalurkAttack" internally.
RL3 Survive 0007D4F2 Increased DR by 10, three stages.
Stealth Shield 0007D412 Called "EnclaveInfiltratorStealth" internally. Runs a stealth boy script on the actor.

Cut base effects

Name Form ID Description Notes/more
Ant Vision 00031034 Calls a script which was to be activated after consuming Ant Nectar Ant vision.png
Attack Health 0009FB00 Unknown
Cripple Be Gone Effect 0002BFDD Unknown
Cure Addiction 000963D2 Meant to cure a particular Addiction, or all.
Damage Chest 00015176 The only "damage body part" effects which are used are damage legs, used by the Dart gun.
Damage Left Arm 00015174 See Damage Chest.
Damage Radiation Resistance 00015178 Unknown
Damage Right Arm 00015171 See Damage Chest.
Flamer Burn 00060C17 Unknown
Flamer Smoke Effect 000BD475 Unknown
Frost Damage 0000014C Unknown This was possibly used later in Mothership Zeta.
Generic Debug Effect 00062693 Unknown
Glowing One Rad B Self Effect 000AAE52 Unknown
Glowing One Rad Burst 0008C031 Unknown
(no name) (Gooification Effect Shader) 000ABCF2 Unknown
Increased Agility - Jet 0006697B Increases Agility when Jet is used. Unknown increase amount, possible % multiplier.
Increased Agility - Psycho 00066983 Increases Agility when Psycho is used. Unknown increase amount, possible % multiplier.
Increased Damage Resistance - Med-X 00066EC3 Increases Damage Resistance when Med-X is used. Unknown increase amount, possible % multiplier.
Increased Endurance - Med-X 00060C50 Increases Endurance when Med-X is used. Unknown increase amount, possible % multiplier.
Increased Perception - Jet 0006697F Increases Perception when Jet is used. Unknown increase amount, possible % multiplier.
Increased Strength - Jet 00066973 Increases Strength when Jet is used. Unknown increase amount, possible % multiplier.
Increased Strength - Med-X 00060C4F Increases Strength when Med-X is used. Unknown increase amount, possible % multiplier.
Increased Confidence 0001B17B Increases Confidence. Unknown increase amount, possible % multiplier.
Increased Speed Multiplier 00031D7A Increases Speed Multiplier. Unknown increase amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduce Charisma (Mentat Addiction) 00066977 Reduces Charisma when the player has a Mentat Addiction. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduce Charisma (Psycho Addiction) 0005A33D Reduces Charisma when the player has a Psycho Addiction. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduce Charisma (Buffout Addiction) 0005A33F Reduces Charisma when the player has a Buffout Addiction. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduce Intelligence (Psycho Addiction) 00066979 Reduces Intelligence when the player has a Psycho Addiction. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduce Intelligence - Psycho+ 00066984 Reduces Intelligence when the player uses Psycho+. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.

Psycho+ doesn't appear in item form.

Reduced Action Points 00035F08 Reduces Action Points. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduced Carry Weight 00035F07 Reduces Carry Weight. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduced Health 00043906 Reduces Health. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduced Luck 00032DE7 Reduces Luck. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduced Poison Resistance 00077787 Reduces Poison Resistance. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Reduced Radiation Resistance 00034AA1 Reduces Radiation Resistance. Unknown reduction amount, possible % multiplier.
Script Effect 0000014A Unknown
Shock Damage 0000014D Unknown Unknown damage amount, possible % multiplier.

Cut projectiles

Name Form ID Description Notes/more
AntFireSpitProjectile Unknown A flaming version of the globs of spit the giant ant Queens hurl, meant exclusively for the Marigold fire ant Queen Ant Queen Spit.png
Bolt Unknown Found in the models folder for projectiles, it appears to be a crossbow bolt. There are no crossbows in Fallout 3. Bolt.png
GTBoulderProjectile Unknown There are two projectiles using this mesh named BoulderProjectile and FusionCarBatteryProjectile (a gun that fires car batteries?) internally. It is a large rock. Boulder.png
MQ04OvenProjectile Unknown This is tied to the Tranquility Lane frag mine, meaning the oven was involved in the act. The copy of the frag mine mesh it uses was deleted. Unknown
PhilFunProjectile Unknown This is an eyeless, static mesh of a vicious dog, which can be easily modded into any weapon to turn it into a dog shooter. They bark when fired but otherwise behave like regular bullets. Vicious dog.png
Though not unused, the projectiles for all bullet-firing weapons use a model labeled 7.62mm, a caliber not used in the game. Similarly, the shell casing's filename is common in real life (but non-existent in Fallout 3) .45 caliber.

Cut object effects

Name Form ID Effect
Armor Damage 000A874C DR -5
Barter Outfit 00071B8A Barter +5
Dunce Cap 0003D339 Intelligence -1. Cut headwear
Football Helmet 0003D337 Unarmed +5. More cut headwear.
Jumpsuit 000C2522 Perception +2
Merchant Clothing 00071B89 Speech +5
Metal Armor 000C7C4C Sneak +5, Agility -1
Officer's Uniform 00071B8C Speech +5
Radiation Burst 000C1938 Rads +5
Slasher Mask 00071B8D Melee damage +10

Cut graphics

Cut Pip-Boy icons

Cut world objects

Cut Vault Boy derived stat images

Add-on cut content

Fallout 3 cut content refers to content that was cut from the final versions of the add-ons for Fallout 3.

Cut quests

  • Graveyard for unused topics
  • Death Ray

Cut armor and clothing

Cut characters

Cut creatures

Cut holotapes and notes

Cut miscellaneous items

Unused maps

Cut weapons


  • There are also the cut weapons mason jar mines and piggy bank grenades that appear only in The Art of Fallout 3.
  • There are unreadable text notes attached to every book item. The text for each book is either the book's name, "This is a book" or for schematics, "I am the schematics for the Bottlecap Mine."
  • On the Fallout 3 SPECIAL Edition vinyl, numerous errors can be found such as duplicate tracks, as well as tracks out of order. The track "Fortress" appears to be using an entirely different song with an unknown name, as it does not match the Fortress on the official soundtrack.[1]