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The Fallout 2 manual is a handbook providing all the necessary information for playing Fallout 2.


The intro contains the Vault Dweller's memoirs, which provide a rundown of the actions of the Vault Dweller and remind or teach players the events of the previous game, and the assumptions that went into writing Fallout 2. Unlike the previous game, this one is styled as a filled-in Vault-Tec official notebook (with a $50.00 penalty for private use).[2]

The manual itself contains an overview of the gameplay in Fallout 2, including character creation, attributes, and combat. The appendix contains some additional information, including a tutorial for the Temple of Trials using Narg, full credits for the game and the manual, and two recipes by Chris Parmelee: "The Big One" Pancake and "Carrion Kabobs."

In downloaded versions, the manual is installed with the game in <Installation Folder>\Manual or available as a secondary download (e.g. on GOG).




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