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This page attempts to list all miscellaneous world objects in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas that cannot be meaningfully interacted with.
  • Since Fallout: New Vegas uses the Fallout 3 engine and assets, many of these objects appear in both games.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page.
  • For world objects in other Fallout games, please see "World object."
  • For an overview of Fallout 3 content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout 3."
  • For an overview of Fallout: New Vegas content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout: New Vegas."



Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
SubCouch01 (static)
SubCouch01F (furniture)
SubCouchDirty01F (furniture)
Couch.png Couches have two seat cushions and cushioned backs with the backs angled slightly. They are made of a wooden frame, supported on wooden bases and legs and covered by a light green fabric. Are present in many houses and settlements and can be used.
Toy chest
Toy chest.png The toy chest was a container used by parents for containing their child's toys. The toy box could be of any container. James, the father of the Lone Wanderer, used a repurposed Orthopedic Supplies crate in 2259. These sometimes have interesting loot in them.
FO3 Vase.png Vases are glass or porcelain cylinder-shaped objects that are used to hold flowers for cosmetic purposes. These are a world object in Fallout 3.
Playpen.png A playpen is a furniture item used by parents for penning an infant. The playpens are composed of nine interlocking metal mesh screens, with one screen used for the gate door. Several childhood items such as toys can be found inside these pens. A gate door can be opened by an adventurous and intelligent infant or an average adult, but that's all you can do. Playpens are used in the Vault-Tec Vaults, they can also be found in various other places across the Wasteland in random houses where children or infants would have lived at one time.
Toilet.png Used for personal relief. In Both New Vegas and Fallout 3 they can regenerate health but increase radiation at the same time. Some toilets can be found to contain no radiation. In Fallout 3, some toilets may be booby-trapped, and have wires linking to 35 microfusion cells, which will give you a mild electric shock if you attempt to drink from them. If your repair skill is high enough, you can disarm them and take the cells.
DrinkUrinal, DrinkUrinalSettlement
Urinal.png Used to dispose of urine. Some can restore 30 points of health. Mostly found in metro tunnels and larger buildings.

Office and School

Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Chalkboard01 (wallmounted)
Chalkboard02 (w/ support)
ChalkboardDirty01 (wallmounted)
ChalkboardDirty02 (w/ support)
Chalk Board.png A large board used in schools for teaching Despite what the name might imply, both the 'clean' and 'dirty' versions of the chalkboards are exactly the same as the clean texture remains unused within the game files.
School Chair
SchoolChairDirty01 (dirty)
SchoolChairDirtyR01 (ruined)
School Chair.png A chair with a wooden back attached by two strips of metal to a wooden seat. A metal spindle encircles the four legs. These can be found at Arlington Library but are not in good condition.
TypewriterF3ingame01.png Typewriters are pieces of machinery that use ink and letter-shaped stamps to serve as a word processor. Can be found at Arlington Library, Littlehorn & Associates, and certain raider camps.

Commercial and Recreational

Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Diner Stool
DinerStoolStatic (static)
DinerStool01L (furniture)
Dinner stool.png The stools' seats are a red vinyl cushion supported on a metal single-ringed base. These stools are used in the Vaults.
Diner booth chair DinnerBooth01TableL

DinnerBooth02TableL (single seat, ruined)
DinnerBooth02TableR (single seat, ruined)
DinnerBooth03TableL (ruined)
DinnerBooth03TableR (ruined)
DinnerBooth04TableL (single seat)
DinnerBooth04TableR (single seat)

Diner booth chair.png The booth seats are painted red with metal trim and are covered by red vinyl covered cushions. The booths are supported above the ground by a metal base. The booth seats come in single or double seat variants.
Diner booth table
DinerTable02 (ruined small)
DinerTable03 (ruined)
DinerTable04 (small)
Diner booth table.png The table top is made of a black laminate with a ribbed metal perimeter. A metal single-legged base supports the table. The booth table comes in single or double seat variants.
Nuka-Cola stool
NukaStool (furniture)
NukaStoolSTATIC (static)
Nuka-Cola stool.png The Nuka-Cola Stool is a faded-red vinyl cushion supported on a metal single-ringed base. It has a back support that is also faded-red vinyl with the Nuka-Cola logo on the back. Can be found in the Nuka-Cola plant but cannot be used.
Pool table
PoolTableRuin01 (ruined)
FO3 Pool Table.png Pool tables are large, rectangular, tables with six holes indented into it. They are used in a game called pool, along with pool cues, a pool balls, and a triangle. Inside of the slaver barracks is a pool table with cups arranged in a triangular formation with small cue balls surrounding them. With the amount of beer surrounding the area, it appears they may have been playing beer pong.
Pinball machine
Pinball machine.png Coin-operated arcade games that are yellow with multicolored stripes that are no longer operational. The backboard has three words, two are legible, and read "White Star." Many pinball machines can be found on Pilgrim's Landing, near the House of Wares in Point Lookout. In Fallout: New Vegas one can be found in the Jacobstown lodge.


Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Anesthesia machine
AnesthesiaMachineR01 (ruined)
Anesthesia machine.png The anesthesia machine is a type of medical equipment used for supporting anesthesia tanks during surgery. A stand has two tanks for containing the anesthesia, a hose for connecting a gas mask to the tanks, a gas mask for orally applying gas to a patient, gauges for monitoring the amount of gas being applied to a patient, and casters for mobility. These stands are associated with operating light and operating tables and are often accompanying them. Can be found at almost every clinic but cannot be used outright.
Hospital screen
HospitalScreenR01 (ruined)
Hospital screen.png The hospital screen are medical equipment used in clinics and hospitals for patient privacy. The privacy screen has three panels, each of the three panels has a white fabric framed by a metal frame and supported on a metal two-legged base with cushioned pads. The panel is linked to another panel by two metal hinges. Privacy screens were used in the Jefferson Memorial clinic when Catherine gave birth to her child in 2258. On August 3, 2274, clinic assistant Jonas Palmer diagnoses patient Stanley Armstrong, a maintenance department technician, behind a privacy screen in Vault 101.
Operating light
OperatingLightR01 (ruined)
Operating light.png The operating light or surgical lamp are medical equipment used in clinics and hospitals for illuminating a surgical operation. Powered on an electrical grid, the lamp was a composite of three lights housed in a metal dome housing. The operating light was supported by an arm attached to a ceiling-mounted base. On July 13, 2258, a surgical lamp was used for illuminating the birth of the Lone Wanderer in a clinic in the Jefferson Memorial.
Operating table
OperatingTableR01 (ruined)
Operating table.png Operating tables are a type of medical equipment used in clinics and hospitals for securing patients in a prone position for surgical operations. The table was a fabric covered mattress supported on a metal column attached to a metal base. A physician or other clinic/hospital staff could tilt the bed by two hand knobs placed near the table's head. On July 13, 2258, Catherine gave birth to her child on a surgical table in a clinic in the Jefferson Memorial. After her husband presented their child to Catherine, she suffered cardiac arrest and, despite the best efforts of her husband in saving her life, she died.
IV stand
IvStandR01 (ruined)
IV stand.png The IV stand, or intravenous stand, is a type of medical equipment used for supporting solutions during surgery. This is a metal pole supporting four ram horns solution holders, and the pole is supported by a four-legged base. Each leg has rubber casters for mobility. IV stands are associated with rolling stands, surgical lamps, and surgical tables and are sometimes accompanying them. This stand is used in the Capital Wasteland, Mojave Wasteland and Vault-Tec Vaults. The IV stands in the Vaults are communally owned and were passed from one generation to the next. The expectation of Vault residents is that the IV stands will be properly cleaned and maintained.
Surgical cart
SurgicalCartR01 (ruined)
Surgical cart.png The surgical cart is a type of item used for moving and storing items. An surgical cart has a flat surface for supporting items, two handles for handling and directing the cart, three enclosed shelves for storing items, and four casters for mobility. It is made of metal and the casters are made of rubber. This item can also be found as part of My First Infirmary.
X-Ray lightbox
X-Ray lightbox.png The X-Ray lightbox' is a type of electronic device used for examining X-ray images. These devices are wall-mounted to a room's wall and are made of glass and metal. The viewer has a glass surface for sliding an image onto and a bright white lamp for illuminating the image.


Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Bulletin board
Vault 101 cafeteria bulletin board.png Holds numerous advertisements. Can be found in Vault 101 but cannot be interacted with. Can also be found in Vault 21, in the entrance hall.
Vault cafeteria counter #1
Vcounter01.png These metal counters are rectangular shaped with rounded corners and a ribbed perimeter. They are positioned against a wall on one side, with two arms attached to two supports connecting the counter to the floor. A handrail is supported in front of the counters by the two arms. Can be found at numerous bars such as The Muddy Rudder.
Vault cafeteria counter #2
Vcounter02.png The metal counters are L-shaped and have rounded corners and a ribbed perimeter. A small portion of one of the counters' sides is positioned against a wall. The handrail for these counters is a loop that travels top-to-bottom on the outer side of the counters' supports. The supports are built of sections linked together. This one can be found in Vault 101
Vault chair
ChairVaultR01 (dirty)
ChairVaultStatic (clean)
This item is a direct rendition of the vault chairs from the first two Fallout games.
Vault control panel Vault control panel red.png This item is a direct rendition of the vault control panels from the first two Fallout games.
Vault school desk
VaultSchoolDeskDirtyL (ruined)
VaultSchoolDeskDirtyR (ruined)
Vault school desk.png This Vault school desk is made of a metal with a blue fabric for the back and seat of the chair. The chair is connected to the desk by a centrally placed support. On the desk, there is a writing surface, an intercom button and speaker, and a lamp. One must be used in order to take the G.O.A.T. exam.
Vault Klaxon light
KlaxonLight (activator)
VURmKlaxon (static)
Vault-Klaxon.png This ceiling alarm is a type of warning device used for alerting residents of threats. This alarm is a ceiling-mounted circular device located in the corridors of Vault 101. The alarm has a strobe lamp which glows red and sweeps the immediate area during an emergency. A second lamp, nestled in the bottom of the alarm, glows white. Finally, the alarm has a klaxon for sending a loud noise for attention. On August 17, 2277, these alarms were activated by Overseer Alphonse Almodovar. He activates the alarms in response to a successful escape attempt by the Vault Physician James, subsequently followed up by a radroach infestation.
Vault transformer
TransformerVaultR01 (ruined)
Vault Generator.png
Vault access panel Vault-ConduitCover.png This is an architectural feature used in Vault-Tec Vaults. An access panel is a thin square metal panel with a handle, the front of the panel is marked by a raised X, while the panel's back is smooth. In a corridor, two of these panels are arranged vertically between concrete wall slabs. Additional piping and the Vault's steel skin are concealed behind these access panels. On July 13, 2268, near the Cafeteria, the maintenance technician Stanley Armstrong removes two access panels from a wall section. He is doing routine maintenance on the pipes.

