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There are several skills as part of Fallout: The Roleplaying Game.

Skills and skill checks

With a total of 17 skills, each skill in Fallout: The Roleplaying Game starts and 0 and can advance up to 6 and no higher. Skills are used for skill checks and are paired with a primary attribute and tested against the difficulty set by the GM. For instance, the GM asks for a test against shooting a raider with Big Guns, difficulty of 1. Big Guns default primary attribute is Endurance, and with 4 ranks of Big Guns and 8 Endurance that makes the target number 12.

Rolling 2 d20s, the results are 4 and 15. The 4 rolled under the target number and counts as a success, but the 15 rolled over and does not count for anything. 1 success was all that was needed to beat the raider's defense, so the player hits in this instance.

Determining skills

Three tag skills are available from during character creation, with each tag granting 2 ranks into the chosen skill. These chosen skills are important as these are the only skills that can achieve critical successes by rolling under the skill number. Standard skills points are granted after the tagged skills starting at 9 + Intelligence.



Image Skill Description Default Attribute
Big Guns The operation and maintenance of really big guns - miniguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and such. Endurance
Energy Weapons The care and feeding of energy-based weapons. How to arm and operate weapons that use laser or plasma technology. Perception
Explosives Blowing things up, or stopping them from doing that. Perception
Melee Weapons Using non-ranged weapons in hand-to-hand, or melee combat - knives, sledgehammers, spears, clubs and so on. Strength
Small Guns The use, care and general knowledge of small firearms - pistols, SMGs and rifles. Agility
2d20 Throwing.png Throwing The skill of muscle-propelled ranged weapons, such as throwing knives, spears and grenades. Agility
Unarmed A combination of martial arts, boxing and other hand-to-hand martial arts. Combat with your hands and feet. Strength


Image Skill Description Default attribute
Athletics The application of Strength to perform physical actions. Lifting, pushing, pulling, jumping, running, and swimming Strength
Barter Trading and trade-related tasks. The ability to get better prices for items you sell, and lower prices for items you buy. Charisma
Lockpick Chance to pick a lock. Perception
Medicine Healing people and stabilizing the dying Intelligence
Pilot The ability to operate and maintain all vehicles effectively. Perception
Repair The practical application of the Science skill for fixing broken equipment, machinery and electronics. Intelligence
Science Covers a variety of high technology skills, such as computers, biology, physics and geology. Intelligence
Sneak Quiet movement, and the ability to remain unnoticed. If successful, you will be much harder to locate. You cannot run and sneak at the same time. Agility
Speech The ability to communicate in a practical and efficient manner. The skill of convincing others that your position is correct. The ability to lie and not get caught. Charisma
2d20 Survival.png Survival Practical knowledge of the outdoors, and the ability to live off the land. The knowledge of plants and animals. Endurance

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