Fallout 2 promotional items lists all giveaway items created to promote Fallout 2. They were either given away by Interplay to journalists or available with special editions of the game.

Gecko in a can

"Gecko in a can" - front view

"Gecko in a can" - back

The "gecko in a can" was given out during the Fallout 2 launch party. The side of the can includes serving suggestions, tips, and an ingredient list. Many are still unopened in fear of what may be inside.

The item was originally intended to be "dog meat in a can" but when plushes were sought out, the only ones found had a big red ribbon on them and were deemed unsuitable. So the geckos were chosen instead. The label on the side of the can reads:

Tastes great hot or cold, breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Gecko in a Can™ is the meal for you

Serving Suggestions: open can using pull-tab (Tip: save razor-edged lid for use as a nifty survival weapon).
Our premium Gecko in a Can™ is great right from the can or heated slightly and served with crackers.

Try these other splendid serpent serving suggestions!

Gecko in a Can™ can be pan-fried as patties, added to scrambled eggs or used as a base for country sausage gravy served over biscuits.
Serve Gecko in a Can™ dipped in egg batter with bread crumbs and pan fried until golden brown or diced and added to your favorite soup recipe.
Terrific when spread on crackers or toasted bread.
Gecko in a Can™ makes a great sandwich, too.
Tastes great hot or cold, breakfast, lunch or dinner, Gecko in a Can™ is the right meal for you.

Ingredients: Water, Reconstituted, chopped, diced, minced, cooked Eublepharis Macularius (Gecko), including but not limited to; Gecko flanks, briskets, kidneys, hearts, livers, and brains; MSG, Propylene glycol, Sugar, Sodium benzoate, Potassium benzoate, Methyl4-hydroxybenzoate, Salt, Thiabendazole, Onion, Potassium nitrate, tert-Butylhydroquinone, Garlic, Tri-ammonium citrate, Sulfuric acid, Talc, FD&C Red no. 8, Potassium Bromate, artificial essences and flavorings.


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