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Just like in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, the Perk Rate in Fallout: The Roleplaying Game is one perk every single level. There are 94 perks total perks available.

Many perks benefit the individual, but many perks are designed to be used in conjunction with a group, such as Armorer, Blacksmith, Gun Nut, and Science! which can have the ranks from multiple group members combined to craft higher ranked mods, or perks like Inspirational that benefit the group as whole by expanding the AP pool capacity. p


Image Name Level req. Other reqs. Ranks Benefit
2D20 Action Boy.png Action Girl/Action Boy None None 1 Spending AP to take additional major action, do not suffer the increased skill test difficulty during the second action
2D20 Adamantium Skeleton.png Adamantium Skeleton Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 4 (rank 2)
Level 7 (rank 3)
Endurance 7 3 Increases damage required for a critical hit to all limbs
2D20 Adrenaline Rush.png Adrenaline Rush None Strength 7 1 When below max HP, count your strength as 10 for skills and weapon hits.
2D20 Animal Friend.png Animal Friend Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 6 (rank 2)
Charisma 6 2 Rank 1: Hostile animals may roll to not attack you.
Rank 2: Gain the pacify animals major action.
Creatures affected:Bloodbug, Bloatfly, Brahmin, Deathclaw, Dog, Mole rat, Mutant hound, Radroach, Radstag, Stingwing, Yao Guai
2D20 Aquaboy.png Aquagirl/Aquaboy Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 4 (rank 2)
Endurance 5 2 Immune to radiation from water and can hold breath twice as long.
2D20 Armorer.png Armorer Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 5 (rank 2)
Level 9 (rank 3)
Level 13 (rank 4)
Strength 5
Intelligence 6
4 Can modify armor with additional mods.
2D20 Awareness.png Awareness None Perception 7 1 Using the Aim minor action, gain +1 pierce or add 1 to a piercing effect of the used weapon
2D20 Barbarian.png
Barbarian Level 4 Strength 7
No robot origin
1 Physical DR on all hit locations is increased based on your Strength
2D20 Basher.png Basher None Strength 6 1 Increased gun bashing damage
2D20 Better Criticals.png
Better Criticals None Luck 9 1 Spending a Luck point to cause an automatic critical and injury on an enemy you have damaged
2D20 Big Leagues.png Big Leagues None Strength 8 1 Gain the Vicious damage effect on all two-handed melee weapons
2D20 Black Widow.png Black Widow/Lady Killer None Charisma 6 1 Re-roll 1d20 on Charisma checks to influence NPCs
Additionally inflict 1d6 of damage to the opposite of chosen gender
2D20 Blacksmith.png Blacksmith Level 2 (rank 1)
Level 6 (rank 2)
Level 10 (rank 3)
Level 14 (rank 4)
Strength 6 4 Re-roll 1d20 on Charisma checks to influence NPCs
Additionally inflict 1d6 of damage to the opposite of chosen gender
2D20 Bloody Mess.png Bloody Mess Level 1 (rank 1) Luck 6 1 Roll 1d6 on critical hit with rolling an effect inflicting an additional injury
2D20 Blitz.png Blitz Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 4 (rank 2)
Agility 9 2 Re-roll 1d20 when moving in reach of an enemy
2D20 Can Do.png Can Do! None Luck 5 1 Roll 1 additional random food item without spending AP
2D20 Cap Collector.png Cap Collector None Charisma 5 1 Decreased buying and increased selling prices by 10%
2d20 Cautious Nature.png Cautious Nature None Perception 7
Daring Nature not taken
1 Re-roll 1d20 on tests if action points were spent
2d20 Center Mass.png Center of Mass None Agility 7 1 Choose to aim at the torso of an enemy without an increase in difficulty when making a ranged attack.
2D20 Chem Resistant.png Chem Resistant Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 5 (rank 2)
Endurance 7 2 Become immune to chem addiction
2D20 Chemist.png Chemist None Intelligence 7 1 Chems created by you last twice as long and unlock new chem recipes
2D20 Commando.png Commando Level 2 (rank 1)
Level 5 (rank 2)
Agility 8 1 +1d6 of damage per rank with weapons fire rate 3 and higher
2D20 Comprehension.png Comprehension None Intelligence 6 1 Roll 1d6 after using the effect of a magazine to retain it for an additional use.
2D20 Concentrated Fire.png Concentrated Fire None Perception 8
Agility 6
1 Allowed to re-roll 3d6 after spending additional ammunition to increase damage
2d20 Daring Nature.png Daring Nature None Luck 7
Cautious Nature not taken
1 Re-roll 1d20 on tests if action points were bought from GM
2D20 Demolition Expert.png Demolition Expert None Perception 6
Luck 6
1 Gain the Viscous quality with weapons that have the Blast quality and unlock additional explosive recipes
2D20 Dodger.png Dodger Level 4 (rank 1)
Level 10 (rank 2)
Agility 6 2 Reduce difficulty of Defend major action by 1
2D20 Dogmeat.png Dogmeat None Charisma 5 1 The faithful canine companion Dogmeat

2d20 EMT.png E.M.T Charisma 1 Provides health regeneration to revived players.