On August 3, 2274, Mr. Armstrong leaves two access panels with Andy near a vent covering as he visits the clinic.

Vault happymaker
Also known as text messaging reader, it is an electro-mechanical device used for visually broadcasting propaganda in Vault-Tec Vaults. Contained within and protected by a wall-mounted metal semicircular cover, a roller powered by an electric motor displays one of thirteen messages every four or five seconds. These messages are printed in white text onto the roller's black surface. These readers are located in the corridors and public meeting areas of the Vault. The only functioning ones in 2277 are seen in Vault 101.
Vault vent covering
VentWallR01 (ruined)
Vault-WallVent.png These are an architectural feature used in the Vault-Tec Vaults for air circulation and concealment of a horizontal or vertical vent openings. The coverings are large metal circles with sloping sides wall-mounted to a concrete wall by eight bolts. Five slats, angled to the floor, are mounted within the coverings. The coverings are located in corridors and rooms. The coverings are a component of the life support system.
Wall-mounted shelf
Vault-Shelf.png These are wall decoration used by people for displaying items. The wall-mounted shelves have a metal mesh screen, they also have a shelf for displaying items, a bar for hanging items, and two arms for supporting the shelf on the wall. Wall-mounted shelves are used in the Vault-Tec Vaults.
Metal shelves


The metal shelves are a furniture item used for arranging and storing containers and loose items. The metal storage racks each have five shelves for storage and four poles which support the racks above the ground. Each shelf has three long notches running parallel to the shelf. The metal shelves are used in the Vault-Tec Vaults.
Vault sign


VaultSign-OverseersOffice.png Signs are used in Vault 101 for identifying a level or room or pointing in a general direction to where a level or room is. Black text and directional symbols are printed onto the panel. Signs are associated with hatches and are often accompanying them. The sign is either ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted in a Vault's corridors. There are many different sign configurations, each differ slightly from one another.

A sign's text is visible from at least 10 feet away.

Vault 101 intercom Intercom01.png The Vault 101 intercom is a communications device used for communicating between different rooms in Vault 101. The amplifiers in the devices convert electrical signals into audio waves. Intercoms used in the Vault are identified as wall-mounted intercom stations. Components of intercoms include loudspeakers, microphones, and an activation button. The intercom chimes for attention when a person is attempting a connection. On July 13, 2268, Jonas Palmer contacts James in the cafeteria. James speaks with Jonas and confirms the reactor level is set for a visit by James' child.

Sometime before August 17, 2277, the intercom in the cafeteria is taken down.

Vault apartment heater
VACUnit (Clean)
VACURnit (Ruined)
The Vault apartment heater is an electronic device used for heating the apartments of residents. The heater is a very old device and is prone to breakdown. The heater is a component of the life support system. In 2274, Susie Mack’s family is living in her grandfather’s apartment when the heater is malfunctioning. In late July, replacement parts are delivered to Susie’s family. Later that year, the heater is a subject of discussion between Freddie Gomez and Susie prior to the G.O.A.T.
Trapdoor Trapdoor.png A door on floor level, flapping open sideways by activating by a small yellow switch on the wall next to the door. In Fallout 3 one can be found in Smith Casey's garage, leading down into Vault 112. In Fallout: New Vegas there's one leading down into the Securitron vault.
VPicture01 (flower)
VPicture02 (picnic)
VPicture03 (sea)
The painting is a wall decoration used by adults for decorating a wall. The paintings capture an artist's vision and can be of any subject or theme. The paintings are created by an artist using a paint brush, a medium (ex. watercolors), and a surface for working on. When completed, the paintings are framed in a metal or wood frame. Paintings are used in the Vault-Tec Vaults. Are present in homes, settlements, and many other buildings, cannot be interacted with.
Vault loudspeaker
VLoudSpeakersR01 (ruined)
Vault 101 loudspeaker The loudspeaker is an audio communications device used for broadcasting the Vault radio in Vault-Tec Vaults. Usually pre-recorded advice is heard, for all the vault residents to hear and listen to. Or any other special announcements. In times of emergency, the Overseer would speak through it. The loudspeakers are wall-mounted onto the concrete walls of corridors and apartments. The components of loudspeakers are housed in a metal cover. In some Vaults, like Vault 101, the speaker cover fronts are rectangular and decorated in the style of the Vault-Tec symbol. The loudspeakers can be activated by a resident touching the speaker covers. The volume of the loudspeakers can't be increased nor decreased; it is set by the manufacturer.
Vault lamp
LightCeilingVault01 (suspended)
LightCeilingVault03 (slanted)
The Vault lamp is a fluorescent lamp used in Vault-Tec Vaults for illumination. The lamp can be mounted to a wall or a ceiling and can be paired with another lamp like it. Some of the residents have complained to Vault Physicians of eyestrain and headaches caused by the bright light of the lamps.
Vault table
TableVaultR01 (ruined)
Table The table is a furniture item used by persons for displaying and storing items. A table has a flat surface ('table top') for displaying items and three or more legs for supporting the table above the ground. Tables are associated with chairs and couches. and are often accompanying them. The main variants are metal side tables, coffee tables, dining tables and working tables.
Vault Table (round)
Round Vault Table

