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General information[]


The five base player characters

When starting a new scenario in Fallout: The Board Game, each player chooses a player character to play as. There are five playable characters in the base game and five more added in the Fallout: New California expansion. While the only difference between the human characters is their starting equipment, the non-humans have special rules as noted below. Each player also draws one agenda card after picking their character. All player characters, except the NCR Ranger, start at the Crossroads Camp, regardless of which scenario they are in.


Like other Fallout games, Fallout: The Board Games uses the seven SPECIAL attributes: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Unlike previous games though, these are not treated as variables ranked from 1 to 10 but are instead represented with tokens that the player character acquires and places on their character board. Tests taken by the player characters will specify certain attributes that, if the player character has the corresponding token, will allow them to reroll their dice to get better results.

Each of the player characters start with two SPECIAL tokens, one specific to their character and a second one picked at random. When the player character obtains enough experience points, they level up. When leveling up, the player randomly pulls two SPECIAL tokens from the pile and chooses one to keep. If the player character already has the chosen SPECIAL token on their board, they choose a perk card to take instead of keeping the extra attribute.

The amount of experience needed to level up is equal to the number of SPECIAL tokens they have plus one. So, the first level up will always require three experience points, as the player character starts with two SPECIAL attributes, while leveling up with all seven attributes would require eight experience. Experience is gained from killing enemies, completing certain quests, and from magazines. The Swift Learner perk automatically levels up the player character regardless of how much experience they have.


Player characters can obtain, or start with, the following traits during gameplay:

  • Addicted - can be obtained after taking drugs and can only be removed with Addictol
  • Idolized - can be obtained through quests
  • Super Mutant - can be obtained through quests or if they start as The Super Mutant, but not if they already have the Synth trait
  • Synth - can be obtained through quests, but not if they already have the Super Mutant trait
  • Vilified - can be obtained through quests or if they start as The Ghoul
  • Well-rested - can be obtained through resting, but not if they already have the Addicted trait

Player characters[]

Fallout: The Board Game[]

Img Name Starting SPECIAL Other
Zx02 fan brotherhood-outcast The Brotherhood Outcast Intelligence Starts with T-45 power armor
Zx02 fan ghoul The Ghoul Perception Starts with the Vilified trait
Only has a maximum HP of 12, instead of 16
Radiation heals The Ghoul instead of causing damage
Zx02 fan super-mutant The Super Mutant Strength Starts with the Super Mutant trait
Gains XP whenever suffers radiation damage
Zx02 fan vault-dweller The Vault Dweller Luck Starts with a vault suit
Zx02 fan wastelander The Wastelander Agility Starts with a tire iron

Fallout: New California[]

Img Name Starting SPECIAL Other
Zx02 fan mr-handy Mister Handy Endurance Cannot use drug or aid items
Cannot gain any traits except Vilified and Idolized
May discard a Junk item to heal 5 health
Equipped with the modular exoplating
Zx02 fan caravan-merchant The Caravan Merchant Charisma Starts with Lady Butterheart
Zx02 fan enclave-deserter The Enclave Deserter Strength Starts with advanced power armor
Zx03 fan gunslinger The Lone Gunslinger Luck Starts with Trusty Sidearm
Zx03 fan ranger The NCR Ranger Perception Starts with the wasteland map