2D20 Entomologist.png Entomologist None Intelligence 7 1 Gain the 1 Piercing damage effect against all creatures with insect keyword
2D20 Fast Metabolism.png Fast Metabolism Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 4 (rank 2)
Level 7 (rank 3)
Endurance 6 3 +1 Hit Points per rank from any source other than resting
2D20 Faster Healing.png Faster Healing None Endurance 6
No robot origin
1 1d20 can be bought for free when treating one's injuries
2D20 Finesse.png Finesse None Agility 9 1 Once an encounter, re-roll damage dice with no Luck point spending
2D20 Fortune Finder.png Fortune Finder Level 2 (rank 1)
Level 6 (rank 2)
Level 10 (rank 3)
Luck 5 3 Find additional caps when scavenging
2d20 Ghost.png Ghost None Perception 5
Agility 6
1 Sneak tests in darkness allow for one free additional d20
2D20 Grim Reaper's Sprint.png Grim Reaper's Sprint None Luck 8 1 Rolling 1d6 and landing an Effect, add 2 AP to the group pool
2D20 Gun Fu.png Gun Fu Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 6 (rank 2)
Level 11 (rank 3)
Agility 10 3 When succeeding at a ranged attack, may spend one AP and ammo to hit one additional target for the same damage.
AP, ammo and number of targets hit increase by one for each rank. Applied damage only affects additional targets, but not Effects.[1]
2D20 Gun Nut.png Gun Nut Level 2+ Intelligence 6 4 Able to create higher-level weapon mods
2D20 Gunslinger.png Gunslinger Level 2 (rank 1)
Level 6 (rank 2)
Agility 10 2 +1d6 of damage per rank and additionally re-roll hit location d20
2D20 Hacker.png Hacker None Intelligence 8 1 Decrease difficulty to hack computers by 1
2d20 Healer.png Healer Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 6 (rank 2)
Level 11 (rank 3)
Intelligence 7 3 Heal an additional hit point per rank with first aid action
2d20 Heave Ho.png Heave Ho! None Strength 8 1 Increase range of throwing weapons by one zone by spending 1 AP
2d20 Hunter.png Hunter None Endurance 6 1 Gain the Vicious damage effect against mutated mammals, lizards, and insects
2D20 Infiltrator.png Infiltrator None Perception 8 1 Re-roll 1d20 on Lockpick skill tests
2D20 Inspirational.png Inspirational None Charisma 8 1 Increase maximum group AP pool by 1
2D20 Intense Training.png Intense Training Level 2 + 2 every rank None 10 Put a single point into any of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes
2D20 Iron Fist.png Iron Fist Level 1 (rank 1)
Level 6 (rank 2)
Strength 6 2 +1d6 to unarmed damage
2D20 Tales of Junktown Jerky Vendor.png Junktown Vendor Charisma 8 1 Charisma + Barter test attempts to buy or sell goods is reduced by 1
2d20 Jury Rigger.png Jury Rigging None None 1 Repair any item without using components, but suffer a greater complication range and chance for it to break.
2d20 Laser Commander.png Laser Commander Level 2 Perception 8 2 Increase damage with ranged energy weapons by 1d6 per rank
2D20 Lead Belly.png Lead Belly Level 1 Endurance 6 2 Reduced or immunity to radiation damage from food
2D20 Life Giver.png Lifegiver Level 5 None 5 Increased Hit Points
2D20 Lightstep.png Light Step None None 1 Spend 1 AP to ignore one complication on Agility tests
Additionally may re-roll Agility + Athletics tests involving traps
2D20 Master Thief.png Master Thief None Perception 8
Agility 9
1 +1 to opponent detection tests to notice picking a lock or pickpocket
2D20 Medic.png Medic None Intelligence 8 1 Re-roll 1d20 on First Aid actions
2d20 Meltdown.png Meltdown None Perception 10 1 Enemies explode and cause damage to one additional enemy in close range
2D20 Moving Target.png Moving Target None Agility 6 1 When sprinting, Defense increase +1 until next turn
2D20 Mysterious Stranger.png Mysterious Stranger None Luck 7 1 After spending a Luck point, Mysterious Strange appears to assist in combat
2D20 Nerd Rage.png Nerd Rage! Level 2+ Intelligence 8 3 When quarter Health, gain more Physical and Energy DR to all limbs and more damage
2D20 Night Person.png Night Person None Perception 7 1 Difficulty increases due to darkness are reduced by 1
2D20 Ninja.png Ninja None Agility 8 1 Increased damage from unarmed and melee sneak attacks