Street furniture


Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Fire hydrant
Fire Hydrant (world object).png Red fire hydrants. Normally found near ruined neighborhoods and in the DC ruins. They are used as a water source or even as weapons for super mutant behemoths. Fire hydrants that can be drank from heal 24 HP and give 4 Rads. In Fallout: New Vegas this is no longer possible.
Wooden bench Wooden bench.png A more traditional piece of outdoor furniture. Similar to park tables. Can be found in various places, such as parks, and can be used.
Metal bench Metal bench.png A modernist metal bench. They are found in major settlements such as Rivet City.
Fence FO3 Fence.png Fences are large pieces of metal that have rusted away long since the Great War. They are chain-link fencing that usually surrounds various buildings, power stations and transmitting towers. Gates can clip into walls and other static objects when opened.
Parking meter
Parking meter.png The meters seem to serve no purpose at all. You can activate them once to start the timer but the timer doesn't seem to end afterward. They are indestructible and will always work. Appear around various diners and parking lots but serve no purpose.
Phone kiosk
Phonebooth.png A pre-War telephone-like device that is encased in a glass booth for privacy. The phone and booth are attached to a street light. Booths which are present at the Museum of Technology have the phone replaced by terminals and are vital to the unmarked quest Jiggs' Loot.
Street light
StreetLight02 (with traffic lights)
StreetLight03 (bent)
Street lights can be found in most urban areas. They consist of a large metal pole jutting out of the ground, with wires running through them, and have a light at the top. A small casing is placed around the light as a protective and cosmetic feature. There are many different styles of street lights.
Sign FO3 Sign.png Signs are pieces of metal with symbols, warnings, and notes on them. In the Capital Wasteland, various signs can be found by walking down any road. Most signs that still remain in the Capital Wasteland aren't in good shape, but their notes can be clearly read. There are many types of signs still in existence, including stop signs, speed limit signs, pedestrian signs, and radiation signs; which are placed near areas that are heavily irradiated, like Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal and Vault 87.
Junk door
FNV junk door.png The junk door consists of wood plenches nailed together with a yellow traffic board on the outside. Barbed wire has been attached to the top of the door. An uncommon door type that is used to access certain map cells requiring a loading screen. Mostly used in Ranger camps and in Freeside.


Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Dock FO3 Dock.png Extends into a body of water for fishing and boat launching. Is used to enter the Duchess Gambit and can be found at certain spots on the Potomac River.

Park and Playground

Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Park table
Park Table.png Wooden objects meant for dining outdoors. They have two benches parallel from each other with wooden planks serving as the table. They are found in a bad condition, usually with their green paint chipping off.
Merry-Go-Round Merry-Go-Round.png A Merry-Go-Round was a pre-War amusement for young children, in playgrounds, around the United States. In the Wasteland Survival Guide quest, the player must reach a Merry-Go-Round in the center of Minefield.
SlideRuined01 (ruined)
SlideClean01 (clean)
Slide.png A standard slide which cannot be interacted with. Colorful paint burned off by nuclear fire/worn away by years in an inhospitable environment.
Monkey bars
MonkeyBarsRuined01 (ruined)
MonkeyBarsClean01 (clean)
Climbingframe.png A standard stand of monkey bars. Can be found at most pre-War playgrounds.
SwingsRuined01 (ruined)
SwingsRuined02 (broken)
SwingsClean01 (clean)
Swings.png A swing set consisting of two or more swings held by a crossbar. Swing seats are not attached to frame by rope physics constraints.
UFO Fort
Ufoslide.png A lower slide with more than one entrance. Themed as a typical modernist 50s-60s alien craft.
SeeSawRuinedHK01 (movable static)
SeeSawClean01 (clean)
SeeSawRuinedA02 (broken)
SeeSawRuinedB02 (broken part)
See Saw.png Plank of wood with handles mounted on fulcrum. Torque physics disabled. Intact version in Tranquility Lane.
Rocket Rocket.png Very small kids climb in and slide down the pole. Themed as a typical modernist 50s-60s space rocket.


Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Ashur statue The Pitt (add-on)
Fo3TP Ashur statue.png A wooden statue depicting a chained druid fallen to his knees, holding a stone in each hand The statue is based on the ancient druid Wicker man
Pre-fabricated barricade Pre-fabricated barricade.png A barricade comprised of an unknown substance. Used as cover and manufactured by Enclave forces.
Enclave communications tower Enclave Communications tower.png Facilitate Enclave communications in the field. Features radio antennae and two roving satellite dishes. Is a standard part of an Enclave mobile station.
FNV WorldObj Shovel .png Shovels can be found in various shacks or farms in New Vegas. They can not be picked up, as the item shovel can be but it can be grabbed.
FO3 Tent.png Tents are large pieces of quilt/fabric stitched together and they are held up by metal poles. They are found abandoned most of the time. They usually contain a bed, a metal box, an ammunition box and other various consumables and miscellaneous items. Tents appear in Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3, many of the tents can be used as temporary housing. Related to this object are the statics WastelandMarquee01Exterior and WastelandMarquee01Interior, which are respectively textures for exterior- and interior-only.
Dante and Virgil in Hell
DanteandVirgilinHell.png It is in both the Scrapyard office and Underworld, above Snowflake.
Outhouse.png Outhouses are used as chairs in both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. They're found outside in farms, parks, docks, etc., and they're randomly placed all over Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.
Protectron pod
Protectron pod.png Stasis pods for Protectrons Found in all metros and various buildings/factories in Washington, D.C. and the Capital Wasteland
Target dummy
MutantTarget01 (with helmet)
Dummies made from pipes, burlap bags, and miscellaneous junk used by soldiers and Super Mutants as target practice. When punched with Greased Lightning, Power fist, Bear trap fist, Salt-Upon-Wounds' power fist, Saturnite fist, or the Power fist (GRA), they bleed.
Wheel of Wonder
Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel platform
Wheel of Wonder.png Ruined Ferris Wheel, found in the west section of Pilgrim's Landing in Point Lookout Plays a part in the quest Thought Control.



Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Vacuum tube light
Vacuum tube light.png Makeshift battery powered lamp This wasteland expedient is used for light in caves (Northern passage), dungeons, or where ever light is needed.
Coffee brewer
FO3 Coffee Machine.png Coffee brewers are pieces of machinery with the sole purpose of making coffee. The Mechanist's Forge in the robot repair center has a special coffee brewer that reveals a secret door.
LampGeneric01 (mov. static, clean)
LampGenericR01 (static, ruined)
Lamp.png The lamp is a type of electrical device used in illuminating a desk or a table. This item is portable, can be supported on any flat surface, and is made of glass and metal. The lamp, or light, is contained within a housing for alignment and protection. A reflector on the lamp's surface directs the light. The housing and lamp is connected by a neck to a base which provides balance and support. The clean and ruined versions of this item are different object types: a movable static and a static object respectively.
Magnetic tape machine
TapeMachineR01 (ruined)
Magnetic tape machine.png The magnetic tape drive is an electro-mechanical device used for recording and storing data for a computer system. A magnetic tape drive machine has two tapes and the components needed for recording and reading data from the tapes. The tapes are later stored in a hard drive archive for later reference. They are commonly found in clinics or science labs.
Microfiche machine
Microfiche machine.png An electronic device designed to read cards of microreproduced documents or pictures. In The Art of Fallout 3, it is referred to as a "microfilm reader."[1] It is often found in libraries, offices, and vaults.
Microscope.png Laboratory equipment used to see objects that are too small for the naked eye. Usually found in laboratories.
Nuka-Cola lamp
NukaLamp.png This particular lamp was mass-produced by the Nuka-Cola Corporation to endorse their ever-popular soft drink. The main stand is an empty Nuka-Cola bottle, with the rest of it looking like a normal lamp with a red and yellow checked lampshade. These lamps cannot be interacted with. They remain on whatever surface they are set on. One can be found in my Megaton house after you buy the Pristine Nuka-Cola machine upgrade from Moira Brown.
Office fan
Office Fan.png The office fan is a type of electro-mechanical device used for circulating air and cooling a room. This fan is identified as an axial fan. An axial fan derives its name from the ability to circulate wind across a fan's axis or center. These fans are portable, can be supported on a desk or table, and are made of metal.
VProjectorR01 (ruined)
Slideprojector.png A type of electro-mechanical equipment used for projecting the image printed on a slide onto a projection screen. Is used to project the slides during the Future Imperfect quest.
VintageRadioEnclave01 (Enclave)
VintageRadioEnclave01STARTON (Enclave) 000770C4
VintageRadioGNR01 (GNR)
VintageRadioGNR01STARTON (GNR) 000770C5
Radio.png Radios are pre-War items used for entertainment and at times information. Radios in the Capital Wasteland and the Mojave Wasteland were produced by a company called Radiation King before the Great War. They can be turned on and off, but if you don't want to stand up, you can just shoot it. It can only play one music station at a time (and the occasional white noise). Based off the real life radios: Telefunken Gavotte 7, and the Zenith Model 5S319.
Railway lantern
Railway lantern01.png Railway-style lantern. Provides light throughout the Fallout 3/New Vegas worlds.
Security camera
SecurityCamera01.png Security cameras allow for remote viewing of a location. A version that pans back and forth appear in the Calvert Mansion where Desmond Lockheart uses it to view the Lone Wanderer. A static version can be seen in the basement of the Point Lookout Lighthouse.
FO3 Telephone.png A telephone is a piece of machinery that is used to communicate with other people. ID 000389c6. Although the phone look's like a 1960s model of telephone it appears to have a wireless function. Telephones have been rendered useless, as they can not function anymore. They used to be one of the only ways to communicate with other people in the pre-War era. Telephones are classified as movable static objects, meaning they can be moved but not picked up.
Clock.png Clocks appear in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas and serve no purpose during gameplay but are still one of the many mysteries of the Fallout Universe. Although clocks serve no purpose in either Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas they are still a mystery. All clocks in both games stopped working at 09:47. There is a 3-hour time zone difference between Washington D.C. and Las Vegas.

