This page lists all developers of Fallout 2.

Some of the developers had more than one job, and therefore are listed more than once.







Quality AssuranceEdit


Voiceover Recorded at Marc Graue Studio

German VoicesEdit

  • Narrator & Harold - Wolf Kahler
  • Hakunin & Sulik - M. Hulsman
  • Myron & Battle Officer - Stefan Boje
  • Lynette - Gertrude Thoma
  • Instructing Officer - Erich Redman
  • Gate Guard - A. Andris
  • The Elder - B. Kahn
  • Tandi - Christina Contes
  • Frank Horrigan & Marcus - Stefan Grothgar
  • The President - Tom Wesel



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Thanks toEdit

  • Dave H. thanks - The Unwashed Villagers, the Dyer Family, Jamba Juice, The Tick, South Park
  • Chris A. thanks - Eileen Suh, Mah and Pa Avellone
  • T.ray thanks - my mother, my father, my son and my brother and to all of my adoring fans for buying this game.
  • Rob H. thanks - Becky Warner, Billie Ryder
  • Jesse R. thanks - To Dad, you were an inspiration all my life. I miss you always.
  • Special thanks to - The members of the Fallout and Fallout 2 message boards., Thanks for your comments, suggestions, and other esoteria!
  • Fallout 2 was brought to you by Interplay Productions, Team Fallout 2, and the letter Q.
  • Recipes by Chris Parmelee

Current MacPlay StaffEdit

  • President - Mark Cottam
  • Managing Director - Ron Dimant
  • Technical Director - Mark Dochtermann
  • Technical Project Manager - Robert Minnis
  • Creative Director - Joshua Smith
  • Director of Sales and Marketing - Henry Price
  • Installer - Joel Braby
  • Quality Assurance Lead - Daniel Naruta
  • Special Thanks - Susan Carver (Manual Proofing)
  • Testers - Nick Alex, Ashton Anderson, Paul Avers, Steven Clark, Dominic Dagradi, Kevin Goetz, Brad Lees, Ralph Miranda, Matt Molloy, Chadd Nervig, Jared Norris, Andrew J. Paulsen, Melanie Pearson, Jimmy Potter, Rachel Ragatz, Steven Richason, Joe Ruszkiewicz, Chuck Sievert, Andrew Vallance, Lulio Vargas
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