2D20 Nuclear Physicist.png Nuclear Physicist None Intelligence 9 1 Increased damage of radiation weapons and fusion cores have 3 additional charges
2D20 Pain Train.png Pain Train Level 1+ Strength 9
Endurance 7
2 Rank 1: Gain Charge major action to damage and knock prone enemies with a Str + Athletics test
Rank 2: Add 1d6 and Stun damage effect
2d20 Paralyzing Palm.png Paralyzing Palm None Strength 8 1 Aimed unarmed strikes gain the stun effect
2D20 Party Boy.png Party Girl/Party Boy None Endurance 6
Charisma 7
1 Immune to alcohol addiction; gain +2 health from drinking alcohol
2d20 Pathfinder.png Pathfinder Level 6 Endurance 6 1 Reduce travel time by half with a successful Perception + Survival roll
2D20 Pharma Farma.png Pharma Farma None Luck 6 1 Find an additional medicine or chems when scavenging
2D20 Pick Pocket.png Pickpocket None Perception 8
Agility 8
3 Rank 1: Ignore first complication of Agility + Sneak tests
Rank 2: May re-roll 1d20 on attempts to pickpocket
Rank 3: Reduce difficulty by 1 when attempting a pickpocket
2d20 Piercing Strike.png Piercing Strike None Strength 7 1 +1 Piercing to Unarmed and bladed melee weapon attacks
2d20 Pyromaniac.png Pyromaniac Level 2 Endurance 6 3 Increase damaged with fire-based weapons by 1d6 per rank
2d20 Quick hands.png Quick Draw None Agility 6 1 Draw an item or weapon for free
2D20 Quickhands.png Quick Hands None Agility 8 1 Spend 2 AP to double fire rate of current weapon
2D20 Rad Resistance.png Rad Resistance None Endurance 8 3 +1 Radiation Resistance to all limbs per rank
2D20 Refractor.png Refractor None Perception 6
Luck 7
2 +1 Energy Resistance for all limbs per rank
2D20 Ricochet.png Ricochet 5 Luck 10 1 Spend 1 Luck point to ricochet ranged attacks back at attacker
2D20 Rifleman.png Rifleman None Agility 7 3 Increased damage for non-heavy twohanded weapons
2D20 Robotics Expert.png Robotics Expert 2+ Intelligence 8 3 Rank 1: Modify armor with rank 1 robot mods
Rank 2: Reduce difficulty to repair robots
Rank 3: Hack and reprogram robots
2D20 Science.png Science! 2+ Intelligence 6 3 Able to create higher-level weapon and armor mods involving rare materials
2D20 Scoundrel.png Scoundrel None Charisma 7 1 Ignore the first complication rolled in Charisma + Speech checks
2D20 Scrapper.png Scrapper Level 5+ None 2 Rank 1: Scavenge more common and uncommon material
Rank 2: Scavenge rare material
2D20 Scrounger.png Scrounger Level 1+ Luck 6 3 Find larger amounts of ammunition in containers
2d20 Shotgun Surgeon.png Shotgun Surgeon None Strength 5
Agility 7
1 Gain +1 Piercing when using shotguns
2D20 Size Matters.png Size Matters None Endurance 7
Agility 6
3 Add 1d6 to all attacks with Heavy guns
2d20 Skilled.png Skilled Level 3+ None 10 Add +1 to two skills or +2 to any skill as long as it does not go above 6
2d20 Slayer vault boy.png Slayer None Strength 8 1 Damage with a melee or unarmed attack can be turned into a critical hit with the spending of 1 luck point
2d20 Smooth talker.png Smooth Talker None Charisma 6 1 Re-roll 1d20 on opposed tests involving Barter or Speech
2d20 Snakeater.png Snakeater None Endurance 7 1 +2 to poison damage resistance
2D20 Sniper.png Sniper None Perception 8
Agility 6
1 Taking the Aim minor action and making a ranged attack with a two-handed weapon with the Accurate quality, specify a hit location to target without increasing the difficulty
2D20 Solar Powered.png Solar Powered None Endurance 7 1 Heal radiation damage in direct sunlight
Steady Aim.png Steady Aim None Strength 8
Agility 7
3 When taking the aim minor action, re-roll 1 or 2d20s depending
2D20 Strong Back.png Strong Back Level 1+ Strength 5 3 Increased Carry capacity
2D20 Tag.png Tag! Level 5+ None 1 Select a fourth skill to be a Tag skill (instantly raises it by 2 ranks but not past 6)
2d20 Terrifying Presence.png Terrifying Presence Level 3+ Strength 6
Charisma 8
2 Rank 1: Re-roll a single d20 when threatening or scaring another person
Rank 2: Gain the Threaten major action in combat
2D20 Toughness.png Toughness None Endurance 6
Luck 6
2 Increased Damage Resistance


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