This page lists all cards in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

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Name Description Effect
Diamond City Radio The soft music of Diamond City Radio playing from somewhere in the rubble fades out and the announcer can be heard.

"Okay. So, er, I guess, at this point, it's safe to say the Brotherhood of Steel is, er, going to be, er, sticking around. You probably noticed the giant airship." - Travis

No effect
Distant Gunfire Shots can be heard in the distance. Maybe a group is hunting the Brahmin that frequent the area.

Maybe it's trouble.

No effect
Vertibirds Overhead No sooner than they are heard, the four vertibirds dart past above overhead, fading into distance to the south-east. No effect
A Hidden Observer Spend enough time in the wasteland and you develop specific instincts. Right now, you have a feeling that someone is watching you from a distance. No effect
Lightning Storm The lightning strikes the ground in several places with explosive and deafening results. At the end of every round whilst in play, 2 random models are hit by lightning. For each:

Card remains in play until is rolled.

Downpour The short downpour leaves surfaces slippery. Climbing tests: Agi at -2 penalty.
Dust Cloud A thick dust cloud driven by a strong gust of wind is heading this way. The loose dust will hamper visibility. No attacks at long range.
A Neutral Party Someone new has entered the battlefield.
Unbearable Heat The heat seems to have a physical weight of its own, pressing down, stifling. Each player picks ine of their own models simultaneously. This round, the selected models will get only one action (not two). This does not affect Quick Actions.
Quiet The still air makes activity easier to notice. Reactions: All skills at +2 bonus.

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