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This page lists developers who worked on the Modiphius Fallout: The Roleplaying Game.


  • Sam Webb - System design, creative lead
  • Virginia Page - Line development, editing and proofreading, layout

Lead designers[]

  • Nathan Dowdell
  • Sam Webb

Additional design[]

  • Virginia Page


  • Alison Cybe
  • Nathan Dowdell
  • Donathin Frye
  • Virginia Page
  • Sam Webb
  • Jim Johnson
  • Ryan Schoon


  • Carol Darnell

Graphic designers[]

  • Michal E Cross
  • Tom Hutchings
  • Stephanie Toro


  • Tom Hutchings

Art director[]

  • Katya Thomas

Cover artist[]

  • Michal E Cross


  • Carol Darnell

Project managers[]

  • James Barry
  • Virginia Page

Production managers[]

  • Peter Grochulski
  • Sam Webb

Bethesda legal and licensing[]

  • Michael Kochis (Bethesda sales and licensing)
  • Laura Martson In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar (Zenimax assistant general counsel)
  • Emil Pagliarulo
  • Spencer Weisser (Bethesda brand manager)
  • Jessica Williams (Bethesda assistant manager, licensing)
  • Calvin Yang (Bethesda brand manager)

Chief creative officer[]

Chief operations officer[]

  • Rita Birch

Managing director[]

  • Cameron Dicks

Financial controller[]

  • Luc Wolfenden

Head of product[]

  • Sam Webb

Head of creative services[]

Head of retail[]

  • Will Sobel

Logistics manager[]

  • Peter Grochulski

Video content producer[]

  • Steve Daldry


  • Rocío Martín Pérez

Customer service[]

  • Lloyd Gyan

Office manager[]

  • Shaun Hocking

Webstore manager[]

  • Kyle Shepard

Data analyst[]

  • Benn Graybeaton


  • Valya Mkrtchyan