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Fallout is a possible movie based on the Fallout series of games. There has been at least one canceled attempt at making a Fallout movie in the past.

Project history

Interplay Films

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Interplay Films, a division of Interplay Entertainment, was formed in 1998 and was to develop seven of the company's most popular video game titles into movies, including Fallout. In 2000, Interplay was said to be partnering with Dark Horse Entertainment on the Fallout movie project. Brent Friedman (Dark Skies, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) wrote the script treatment. Eventually, no Interplay property was ever made into a film and the division was disbanded. In March 2011, the full film treatment was leaked.

Bethesda's usage

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Bethesda applied for a Fallout film trademark covering "motion picture films about a post-nuclear apocalyptic world" in 2009.[1] Following four extensions of the trademark without use, Bethesda filed a "Statement of Use" with the USPTO on January 26, 2012.[2]

Rather than a Fallout feature film however, the "Making of Fallout 3 DVD" was included as proof that the mark was being used in this manner. This was accepted by the USPTO on February 22, 2012[3] with a registration certificate being issued on March 27 of that year.[4] This action removed the requirement to continue to re-register this mark indefinitely.

In the DVD commentary for the Mutant Chronicles movie, Ron Perlman stated that he was the narrator in an action-heavy video game that he thought was being made into a movie, and where the tag line was "War, war never changes."[citation needed]

In an interview with Todd Howard it was revealed the Bethesda has turned down many Fallout movie offers, adding "I don't rule it out, but nothing really has clicked where - the games are popular enough and that's their identity. Fallout 4, if there had been a Fallout movie, you'd feel different about Fallout when we'd announced Fallout 4 and one of them wouldn't be quite right and you wouldn't want that to be the game."[5]

In July 2020 it was confirmed that Amazon Studios has licensed the rights to a TV adaptation of the games, to be developed by Kilter FilmsJonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, creators of HBO's Westworld, for Prime Video.[6]