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  • Melchior arrival - Melchior was a good miner in Redding, his immature son saw, that he went away with some man dressed in metal clothes - the same description for Enclave troops gave Wright children; eventually Melchior got to the Mariposa Military Base excavations; according to Bible he was kidnapped by the Enclave patrol, while other slave workers in Mariposa were caught by the Enclave assault squads,
  • Several months ago – first encounter with Brotherhood of Steel,
  • A few months ago – Salvatores revealed laser pistols, probably after first shipment from Enclave,
  • Sept 2241 – Chosen One witnessed execution ordered by agent Frank Horrigan, performed by two troopers in advanced power armors armed with miniguns,
  • July 2242 assault on Arroyo, theoretically no witnesses left,
  • PoseidoNet contact with Enclave main command, possible from Gecko reactor computer station.

Remnants present in year 2241Edit

Security systems recordsEdit

Records concerning assassinations made by Enclave agents (in fact: US Secret Service agent Horrigan, supported by some crew wearing advanced power armors):

Other organizations observation and intelligenceEdit

  • Brotherhood of Steel:
    • Outposts at Den, Shady Sands and San Francisco,
    • Two intelligence missions organized by paladin Matthew from San Francisco office to infiltrate Camp Navarro; Matthew was aware of the Enclave US President position presence also.
  • New Reno - Enclave transmissions tapped at the Den by Metzger,
  • Vertibird observation at Redding – south-west direction of movement,
  • Shi and Hubologists vertibirs observations on San Francisco area.

Barter with Salvatore family on the New Reno areaEdit

  • Subject: laser pistols and probably small energy cell exchanged for chemicals,
  • Barter counterpart: Salvatore family,
  • Enclave crew: 2 soldiers and Mister Handy bot, using a Vertibird,
  • Possible source of chemicals: Vault City, which has no direct contacts with Enclave; according to President Richardson the Enclave had run short of certain critical chemicals and they got them from the drug labs of New Reno,
  • The only known possible Vault City barter intermediary: Metzger, slaver master in the Den; Metzger taps Enclave transmissions concerning transaction with Salvatores also,
  • Possible chain of exchange: Metzger exchange slaves for chemicals in Vault City; it is unknown how Salvatores pay him for chemicals - cash and drugs are possible,
  • External witnesses: immature members of Wrights family,
  • Possible barter purpose: support of the Project (extermination of the mainland life), however U.S. Chemical Corps have worked on it for a years.


  • Dr. Henry at Shady Sands,
  • A. Ron Meyers, tanker captain in San Francisco, former Enclave technician at Camp Navarro,
  • Probably - “farmers” family executed on Horrigan's order in September 2241.

Constant presenceEdit

Other effectsEdit

  • Deathclaws' collecting for research purposes (e.g. the eggs, animal handlers presence possible).
  • Radioactive contamination of the Pacific shore south of San Francisco (which can affect Los Angeles settlements and fishery).

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