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The Fallout 2 score was composed by Mark Morgan for Fallout 2. On May 10, 2010, it was released together with the Fallout 1 soundtrack on Morgan's Vault Archives album.

Fallout 2: The Soundtrack

Biggest Little City in the World

Plays in New Reno in Fallout 2.


My Chrysalis Highwayman

Plays on the world map screen when using the Highwayman to travel in Fallout 2.


California Revisited

Plays on the world map while on foot in Fallout 2.


Many Contrasts

Plays at San Francisco in Fallout 2.


Beyond the Canyon

Plays at Arroyo in Fallout 2.


Gold Slouch

Plays at Redding in Fallout 2. It was re-used in Fallout: New Vegas near the wrecked Highwayman.


Dream Town (Serenity)

Plays at Modoc in Fallout 2. It was re-used in Fallout: New Vegas at the Gomorrah courtyard, Vault 21, New Vegas medical clinic, Jack Rabbit Springs, the coyote den, the Hopeville armory in Lonesome Road, the X-13 research facility in Old World Blues, and several other unnamed locations.

The track was originally composed for another game, NetStorm.

Dream_Town_(Serenity) Netstorm_-_Serenity

All-Clear Signal

Plays at Vault City in Fallout 2.



  • The track "All-Clear Signal" contains a drum loop sampled from the song "Busy Child" by The Crystal Method, it also uses a similar synth structure and samples as 4:00 onwards of "Intelligence Dream" by Synaesthesia.
  • "Biggest Little City in the World" appears to have been based on "Basic Instinct Main Theme" by Jerry Goldsmith.
  • The guitar from "Gold Slouch" is a slowed down cover of the guitar from "Project Blue" by Snuffy Walden for the 1994 Television Miniseries "The Stand".

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