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Each player character has three equipment slots: apparel, weapons, and companions. They can normally only have one of each equipped, unless stated otherwise. Each player character can also hold up to three unequipped items or consumables in their inventory. If at any point they go over their inventory cap, they must discard any extra cards. It is possible to increase the inventory cap, however, such as with Mister Handy's modular exoplating or the Heavy Lifter perk.

Items are acquired either from the loot deck, the shop, or, in the cast of unique items, the unique asset deck. Cards from the loot deck are drawn at random and are most often gained from encounters or defeating certain enemies. The shop consists of 5 cards drawn randomly from the asset deck. When using the shop, such as in town or through Lady Butterheart's ability, the player character can choose to buy or sell a limited number of items. Finally, the unique items in the unique asset deck are only acquired as rewards for completing certain quests and are never randomly given.

Some items say that they must be exhausted to use, such as with companions or the missile launcher. When an item is exhausted, it must be turned to its side and cannot be used again until it is unexhausted, which may require taking a camp action or paying bottle caps.




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