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General information[]

To read a holodisk in Fallout 2, left-click the disk in the inventory and hold the mouse button, then select the open hand-icon (use). Enter the Pip-Boy, click the status button and hunt down the file from the list on the right.


For locations and transcripts please refer to the individual articles.

Image Name Location Related quest Proto Dialogue file
TAPE3 Bishop's holodisk Shark Club, Bishop's safe 00000447 Bispyhol.msg
TAPE3 Gecko reactor holodisk Festus Optimize the powerplant 00000303
TAPE3 Hubologist teachings Vikki Goldman / Juan Cruz 00000493
TAPE3 Hubologist holodisk Vikki Goldman / Juan Cruz 00000472
TAPE3 Lynette holodisk Joanne Lynette Deliver Lynette's holodisk to Westin in NCR 00000337
TAPE3 Military base level 1 Mariposa Military Base, on Pickard 00000459
TAPE3 Military base level 2 Mariposa Military Base, on an Enclave patrolman 00000640
TAPE3 Military base level 3 Mariposa Military Base, on Bracks 00000461
TAPE3 Military base level 4 Melchior 00000462
TAPE3 Military base holodisk 5 Outside Mariposa Military Base, in a tent 00000458
TAPE3 NCR history holodisk New Reno Arms 00000000 Sihishol.msg
TAPE3 NCR spy holodisk Vault 15, on a computer near Darion Give Spy Holodisk to authority in NCR 00000339 Bscomp2.msg
TAPE3 Power plant operations Enclave Oil Rig, on a terminal 00000000
TAPE3 Sierra Depot experiment log Sierra Army Depot, in a desk on level 4 00000464
TAPE3 Sierra Depot evacuation notice Sierra Army Depot, in a desk 00000463 WIEVCDSK.MSG
TAPE3 Sierra Depot GNN transcript Sierra Army Depot, CO quarters bin 00000477
TAPE3 Sierra Depot medical log Sierra Army Depot infirmary 00000465
TAPE3 Sierra mission statement Sierra Army Depot, in the CO's office desk 00000478
TAPE3 State of the Nation Enclave Oil Rig, downloaded from any terminal 00000000
TAPE3 The Project Enclave Oil Rig, on a terminal at entry level 00000190
TAPE3 Vault 13 holodisk Merk 00000294 Bscomp1.msg
TAPE3 Vault City designer notes Vault 8, main computer 00000000 VICENCOM.MSG
TAPE3 Vault City travel log Vault 8, on a terminal at bottom level 00000000
TAPE3 Westin holodisk Roger Westin 00000338 Siweshol.msg
TAPE3 Word list Enclave Oil Rig, on a terminal at entry level 00000000