This page lists all factions in Fallout 2.
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Name Locations
Anti-mutant conspiracy Broken Hills
Bishops Shark Club
Brotherhood of Steel The Den, NCR, San Francisco
Caravan merchant New California
Enclave Navarro, Control Station ENCLAVE
Khans Vault 15
Mercenary raider Mercenaries' cave
Mordinos New Reno
New California Rangers New California
New California Republic New California
New California Republic Army New California
Nightkin New California
Raiders New California
Salvatores New Reno
Shi San Francisco
Slags Ghost Farm
Slaver's Guild The Den
Squatters Vault 15
Tanker vagrants PMV Valdez
Temperance Union New Reno
Trappers Klamath
Vault City Vault City
Wrights New Reno East Side
Yakuza New Reno


Name Locations
Christianity New California
Hubologists San Francisco
Renewal Gecko
Factions in Fallout 2