Miscellaneous objects

Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Abraham Lincoln's head
LincolnHead (static)
LincolnsHead (movable static)
Abraham Lincoln's Head.png It is the head of the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial. In Fallout 3 it is located at the Temple of the Union, but it is not known how the head got there. In Fallout: New Vegas it is found on the pack Brahmin belonging to Lady Janes' caravan in broc flower cave. When the slaves move to the Lincoln Memorial, the head will disappear from the Temple of the Union. It will be restored to its position on Lincoln's statue several days after the slaves move in.
Baby carriage
FO3 Baby Carriage.png Baby carriages are small devices that were used for transporting and carrying infants. They are meant to carry babies, but some have been booby-trapped. When the player character comes near a rigged baby carriage, it will emit the cry of a baby and explode, dealing a moderate amount of damage. It can be disarmed with 60 Explosives.
Baby mobile
BabyMobile.png A roof mounted mobile used for small babies. One can be seen during the Fallout 3 quest Baby Steps, and another is found in Fallout: New Vegas, on a shelf in the Storage building at Black Mountain, but neither can be interacted with.
BalloonSingle01 (yellow)
BalloonSingle02 (red)
BalloonSingle03 (blue)
BirthdayBalloons01 (all)
Balloon.png The balloon is a toy item used for decoration at a social gathering and cannot be interacted with. They can be found during the Growing Up Fast quest. The blue balloon differs from the rest as it's tilted on its side, meant to represent it has floated up to the ceiling.
Birthday banner
Birthday banner.png The banner is a party item used for decorating a room for a social gathering. One is located in Vault 101 and another is hung along one wall of the Storage building at Black Mountain. Neither can be interacted with.
Birthday cake
BirthdayCake01 (static)
BirthdayCake01FX (FX)
Birthday cake.png A small, round cake for a birthday. On July 13, 2268, a birthday cake is placed on a counter in the Cafeteria. The destruction of the cake triggers an event where Butch DeLoria confronts the Lone Wanderer over a sweetroll. The first object is a static version of the cake, while the second is the one triggered to be destructed during the aforementioned sequence.
FO3 Broom.png A long straw-bristled broom found in many houses around the wasteland. As a with all movable static items, it can be moved, but not taken.
FO3 Bucket.png A small metal bucket that can be found in metro tunnels. May contain misc. items. Can be moved but cannot be put into inventory.
Barrel FO3 Barrel.png A large metal barrel that was used by people to protect and contain large quantities of liquids, usually oil, radioactive waste, or water. Barrels are hollow and cylindrical in shape with a diameter of about 2 feet 4 inches and a height of 5 feet. There are four variants, one that is empty, one with a fire, another with a fire and a grill (often with some foodstuff on the said grill), and an intact barrel. Other than the fire or grill, the barrels appear identical. There are also several miniature barrels, about one-quarter the size of the original, in the store on the first floor of REPCONN headquarters in Fallout: New Vegas. Barrels may often signal radiated areas as they may have carried nuclear waste. Empty barrels may be lifted using grab, while the other variants may not. Barrels may be used as a shield from gunfire if lifted while crouched or as a step to get to hard-to-reach places.
Burger box Burger box.png Objects that are used for putting burgers in. Can be found in and around many diners in the wasteland.
Cafeteria tray
Cafeteria tray.png The cafeteria tray is a type of tray used for carrying and containing food. This tray is portable, can be placed on any flat surface, and is made of white plastic. A tray has five shallow compartments for containing separate food items. These can be found in diners and cafeterias but cannot be picked up.
Chemistry set Chemistry set.png The Laboratory set is a type of medical and scientific equipment used for experiments. Students in a classroom are educated about chemistry by using this set. Made of glass, the set is a collection of beakers, flasks, funnels, and retorts. The hot plate and test tube holder are associated with this set and are often accompanying it. In Fallout 3 the player can purchase a reusable My First Laboratory for their Tenpenny Tower suite or My Megaton house that will negate almost any addiction, as well as creating one free random consumable per day. In Fallout: New Vegas there is a version which can be used to create chems or stimpaks if the player's Science skill is high enough. Similar sets are found in various places in Old World Blues.
Chemistry test tube rack
Chemistry test tube rack.png The test tube rack is a piece of miscellaneous medical and scientific equipment used for holding samples for laboratory experiments. Five glass tubes are supported in a wooded base and the tubes lay against a vertical brace. Test tubes are used to carry and contain dry or wet samples. Test tube holders are associated with laboratory sets and hot plates and often accompany them. Can be found around clinics or science labs.
Coffee urn
Coffee Urn.png
Coffin01 (open)
Coffin02 (lid only)
Coffin03 (open and broken)
Coffin04 (lid only, broken)
Coffin.png Large, wooden coffins, very old and worn, with a cross on the lid/cover, sometimes containing skeletons. Found in Fallout 3, Point Lookout, and Old World Blues. In Point Lookout, virtually all coffins found contain Confederate soldiers' apparel, weapon, food and/or misc. items.
Cinder block
CinderBlock01 (mov. static)
CinderBlockStatic (static)
Cinder Block.png Concrete molded in a rectangle shape with two square holes in it, used in construction. One can be interacted with in Tranquility Lane to activate the Vault 112 auxiliary command terminal.
Flat mop
Flint (or welding striker)
FNV flint.png Their purpose is not entirely clear, but it can be assumed they are used to ignite a spark for a welding gun, given the Pitt reference, with similarities to the welding striker and its vicinity to a welding gun in Camp McCarran. Two flint items found in Fallout: New Vegas, one in the Camp McCarran medical tent and one in the nearby storage tent.
Fo3 globe.png Your standard common world globe, primarily used for educational purposes Several found in the Arlington Library and the Springvale school as well as My Megaton house and the Tenpenny Tower suite.
Hula girl
