This page lists developers who worked on Fallout: Wasteland Warfare by Modiphius.

Modiphius EntertainmentEdit

  • Designer - James Sheahan
  • Additional Material - Mark Latham, Jon Webb, James Barry, Federico Sohns
  • Line Developer - James Barry
  • Editing - Richard L. Gale, James Barry, Chris Birch
  • Photography & Video - Salwa Azar, Steve Daldry
  • Graphic Design - Michal E. Cross, Stephanie Toro
  • Layout - Richard L. Gale
  • Sculpt Art Direction - Mischa Thomas, James Barry, Jon Webb
  • Lead 3D Artist - Jonny La Trobe-Lewis
  • Staff 3D Artists - Domingo Díaz Fermín, Alex Gargett, Chris Peacey
  • Freelance 3D Artists - Roy Gabriel, M. Mar García, Gael Goumon, Tobias Kornemann, Jamie Phipps, Ana Román Peña, Romeo Salbatecu, Luigi Terzi, Ben Wolseley-Charles
  • Painters - Ben "Brush Demon" Macintyre, Adam Huenecke, Jon Webb
  • Scenery - Dreamspirit Wargaming Studio
  • Development Team - Jon Webb, James Barry, Federico Sohns, Stefano Guerriero, Javier Angeriz-Caburrasi, Katya Thomas
  • Playtesters - Adam Brown, Costin Becheanu, Troels Rohde Hansen, Ian Henderson, Clive Oldfield, Christoph Krumm, Jeremy Wininger
  • Produced & Art Directed by - Chris Birch
  • Publishing Assistant and Social Media Manager - Salwa Azar
  • Production Manager - Steve Daldry
  • Community Support - Lloyd Gyan
  • Operations Manager - Garry Harper

Special ThanksEdit

Mike Kockis and his design team, all at Bethesda, Rita Birch, John Houlihan, Sam Webb, Rob Harris, Giles Pritchard


Modiphius Entertainment, 39 Harwood Road, London. SW6 4QP. United Kingdom

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