FO3HulaGirl.png A plastic Hawaiian hula girl bobble-doll. Can not be looted or moved. It's similar to the one found on the Junktown billboard as well as on the cover of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor. In Fallout: New Vegas in Captain Dean Boat Rentals three of them can be seen and seem to play music when near them. Others can be found in The King's bedroom and Jacobstown lodge.
Harold's heart
HaroldsHeart.png Harold's heart in Oasis' Sunken Chambers Decide Harold's fate during the Oasis quest. Destroy it, or apply Laurel's liniment / Birch's sap.
Marie's crib The Pitt (add-on)
Fo3TP Marie crib.png An crib holding Ashur and Sandra's child, Marie The crib is an incubator, protecting Marie from elemental dangers outside, like radiation
Milk crate
FO3 Milk Crate.png Milk crates are small wooden crates that can be found in most pre-War stores and post-war settlements. Using the grab feature, you can stack these crates to climb onto high buildings. They also can contain or hide valuable items.
Mop bucket
FO3 Mop Bucket.png Mop buckets are small, rectangular buckets made for the purpose of dipping mops in. They were used for sanitary purposes. They are static objects, so they can't be moved by the player.
In St. Aubin medical facility in Point Lookout, three microfusion cells are stuck inside one. They cannot be taken.
Music stand
Fo3 music stand.png Tripod stands for sheet music books to be placed on. Most prominent place in Fallout 3 is the Vault 92 Sound Testing, with a grand total of 22. Also 7 in Calvert Mansion and four in Roosevelt Academy A&A Hall. In Fallout: New Vegas, just two exist, in the broadcast building and the King's School of Impersonation.
NAC alpha crate NAC Alpha Crate.png The NAC alpha crate is a storage crate used for containing and carrying pieces of machinery. These large heavy crates are made of steel painted red, yellow or gray. Each of the crates has two lids and a body with ribbed sides. The lids are locked into the crate body by four screws. Four rings alongside either side of the crates are used by an unidentified handler for holding and moving the crate. A serial number is printed on both sides of the crates. They all have the same serial number of "B4567-CL1822"
Popcorn box
Popcorn Box.png A rectangular red and white striped box meant for putting popcorn in. Found in and around many buildings but cannot be picked up.
Projection screen
Projection screen.png The projection screen is a furniture item used for displaying a projected image from a slide projector. Identified as a rigid wall-mounted screen, the projection screen is a white reflective surface supported by a frame on a wall. These projection screens are communally owned in the Vault-Tec Vaults and are used by teachers when educating students.
Rattle.png The rattle is a child's toy used for playing. The rattle has two blue metal hollow half-hemispheres bonded together, filled with beads, attached to a handle with a circular loop at the end. If an infant drops the rattle on the ground, the beads in the bulbous bottom generate a pleasing sound. The player's character can interact with the rattle in the quest "Baby Steps". However, this item disappears in the transition to the next quest.
Red ball
Red ball.png A large red ball meant to be played with by children. One is present in the Lone Wanderer's toy box.
Road block
Road block.png Pieces of wood that are meant for blocking off areas or traffic Are used as primitive barriers for some settlements and raider camps.
Roller skates
000285F8 (Tranquility Lane)
Roller Skate.png Roller skates are, basically, shoes attached to wheels. They were used by children in the pre-War era as a toy. In the quest Tranquility Lane, you have the option to kill Mabel Henderson by pushing the roller skates at the edge of the stairs so she falls down the stairs and dies but other than that they cannot be interacted by the player.
FO3 Sandbag.png Sandbags are moderately sized bags filled with sand. They serve a tactical purpose, as they provide cover from fire.
Sewer drainage Sewergrate.png Used for draining sewage and other biological waste. Some larger drainage outlets can be entered and explored.
Shopping cart
FO3 Shopping Cart.png Shopping carts are small carts that are used for grocery shopping. They are also used by super mutants in order to create a cart cage (see below). These are in great abundance at the Super-Duper Mart.
Shopping cart cage
Cart Cage.png Shopping cart cages are used to trap humans for later uses, some also have specific uses. They have barbed wire intertwined into them that would restrict the movement of the occupant. A few can be found in use as cages for a mole rat race.
Soda cup Soda cup.png Cylindrical red and white striped cups. Can be moved but not picked up. Found in places like the Nuka-Cola plant.
Tire01 (brown)
Tire02 (smallest)
Tire03 (middle)
Tire04 (biggest)
Tire01Static (brown)
Tire02Static (middle)
There are two types of tires that can be found: large tires and small tires. The large tires are a bit larger than a barrel, and can be moved manually. There are also static large tires that cannot be moved. Small tires can come from explosions or can be found. They are usually rust colored, and can be easily moved. The tires are movable static objects, except the ones with the "Static" postfix, which are, unsurprisingly, static objects instead. Despite what the name implies, Tire02Static is actually the static version of Tire03, not of Tire02.
Toy block
ToyWoodenBlock (movable static)
CG01ToyBlock (collectible)
CG01Toy04 (activator)
Toy block.png A small, red colored wooden block used as a toy for small children. The player can interact with these cubes wherever found, but cannot be added into their inventory.
Traffic cone
Traffic cone.png Janitorial equipment used for blocking access to recently cleaned areas and for redirecting foot traffic Can be found around roads and parking lots but cannot be picked up.
0017090B (clean)
00118DD9 (dirty)
Tricycle.png A small, pre-War bicycle with three wheels, for toddlers and small children. Found all across the wasteland, can be moved around.
Welding gun The Pitt (add-on)
Welding Gun.png An item intended to be of some use in crafting but it does not serve any crafting related functions. It appeared in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt as a non-acquirable prop used by Pitt slaves. Found in a large tent in Camp McCarran, the Black Mountain storage building and on the shelves in front of Quartermaster Bardon's desk in lower level storage room of the Hoover Dam offices. It is used by Boomers in the Nellis hangars after raising the B-29 Bomber from Lake Mead. Also found in a house in Nipton. Some can be found in the NCR Storage Room in Camp Searchlight.

Alien items

Here are the various alien miscellaneous items equivalent to humans, created and only used by aliens. Despite some being real items and not world objects in the strict sense, they act as such and thus are impossible to add to the inventory. All appear only in Mothership Zeta.


Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Stasis chamber StasisChamber.png The equivalent of a bed for the aliens. It consists of a sterile metal capsule that is decontaminated each time you open it with an electronic mechanism at the front. The interior is spartan and has no mattress, blanket, bed sheet or other bedclothes typically associated with a normal human bed. The player cannot sleep in it. Are present in the living quarters and Bridge.
Alien box AlienBox.png A metal container found pretty much everywhere onboard the ship. They cannot be searched like other containers. Can be found everywhere in Mothership Zeta.
Alien chair AlienChair.png A metallic three-legged chair. Can be found everywhere in Mothership Zeta.
Alien globe AlienGlobe.png A transparent globe containing a number of small opaque objects, possibly representative of the aliens' homeworld and its moons. Can be found everywhere in Mothership Zeta.
Alien globe support AlienGlobeSupport.png The support that contains the alien globe. Can be found everywhere in Mothership Zeta.
Alien plate AlienPlate.png A rectangular metal plate, it typically contains alien squid food or alien worm food. Can be found everywhere in Mmothership Zeta.
Alien plate (dirty) AlienPlate2.png An alien plate still bearing residue from the food that had been on it. Can be found everywhere in Mothership Zeta.
Alien lamp AlienLamp.png The alien equivalent of a desk lamp. It has a strange light bulb tube inside made with an unknown black material that has bright circles. Can be found everywhere in Mothership Zeta.
Alien rounded table AlienRoundedTable.png An alien metallic rounded table with four-leg base and a translucent round surface in the middle. Can be found everywhere in Mothership Zeta
Alien rectangular table AlienRectangularTable.png An alien metallic rectangular table with two legs connected to a support, and with a translucent rectangular surface in the middle. Can be found everywhere in Mothership Zeta.
Alien flower table AlienFlowerTable.png An alien metallic flower table with three legs. Each petal has a small round light on the top edge. Can be found everywhere in Mothership Zeta.
Drone pod
Fo3MZ drone pod.png A stasis pod for robotic aliens like the guardian drone and support drone Found mainly in the robot assembly (7) and the hangar (4)


Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Alien panel controller AlienTerminalController.png A panel controller used for alien turrets and only found near them. The player can use it to destroy turrets, but not to shut them down or make them fire on aliens. Can be found near alien turrets. Some can be rigged with a proximity charge if the player has a high enough explosives skill.
Alien klaxon AlienKlaxon.png A klaxon lamp attached to a ceiling, emitting red light and a warning sound when an alarm connected to the same section of the alien klaxon is triggered. Can be found nearby alien turrets
Alien interruptor AlienInterruptor.png An alien interruptor used to enable or disable a single function connected with it (unlock a door, re-enable the death ray's systems). Are present in holding cells, Hangar and Bridge.


Name/Form ID Image Description Notes
Alien sickle scissors AlienSickleScissors.png A curiously-shaped set of scissors. Can be found everywhere in mothership Zeta.
Alien circular scissors AlienCircularScissors.png Another alien set of scissors that look like human egg scissors. Its use is unknown. Can be found everywhere in mothership Zeta.
Alien screwdriver AlienScrewdriver.png A manually multi-purpose alien screwdriver used to screw, unscrew or re-screw the various alien screw element. It has a large metallic cross wheel at the end designed to have a better grip and screw firmly. Can be found everywhere in mothership Zeta.